Diary Blog, 9 September 2021

Happiness is…” a new laptop computer! Amazing. Runs at twice the speed of the old one (which all but stopped working recently, and yesterday just gave up the ghost).

Just looked at a blog post, from earlier this year, which is worth looking at again, in my view: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2021/02/05/diary-blog-5-february-2021-including-thoughts-about-a-new-political-movement/

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The vast sums spent on unnecessary “lockdowns” (shutdowns) could actually have funded so many beneficial projects: narrow-gauge and standard-gauge rail, new forests and rewilding, hospitals with decent services and parking, social care for the elderly and infirm. What a bloody mess.

Discrimination against white people in some legal education and training situations

Woman student suing her university:


Worth hearing.

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Not really surprising. There is a whole agenda. Those who are part of its dissemination get msm contracts, money, career progression etc. Those opposed to the agenda of evil are ignored, or persecuted.

That last tweet is a classic; really shows the moronic nature of many of the Scottish fake-“nationalist” types. The personification of badness? “...an anti-SNP white man“… Quite. A Pakistani who was brought up in Glasgow? Oh, Scottish for sure. A person of real Scottish heritage who lives in, say, London, and does not support the SNP? Just “an anti-SNP white man“. And I thought that England is screwed!

Afternoon music

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As a group, a heavy millstone round the neck of the people.

He should try “Herzegovina Flor”…https://intertabac.md/en/project/herzegovina-flor/; https://eng.agromassidayu.com/chem-znameniti-papirosi-gercegovina-flor-i-pochemu-oni-tak-nazvani-a-533302

The West may have fallen. The baton of human evolution may soon be passed to the Slavs.

God! In the middle of Hampshire! The police must be too occupied making sure that no-one is tweeting anything critical about Jews…

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Late thought

Heard at least a little good news today (sadly, not me winning the Euromillions); in fact, not a financial win at all. Still, good enough for now. I shall not say anything about it, but simply play a little song that indicates my feeling…

Late tweets seen

I myself am not quite as hostile to the Monarchy, and not to the present incumbent, as Nick Griffin. In the end, we are talking about a figurehead, mainly.

Yes, I can remember scenes somewhat like that from when I was in Rhodesia in 1977 (but without the silver birch!).

I well remember the original version of this, which was a radio ad for Lion lager (“Simba”, pron. “shumba”, means “lion”).

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7 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 9 September 2021”

  1. Hello Ian: The attitude of the gutless white members of the “English” national football team is very revealing of the awful state of the white race today. However, I agree with you and I think that if there is any hope we will have to look to the East, I mean the Slavs.

    Speaking about the Slavs, just a question. Since you lived in Russia and got to know the people. Would you agree with the description of an 18th-century German technician/master craftsman employed by Peter I to train Russian workers? According to him, the Russians were/are very capable and learn quickly. Somehow I have the impression that this is true. I always admired the Russians for their courage, patriotism and resilience.


    1. Claudius:
      In my opinion, the strengths of the Russian people are resilience, persistence, long-range planning, courage, compassion (sometimes), thinking on the big scale, and respect for what is worthy of respect. As you say, also patriotism.

      Flaws? Slapdash attitude (sometimes), callousness (sometimes), lack of self-discipline (sometimes), slavish attitude to authority-figures (sometimes) and unreliability (sometimes).


  2. Regarding that fat slob called Jane Godley that some cretins consider “a comedian”; have you noticed how ALL these disgusting Marxist/Liberal creatures are physically repulsive? Not only they are ugly (they cannot help that) but they ALL are dirty, scruffy, rude, crude, loud, in short: DISGUSTING. A friend of mine said: “Their looks are a reflection of their beliefs”. I think his definition was not only brilliant but very true!


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