Diary Blog, 20 March 2021

The “Great Reset”

“The Great Reset” is not some kind of weird “conspiracy theory”. It is a real conspiracy or, if you like, “consensus”. See the Financial Times, for example: https://www.ft.com/content/39c53b9f-f443-4dde-9cdb-07e8999ec783.

“Free society”…

More tweets seen

More tweets

Scribblers such as Hitchens would be far more credible were they able to write about how disastrous the Second World War was; and, above all, that it need not have happened….(Hitchens is part-Jew, though, so that may play a part in his reticence). See https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/05/19/peter-hitchens-and-his-views/.

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3 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 20 March 2021”

  1. Hello Ian: I saw a video today about a very big march/concentration of people in London who were protesting against the lockdown. Is it true? It seems there was a lot of people. Mind you, I think that all demonstrations are useless if there is no political will and a purpose behind them


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