Diary Blog, 21 June 2021

A few political thoughts, on “the longest day”

Well, it is the longest day of the year in terms of light v. darkness. That’s all about that. About politics, though, that is not all. First of all, we continue to see opinions about the Chesham and Amersham by-election upset. People saying that it was about HS2 and lax conservation of the Green Belt. Others saying that all three System parties favour HS2. Some talking (ludicrously, to my mind) about (another) “LibDem revival”, while said party is scoring only about 7% in national polling.

I admit that I had thought that the misnamed “Conservatives” would retain Chesham and Amersham, though with a large LibDem protest vote.

I think that the way to look upon such a result (and the one in Hartlepool recently) is as akin to, say, the Brexit Referendum. A kick at the status quo.

People are not satisfied with the way the country is declining, want something done, and see that the System parties are useless and indeed often hostile to their interests, but see also that there are no credible parties outside the System either.

Look at Batley and Spen. A Labour candidate in effect trying to benefit from the sympathy vote around her assassinated (5 years ago) sister, which sympathy vote may not even exist, in that the 2016 by-election was totally rigged by having no main party opposition; the turnout was only 25%! Some “sympathy vote”! About 80% of eligible voters did not vote Labour in 2016! Makes you think.

The Conservatives, if they win at Batley, will not really win on merit, but because people, especially white people (the people “formerly known as” English…) have given up on Labour. The former Labour voters, if English, will either abstain, or vote Conservative, but I would guess mostly abstain. As for the Muslims, who are very important in the by-election, they would until recently have all voted Labour, but now that it is clear that Labour is totally controlled by the Jewish lobby, will either abstain or vote Galloway (“Workers’ Party”).

Look at the joke “parties” and candidates on the “British nationalist” side at the by-election! Ann Marie Waters and Jayda Fransen! I would not vote for either of those were I in Batley and Spen! Forget it…

What most English (I say “English” specifically) people want is an English form (no uniforms and salutes!) of National Socialism, but brought into the contemporary milieu as pan-European social nationalism. The problem is that most of those people do not know it…and of course are misled by “the usual suspects” in the msm.

Then we have the continuing nonsense around the Coronavirus “panicdemic”. Continuing facemask nonsense, continuing and hugely damaging lockdowns etc. Apparently, there will be a fourth “national lockdown”! All because of the “Indian variant” (aka “Delta variant” in case Indians are offended), which in most people has symptoms akin to a mild cold. This would be ridiculous, but of course is really part of a transnational conspiracy, imposition of a “Great Reset”.

Talking about political parties in the UK, only (a few) Conservative Party MPs have even turned up at the House of Commons to protest against the recent lockdown extension. The Labour, LibDem and SNP MPs did not attend. Not one. So much for “democratic choice”! Like a box of Soviet chocolates— different shapes, but all with the same filling!

Tweets seen

Well, George Galloway may be a political joke, but msm drones like John Sweeney are not always reliable sources either. Sweeney once called IRA murderer Martin McGuinness [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_McGuinness] one of his “political heroes”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Sweeney_(journalist).

…and much, maybe 90%, of that refers to the Jewish-Zionist influence and/or control over the British mass media…

That is not the only aspect, however. We are now seeing a similar pattern of control and censorship in respect of the “Covid-19” “panicdemic”:

Late music

9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 21 June 2021”

  1. Hello Ian! (Please, note I got your name right!) Regarding your reference to the Argentinian wine and its influence on me getting your name wrong, there is a funny and ironic twist to it. Because of the debilitating illness that I suffered, I have not had a glass of wine over the last 5 weeks! (LOL)

    Going to serious matters, I cannot stand that guy George Galloway, a Marxist through and through. I saw him on a video in Bitchute having an argument with a caller to his radio programme and he got mad when the man defended Hitler and said that the Holohoax is a lie. Unconsciously or not he is another puppet of the Jewish lobby.


    1. Claudius:
      Galloway is basically a political opportunist.

      Re. wine, I was only joking about you drinking too much!

      Glad to see that you continue to recover from your illness.


      1. Of course, I knew you were joking about the wine! (LOL)

        About the mysterious illness we had. I have to say I am baffled by it. We did not have a fever neither we were coughing, so it was not flu or covid (in which I do not believe) so, what the Hell was it? I only know we were terribly weak, without appetite for nearly 3 weeks. Very weird to say the least.


  2. Hello again! Regarding your comment about the majority of the English wanting/looking forward to an English version of National Socialism, I don’t think so, people are too brainwash/ignorant as to understand the significance and greatness of NS. However, I believe that an important (and growing) part of the English people is fed up with the system and the government.

    Many years ago a Spanish comrade wrote an article where he said: “Many people are not aware of it but they are National Socialists, of course, they do not understand or perceive the Jewish problem, BUT they are sick of the degeneracy imposed on us by the TV and the schools, they hate the promotion of homosexuality, the constant attacks to our history and traditions, they have much more in common with us than they will ever realize”. What was valid for the Spaniards in the early 90s is valid for the English today.

    In other words, many people feel like us, they only need a little push in the right direction. The system is undermining itself with its hateful, relentless, anti-White, anti-British propaganda,


    1. Claudius:
      I did not mean National Socialism *as such* but that (as you go on to imply) the underlying wishes of many are for the *essence* of the best aspects of what German National Socialism was, but slanting across time and space into our contemporary socio-political reality.


      1. I could not agree more. Now, talking about Fascism or National Socialism and the English, I believed Sir Oswald Mosley made a big mistake when he decided to imitate the Italians imposing uniforms (black shirts) and salutes. According to what I learned over the years, the English (at least since the 18th century) disliked anything “foreign” and I believe that mindset was still very strong in the 1930s, preventing many good and decent Englishmen to join Sir Oswald because of the “foreign” and “militaristic” look adopted by him.

        What do you think? I am looking forward to your comments.


      2. Claudius: Yes, probably. As a matter of fact, it is not considered the correct form in the UK for an Army or other officer to wear his uniform when off-duty in a town or city. For example, Guards officers, off-duty, wear a civilian “uniform” of pin-striped suit, bowler hat (aka Coke hat) and a tightly-furled umbrella *which is never opened*, not even in heavy rain. English eccentricity…

        I once saw a young Guards officer greet his friends in the Ritz in London, using his bowler hat like a frisbee! Luckily for him, the Adjutant of his regiment was not present.


  3. Oh do stop whinging, Peter Hitchens, you utterly moronic crackpot! YOU are PART OF THE PROBLEM you complain about!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    YOU get paid obscene amounts of money by the Tory scum at the Daily Tory Moron group of newspapers to lead the plebs away from any party with serious proposals to get to grip with this country’s myriad of problems which are normally found on the so-called ‘far right’ of the spectrum!🙄

    You are the most famous and most accomplished ‘media gatekeeper’ in this land!🙄🙄🙄

    You have proved this many times over the years and in this Covid-19 crisis you refuse to point out this wretched government’s most serious error ie the non imposition of ultra-tough travel restrictions to this country from places like China, India, Italy etc FROM MARCH 2020.

    They have literally murdered thousands of vulnerable Brits yet all you do is make your tiresome and utterly unscientific rants about mandatory facial masks, lockdowns etc!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄



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