Diary Blog, 3 June 2021, including thoughts about Zeppelins and lighter-than-air flight

Interesting historical film

In the public mind, the Zeppelin (used as the generic term for lighter-than-air craft) has passed into history. Its heyday is generally thought of as being the First World War, when the airships were used by the Germans in early “terror” raids over English cities. Not only London: my own grandmother (b.1900), who for some reason now unknown had been sent from Berkshire to a boarding school at Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, actually saw a Zeppelin over her school, probably in 1916.

[a Zeppelin over the Palace of Westminster, London, during the First World War]

It might be a mistake to think that airships have no future. I have always been interested in them as both passenger carriers and for freight carrying to places where transportation is difficult: deep forests, the Siberian taiga, Arctic and Antarctic areas, islands with limited or no port facilities, marshland, swamps etc. Airships could have uses for the police, too. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20191107-how-airships-could-return-to-our-crowded-skies; https://www.cnbc.com/video/2021/02/06/what-happened-to-blimps-and-why-airships-may-make-a-comeback.html

A British company is planning passenger flights between Belfast and Liverpool: https://www.belfastlive.co.uk/news/belfast-news/belfast-liverpool-flights-could-soon-20712897; other routes may soon be inaugurated: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/may/26/airships-for-city-hops-could-cut-flyings-co2-emissions-by-90

Notes: https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/02/29/blimps-hindenburg-flying-whales-airships/; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8180879/Quebec-government-moves-forward-plan-use-airships-supply-remote-northern-territories.html; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-6115199/Zero-emission-unmanned-blimp-like-airships-used-police-spy-people-sky.html.


Incidentally, the safety problems associated, in the public mind, with airships, were never great, in reality:

Tweets seen

Hitchens is correct not only in his main point but also in his view of that Dunt person, who seems (from what I have seen) to have an unerring instinct for coming to the wrong socio-political conclusions.

The Jewish terrorist behind the “Black Lives Matter” nonsense

Exposition by Mark Collett: https://odysee.com/@MarkCollett:6/20200717—Black-Lives-Matter—the-Jewish-Terrorist:3

More tweets

In fact, I do not agree with Hitchens re. Starmer being “deeply revolutionary”. He may well have read and even edited obscure Trotskyist publications when aged 20. Hitchens himself was a Trotskyist at that age, while I, at age 19 and living in a London attic, read, and regularly, everything from the anarchist newspaper Black Flag to the social nationalist magazine, League Review, and many another publication.

You cannot take someone’s views as they were at age 20 as being their settled viewpoints when they are 50, 60, or 70 years old. Keir Starmer may have more radical ideas than Boris Johnson, but for me the difference is that Starmer may actually have a few ideas, however limited, whereas part-Jew chancer, fraud and (ex?) public entertainer “Boris” has no ideas at all, beyond the schoolboy fantasies of bridges over rivers and oceans, artificial islands, tunnels to Ireland etc; the sort of ideas I had when aged about 13.

I wonder why…

Incidentally, that Silverman individual (“Head of Investigations and Enforcement” at the Jew-Zionist Israel-lobby “Campaign Against Antisemitism” or “CAA”), was exposed in open court a few years ago as having been behind a number of pseudonymous Twitter and other trolling accounts. Most of the victims were women. He was also behind a malicious complaint made about me to Essex police (he lives in South Essex) in early 2017: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/.

Their primary, and perhaps only, loyalty is to Israel (whether to the Israeli state as such, or to the Jewish people). At least, that is how it seems to me…”@mlewislawyer” is in fact now resident in Israel.

The monarchy in Britain, like so much else (the System political parties, the Bar, the Church —indeed, churches— etc) is now running on empty.

So much for freedom…


“Lockdown” shutdown

Lockdown ‘had no effect’ on coronavirus pandemic in Germany.”

Scientists at Munich University found German infection rate was already falling before lockdown was imposed“: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/06/03/german-study-finds-lockdown-had-little-effect-virus-infections/

Late tweets

If you listen to the ahistorical nonsense that, eg, BBC World Service has been retailing about the above, the blacks in America have been prevented from being more affluent and/or powerful because of that one incident in one minor city 100 years ago. Oh, of course…

SPLC— a pack of Jews and/or “antifa” apologists.

Anne-Marie Waters and Tommy Robinson. Both pro-Israel, anti-Islam one-trick-ponies. Not real nationalists. Well, they are operating in tandem, it seems. Maybe they should get a rabbi to bless their unlikely (?) union…

I may not be the typical man-in-the-street voter, but I really cannot see any candidate so far declared at Batley and Spen for whom I would vote. Not one.

I should really blog in detail about the upcoming by-election, set down for 1 July 2021. Maybe this weekend I shall post something.

Late music

30 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 3 June 2021, including thoughts about Zeppelins and lighter-than-air flight”

  1. So, “anti-Jewish hatred is surging in Britain, Europe and the USA”, is it? Well, maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with pro-Israel Zionist Jew extremists like you constantly whinging, scurrilously attacking and conducting veritable hate campaigns against people like Corbyn for making mild criticisms about Israel, defending Israel when its armed forces go on a totally unreasonable rampage and shoot small children in the head with live bullets, blow-up innocent Palestinian villagers’ homes even when they haven’t been involved in terrorism, settle their land with illegal settlements and refuse Palestinians the right to return whilst allowing any Jew in Britain or elsewhere to immediately emigrate to Israel under the ‘Law of Return’. In short, attempting to defend the indefensible and then attacking people with the constant smear of ‘anti-semitism’.

    People also don’t like the fact that Pro-Israel Zionist extremist Jews/Jewish Supremacists are often to the forefront of so-called ‘anti-racism’ organisations calling people nasty names for often only wanting the most mild restrictions on immigration whilst defending Israel for having very strict immigration laws which, to all intents and purposes , ban non Jews from emigrating there on racial/ethnic grounds. This attitude of pro-Israel Jew Zionist extremists/Jewish Supremacists of ‘nationalism is fine for Israel and for Jewish communities around the world in the Diaspora but NOT for the gentiles in gentile countries really grates on the minds of some gentiles and gets their backs up!


  2. A lot of the alleged ‘anti-Semitism’ is not genuine anti-semitism at all but simply opposition to the excesses of the Zionist state. Gentiles don’t like some sections of organised Jewry too often acting like a ‘nation within a nation’ as well.

    You Zionist Pro-Israel fanatics should be careful to not conflate anti-Zionism with anti-semitism. In many cases there is NO connection.


    1. Not least for the FACT that some Jews also oppose Israel’s excesses and even oppose that state existing in the place!

      To Zionist Pro-Israel zealots like Mr Silverman some of the anti-Zionist Ultra-Orthodox Jews comprise ‘self-hating Jews’!🙄🙄🙄


  3. Keir Starmer may well be dull but at least he has some ideas and intellect in that way whereas Boris is just a moronic public entertainer/dim CLOWN (why, oh why, does that small word follow the idiot around all the time and indelibly associated with him?🙄🙄🙄) who provides entertainment for the many simpletons we have in this country who unfortunately have a vote.

    In my opinion, Keir would have made for a better PM in this crisis and not as may people would have died and the economic damage would have been lessened through his taking action sooner rather than too late.

    At least Sir Keir Starmer looks like a potential PM and can dress himself properly!


  4. As you say, many of Boris’s transport ideas are the ridiculous fantasies of an overgrown schoolboy however that one envisioning a bridge/tunnel between NI and the British mainland may be worth exploring.

    Though it might not be technically feasible and cost far too much money a bridge/tunnel carrying a motorway/railway between Liverpool and Belfast could link two important regional economic centres, boost economic growth and help to politically unify the United Kingdom more than it presently is.

    There is an interesting page on Wikipedia detailing some plans for fixed links some of which are even more grandiose such as one linking Taiwan with China and another connecting Japan and South Korea.



    1. M’Lord of Essex: I am certainly not opposed to what the French call “les grandes projets”, but I think that the UK can find a better use for such huge amounts of money than to link the UK to Ireland via a bridge or tunnel…


      1. This bridge/tunnel idea would be providing a fixed-link between a part of OUR country that is geographically situated on the neighbouring island and the rest of the United Kingdom.

        It would NOT be doing so between the UK and the foreign country of the Republic of Ireland. It could help to get around the iniquitous provisions of the NI Protocol which The ClownTM stupidly signed thereby betraying NI’s Unionist population and unionists throughout the UK.🤬😡😞☹️🙄

        A bridge/tunnel between the neighbouring island and this one should have been built decades ago. Perhaps if that had been done (though it probably wouldn’t have been feasible then ) the whole of Ireland would still form a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.


  5. Ah, a subject Peter Hitchens IS actually right about and doesn’t take the loony libertarian extremist line upon!

    Yes, rampant drug use in society is a social evil and menace! He is correct to say there has been no effective ‘war on drugs’ in Britain.

    Ian Dunt should recognise this fact and if he thinks that OUR Misuse of Drugs Act is not to be commended by the likes of him he and others should look at the one in operation in Singapore:





    Ouch! One best not risk taking or abusing drugs in that country!


  6. It is a shame, Mr Europhile, Alexander Korff, that Britain’s Monarchy has no real powers since if it did like Liechtenstein’s one does since the Queen could and should have dismissed individual ministers like Priti Evil with her grotesque negligence in allowing OPEN BORDERS during a WORLDWIDE VIRAL PANDEMIC thereby murdering thousands of vulnerable people or sacked The Moronic ClownTM himself or the entire government and replaced it with intelligent people like Professor Ferguson etc.




    1. M’Lord of Essex: I think that I have mentioned in the past that I visited Liechtenstein, though only once, and was only there for about 4 hours. It takes about 1.5 hours in a fast car from Zurich airport, if I recall aright. Pleasant, sleepy, and somehow unreal (I’m talking about the capital, Vaduz, though I believe that there is a larger town not far away.
      Schaan has nearly 7,000 inhabitants as against under 6,000 in Vaduz.
      The film below makes Vaduz seem far busier than when I was there!


      1. Yes, a contented, minuscule, ultra-wealthy, Alpine paradise with low crime rates presided over by a much loved Monarchy which has some significant powers. The Princely House is credited by many Liechtensteiners with transforming what was once a poor backwater into today’s rich microstate.

        I would like to visit the tiny country (it is only about the size of a borough or two in my county of Essex) if only for the sheer novelty value. The only remaining German-speaking country with a Monarchy as well.


      2. Also, the only other country in the world to my knowledge who share with us God Save The Queen’s music albeit, in their case, with different lyrics for a national anthem which makes for some bizarre scenes when England play Liechtenstein in international football matches!😀😂😎👌

        I believe I am correct in stating that Kaiser Wilhelm’s Germany also used the tune to God Save The Queen/King again with different words.


  7. In Britain with our utterly archaic, overly crude and simplistic First Past The Post electoral system which should be.called Single Member Plurality (SMP) a party can obtain MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of votes and a significant percentage of votes as UKIP did in 2015 ie 12% or so and only get ONE MP (and that seat in Clacton was only around 3,000 votes from being lost to the Tory candidate).

    This effective informal ‘threshold of non representation or very little representation’ in our system can be MUCH higher than a formal (by law) threshold of 8% or the more usual 5 or 4% of PR systems like in Germany,New Zealand, Sweden.

    Thus, MILLIONS of votes are ‘wasted’ by securing NO or very few MPs.



  8. You don’t have to be a pro-Israel Jew Zionist extremist or indeed a Jew to find a comparison between mass vaccination and lockdowns during a normally once in a century worldwide viral pandemic to the Holocaust ridiculous and offensive. Why would any kind of sensible and educated nurse be against a mass vaccination programme? It is being done to protect the lives and good health of the population AND to hopefully prevent a resurgence of the pandemic so that further lockdowns are not needed.🙄🙄

    Yes, some people have tragically had bad experiences with vaccination but the vast majority have not had these.


  9. What is the minimum sentence a person can receive for dealing in drugs in this country? I bet it is a paltry five years or so. 😡🤬This should be tripled to an absolute minimum of fifteen years incarceration and if we don’t go as far as Singapore does and hang drug dealers then for the worst cases of large quantities etc we need to look at thirty to fifty years plus imprisonment terms.

    Let us have REAL deterrents to this evil and wicked trade in death and destruction of families and communities.

    There is no possible justification for people to engage in drug dealing.


      1. How utterly PATHETIC and this under the self-proclaimed ‘party of law and order’ ( a bold claim not backed-up by real evidence nowadays though one with some credence in the 1950’s).🙄🙄🙄

        With that sort of attitude displayed by the government it is no wonder this vile trade is so prevalent.


      2. Perhaps we need to have a Penal Code and/or statutory minimums for certain offences? Of course, I recognise the need for judges to be able to exercise discretion in sentencing and to take account of offenders individual circumstances ie past criminal behaviour if any/previous good character as otherwise justice may not happen and having discretion is the role of a judge but there is often a lack of consistency in sentences and that doesn’t help to provide effective deterrents to potential offenders. Also, some judges nowadays are too liberal and give the offender the benefit of the doubt too often.


      1. Poor dog!🤬😡☹️😞 London has been so comprehensively ruined by the lax law and order policies and mass immigration policies of fake CONServative and Labour alike that crime incidents no longer have the power to shock.

        Even the average resident of London Zoo displays more inherent civilisation standards than too many human Londoners do!🤬😡😞☹️


  10. So you are saying that many Jews are more loyal to Israel or to other Jews in the Diaspora than they are to Britain or to Gentiles here?

    You do, of course, realise that is one of the most classic ‘anti-Semitic’ canards of the lot! You naughty man!

    An interesting scenario would be if Britain and Israel went to war with each other. Who would the likes of Mr Silverman the rabid pro Israel Zionist or indeed cold faced and hard of heart Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, choose to support?

    I think it is correct of me to say that Neville Chamberlain or Stanley Baldwin would not have picked him for such an important Cabinet position. Mind you, this is a person who probably would not have chosen anyway by those two former Tory PMs since Dominic wasn’t too bright when he said that he didn’t realise that the main export and import route in Britain was Dover to Calais!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    This administration isn’t exactly flooded with sheer talent, is it?🙄🤬😡😞☹️ No wonder so many people have needlessly died from this pandemic under the clowns!😡🤬☹️😞


  11. Yes, there is undoubtedly a pretty uninspiring choice of candidates for the people of Batley and Spen to choose from on July 1st. All of them represent the philosophy of globalism/open borders/laxness on criminality in some way.

    Why don’t you post some thoughts on another by-election coming-up earlier than the one in the West Yorkshire constituency ie the contest being held in the normally safe Tory seat of Chesham and Amersham on June 17th?

    That by-election has flown under the radar but is potentially of more long term interest for electoral trends.

    Will the Liberal Democrats be able to come back from a near death experience and win the seat like they did in Eastbourne in October 1990?

    There are quite a few seats where the Liberal Democrats represent the only real challenger to the Tories and Chesham and Amersham is one of them.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Thank you. Perhaps I shall, but I am already about to publish my thoughts about Batley and Spen.

      I think that the LibDems are finished, but they have been buried prematurely before, several times since 1945.


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