Diary Blog, 25 March 2021

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The Zionists must love those developments in neurological science. Anyone not falling for “holocaust” fakery will, no doubt, be ordered to have their brain altered to remove all reason and scepticism…Likewise, those remembering that, in general, 1971 was better in the UK than 2001, will have to receive “treatment” in order to “remember” differently…

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A part-Jew public entertainer and jester (and nonstop liar) as Prime Minister? Why not? What could go wrong? Oh, no, wait…

A straw in the wind? Crazies taking over London? Escape from New York? Still, in any possible future actual civil war or situation of complete chaos, I daresay my side would come out on top in the end. It may be decades since I myself fired an R-1 (overseas), a Browning (mainly at the Kensington Rifle and Pistol Club, now long defunct), or even a shotgun (in Ireland and rural England), but think “riding a bicycle”, I suppose. I am sure that whatever will be left, by then, of the British Army and other arms would be on our side.

Whether such a situation will arise in my own lifetime is an open question.

Is my speculation hyperbolic? Perhaps, but you only have to look at the way in which the London police have all but lost control of ordinary crime, only have to see the way the “Black Lives Matter” nonsense led to columns of black militia parading through the streets (with no police response, despite there having been a clear breach of the Public Order Act 1936) to see the way things could go…

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The arguments for the BBC “licence fee” (mandatory/universal impost) are all but worthless. Independence from government? Hardy ha ha! Just look at the BBC in the past 20 years! It is effectively a Government mouthpiece, or loudhailer. Quality, as compared to commercial TV? Again, just look at most of the output! It’s terrible!

“Democracy” can only work where reason rules, but emotion trumps reason, and the will trumps both. I have seen, from my own experience of the past decade, that those one would have thought would base their judgments on reason (barristers, magistrates, judges, police, many others) in fact have pretty much thrown away reason, and the wish (or even ability) to use rational thought. Kneejerk reactions, mob emotionalism, and the inability to think, are almost universal now in the UK.

As to the meaning(s) of “democracy”, see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/15/has-parliamentary-democracy-as-we-have-known-it-until-now-had-its-day-in-the-uk/

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8 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 25 March 2021”

  1. Hello Ian: Something interesting and very worrying. I heard of this nearly 10 years ago and is definitely taking shape, mind you for the f… morons who make up the majority, this would be another “conspiracy theory”! Nobody is more blind than those who refuse to see!


    1. Claudius:
      Yes, a very worrying situation. We have already seen (a few years ago) both Cape Town and LA nearly run out of drinking and other water.

      An adequate or abundant supply of free or almost free drinking and washing water is an incident of civilization, and is vital to public health. I have visited Zaghouan, in Tunisia, which is where the Romans tapped an abundant source of spring water and constructed a beautiful and large white marble cistern, like a large pond; they then channelled that water about 100 miles to Roman Carthage. The aqueduct is still working in part. I saw Arab women washing clothes in it (in 1995).

      Of course, there may be operating costs associated with water supply, but the (domestic) consumer should not have to pay more than a nominal amount. The cost of water, to the domestic consumer, in the UK has increased much in real terms over the past 40 years. In Ireland, which has never had a water shortage, people now have to pay (until about 20 years ago, water was free in the Republic).


  2. Robert Edwards’ cartoon about “Remembrance Day” is brilliant! Sadly many WW2 veterans never “woke up” and realized that they were just useful idiots. Even worse, most of their descendants are proud of “their service”. The power of the media and the accursed TV!


  3. Oh look, Boris Johnson is in that picture. It looks as if it was taken in Liverpool. Has he apologised yet to the folk of that city for gratuitously insulting them yet a few years back and if not why hasn’t he done so?

    What is wrong with ID cards anyway, Boris? Most European countries have them. If we had one then perhaps your wretchedly incompetent and virulently ant-British government would have effectively one less reason to utterly fail to control illegal immigration to this blighted country.

    No doubt the real reason your fake CONServative Party is so opposed to them is because you know that you would have less of a plausible excuse to fail to get to grips with the problem.

    Manic libertarianism aka ‘freedom from the state’ is just a convenient ideological principle to hide behind!


    1. France and Germany (inter alia) have ID cards, m’Lord of Essex, and *they* have also not controlled either “legal” or illegal immigration, aka “migration invasion”…


      1. Both countries, particularly Germany, control ILLEGAL migration far better than we do and that is considerably aided by the use of national ID cards.

        We have the worst immigration crisis in the whole of Europe in general and that of the illegal form in particular,

        A considerable part of that is caused by the ‘Tory’ Party’s refusal to introduce these cards on spurious libertarian ‘freedom from the state’ nonsense grounds thus providing an oh so convenient excuse for their utter failure to deal with the problem.

        I loathed David Blunkett as Home Secretary but I gave him some credit for wanting to introduce ID cards. Whether he would have tackled illegal immigration if he had managed to introduce them was doubtful but he would have had less of a reason to hide behind for failing to do it.

        I suspect the real reason the death penalty will never be reintroduced in this country by the Tories is because they know that it would have to be used pretty frequently to send blacks in particular but also Asians to the gallows more often than whites due to murders being committed proportionately more by them than whites.

        The usual left wing suspects would kick up a stink about this, call the Conservatives ‘racist ghouls ’ and then the Tories would have even less of a chance of gaining black and Asian votes than they do now.

        Sorry for being cynical about our so-called ‘mainstream’ politicians but I think a considerable degree of it is justified!


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