Diary Blog, 19 August 2021

Alison Chabloz appeal hearing

Readers of the blog over recent days will have seen that there was a possibility that Alison Chabloz might have been made subject to a Criminal Behaviour Order, one both very wide in its ambit and very long in duration, and which would have prohibited her from talking, writing or singing about WW2 (!), the NSDAP, Jews, Israel, Zionism and the “holocaust” farrago, inter alia.

Usually-reliable sources had reported that such an Order had actually been made by the presiding and sentencing judge. Yesterday, however, it was reported that such an Order did not form part of the judge’s sentence.

Impeccable sources now report that, while application for such a clumsily-drafted Order was made (by prosecuting Counsel), the application was refused outright by the presiding judge.

It does leave unanswered the question of why the CPS (and, indeed, police) continue to allow themselves to be manipulated and used by the tiny and malicious “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [“CAA”] “charity” (pressure group), whose leading members were exposed years ago in open court as pseudonymous harassers and trollers of a number of people (mostly women); Zionist supremacists who, when it suits their purposes, whine to social media organizations, the msm, the police and the courts that they are “victims” of “antisemites”.

Tweets seen

As blogged about yesterday, those who want to post cards, letters or books to Alison while she is incarcerated should send items to:

Alison Chabloz A6478EK, HMP Bronzefield, Woodthorpe Road, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 3JZ.

The prisoner number (A6478EK) must always be included.

Books must be *new, *paperback, and preferably sent by commercial booksellers such as Abe Books (nb. Bronzefield does not accept any Amazon deliveries).

Money can also be sent, via the official system: see https://www.gov.uk/send-prisoner-money. With money sent, a prisoner can buy stamps, stationery, food etc. Also telephone credits.

Alison is likely to be a prisoner for the next 5-7 weeks, until some date in October, but she is also being subjected to a fresh trial on 1 September 2021 (((thanks to “the usual suspects”))). If that trial goes the wrong way, she may well be incarcerated for longer, though there seems to be a possibility that the trial will be deferred to a later date, or the proceedings simply discontinued.

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Afternoon music

I like this piece, though prefer it played slower, as it was when performed by Segovia.

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More tweets

GB News is just more controlled opposition.

Absolutely disgusting, of course. Yet you still get idiots on Twitter who think that a welfare state and open borders are able to co-exist.

Basically, the importation of 20,000 (and probably more) completely useless and mostly backward people. At least 20,000 houses and flats, that should go to British people, going to aliens.

The enemies of the future try to indoctrinate children at the earliest possible age.

If I were not personally involved (being English), I suppose I could sit back, drink a glass of Khvanchkara, and wait to see for how long the British people will tolerate this.

The police are a necessary evil in most societies. They have to be controlled closely, though, so as not to arrogate tyrannical powers to themselves. Look at the mindset of that New Zealand tweet. Here in the UK, too, the police have gradually become unpleasant blunt instruments of State dictatorship, Jewish-Zionist influence, and “woke” nonsense.

Contribute“? How? Even the few who will speak English have few or no useful skills. The UK has more than enough ethnic minority taxi drivers, the only job that (as with the Somalis) the men are likely to do, be able to do, or want to do. As for the women, most will not want to, and will be unequipped to, work. These incomers are the latest millstone around the British neck.

…and Churchill might now be able to add “and a host of Jewish scribblers will make careers and money out of fashioning a narrative according to which the British Empire “had” to (help) destroy the German Reich.” [see, for example, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Gilbert].

Late tweets

I have blogged about the new Australian “woke”, multikulti police state and biosecurity state in recent days and weeks. Nothing more to add to that, except to pose the question how “the lucky country”, with its white European population, freedom of expression, prosperity and strong national identity went so wrong so quickly. My answer? Corrupt politicians in the pocket of finance-capitalism and the Jew-Zionist lobby; a similarly venal msm; and mass immigration of non-Europeans, starting in the mid/late 1970s. Sad. Very sad.

As Lenin said, “worse will mean better”. As yet, probably only 5% of the British people support my views (unknowingly, at that), certainly not wholeheartedly, and another 30% would support me to some extent, if they were even aware of my views as my views, or indeed of my existence. The situation has not yet gone far enough, and is not yet bad enough in any way, to fully awaken national rebirth.

Perhaps, if talking about only the famous or well-known.

Late music

5 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 19 August 2021”

    1. Claudius:
      Indeed. In a “perfect” world, I probably would like the UK to be a world power, but those days are gone. As Mao once wrote, “cold-eyed, I contemplate the world”. Realpolitik.

      The Royal Navy cannot stop migrant-invader untermenschen from crossing the English Channel! Indeed, it helps them! How can that sad and depleted floating force defeat, or even gain the respect again of China, Russia, and the USA?

      As far as our Army is concerned, it is only about 50,000 now (officially more), and only about 20,000 (if that) are hardnosed fighting troops. The airforce also has been cut back to almost nothing.

      It is worrying that our UK legislators and political executives do not see reality, but then it is the same when they import millions of non-Europeans, and think that the UK will withstand that, and even benefit from it!


      1. Hello: As I was reading the long article on RT I found a couple of silly mistakes by the author who should know better or check his sources. He speaks of Tom Tugenhadt and calls him “a military veteran” suggesting or implying that he had some important military experience. Well, I looked up at his biography and he belonged to the Intelligence Corps, therefore he was a desk soldier, which means, he was not really a soldier.

        To make this worse in the following paragraph he calls Tugendhat an “elite army officer”. He obviously does not know what “elite” means. Obviously, he owed all his appointments to the contacts and influence of “daddy” Sir Michael Tugendhat. The man is a joke, he was never in combat, he has nothing to show for all his years of “service” and yet he reached the rank of lieutenant colonel!

        Something else, when I saw the Germanic surname Tugendhat it did not ring true to me, I mean I sensed that he was not really German and I was right! His father, George Tugendhat, was “an Austrian immigrant”. To be more precise the Wikipedia article about Tom Tugendhat mentioned specifically his “Jewish ancestry”


      2. Claudius:
        Hello. Intelligence Corps soldiers do military training, though not at the same physical intensity as the infantry. I know that because I spent a day at their then HQ (Templer Barracks, Ashford, Kent) in 1975, at age 18. I also spent a weekend with them in 1988 (at another location in Kent, somewhere by the sea, and also at a building in Bloomsbury, Central London).

        I believe that the Intelligence Corps is now based in Bedfordshire.

        The centre in Ashford, seen by me in 1975, became derelict, and around it the area once occupied by a larger ordinary Army base is now (like so much of England) yet another private housing tract…see

        That website shows the one-time barracks as they were in 2002. I daresay that people are now living in new houses on the site.

        There are differences. The group, in 1988 (in 1975 there was no group…only me), was mixed. About 10 men, 3 women. So unlike most Army activities, which I think are still sex-segregated, usually.

        Another difference is that the primary weapon they carry is a semi-automatic pistol (in 1988 a Browning Hi-Power, today maybe something else) rather than a “long” weapon. Also, there are no private soldiers in that Corps, only officers, warrant officers, and NCOs.


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