Diary Blog, 25 April 2022, including “thinking the unthinkable” a little

Morning music

[Wilanow Palace, near Warsaw]

On this day a year ago

Seen somewhere or other…

At church this morning people who never come to church, arrived with their newly delivered pet Ukrainian refugees in tow. Actual real ones surprisingly, two white women.

Far more than is normal, the church reeked of sanctimony and confected compassion as a result. As you imagine, the prayers of intercession were unctuous and insufferable.

The two women reminded me of the Ukrainian girl in Derry girls; Miserable, taciturn, unimpressed, ungrateful. 

However, God, who was clearly fed up with this appalling show of cod virtue, intervened. At coffee afterwards one of the Ukrainians said that the war need never have started and that Zelensky was a cocaine addict and a crook. The second Ukrainian piped up and offered that the war was caused by the E.U. and that Zelensky should have surrendered on day one. I have never seen such crestfallen faces since the Brexit vote was announced. 

Asked how they had escaped they said without hesitation; “The Russians got us out”.

To add insult to injury, a few more MSM myths were put to sleep and a sombre and deflated congregation was left somewhat bereft. Thanks be to God: It was wonderful to behold his works at hand.”

Provenance unknown, but it has the ring of truth.

I have met relatively few Ukrainians, but a few were of the sort mentioned. Others, however, were very different.

An old couple on a train in south-east Poland in December 1988, the husband of the couple with several gold teeth, and both talking in broken Russian at me, beaming happily through their fairly obvious poverty.

Another was a charming girl, Lena, who worked as a receptionist at the British Embassy in Almaty (Kazakhstan), where I lived in 1996-1997 (until the late 1990s, Kazakhstan had many minority populations, the result of deportations during the time of Stalin).

The number two man at the Embassy, the Second Secretary (the Ambassador was also the First Secretary), a Basil Fawlty lookalike, had (I heard) proposed marriage to that receptionist, but despite having gone to Surrey (I think Surrey; maybe Hampshire) with him to meet his parents, she declined his offer in the end.

After my time in Almaty was over, I heard that that young woman had died, still in her mid or late twenties, of cancer. Very sad. As for the said Second Secretary of the British Embassy, he returned to London and was, not very long after that, in the late 1990s, appointed H.M. Ambassador to Rwanda.

I enjoyed reading that piece above.

Tweets seen

Is there really no way to remove that creature of evil from office?…

Thinking the unthinkable


We see now that the USA (meaning NWO/ZOG) has been continuing with its post-Soviet strategy of weakening Russia to the point that Russia can never again be regarded as a “superpower”, and beyond that weakness to a point where the USA is the only superpower and can dictate terms in every area to Russia (and the rest of the world).

That State Department paper, first leaked in the 1990s, is clearly still the basis, no longer hidden, of US policy in the foreign affairs area.

Russia has one obvious trump card, as had the Soviet Union or, as British diplomats used to call it, “Upper Volta with rockets“.

However shambolic the Soviet Union was in some respects, no-one doubted that most of its long-range missile and inter-continental ballistic missiles [ICBMs] worked. They could be launched, they might be launched and, if they were, most would reach their targets.

The same is true of the unsatisfactory, ideology-deficient Russia of 2022.

Forget the froth about Jew oligarchs’ mega-yachts and travel restrictions, forget the Moscow middle classes losing their jobs and lifestyles. All that scarcely touches deep Russia. In fact, the economic sanctions may actually help the poorer Russians, in that, if Russia finds it hard to export, then whatever is produced will cost less on the domestic market. I mean the things the bulk of Russians need on an everyday basis, such as food, construction materials etc.

Russia still has those missiles. They still work, most of them, as has been seen in Ukraine, where various kinds of missiles have been used (mostly launched from Russia or from under the surface of the sea). They have reached their targets and have detonated, most of them.

The USA, UK and general Western leaderships are determined (under the direction of the secret ruling circles of NWO/ZOG) to keep funnelling arms to the Kiev regime. Britain (Boris-idiot) is even going to send Challenger tanks, we read in the msm.

It seems that the NWO/ZOG rulers of the UK, USA etc are willing to do anything, whatever it takes, not even only to defend the Jew-Zionist regime in Kiev, but also to bleed Russia dry as it attempts to continue to prosecute this invasion and/or war.

There seems to be an assumption that Russia will either give up, returning to pre-2022 boundaries, or will continue with the war of attrition until —if it succeeds— it controls Ukraine south of Kiev, east of the Dnieper and, in the south, to a line maybe 100 miles north of the Black Sea and Sea of Azov.

The latter situation was, and remains, my assumption too: Russian occupation of eastern and southern Ukraine, eventually leading to occupation of both Kiev and Odessa.

However, what if, under increasing pressure from the Western allies (mainly USA and UK), Russia, meaning Putin, feels that it cannot achieve those limited objectives? What if Russian forces are, or are in danger of, truly “losing” this war, of being pushed back behind Russia’s pre-2022, 2014, or even 2012 frontiers? What if that were to happen, and the Ukrainian proxies were to continue to build up their strength with Western help, and on a massive scale? Moscow is only 500 miles from Kiev, and only 300 miles from Ukrainian territory at the nearest point.

At present, Putin ‘s forces are increasing the damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure and logistical capability, using more powerful but still conventional (non-nuclear) weapons. There will surely be a surge in Russian troop numbers and deployments as well. Those, together, might break the Kiev regime. If not, there would still remain the ghastly possibility of the use of tactical or battlefield nuclear weapons.

How far any tactical use of nuclear weapons could go before the war spilled over into Poland, a NATO power, is uncertain. Radioactivity might cross borders, but even without that, could this war be contained within the borders of Ukraine? I do not know.

How far can Russia be pushed? How far can NATO accept Russian advances or gains before NATO gets involved directly? I do not know.

Beyond even that horrific possibility, what if Putin and those with actual command and control decide to go for broke, to change the game completely, to change the international order completely, and perhaps to emerge stronger but 200 years later? What if the “big red button” (so to speak) is pushed?

The fact is that Russia has 6,200 nuclear weapons (we are told), most of them missiles, most of them said to be operational. Even if we discount that by half or three-quarters, and leave a notional 1,500 long-range and inter-continental missiles available, that gives the Russian leadership a very big stick.

Should Russia launch a nuclear strike on the USA and UK using say 500 missiles (after all Russia’s eagle looks both ways, and China is still there), and even if “only” 10% of such missiles detonate on target, that is still, say, 50 missiles, that means Goodbye Britain, almost entirely, even if only 10 missiles hit.

It also means that the USA might suffer, at least, say 40 hits on major installations and cities.

Let’s say that the top 10 cities —by population or other significance— are wiped out: Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, maybe Dallas, San Francisco, San Diego. Also, 30 other strikes: maybe Silicon Valley, San Fernando Valley, Imperial Valley (which produces a very high percentage of the US’s fruits and vegetables), Seattle, Palo Alto, and other hi-tech centres.

On the more obviously military and naval side, there might be strikes on CIA headquarters, Langley (near Washington DC), on major naval ports, on command and control centres, on Fort Bragg, Fort Meade, Fort Dietrich.

Could American society survive such an attack? I think not, looking at the sluggish response to, say, Hurricane Katrina etc. The USA would only recover after 100-200 years.

Russia’s major cities and centres of military power would also be hit and destroyed in such a ghastly scenario, but the core Russian people, out in the country, would still be there, probably, living on a basic level.

This is a path down which the world should not go. The West should not have started to re-arm the Kiev regime; it should certainly not continue to build up the power of the Zelensky regime. The main sufferers are the Ukrainian civilians and their companion animals. The West should have let Russia take the south and east, in effect.

There seems to be the belief in the Western power-circles that Putin would not launch a strategic nuclear attack because Russia would also suffer. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mutual_assured_destruction. Very logical. Trouble is, people are not always logical. As a matter of fact, is it logical in the first place? One side might just say “yes we both get hit, but 200 years down the line, we will be pre-eminent, and the other side not“…

MAD, but not as we know it, if you like.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/26/the-tide-is-coming-in-reflections-on-the-possible-end-of-our-present-civilization-and-what-might-follow/.

The West and Russia both still have the chance to think and consider where this is all going.

Late thought

” [After the end of the American Civil War, Robert E.] Lee also expressed his “willingness that blacks should be educated, and … that it would be better for the blacks and for the whites.” Lee forthrightly opposed allowing blacks to vote: “My own opinion is that, at this time, they [black Southerners] cannot vote intelligently, and that giving them the [vote] would lead to a great deal of demagogism, and lead to embarrassments in various ways.” [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_E._Lee].

I suppose that most of my blog readers imagine that I oppose blacks, or the majority of blacks, voting in the UK. They are not wrong if that is their guess, but where my blog readers may be surprised is that I regard the majority of white English people presently around no differently. They too rarely have the education, life experience, or native intelligence to make an informed choice.

Of course, the fact that the (pseudo-democratic) System puts up mainly very inferior persons as candidates for political office makes the situation worse.

It is not solely a question of education, nor even intelligence, but also of general level of soul, and of to what extent their mentalities have been poisoned by a corrupt msm.

Frankly, the general level of white English people in the UK now is little better than that of the “blacks and browns” living here.

Late tweets seen

…and never will contribute (or be able to, even if they ever wanted to)…

31 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 25 April 2022, including “thinking the unthinkable” a little”

  1. “I have met relatively few Ukrainians, but a few were of the sort mentioned. Others, however, were very different.”

    To be fair, Ian, it’s not only Ukranian women who get a bit narky when hit rather hard on the bottom with a tennis ball 😉


      1. You’d mentioned it when I’d posted questions about where on Earth the Russian troops actually were on the ground in the East at the beginning of the operations. I’d thought the tennis ball incident quite amusing.


      2. HennyPenny:
        I, along with Western analysts, and Putin himself, seem to have over-estimated Russian military capabilities in February/March. However, I now wonder whether the reason the Russian forces performed so poorly in February and March is because the most capable formations were and still are being kept back for use later and elsewhere. That does not, of course, explain why the Russian General Staff performed so poorly.


  2. With regard to the old Challenger II tanks which the fat lying turd, Johnson / Kamal, wishes to send to Poland so that the Poles can send their old ‘T-series’ tanks to Ukraine, it’s unlikely that the Poles would even want them. Poland has a contract with the U.S. to be supplied with the newest version of the Abrahams MBT. They’re not going to want the incompatible and obsolete Challenger IIs. How are they going to maintain them? The only thing that the Poles would use them for would be for target practice on the firing range, using the newly delivered Abrahams.

    It just goes to show how deluded and out-of-touch with reality the fat lying turd really is.


      1. Sorry for the delayed response.

        It’s not that the Challenger IIs are useless, it’s more a matter of compatibility. The Challenger IIs are the only tanks operated by a NATO member to use a rifled barrel. The Challenger III uses a smooth bore gun (with other significant modifications) – manufactured in Germany, of course – which brings them into line with other NATO members. The ammunition for the rifled barrel is very limited and is being discontinued. In addition, there will be limited supplies of spare parts for the out-of-date Challenger IIs. Therefore, they will be useless in terms of combat as they will just break down, run out of compatible ammunition and spares very quickly. Plus, you’d have to train Polish tank technicians to drive, run, and maintain them. It’s just not worth it all.

        It just goes to show – as if the mountains of available evidence wasn’t sufficient – that Johnson / Kamal is just a ‘fly by the seat of his pants’ fantasist. Such people are very, very dangerous in such already incendiary political circumstances.


      2. HennyPenny:
        Thank you. So it seems that, as with all other apparent or supposed “initiatives” broadcast by the part-Jew clown Johnson, the Great Polish Tank Giveaway is just another public relations exercise.


    1. If only the fat , constantly lying, virulently anti-British turd (I use another pithy adjective to describe him but this is a family oriented blog) had just done the decent thing and died in 2020 then thousands of decent British people would still be alive and this country would be in a better state and perhaps not facing the prospect of being wiped out by Russian nukes.

      But then to someone who needlessly slaughtered tens of thousands through his blatant libertarian extremist ignorance and total stupidity and calling for the, “bodies to be piled high” the deaths of potentially millions in a nuclear Armageddon no doubt doesn’t disturb him one iota so long as he and his equally thick, completely selfish and useless cabinet along with his hoe are ok.

      Boris is a terminally stupid and useless utter arsehole.

      If there was any justice in this world he and his cabinet would be summarily executed by a firing squad or a long drop hanging for all the needless deaths and misery they have caused in this country.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I used to think the Defence Secretary was the single cabinet minister with some form of working brain cells or any degree of basic competence but now I am not so sure. Ben Wallace thinks Russia should not just leave Ukraine but also hand over Crimea. He should know there is not the remotest possibility of that happening and nor should it really seeing as Crimea is basically a detached part of Russia with a population that is overwhelmingly Russian speaking, sharing Russian culture etc. Basically, Crimea is ethnically Russian just like the Sudetenland was German which was the reason Neville Chamberlain was not willing to involve this country in a conflict with Germany over it and rightly so.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Just a few of those new intercontinental missiles Russia has very recently tested (I believe they are of HYPERSONIC speed and not able to be intercepted) would be enough to shatter this country into tiny fragments into the sea and kill all human life here but Boris doesn’t give a damm about that so long as he can prance around the world stage and play his cheap Poundshop Churchill routine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. John:
      I can only agree. A nuclear conflict in which the UK would be a kind of shield or decoy for the USA would leave this still-lovely (in part) island, or collection of islands, irradiated, blasted, utterly ruined, and in utter misery. What price then the pseudo-machismo of “pro-Ukrainian” newspaper letters pages correspondents, Twitter-twits, and MPs without any brain?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes indeed and as Roosevelt once said of Britain being America’s unsinkable Aircraft Carrier. Biden is using Ukraine as a patsy for US influence in Eastern Europe and to weaken Russia on the world stage.

        Only a globalist idiot like Boris thinks that if Britain was nuked as a result of this US power game that the US would particularly care about our fate. They wouldn’t but our stupid politicians are still beguiled by the so-called ‘Special Relationship’.


  4. Hello Ian: I have just found this very nice and soft-spoken Englishman who makes some very good videos. This one is highly appropiated considering the Ukrainian “refugees” craze. (LOL)


  5. It really is high time our terminally ignorant and stupid politicians from all the globalist parties understood that our perspective on borders and which ethnic group belongs in which state is likely to be very different from that of people living in Continental Europe including Russia.

    Their borders have been in a state of flux for centuries ie (just one example) Germany which has only been a unified state since about 1860. This experience of Continental Europeans is vastly different from our own. Our state of the United Kingdom has had its borders formed by the sea with only one real change in a century namely that of the 26 counties of what is now the Republic of Ireland (on another island) seceding in 1922 from the then United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

    Are their any advisors/ diplomats/civil servants in the Foreign Office with the most basic knowledge about our ‘near abroad’ is Continental Europe?


    1. John:
      I fear that the FCO has gone the way of most of the formerly British institutions over the past few decades. Look at the present “HM Ambassador” to Ukraine— a scruffy Jewish woman.

      As you say, the borders within mainland Europe have been changed many times over the past 150 years (and, indeed, before then). Not only Germany became unitary, but Italy. Poland and Germany have very different borders today, as compared to 1939 or 1914. Same is true of Austria, Hungary, Romania etc.

      The changes, socio-political, within countries, have also been huge, and in that respect at least the UK is no different.


      1. I have just looked up our Ambassador to Ukraine on Wikipedia. She and the corupt crackhead and nuclear holocaust wanting Mr Zelensky share some ethnic roots and must get on like a house on fire!


  6. I have an occasional look on Wikipedia to see who our Ambassadors are to various countries and more and more of them are women. I would like to think they are purely chosen on merit and that no man was suitable for their posts but such is this country’s insane levels of political correctness I am not sure. Look at the Cabinet! Surely no one truely believes Priti Useless was chosen on ability alone and not because she has a vagina instead of a penis and is ethnically not British?


  7. Well, Liz Truss is Her Majesty’s Foreign Secretary and Bojo The Clown and avid Benny Hill impersonator was so your first point is correct.

    What a sad decline for what was the most prestigious post in government and the most prestigious department of state.

    At one time, the British Foreign Office used to have people of the calibre f Lord Palmerston, Lord Halifax or David Owen at the helm of it!

    Now, we get the Poundshop Thatcher, Liz Truss, who is barely able to speak her own language well let alone communicate in several foreign languages like Russia’s Foreign Minister.

    No doubt if Liz becomes PM she will appoint Priti to the Foreign Office! Well, that would just be trolling then!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. What is truely repellent about this wretchedly anti-British government of mass murderers and PROVEN CRIMINALS who should all go to the gallows is that they believe Ukraine”s sovereignty and territorial integrity is somehow a vital British national interest yet they apply totally different standards to our own country with the constitutionally very damaging NI Protocol which has effectively partitioned the United Kingdom and cast NI adrift inside the EU still.

    So the utterly useless, fat, scruffy, constantly lying, murderous turd that is ‘our’ PM even lies about ‘ getting Brexit (or should that be globalist waste of time Brexshit) done’

    Is there ANYTHING the Turkish, born in New York murderer doesn’t lie about?


      1. If only Putin does what he normally does to his political opponents and hires some of his secret service agents to poison Boris Johnson and the rest of the vile, anti-British, murderous, treasonous scum that makes up the rabble of the present sick joke of the ‘British’ government.

        That would be good news for Russia. Britain and the entire world.

        This government should just eff off and die and if it takes Putin to take them out then so be it. If it happened via Putin’s secret services I will buy a nice big bottle of Russian Standard vodka on Amazon UK and I don’t even normally drink spirits!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Why doesn’t the fat useless prick that is Boris Johnson and the rest of his ghastly crew including in particular that evil anti British Indian piece of excrement Patel just go and have massive hearts attacks around the cabinet table?

        We have not had a PM die in office for over a century but then Britain always was the ‘unlucky country’ unlike Australia.


      3. Most people lie occasionally and, of course, Boris isn’t exactly the first politician to do it but he does it so consistently I really wonder whether he has some sort of mental problem or perhaps it is the drug habit he is said to have once had?


  9. I see that pathetic little Tory moron, James Heappely, has been ranting his ignorant gob off yet again!

    Just eff off you brandead, utterly gormless fat treasonous Tory wanker! You mght well want a nuclear war with the world’s largest nuclear power but we normal and sane folk don’t!

    Just because some idiotic Tory country bumpkins in a village in Somerset that has lost a village idiot like you stupidly voted for you is no excuse to impose a nuclear war on those of us who would have to have a red hot poker poked in our eyes before we contemplate to vote for your vile anti- British party of murderous, lying thugs.

    Leave us out of your nuclear war wet dreams you stupid fat prick!


  10. So now we have it at last! According to a report in the house journal of the ‘modern’ (ugh, I must puke!) Conservative Party ie The Guardian Moscow has given us an explicit warning that if we continue to prod the Russian bear as Boris Moron Idiot keeps on doing then we will be made to suffer a very severe and massively serious Russian response which can only really mean one thing!


      1. Indeed it is but these terminally selfish complete pieces of anti-British excrement don’t care if millions of we ordinary plebs die or suffer third degree burns with no hospitals or doctors to care for us so long as they are still able to go inside a nuclear bunker or emerge from the devastation and fly to their holiday homes in low tax places like Bermuda or Monaco!


      2. A LITERALLY CRIMINAL as even their corrupt and bought and paid for Met Police has belatedly proven cabal of lying, war mongering turds and alien flotsom and jetsom of various, ahem, exotic origins!

        Foreign Tory scum get out!

        The FIRST ‘ British’ government in history headed by a proven criminal and chancellor and one supposedly filled by politicians from the self- proclaimed ‘party of law and order’

        SICKLY HYPOCRITICAL doesn’t even cover it!


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