Diary Blog, 2 June 2021

R.I.P. free speech, and goodbye intellectual freedom

The YouTube video below is well worth watching:

On the same overall theme, persecuted singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz, who was released from prison last week, having served about half of her 18-week sentence (for having posted online a satirical video about Jews!), is still only partly-free, being —inter alia— prevented, until August, from posting on—or, apparently, even looking at— the Internet!

No wonder that no-one these days says “it’s a free country”, as they often did in the 1960s and 1970s…

Tweets seen

Yes, that is the thing about not only the Royal Mulatta but also the Royal Cuck (Harry). Harry is critical of the whole royal set-up, yet his title of “Prince” is the only reason anyone is listening to him, the only reason he is constantly in the msm, the only reason the msm is now paying him and the Mulatta very large sums of money.

Without that title, Harry would be a total nobody. He would not even, in all likelihood, have a job, let alone any professional or higher status. In some part of his little mind, he knows that. It may be the real source of his mental problems.

What would that accomplish? A few lines in (((occupied))) newspapers? No, any discontented Border Force or police (or others) should network, and organize covertly.

Exactly. All part of the conspiracy…https://www.westernspring.co.uk/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-the-genocide-of-the-peoples-of-europe/.

Migration-invasion…and do not imagine that this is happening as if by accident. There are powerful transnational forces concerting this, planning it, making it happen.

Below, a tweet from last year, about the facemask nonsense:


In fact, I happened to be in a clifftop area yesterday, a few miles from where I live, and there were (a few) silly and mostly retirement-age “rabbits” walking along the clifftop path wearing facemasks in the 24C heat! Complete idiots.

More tweets

Yes, the truth often is so very damaging to “the fight against ‘antisemitism'”, nicht wahr? No wonder that even Moses had to put “thou shalt not bear false witness” on those stone tablets…Ingrained…

Alison Chabloz knows all about “false witness”, having had a pack of liars testify against her over the past several years.

Have not listened to that podcast; it may well be worth hearing.

I have blogged about this over the past year and a half. Those who favour strict “lockdown”, the various absurd “rules” around it, the facemask nonsense etc, tend to be the same people who favour strict censorship of socio-political expression online (and offline), and police intrusion into whether people are “complying” with what the Government wants on any particular day; they are also usually pro-EU and voted Remain. Inter alia. Not so in every case, but it holds true, in my opinion, for the vast majority.

…and don’t forget a. the millions of others flooding in, both “legally” and illegally, and b. which groups and individuals are those enabling and promoting the migration invasion. They are guilty.

Caught a few minutes of the now totally pathetic BBC Radio 4 PM programme today, while in the car. Evan Davis, the presenter, examined the latest (past 24 hours) wave of stabbings. His anguished question: “what do these crimes in various parts of the country have in common?”…but “answer came there none”. Ding-dong! About 95% of them involve ethnic minorities…

If you cannot even identify the problem, you will never identify the solution…and, no, the “problem” is not “knives”. Think again.

Late music

15 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 2 June 2021”

  1. Yes, Emma, Karma can’t come soon enough for Meghan. This Yankee ‘Trailer Park Trash’ woman only ever married into our Royal Family to gain herself a title and social status. She is the very definition of a socially climbing wannabe and that Prince Harry can’t see that certainly marks him out as being of low intelligence.

    I spotted her a MILE OFF as I am sure you did and many others! 🙄Apparently, Meghan did what many Yanks do ie go on holiday to London and pose for a photo in front of Buckingham Palace but unlike the more classy of them did this whilst boasting she would one day marry a Prince and live in there!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Wasn’t that a huge warning sign to Harry over her fanatical social climbing nature? It really should have been!🙄 Harry has an upstairs light on but no one is at home!


  2. Yes, what would that achieve? Very little if anything. This utterly repulsive and EVIL anti-British government composed of Covid-19 murderers, crooks, fanatical traitors and self-serving charlatans would no doubt snidely get anti-British rags like the Daily Tory Moron to print legions of lies about them and personal smears.

    They should do as you suggest but I don’t think police forces in particular have more than a mere handful of decent ‘Right-wing’ officers in them which no doubt goes a long way to explain why they are increasingly ineffectual at tackling crime. The wrong sort of people ie left wing quasi social worker types with degrees in social science rather than ex armed forces people join the police nowadays.🤬😡☹️😞

    From reading news reports about the German police it seems as if the right kind of people still join their forces and do what you suggest.


      1. Yes,we had better hope that is the case! It is decidedly unnatural for police forces to be left-wing. The very nature of the job is best suited for people of an authoritarian and ‘Right-wing’ disposition who want to uphold the law without fear or favour and believe in a society naturally observing a certain level of authority.

        I have no doubt that, in general, these types of people make naturally better police officers.


  3. So even this ‘government’ of morons conceded the point that the mandatory wearing of facial masks DOES help to suppress the transmission of the virus in close quarters community settings which is why they abruptly stopped being unthinking and severely negligent cretins and changed course albeit it too late unlike Austria run by a relatively young man called Sebastian Kurz who has more braincells than this wretched administration has around ITS entire cabinet table!

    He instituted an even tougher mandatory wearing of facial masks policy for Austrians EARLIER and therefore saved LIVES!

    With Covid-19, the Tesco advertising slogan is appropriate ie ‘Every Little Helps’.


  4. I wouldn’t call those people “rabbits”. That is pretty insulting and uncalled for. They are in the most high-risk group to either die from the virus or fall severely ill with possible LIFE-LONG complications.

    What they are doing might well be excessive but at least they are taking RESPONSIBILITY for their own health AND that of others. After all, CoVID-19 CAN be passed onto others WITHOUT a person knowing they have it or showing ANY SYMPTOMS!

    Their taking of responsibility in this way should be PRAISED NOT denigrated.


  5. It would probably be better if they stayed at home! Britain has a large and disturbing problem not just with COVIdiots which these people ARE NOT but with morons who act stupidly when we have nice weather!

    One of the very worst manifestations of this is when the first real rays of sunshine hit Britain each year and cretinous idiots immediately jump into their convertibles and start showing-off in them ie revving then loudly when there is no need and driving dangerously.

    Your parliamentary constituency of the rich Tory area of New Forest West no doubt contains many of these type of convertible drivers as does mine in Brentwood and Ongar. These “rabbits” as you disparagingly call them are at risk from these idiots too so they should stay at home!🙄


    1. It is true, m’Lord of Essex, that this area is replete with elderly and wealthy people. My battered old car sometimes looks quite out of place amid the Porsche Cayennes, Rolls-Royces, Range Rovers and other expensive marques in the supermarket car park, and the odd Bentley convertible is seen, usually driven by a fossilized-looking fellow of (?) 90, sporting (in hot weather) a white cap akin to that worn in the 1930s by Beria and others.


      1. I have a feeling though that the very elderly Bentley Convertible driver doesn’t rev the engine down the High Street unnecessarily and if he does pose a danger to other drivers and pedestrians it is due to his driving too SLOWLY rather than too fast!

        That isn’t so bad as the types we get here in Essex! We have a problem of people getting into their expensive convertibles as soon as the first decent weather arrives each year, driving furiously fast, revving their engines down High Streets unnecessarily as if to say ‘LOOK AT ME, plebs, I’ve got a nicer car than you!’🙄🙄🙄

        Yes, I DID notice your nice motor vehicle (how could I not?) BUT do you REALLY have to be such an show-off and arrogant, dangerous idiot about it?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  6. So, the RNLI is yet another charity taken over by the left wing, PC, open borders globalist mob!🤬😡☹️😞 What a shame! The National Trust has been as well which is tragic because environmental charities often do a lot of good and if this trend continues fewer and fewer people will donate to them and then they won’t be able to do their excellent work and our national heritage and environment will suffer.☹️😞


    1. M’Lord of Essex, the RNLI is such a fine charity, but (as you note) has been taken over (like the National Trust and others) by the Common Purpose and/or other politically-correct crowd. Eventually, there will have to be a cultural purge in the UK.


  7. So Zionist/Jewish Supremacist Jews completely fabricate or deliberately embellish incidents to bolster their claims of ‘anti-semitism’ occurring or that this phenomenon is on a continual upward path. Well, it isn’t as if that has never happened before!


  8. Ian,

    As you say, Alison Chabloz knows something about the bearers of false witness. And not all of them are CAA types. No-account ‘nationalists’ have attacked her too, like rabid curs, and lied their yellow teeth out, hoping to do her harm. Ah, envy, thy name is … hardly worth listing; best leave them writhing in their obscurity. The impact of these no-account toerags is exactly ‘0’.

    The good thing is that Alison has earned an enthusiastic international audience. In this country, only you and she are making a public fight for truth. There was also Jez Turner, but the enemy knee-capped him.


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