Diary Blog, 25 April 2021

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Michie; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Michie#Personal_life; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Michie#Political_activism

Worth reading. “As David Rennie, Peking bureau chief of The Economist, recently observed: ‘It’s very hard to know where Covid containment starts and a Communist police state with an obsession with control kicks in.‘” [Daily Mail]

“There are some things that Prof Michie – whose first husband was Andrew Murray, once a key adviser to former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – is rather less inclined to discuss, including money. Perhaps because she has so much of it. Indeed, she is the blue-blooded descendant of an earl who, along with her brother, sold a family heirloom – a Picasso painting called L’Enfant Au Pigeon – to Qatari royals for £50 million in 2013.” [Daily Mail].

Also worth reading, though its conclusions are very weak: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-9508075/SARAH-SANDS-Post-Office-Royals-pillars-crumbling.html.

There has been a “march through the institutions” of the UK, starting sometime around the 1970s. The university-educated would-be radicals of the 1970s realized that they could be both careerist and subversive. They became civil servants in both local and central government, politically active in the Labour Party (mainly), editors and producers in the BBC and other msm outlets etc. The law too; examples there include Tony and Cherie Blair, Harriet Harman, and many others.

In time, those “cultural subversives” became MPs, members of the House of Lords, heads of trade unions, lawyers involved in the governance of their professions, well-known journalists and columnists, commissioners of TV series, or embedded in the public relations, advertising, and other “comms” industries. They took over the Labour Party and removed most of the “socialism” while emphasizing racial and sexual politics; they influenced the Conservative Party too, removing most of the “national” (patriotic), or post-1945 “one-nation-Conservatism” aspects .

Though most of those types were not Jewish, the Jewish influence, both in cultural terms and direct terms (actual individuals) was (and is) very obvious, and is connected with the Jewish infiltration of Oxford and Cambridge universities throughout the 20th Century, and particularly since the mid-1950s.

This political-cultural convergence in the System political parties is far more important than the differences between them, which are now very few anyway.

The UK’s institutions are now rotten, embedded with termites. The BBC, the Bar, the other legal professions, in fact all accepted professions. The police are even worse. Local and central government too. Judging, as far as one can from their released data, SIS and MI5 as well. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office fell some time ago.

Patriotic Alternative

It has been reported that, in a typical example of 2021 UK (ZOG) state repression, police have raided the home of leading Patriotic Alternative couple Sam Melia and Laura Towler, and have seized their computers and mobile telephones. At least one of the married couple was held for 5 hours: http://www.heritageanddestiny.com/police-state-cracks-down-on-patriotic-alternative/

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I have been saying that for 20 years or more. The British people, most of them, shrugged their shoulders as migration-invasion continued, as even modest houses were priced out of their reach, as university degrees were rendered almost valueless, as the Jewish takeover of the msm, law, and politics reached ever further into our lives, and as freedom was correspondingly diminished; but if “England” (nominally) can win a rugby game, a cricket series, or a few gold Olympic medals on the other side of the world, then “hurrah!”…

Pathetic, and it is hard to know what, short of some total collapse followed by desperate struggle, can change such complacency. Britain now is far more decadent than the Weimar Republic ever was.

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Even those who often express opinions about the 1930s frequently get their facts wrong. In the 1930s, Germany itself never enforced such a measure. The yellow stars or badges identifying Jews were not generally introduced throughout the German Reich (in fact, some areas never had them) until 1941, though a few local areas in Poland introduced badges (either yellow or blue-and-white) in late 1939: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow_badge; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow_badge#Axis_Powers.

I had a look at the replies to Baddiel’s tweet. Mostly along the lines of “hello, famous person, I stand with you even though I am not Jewish” etc… I only read a few dozen, but could not see one that made my above point. Interesting though. Quite a few wanted the woman in the photo to be identified, tracked down, and punished in some way (by the Twit-mob?). Sign of the times? None that I saw supported her right to make her point her way… Still, that is Twitter: very unrepresentative of the British people.

You may say that it does not matter whether yellow stars for Jews were introduced in Germany in the 1930s, or in Eastern Europe in or from 1941. Well, if facts do not matter to you, don’t express dogmatic views about historical events.

One tweet made me laugh: some silly woman from North America, who, while “not 100% sure” (!), tweeted that the woman in the photo was Alison Chabloz! Ha ha! Alison has at least a cast-iron defence (alibi) to that charge, as she is still sitting in Bronzefield Prison, near Heathrow, until Wednesday (at least).

That Wendling person is a sinister bod…and seems to need new glasses (see aerial photo, below):

Somewhere around 50,000-100,000 in that view alone.

The BBC is even less truthful now than Soviet TV was…

“Socialism means Soviet power plus the electrification of the entire country” [Lenin].

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19 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 25 April 2021”

  1. Hello Ian: Just a couple of questions:

    A) I noticed in a video shot yesterday in High Wycombe the existence of “Street Wardens”, these goons ( 3 of them) were harassing a man over a can or plastic cup thrown by him on the sidewalk. What struck me as odd, or very ridiculous, is the fact that they were holding this man waiting for the police!!! Can you believe that?. So, my questions are (1) What is the function of these goons? (2) How is that possible that they can detain a person and call the police over something so stupid and trivial?

    B) Regarding that psychopath that you posted yesterday (the female Arabic lawyer that tried to frame her ex-lover in Birmingham) What is a “discretionary life sentence”? and, what the hell is good for if she can/would be released after only serving 4 years? The whole thing is ridiculous, she should be locked up for life.

    OK, rant over! (LOL)


    1. Claudius:
      While I am against the existence of too many busybodies, I also disapprove of litter and those who litter.

      As to their powers: all UK people have an inherent right to “citizen’s arrest”. The job title matters little if at all. The police have greater powers. Those officials will have been waiting for a police officer to arrive, and the police officer either to take the offender away, give him a fixed penalty notice, or find out his identity.

      Re. life sentences: “Life” in the UK means (usually) when the authorities decide that a prisoner can be released on licence (“parole” in some countries). A trial judge may lay down a *minimum” term.

      A judge, in *very* exceptional cases, can order a “whole life term”. Such defendants are never or almost never released.

      If there is no minimum, the prisoner *may* be released at any time, but usually after about 10 years. Some crimes carry a mandatory (notional) “life” term (eg murder), some can carry a term of years up to a statutory maximum, and some a term of years *or* a “life” term, *in the discretion of the trial judge*.

      Hope that that explains enough.


      1. One of the few good points about the US justice system is that they define murder by degrees. Some murders are less inherently callous and more explainable than others eg where a wife or husband has been on the receiving end of domestic abuse and suddenly picks up the carving knife in the heat of the moment and kills their abuser.

        Life without parole(LWOP)/life with a whole life tariff or ‘life’ with parole but only after a substantial minimum term of say 30 years or more behind bars has been served should be used more often.

        Amazingly, there are a few countries in the world that don’t have lifetime imprisonment:




    2. There are good reasons to be tough on people who are so dismissive of other people and the environment as to throw littler around so casually without a care in the world and it can bring wider benefits for society as a whole.

      Singapore demonstrates this. There you can be heavily fined (the city state isn’t known as ‘A Fine City’ for nothing!) if you throw litter. This forms a small but essential part of the general toughness on crime and helps to make the population there very disciplined so they don’t commit many crimes of any sort let alone violent ones.

      They receive discipline from an early age with corporal punishment in schools and at home and their young men have to complete up to two years of service in the country’s armed forces.

      All this means that the people are loathe to commit crimes like littering where they can get a substantial fine let alone graduate to crimes of violence or drug dealing which attract long prison terms, caning with a rattan cane or even a hanging.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I totally agree with you. My observation/complaint was that there were 3 wardens wasting valuable time (and resources!) holding up a man for a pathetic little misdemeanour when they should have just given him a ticket or a warning and move on!

        The police are overstretched and it was absolutely ridiculous, if not idiotic, to call a police officer to deal with a man who has just dropped a plastic cup. What the f… are those moronic “street wardens” good for? Not one but three!!! High Wycombe’s city council must have lots of money to squander employing inefficient fools like that! No wonder the UK is in such a mess.


  2. Go and fuck off and die of Covid-19, Toby Young. you.repulsive little turd.

    Who cares if a Communist is advising the government anyway? I would much rather have a Communist advising them than a repellent libertarian extremist like you.

    At least Communists believe in the power of government unlike libertarian extremists and a belief in the state’s powers and duties has been for the last year and CONTINUES, to be essential at this moment in time.

    Not that this ‘government’ of fools and cretins has been listening much to people who believe in the state but rather to libertarian extremists like you hence the government failing to impose a lockdown early enough last year, not having a strict enough one, not ordering their brutally cut and depleted
    police forces to enforce the restrictions with enough vigour, not restricting entry to this country FROM MARCH 2020, and then lifting the half-hearted and badly designed lockdown too early. They have committed a catalogue of errors and that has resulted in a loss of life which is a national disgrace and some of which could and should have been avoided.

    Yet to callous libertarian cunts like you those bodies haven’t been piled high enough as you wanted little to no restrictions AT ALL along with your fellow libertarian extremist, Peter Hitchens.🙄🙄🙄

    If idiots like you had had your way we would be in the situation of India today.🙄🙄🙄🙄

    I saw last year that you wrote in May that there would be, “no second wave”, Did you ever say you were so obviously wrong to predict that?


  3. Peter Hitchens, for crying out loud, get yourself a BRAIN, man!

    Japan’s response CAN’T be used by the likes of you because whilst the Japanese government hasn’t enforced a lockdown they didn’t NEED to do it since the Japanese population is so wonderfully disciplined (we USED to be like that too before Tory fools and traitors like you opened our country up to floods of immigrants from less well disciplined lands and ruined the criminal justice system , the police, discipline in state schools etc) they have, in effect, done THEIR OWN DIY lockdown by implicitly following orders/advice form their government over hygiene, travelling to various places, avoiding crowded places/events etc AND the Jap government imposed ultra-tough TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS to Japan from other countries AS EARLY AS MARCH 2O20 something murderous Priti Patel didn’t do.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. Japan as one of the world’s most highly densely populated countries ie a population of something like 126 million people living very closely together on a small coastal plain (Japan is about 80% mountainous and those areas, consequently, can’t be built upon) could have been one of the world’s BIGGEST disaster stories during this pandemic like India and Brazil are but hasn’t been due to the marvellous self-discipline of the Japanese people, their non selfishness and looking out for the interests of others in society and their government imposing tough travel restrictions etc.


      1. However, m’Lord of Essex, that does not quite explain why a country which did not impose a “lockdown”, nonetheless escaped better than many that did…


      2. Japan has had a considerably lower death and case rate than us BECAUSE they are a self-disciplined nation who have voluntarily done and continue to do their own ‘DIY’ lockdown.

        They are an OBEDIENT people who do as their Japan First (in contrast to our Tory ‘Britain LAST’ government) government tells/advises them to do. Not for nothing were the Americans afraid to invade Japan in 1945 as if they had done so they would have encountered a massively disciplined and fearsome population that wouldn’t have taken the invasion of their homeland lightly.

        Libertarian extremists like Peter have managed to ruin a similar discipline level amongst our people by various means over the years ie their promotion of mass immigration which has diluted the real British population, no real deterrents to crime, lack of school discipline etc and it all came to a an inevitable head during this pandemic.😡🤬😞☹️


      3. Apparently, there is another reason as to why Japan has done so well during the pandemic despite a bad factor in having a very large population living closely together and that is they supposedly have a gene that is protecting them from the virus to a certain extent.

        I bet Peter Hitchens being a good little Tory won’t be mentioning that non-PC fact to his readers since it may make the mostly Tory readers of the Daily Mail/Sunday Mail realise that race is real and yes there CAN be racial differences explained by different people having different genes inside of them!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  4. WHY don’t you mention Priti Evil’s disgraceful and MURDEROUS globalist obsession with NO REAL BORDER CONTROL during a worldwide viral pandemic, Peter?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Is it because you are paid vast sums by the Sunday Mail to cover-up Tory crimes and to act as a pretty skilful ‘political gatekeeper’ for the so-called ‘mainstream’ parties?



  5. Hello Ian: How pathetic those French officers mentioned by Nick Griffin are! If those idiots think that making an appeal to Macron, a globalist POS and a puppet of international Jewry, will achieve something, they need to think again!

    Asking Macron, Boris, Merkel, etc, to do something decent and patriotic is as stupid and useless as asking a hungry lion not to eat you! Good luck with that! LOL


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