Diary Blog, 9-10 March 2021

9 March 2021


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The “point” of the “lockdowns”, facemask nonsense and, yes, the vaccine(s) is, at root, control. Not control of the virus as such (which constantly mutates, it seems) but control of the Western populations. “The Great Reset”.

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[Vltava, formerly Moldau, river, Prague]

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Whatever one may think about the “global pandemic”, surely the Royal Mulatta and the Royal Cuck are absurd. The Mulatta, without Harry, would be nothing but a washed-up second-string (at best) TV actress; as for the Royal Cuck, without his “royal” birth and privilege, he would be nothing more than (at best) a junior Army officer (unlikely to rise beyond the rank of major), or maybe a car salesman, or maybe a real estate person somewhere like Kensington and Chelsea.

Now, the pair have monetized the “royal” connection for all it is worth. Harry was apparently given tens of millions of pounds by Charles anyway. They have become, basically, part of what Hitler would have called (and did, in his remarks later published as Hitler’sTable Talk) “half-judaized and half-negrified” American “celebrity” culture and society. The Oprah show is arguably the apogee of that.

I have never been pro-royalist, as such. Sometimes monarchy (whether absolute or “constitutional”) is the best system available for a society, for the people; sometimes a republic is better. There is no one answer. “The welfare of the people is the highest law” [Cicero].

It is quite funny watching the “debate” about the Sussexes. The self-describing “Left” has gone to the barricades, not for revolution or socialism, but to defend the privilege of the Mulatta and Harry. Why? Because she is mixed-race, or in the older term, a “half-caste”. That is the only reason, that and the wish to attack the very concept that the British Monarchy, while it exists, should be white Northern European.

We see also that the self-describing “Left” is also defending the commercial world of the Hollywood circus, and “celebrities” such as the Sussexes making millions from selling their dignity (such as it was).

Does the pseudo-socialist British “Left” have anything left to offer by way of ideology or principle? I think not. As for the Mulatta and the Cuck, they are merely a kind of Kardashian-style freak show now.

What of the remnant of the monarchy in the UK? Their enemy, as I have said before, is not “socialism” (which died in 1989 anyway), not the pathetic self-describing “Left”, not “far-right extremists” (as I and others are often termed), but simple irrelevance.

Even the System as a whole is recognizing that monarchy has really had its day. The Royal Yacht went about 24 years ago and is now a floating hotel and visitor attraction: https://www.royalyachtbritannia.co.uk/our-hotel/. Now we see that the Queen’s Flight has been mothballed.

Time to retire the Monarchy, to put it to bed.

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Indeed, though in fact the police in Vienna have always been rather “active”. I myself recall sitting at an outside cafe there, about 35 years ago. Right in the middle of Vienna, close to the cathedral. It is a pedestrianized street. Hitler, before the First World War, would paint the cathedral, and try to sell his small paintings to passers-by.

I was just enjoying a melange [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiener_Melange] (and why can one not buy melange in cafes in the UK?), when a tramp came by, down but certainly not out, rather confident and happy-looking, despite being dressed almost in rags; about ?70.

The person spoke to me and asked for money. I gave him a small note and maybe one of the little wrapped pieces of chocolate (melange in Vienna usually comes with one or two such tiny bars). He thanked me and went to tap the next cafe along. It was not long, though, before a police car, blue light flashing, slowly came down the pedestrianized street. It stopped. Two young policemen got out and, with scarcely a word, forced the person into the back (though he was not really resisting). They drove off with him.

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10 March 2021

Deutschland 83, 86, 89

Someone recently recommended the TV series Deutschland 89 to me. I have started with Deutschland 83 and Deutschland 86. Very good, though with one or two doubtful points.

My own experience of the DDR (aka East Germany, aka the GDR) consisted of a mere few days in 1988. I saw only the less populated parts of the south of the country, and never entered East Berlin or any of the other large cities such as Leipzig, Halle, or Dresden.

It seemed to me that the TV series got the East German interiors absolutely accurately. Also, the near-deserted rural roads. I had crossed into the DDR from Poland, and at a little-used entry-point, a bridge over the River Neisse in the southwest of Poland. The photo below shows the frontier at that point, though the bridge I used was different, older, perhaps just out of sight (or maybe replaced since 1988):

[The Lusatian Neisse dividing German Görlitz (right) from Polish Zgorzelec (left); formerly both constituted the city of Görlitz; from Wikipedia]

The East German border guards my driver and I encountered at another little-used crossing point in the southwest of the DDR upon departure were amiable (relatively), unlike those in the TV series (though they did all but dismantle the car, including taking out all of the seats; they did put it all back together after having completed their search).

On the West German side, one border guard in a little sentry box. No bs, no bother.

My impression of the DDR was that it was a facade of a state, but empty. It had all the appurtenances of a state, the borders, border guards, police etc, but there was an empty feeling, made palpable by the seeming lack of any actual population (in the rural south). One went through villages with maybe one old lady gardening, and no-one else (and often, no shops or even places selling beer). Having said that, there was no obvious sign that the state would collapse about a year later (late 1989), or that it would cease even formal existence not long after that (September 1990).

Now, like the German Reich before it, the DDR has passed into history. How long, I wonder, will the EU last, or the UK?

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What a shock…not. The Boris-idiot government is achieving nothing —and at huge cost— except a propaganda success with scared humanoid rabbits re. the facemask nonsense, vaccine(s) etc, but has no opposition while Labour, as official Opposition, is “led” by a Jewish-lobby puppet, Starmer, who has no ideas, no interest, and as much charisma as a wet blanket.

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18 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 9-10 March 2021”

  1. Hello Ian: I am working on a lecture about the English Civil War and the rule of Cromwell. The documents prove that the whole movement against Charles I had a religious base. It was the f… puritans (100% Jewish spiritually) who controlled the Parliament and conspired from the very beginning to overthrow Charles. In their paranoia, they saw the King as the restorer of Catholicism in England, just because he married a Catholic, Maria Henrietta (younger sister of Louis XIII)

    The so-called “British monarchy” has been a sham since 1666 when Charles II returned. He was conditioned and controlled by the Parliament and the nobility (99% Protestant./Puritans). From 1666 the man or woman sitting on the British throne has been a puppet of the plutocracy ruling England. As you said, the monarchy is totally irrelevant.


  2. Peter, ONCE AGAIN, please do the decent thing at long last and go away and die under that rock you crawled out from underneath! How FUNDAMENTALLY EVIL can you be to rant about inflation when this country has had an utterly horrendous DEATH rate from this virus (proportionately the world’s WORST) due to this wretched ‘Tory’ government paying far too much heed to libertarian extremist and grotesquely irresponsible NUTJOBS like you.

    You are EVIL. LiVES are far more important than money! The death penalty was instituted in world history for people like you who encourage the effective murder of the innocents and if this country was in anyway moral it would be used again for libertarian extremist scumbags.

    Just shut-up or go and live in the USA where they embrace the immoral and fundamentally degenerate philosophy of libertarianism you espouse.

    The world and Britain is still in the grips of a WORLDWIDE VIRAL PANDEMIC the globe has not seen the likes of since 1918-1920 you gormless evil prick!


  3. I really hope the vaccine is banned by the government for use on evil, wretches like you. This vaccine cost millions upon millions upon millions to develop and is extremely valuable in terms of saving LIVES from a deadly virus so it should definitely not be wasted on worthless scum like you who have encouraged by your constant tweets the many irresponsible yobs we have in this country to refuse to abide by the restrictions thereby helping to put some decent, vulnerable people into an early grave or if they are lucky 🙄🙄🙄give them a serious illness with often life long term health complications.🙄😡🤬😞☹️


  4. Starmer is useless in many ways but I prefer him by far to evil SCUM like Hitchens, Julie Hartley-Brewer, Richard Tice etc who utterly abuse the position our ‘society’ has so unwisely given them to encourage the DEATHS of innocent and vulnerable people.

    A DECENT society like Singapore would lock-up foul libertarian extremist bastards like Hitchens and that ever so dopy ‘Tory’ mare and walking advertisement for the vote to be taken way from women, Julie Hartley-Brewer.

    Starmer has many faults but at least he is concerned about the loss of human lives during this pandemic in Britain unlike Hitchens etc and I would be willing to bet that if he were PM instead of The Clown Trade Mark we would have had fewer deaths than we have so tragically seen.🙄🙄🙄


  5. Weldone to those Austrian police.😂👌🍷 Austria has a very effective and efficient police force which is well regarded for its crime fighting abilities. As a result, Austria has one of Europe’s lowest crime rates.👌🍷😷😷😷😷

    Mind you, I suppose it helps when the Austrian government hasn’t got as many PC globalist loonies as the ‘Tory’ government her here and therefore allows the police to do its job without tying it down in bundles of PC nonsense and red tape.

    It also helps when the Austrian government under their excellent young Chancellor Kurz (he is still in his 30’s or early ‘40’s) funds the police adequately unlike the ‘party of law and order’ (IF ONLY!🙄🙄🙄) here and therefore they have a large police force relative to their population:



  6. I see that the Irish police force had a great day out in Dublin the other day, I say ‘great’ but perhaps I shouldn’t because one Gardai officer was fired upon by the kind of young lout grotesquely irresponsible cretins and morons people like Hitchens and Julie Hartley- Brewer encourage with their insane, plainly unscientific, garbage tweets and media appearances.

    Utterly shamefully, this yob fired a FIREWORK into the face of a young police officer! Thankfully, the policeman was very quick thinking and turned away from the firework just in time before it would have severely injured him! That deplorable incident just goes to show what kind of people people like Hitchens and the silly, thick, ‘Tory’ mare, Julie Hartley-Brewer encourage.

    Other demonstrations in the mob in Dublin were purposefully wearing no masks. That says it all about the kind of irresponsible people who attend these demonstrations.

    If they want to protest that is fine but they MUST wear their masks as the law mandates them to do and MUST NOT fire fireworks into the faces of hardworking police officers!🙄😡🤬


  7. The Queen must have gone completely senile to have allowed her utter brat of a grandson to marry Meghan and bring the supposedly national institution of our Monarchy into extreme disrepute.

    Meghan was unsuitable from the word GO for many reasons and it isn’t particularly to do with race. It is more to do with class or rather, in Meghan’s case, the severe LACK of it.

    Put simply, did anyone REALLY think Meghan didn’t spell trouble? She is a common, little, vain, manipulative, extremely narcissistic upstart tart from Yankee land and therefore has no element of class whatsoever. I believe her type are referred to there as ‘Trailer Park Trash’ and by God does she personify that type in SPADES!🤬😡🙄🙄🙄🙄

    If her Majesty’s immensely dim brat grandson really wanted to marry a non white he would have been better off marrying a Japanese Royal! At least that family still has some dignity and class!


  8. East Germany had its good points as does North Korea! At least in those countries libertarian extremist FILTH like Hitchens wouldn’t be able to spread his grotesquely irresponsible, unscientific lies about Covid-19 and his insane, MURDEROUS ideas ie his advocacy of DOING NOTHING about it.🙄🙄🙄

    He would be executed for encouraging people to spread the virus and therefore it being able to claim the lives of vulnerable people.

    Viva North Korea where libertarian extremist scumbags like Peter are treated with the utter contempt they deserve!:

    They seem to be battling Covid-19 with a remarkable degree of efficiency.:



    Human LIVES are more important than inflation, Peter, in North Korea and those like you who constantly and without any degree of SHAME undermine what should be but sadly isn’t here a united national fight against it like you do are severely punished!😷😷😷😷👌👌👌🍷🍷😎😎😎


  9. It would be fascinating if East Germany and West Germany still existed and we could compare their respective responses to this WORLDWIDE VIRAL PANDEMIC (yes, I do like to repeat those words in capital letters since, sadly, we have many idiots like Hitchens, daft ‘Tory’ cows like Julie Hartley-Brewer ect who have no understanding of what they mean even though a simple, cursory glance at medical textbooks or the wonders of Wikipedia could educate them!🙄🙄🙄)

    I have a feeling that East Germany with its often though not always laudable authoritarianism would do better than West Germany would but perhaps the difference would not be that great? After all, both Germanys would be comprised of mainly ethnic Germans and they are used to some self-discipline but not as much as in Hitler’s day.

    Germany has done quite well under Merkel in this crisis (well, she is a qualified scientist whereas we have a gormless, constantly lying, unkempt monkey CLOWN for a PM) but the discipline of the German population has been lagging a bit in recent months so the death toll has increased quite markedly.😞☹️


  10. Shamefully, too many Germans are whinging about Angela Merkel in this crisis! It seems as if Germans are NEVER happy! Yes, she has many faults not least her decision to let in all of those mostly fake refugees but she has done pretty well with regard to Covid-19 and they should be grateful to her for it.

    These complaining Germans think Merkel is turning Germany into a new dictatorship with her Covid-19 regulations! Whilst I understand why Germans have fears of a new dictatorship arising due to their history these are misplaced with regard to Merkel’s measures.

    If you don’t want her, we will have her instead. 😂😷😎I would feel safer under her than here under Boris Idiot/Clown Trade Mark Applied For and his goons and his allowing of Peter Hitchens etc to spread their unscientific rubbish!,


  11. Of course, Merkel has been helped in her aim of enforcing the restrictions she has imposed by Germany having mostly very good and effective police forces who are large and well-funded.

    Germany, rightfully, doesn’t have libertarian extremist ‘Tory’ morons obsessed with ‘rolling back the frontiers of the state’ (in Mrs Thatcher’s phrase) at the helm of its government and therefore it doesn’t have a government that has sacked 10,000 police officers!😡🤬😞☹️

    Police officer recruitment should only really go UPWARDS in a well-run country with very, very few exceptions to that!

    Infact, it is quite difficult to imagine a country having TOO MANY police officers in it and Britain has never been such a country.

    We should aim to get our police officer to population ratio at least as high as Germany’s if not a little higher:



  12. Peter writes a fair degree of sense on drug use so it is a shame he won’t be listened to now he has demonstrated that he is wholly ga ga on this pandemic!

    Infact, I do wonder if he doesn’t smoke pot in secret such is the lunacy he has been spouting on Covid-19!🙄🙄🙄

    Drug use should be frowned upon by society and drug dealing scumbags should be treated far more harshly by the courts!

    Iran does a nice line on drug dealers:


    I have been a bit conflicted as to whether dug dealers should be executed or not! You could say drug dealing is a grave enough crime to merit its use seeing as drug dealers can bring a great deal of misery to society and death to people and drugs are often at the root of serious crimes like murder but then again they don’t DIRECTLY kill people like murderers do but rather kill in an indirect fashion so is the death penalty for them really warranted?

    Singapore’s stance on hanging drug dealers may be a bit TOO strict seeng as it applied for FIRST offences for drug dealing over a certain amount!:



    Iran gives drug dealers a chance to see the error of their ways and only executes them on a THIRD offence!

    Cannabis use should only be legal for those relatively few people who can benefit from it in a medical sense and then only under the strict supervision of a doctor.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Drug use and its consequential harm to society is driven firstly by the “end-users” (to coin a label), then by dealers, then by importers, and finally by the overseas growers or producers (if any). The end-users get light or no punishment, when they should really be eliminated, thus stopping the whole bloody trade. Having said that, *effective* treatment might be better than ordinary imprisonment, if that is the choice.


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