Diary Blog, 8 April 2021

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I have heard nothing as yet about what I apprehend will be Alison’s appeal to the Crown Court from the verdict and sentence handed down by a single magistrate —aka District Judge (Criminal)— on 31 March 2021. Her solicitors and trial Counsel will also, as I believe, be applying for bail pending hearing of such appeal.

In the meantime, Alison has now served over a week of what is effectively an 8-week sentence (18 weeks, of which 9 weeks would normally be spent incarcerated, but minus time spent in court at trial and in preliminary hearings, and also minus time spent in police custody, with part-days counted as full days).

Anyone wishing to send letters, cards, books etc to Alison Chabloz should write or send to:

Alison Chabloz, Prisoner Number A6478EK
HMP Bronzefield,
Woodthorpe Rd,
Ashford, Middx.,
TW15 3JZ

[please note that the above Prisoner Number is the correct one, not the similar one seen in some tweets].

[please note that books sent to prisoners in the UK must be *new, *paperback, and *sent direct by Amazon or other large online retailer].

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Slightly underwhelming, but it is a start, anyway…when I was at school, and about 14 years old, I sketched out buildings and developments rather like that, in fact more radical and green than the one shown. That was around 1971. Still, Rome was not built in a day…


German National Socialism and European social nationalism have always been connected with what are now termed “green” issues: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2016/11/17/social-nationalism-and-green-politics/

[girls from the Bund Deutscher Maedel ride in a forest]
[“Swastika plantation” in forest]

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The Irish Twitter account for Bealtaine Cottage is also worth reading:

7 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 8 April 2021”

  1. Nine weeks imprisonment for upsetting perpetually paranoid Jewish Zionist groups is extreme and certainly is when a criminal spitting into the face of a serving police officer during these Covid-19 times is unlikely to receive a custodial sentence let alone one of that duration.

    All this goes to show who has the real power in this increasingly sick, depraved and degenerate ‘society’ and it certainly isn’t we lowly British ‘goyim’.

    At one time, the Tories used to make a passing attempt to stick-up for British goys as they had a proud record of ‘anti-semitism’:


    From the days of the ‘Right Club’ under Neville Chamberlain to today’s globalist, open borders supporting, ‘right on’ libertarian freaks!

    How the previously mighty have fallen!🤬😡😞☹️


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      Contrary to what Enoch Powell said in his famous speech, it is not (quite) the “black man [who] will have the whip hand”, but the Jew. More accurately the more extreme Jew-Zionists, eg those few connected with the “Campaign Against Antisemitism”…

      The Conservative Party has been completely taken over by Jewish (Zionist) interests. The Labour *leadership* under Starmer is likewise in the Israel-lobby pocket.


      1. Even under Neville Chamberlain who I regard as the last true Tory PM they were a bit ‘bought and paid for’ by Jewish Zionists interests hence Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay (one of the better products of Eton College) forming his ‘Right Club’ to check this influence on the Tories.

        Nowdays, they have degenerated totally and as David Cameron Levita said once may as well be called the ‘Koshervative Party’.🙄🤬😡😞☹️

        Time for a revival of Ramsay’s Right Club methinks or this Tory group joining the party en mass: https://www.traditionalbritain.org and reclaiming it for decent patriotic social conservatives and booting out the globalist open borders libertarian supporters like that awful Daniel Hannan.



  2. https,//en.wikpedia.org/wiki/Anti-Semitism_in_the_UK_Conservative_Party

    Can we have some Beethoven, please? I am partial to his Fifth Symphony and to it being conducted by the legend that was Herbert Von Karajan in particular.


    1. I hear what you say, m’Lord of Essex, though my tastes are less strictly classical than yours (preferring, as I do, the symphonic music of the 20thC). Another day, perhaps.


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