Diary Blog, 10 September 2021

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An ex-soldier lays it on the line about the many years of Western “intervention” in Afghanistan.

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Similar threats are coming from Trudeau, Macron, the new Australian police state etc. Americans, with their history, should know how to take care of their end…

Greta Nut, flanked by a Jew and a half-Jew, a lesbian half-Palestinian, and the Green Party would-be dictator, Caroline Lucas. Has Britain reached rock bottom? Surprisingly, probably not.

Notes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Layla_Moran; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Layla_Moran#Personal_life; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Bercow#Early_life_and_education; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caroline_Lucas; https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/09/29/greta-thunberg-system-approved-wunderkind/.

Parliament, both Commons and (ludicrous) “Lords”, is now full of trash; a situation which has steadily worsened since 1989. We are, incredibly, in a crazy world where the likes of Jess Phillips and Lisa Nandy are spoken of as potential Labour leaders, and where a part-Jew, part-Levantine chancer and self-promoter has somehow become leader of the misnamed “Conservative” Party.

Further down the food chain we have seen, on the Labour side, such as Claudia Webbe and now-binned Fiona Onasanya: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2018/12/21/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-fiona-onasanya-story/.

What about the Lords? Well, so many examples…

The mother of the murdered black boy, Stephen Lawrence, and by reason of that, now sits in our upper legislative chamber, as does Michelle Mone, a woman who, off the back of an eventually-insolvent bra company, presented herself to cretinous David Cameron-Levita as a great success story. Now “Baroness Mone”. Just a couple of examples. There are many others, such as half-Jew, half-black ignoramus, “Baroness” Oona King, one-time MP, whose autobiography is truly cringeworthy. Sadly, my review on Amazon (along with all my other reviews) is no longer available by reason of Jewish-lobby whining against me.

Parliament is now, like much of Britain, a dustbin.

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Incredible. Hard to believe how a part of a simple straw basket, maybe 1,500 or so years old, can bring the past to life.

Well, either my brain is wired differently from those of the majority, or that theory does not work, because I came up with “potato”, which is not the expected answer…

He might have been at home in the Britain of 2021. Still, I should not be too harsh in judging the Cardinal. After all, he shares his “Sun sign” (Virgo) with me, and is thus —as far as I know— one of the relatively few Virgoan rulers (he was, in effect, a ruler) in history, Elizabeth I of England being another.

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On a superficial look, extreme, but then look again at what is actually happening, not only in Greek (South) Cyprus but in Australia, France, Canada etc. An attempt by the State to deny the most basic services to those who refuse the vaccine(s). Even in the UK, there are now difficulties in accessing medical (NHS) services if the patient is not vaccinated. Travel? Worse.

This could be an early “dry run” of what will later appear in world history as the wraparound “mark of the Beast” state, as foretold in Revelation.


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Hitler’s voice: documentary

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London. Zoo.

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12 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 10 September 2021”

  1. That imbecile that criticizes Richelieu because he “used authoritarian measures” doesn’t have a clue about politics which are about POWER and the use of it. He must be one of those fools who believe in democracy and “power to the people”.

    Richelieu was a superb statesman who obviously must have studied Machiavelli. His successor, the underrated Italian Mazzarino (Mazarin to the French) was equally brilliant.


  2. Hello Ian: Just a question: Who is the lesbian, part-Palestinian that you mentioned in the photo with Greta Gloom-berg? She looks familiar; isn’t she an MP?

    Changing the subject, I have not seen the Jewish comedians coming in support of that disgusting Scottish blob called Janey Godley (that does not surprise me at all) but I looked at her biography and it is worse than I imagined. No wonder she is such a disgusting, messed-up, creature. She is living proof of the goodness and the need for eugenics! (LOL)



      1. Thank you very much Ian! Now I remember this idiot. You mentioned her several months ago. Yes, she is a blockhead. (LOL) Mind you, with a face like that she should welcome ANYONE who may show some interest!


    1. Claudius:
      A fine film indeed, and one which did not shrink from at least superficially examining the conceptual problem inherent in trying to make a “nation” out of a host of warring tribes.


      1. Claudius:
        I once knew someone who met Lean a few times during the 1980s, and during filming of a couple of films. Apparently not the most sociable or charming character, but you can’t have everything…


    1. Watcher:
      “Ivey identified Wilder as a career criminal with 40 previous arrests, including 23 felony arrests for charges including robbery with a firearm, aggravated assault with a weapon, battery of a law enforcement officer, attempted first-degree murder and multiple narcotics offenses.
      He was pronounced dead at the scene.”

      One less…

      In the UK, I suppose that the policemen would face trial, there would be a public inquiry costing millions and taking years, and the mother of the criminal would be elevated to the House of Lords and given a few hundred grand!


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