Diary Blog, 18-19 March 2021

18 March 2021


I saw a Swedish thriller series called Greyzone: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greyzone.

Enjoyable, if slightly slow in places. Generally watchable. A team of Swedish and Danish counter-terror officers try to track a team of Islamist terrorists who are planning to use a stolen missile warhead mounted on a drone, and to attack a target not yet known to the authorities.

What made me laugh is how a huge amount of skill and ingenuity is used to try to catch the terrorists, but no-one ever questions the presence in Scandinavia of large populations of alien Muslims, without which situation, and regardless of the fact that (?) 90% or more are neither terrorists nor supporters of terrorism, the terror plot in the TV series would never have been possible…

Tweets seen

I myself do not claim to be very knowledgeable about Egyptian politics; I have been there a couple of times, as a visitor, on one visit living there for a few months: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/03/07/when-i-was-not-arrested-in-egypt.

Stray thoughts

Let us take a country, unnamed. In that country, freedom of expression is gradually whittled down to almost nothing, especially on certain topics that are the mainstay of a certain ethno-religious minority within the unnamed country. Malicious prosecutions are bulldozed past lazy, dozy, incompetent, or suborned police, prosecutors and even courts.

In the unnamed country in question, the newspapers, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, are virtually all controlled or very strongly influenced by that same ethno-religious minority. In any case, a government organization has regulatory power over TV and radio and works to the agenda of that same minority.

In that country, the political system is likewise controlled, making the formation and operation of a “democratic” political party almost impossible, and certainly (combined with control of the msm) making political success in the ordinary peaceful way all but impossible.

Online, the same group (in fact, a small subset of the minority mentioned), in that same country, makes sure that dissidents are removed from major social media platforms. Any payment pages they have are also interfered with, and donations made difficult.

At the same time, malicious complaints are made about any dissident persons holding views inimical to the same minority mentioned above. Such complaints are made to social media platforms, to employers or business clients of the dissidents, and also to police, as already mentioned.

In such a situation of unfreedom, what is to be done, in what has become, in that unnamed country, an emergent police state, effectively controlled or influenced (to a degree amounting to near-control) by a small and clearly-defined minority?

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19 March 2021

A serious, possibly existentially-serious, situation…


nb. https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/26/the-tide-is-coming-in-reflections-on-the-possible-end-of-our-present-civilization-and-what-might-follow/

Tweets seen

In fact, of course they represented her views and those of the “ZOG” BBC, which is now an organization wholly inimical to British and all other white European people.

To be fair, why should “Naga Munchetty” (real name Subha Nagalakshmi Munchetty-Chendriah) be favourable to the Union flag? After all, though born in London, she is not British by origin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naga_Munchetty. She is, basically, alien.

The problem with Naga Munchetty is not her view of the Union flag (discourteous though that was) but the fact that she and others who are basically not British —and are fundamentally anti-White race and culture— are on the BBC and other TV and radio stations at all (certainly in the numbers they are).

Also, why are mediocre people such as Naga Munchetty and her English or Irish fellow sofa-sitter paid large amounts to sit looking stupid, and asking banal questions, on morning TV? A side point, but another irritating aspect all the same.

Still, her behaviour (not for the first time) is rather rude, and also rather churlish, bearing in mind the opportunities —and the luxury lifestyle— which this country has provided for her.

The Naga Munchetty storm in a Twitter teacup has brought all the political loonies and deadheads out! Here are a few:

Oh, yes, the right to work in Slovakia, Portugal, Finland. I am sure that millions of Brits are gnashing their teeth that they can no longer do that! What world do these pro-EU idiots inhabit? Yes, true, I myself lived in France for years (though worked elsewhere, mostly in the UK), but the British masses never realistically had the opportunity to work in mainland EU. Only a few here and there (if you leave out the sad chancers trying to do B&B in Spain or France).

Here’s another:

Well, I do not think that the Hakenkreuz (Swastika) is “sinister” anyway, and neither is the Union flag.

In 1920, Adolf Hitler decided that the Nazi Party needed its own insignia and flag. For Hitler, the new flag had to be “a symbol of our own struggle” as well as “highly effective as a poster.” On August 7, 1920, at the Salzburg Congress, this flag became the official emblem of the Nazi Party. In Mein Kampf, Hitler described the Nazis’ new flag: “In red we see the social idea of the movement, in white the nationalistic idea, in the swastika the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man, and, by the same token, the victory of the idea of creative work, which as such always has been and always will be anti-Semitic.” [National Museum of American History;https://americanhistory.si.edu/collections/search/object/nmah_1357427].

The above two tweets represent a current within the UK which is or was probably most concentrated in Corbyn-Labour. A cartoon view of both history and contemporary UK politics.

The anti-Union Jack people may be (?) in the majority on Twitter, but in the real world are a small minority. I myself am not a devotee, particularly, of conservative faux-nationalism, nor of monarchy for that matter, but it is irritating when aliens, and/or those with no alternative to speak of, attack either in a silly way. I’m English, you see…

Tweeter “@Helen121” is an example of a quite commonly seen phenomenon: the (almost certainly) white British person who sincerely, though wrongheadedly, believes that decent civic values, culture, law, order etc can survive migration invasion by (and subsequent breeding by) million upon million non-Brits; non-Europeans who have (even when born here) no real connection to our history, culture, beliefs, or values.

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25 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 18-19 March 2021”

  1. That over 4,000 morons have liked Julie Street’s tweet shows very well how much trouble this country is in! Whilst it is true the wretched government we suffer from has distinctly non democratic tendencies as Priti Vacant/Priti Evil/Priti Useless has reminded us of, once again, this week we can’t be compared to Nazi Germany!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    For one thing, Hitler had strict immigration controls operating and the minister in charge of the law boasted at the Nazi Party congress of a, “reckless implementation of the death penalty”. Der Fuhrer and his ministers were pretty ‘hot’ on matters of law and order! There was little crime under Hitler and that which pertained was severely punished.

    Contrast that with Priti and the regime here! Berlin in the 1930’s didn’t have vicious stabbings virtually every day and the police there did REAL police work! Certainly, police officers embarrassing themselves and their institution with kneeing was unheard of but all that and other instances of PC insanity happens under Priti and with her full approval!🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬😡😡😡😞😞☹️☹️


  2. Hitler and his government would have also implemented a very strict lockdown if they had been been faced with COVID-19 AND ENFORCED it properly! Meanwhile, libertarian extremists on the subject like Peter Hitchens would have bern arrested and put into a concentration camp for spewing blatantly unscientific nonsense, effectively encouraging people to break Covid-19 restrictions and thus helping to kill others or making them very ill.

    There is no doubt that Hitler would have taken a very dim view of people like Peter undermining a national effort against a potentially deadly and highly infectious viral disease.

    After all, one famous Nazi slogan was,’The Common Good before the Private Good’. Yes, Hitler and his Nazi Party would have been very contemptuous of the degenerate American philosophy of libertarianism which the so-called Conservative Party espouses nowadays.


    1. Hitler, m’Lord of Essex, would have understood that a virus which kills one in about 1,000 of the population is a serious health problem but not an existentially-serious one…


      1. No, the pandemic hasn’t wiped-out the entire world population but it has still killed more than two million people and if those lockdowns and various other mitigation strategies such as enforced social distancing had not been put into place it WOULD have killed many more MILLIONS.

        For the proof of this assertion, you only have to take a look at Wikipedia and its pages describing the situations in various countries to see that case rates in March of last year were growing at an alarming percentage rate PER DAY BEFORE lockdowns etc were imposed. The rate of growth was exponential.

        Peter and that ever dopy Daily Express mare, Julie Hartley-Brewer, are just PLAIN WRONG on Covid-19 and it is about time they admitted it and said sorry to the country for having encouraged people to break the restrictions and causing unnecessary deaths and serious illness.


      2. Stupid and immature people like Peter and Julie Hartley-Brewer think the WHO declare a worldwide viral pandemic as a laugh but the fact is they don’t.

        Whatever credibility they had as journalists before this crisis erupted should be shot to pieces by now!


      3. The clue is in that word PANDEMIC. It is high time people like Hitchens and Julie looked-up the meaning of it.


      4. That still represents more people than died after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, the London Blitz etc, More than Britain’s death toll in WW2 and that of the USA COMBINED and many need not have happened if it wasn’t for grotesquely irresponsible bastards like Hitchens and Julie encouraging the many selfish yobs and irresponsible louts/cretins we have and others like them abroad to contemptuously ignore the restrictions and cause deaths and serious illness in others.

        In a decent country like Singapore, Hitchens and Julie would be rotting away in a prison cell and would be denied the vaccine or hospital treatment should they fall in with this highly infectious virus. Singapore’s excellent government would take a highly dim view of those who irresponsibly set-out to undermine a national effort to contain the viral pandemic .

        Hitchens laughably argues that Japan’s approach would have worked here! Well, it wouldn’t have done because the Jap population is highly responsible and there are few selfish louts there for people like Peter to encourage to ignore restrictions. The Jap population has been doing its own DIY lockdown but they can be trusted to do it with few exceptions.

        The British government had no choice but to impose restrictions and to try and enforce them by using the police because after decades of ill discipline in society from state schools upwards the nature of too many people in our ‘society’ had changed for the worse.


      5. 2 million or more people throughout the world have died and many more have fallen ill with often serious long-term health complications.

        The death toll represents a decent percentage proportion of the 50 or so million people who expired during the last comparable pandemic of the ‘Spanish Flu’ during 1918-1920.

        If medical science had not advanced during the intervening decades and if restrictions had not been imposed throughout the globe then the death toll would have been even more comparable.


  3. Ha, ha, if political dimwit, Julie Street, thinks that the Union Jack has taken on sinister connotations under the Tory government then she would have a heart attack to see the Union Flag that was used by one British fascist group in the 1920’s/1930’s (I think it was the Imperial Fascist League) which had a Nazi Swastika inside a circle at the centre of the flag!

    Two sinister flags/symbols for the price of one!😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣


      1. Yes, I believe you are correct in stating that! Julie Street is no doubt one of those people who view the British Empire as having been one of severe oppression and therefore associate the Union Flag with that and call it ‘The Butcher’s Apron’🙄😡🤬


      2. When are we going to stop this insane national breast beating shame over the Empire? We governed most countries very well indeed and there were only a few regrettable incidents like the Amritsar Massacre. Well, Indians like Rishi and Priti ARE and WERE pretty annoying and the natives needed British discipline even it it was delivered at the point of a gun occasionally!

        They should have just accepted the British colonial rulers as their natural superiors and masters if they didn’t want to get shot!

        Why isn’t that marvellous Jewel In The Crown series shown on British terrestrial or satellite tv anymore? Is it because it is too non-PC and remind the Rishi and Priti Patels of the world of some uncomfortable truths!

        Go away Rishi and Priti and fetch this Briton a drink! I am dying of thirst here under the blazing hot Indian sun!

        Chop Chop! If you do it quickly enough I may consider giving you a small pay rise on your lowly wages as my servants!😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣


      3. Good. I shall have to watch it again someday! It is always good to be reminded of those halcyon days when Brits ruled India and the natives just did the right thing and accepted they were an inferior race to Englishmen, Welshmen, Scotsmen and Ulster-Scotsmen, knew their place in the world and didn’t follow the British Master Race back here and so appallingly mismanage us at places like the Home Office and the Treasury.🤬😡😞☹️

        It is high time Indians like Rishi and Patel were told their place is below us in OUR homeland.

        If you want a good laugh though it is depressing as well then look at this Twitter account to find out the full extent of the lunacy amongst the Follow Back Pro Europe (FBPE) lot and their demented characterisation of patriots as ‘Flag Shaggers’:


        We definitely do need to invest significant sums in mental health services in future due to having so many of these loons walking the streets and having the right to vote!🙄🙄🙄


  4. Yes, it isn’t bad enough that this rude and obnoxious alien is on the BBC at all but how much worse is it that similar people are in government under the libertarian globalist and therefore FAKE CONServative Party! It is better for her to be on a pointless BBC programme than to be Home Secretary and not operating any real immigration controls at all like Priti Evil/Priti Useless/Priti Vacant.🤬😡


  5. For all of her faults, this BBC woman hasn’t effectively murdered thousands of people during a worldwide viral pandemic through not implementing ultra-tough travel restrictions to this country FROM MARCH OF LAST YEAR.

    Priti is a MURDERER and for ending the lives of THOUSANDS prematurely and giving ‘lucky’ others severe life long health complications from Covid-19 should face the ‘ultimate punishment’ ie death from a long-drop hanging!

    Well, if that happened, we would at least be spared from seeing her gormless and utterly arrogant permanent smirk all the time!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Capital punishment is fully in order for Priti!




  6. That awful phrase, ‘flag shaggers’ which is so used by the modern British Left and other globalists too is an all too stark reminder these people find the simple idea of loyalty towards and love of one’s country to be repellent.

    Patriotism in normal countries like Japan and South Korea are regarded by the millions in those lands as a perfectly mainstream and respectable way of thinking.

    Patriotism is regarded as a personal virtue not a crime!


  7. Hello Ian: Today I read this fragment from Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the author of the immortal “Don Quixote”. They describe the attitude of the typical Aryan hero or warrior that found a worthy representative in the Spanish “hidalgo” (a man of noble birth but not necessary a nobleman, that is, the holder of a title) among others. I found them very moving and inspiring. They seemed to have been written for us.

    “Dream an impossible dream, fight an invincible foe, bear an unbearable pain, run to where the brave ones do not dare to go. Right wrongs that seem incorrigible, try to reach that unreachable star. That is our quest. Follow that star, it doesn’t matter if is a hopeless task, it doesn’t matter how far it may be. Fight for what is right, without doubts, without respite. And the world will be a better place because a man, or a woman, despised, exhausted and scarred, tried desperately to reach the unreachable star”


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