Diary Blog, 23 September 2021

Even a stopped clock is right once (or twice) daily

Depending on whether it is a standard clock or a 24-hour clock.

This seems to be a day in which I shall feature several people for whom I have rather little time usually. Still, why not, if I agree with them on specific issues or points?

I kick off with Ash Sarkar of Novara Media:

My assessment of Ash Sarkar’s (and others’) views more generally: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/01/disordered-and-infantile-people/; and https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/18/some-thoughts-about-venezuela-socialism-and-developing-a-more-advanced-society/.

More tweets seen

Thus embedding Jewish-Zionist control of the Labour Party.

My assessment of Owen Jones can be found a few paragraphs below.

The “Luke Akehurst” there is a long-term Jewish-lobby and Israel-lobby asset in the Labour Party.

As I myself have frequently blogged, Labour now seems to stand for absolutely nothing except “we are not the Conservative Party” (though with 90% similar, where not exactly the same, policies). Tweedledum/tweedledee.

Energy delivery is a field where true competition does not exist and cannot exist. Other such industries would include most other utilities (such as water supply and effluent disposal), railways etc.

Again, I have little time for McDonnell, and I thought it funny that, after the 2019 General Election, he looked on TV, interviewed in his own garden, like a bemused pensioner who had been tipped out of his wheelchair. He had thought himself about to become Chancellor and, later, Prime Minister…

Still, he is right on one or two topics.

What is needed is not old-style socialism, but a revamped National Socialism, at least in part. The “anti-capitalist” tendency in the UK and across Europe could be turned to a pro-social nationalist one, given the right movement, leader, and events.

Jack Foster, a 33-year-old bank worker from Salford, shows how lived experience has fed this disillusionment with capitalism. After he dropped out of university and worked in a call centre – a “horrible job” – the financial crash shaped his political attitudes, as they did for much of his generation. But housing loomed particularly large. “I was renting, thinking: ‘How will I ever be able to afford a house?’” he says. “My mum was a cleaner, my dad was disabled, and the people I knew who could afford a house got help off their parents. It wasn’t a case of having a job and saving up; you had to inherit money.”” [The Guardian].

“…rather than the “property-owning democracy” promised by Thatcherism, Britain looks more like a landlords’ paradise. By 2017, 40% of the homes flogged off [since 1980] under right to buy were owned by private landlords charging twice the rent of council properties. Indeed, in the space of two decades, the odds of a young adult on a middle income owning a home more than halved. These young people have been called generation rent, with about half of the under-35s in England renting in a private sector often defined by extortionate rents and insecurity.” [The Guardian].

Note: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right_to_Buy

Rents in England take up approaching half of a tenants’ take-home pay, and an astonishing 74.8% in London, up one-third since the century began. And if millennials bet the house, so to speak, on a parental lifeboat, disappointment beckons: the typical inheritance age is between 55 and 64, and the median amount handed down is about £11,000, meaning half receive less.” [The Guardian].

As the economist James Meadway warned in a recent article, entitled Generation Left Might Not Be That Left After All, populist rightwing answers to their disenchantment might cut through. In France, many young people have swung to the far right; in the UK, few are members of trade unions, which historically help craft anti-capitalist attitudes; while some classically rightwing sentiments coexist with leftish attitudes among many young people.” [The Guardian].

There it is. We, as social-national vanguard thinkers and activists, can capture this field.

“…it is clear that young people see no rational incentive to back a system that seems to offer little other than insecurity and crisis.” [The Guardian].

Not that I have much respect or liking for Owen Jones, who took it upon himself, about 6 or 7 years ago, to tweet to pro-Jewish-Lobby MP John Woodcock (now “Lord Walney”), and who had replied to a tweet by me, that Woodcock should block me because “that guy’s a neo-Nazi” (Woodcock did block me on Twitter, at once!).

I penned an assessment of Jones, 2-3 years ago: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/04/a-brief-word-about-owen-jones/.

Smug gravediggers of our way of life

“Cyclists spell ‘refugees welcome’ across south of England using GPS“: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-58651483

Final map showing 'refugees welcome' being spelled out by a GPS tracker
David Charles playing a bugle after arriving in Dover
[They seem to be proud of themselves…]

Truly, “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions“…

Cheerful morning music from an “empire” long passed into history

More tweets seen

Read that report. Manchester. Zoo. As for that judge, she is plainly unfit, despite her exculpa. I think that she is a Recorder (part-time judge), who was Called to the Bar in 2004, and appointed Recorder in 2016.

Looking at the wider questions, the defendants should not be in the UK at all, not in any part of Europe.

Would make a good headquarters.

This “world leaders wear masks when photographed sitting or meeting” scam is just part of the whole fraudulent operation. They don’t even bother to be consistent, because they do not fear the people. They think, “no-one is going to shoot us…we can just mess around, we can just laugh at the people we rule and are persecuting and forcing to do stupid things…nothing can happen to us.

Ukrainian bureaucracy

Interesting video by an American trying to get a Ukrainian driving licence. Apparently, every driver in Ukraine has to waste 3-4 days every 3 years doing this! Blood tests, psychiatric test, this test, that test…

I myself experienced some of that Soviet-leftover bureaucracy when I lived in Kazakhstan (1996-1997). Turned out that (in those days, probably not now) you had to get a prescription for vitamin C (even though the dose, in dark red liquid form, was a tenth of the strength of vitamin C that you can buy at any UK supermarket). Want to swim at a public pool? Then you needed a doctor to supply an approval letter! Problem with ear wax? Then you had to undergo a battery of tests and formfilling to have the treatment (a giant can of water poured into your ear).

In fact, impatient with bureaucratic bull, I managed to sidestep all of the above. My then girlfriend (who worked at the British Embassy) got me the vitamin C somehow; she also got me into the swimming pool without a medical certificate. As for the ear wax problem (I suddenly went almost deaf, in about a day, a problem never experienced previously or since), the wife of a friend, a Russian colonel, got me sorted out at a hospital without difficulty (or form-filling, or waiting).

Thank God I never wanted a driving licence (I had a driver).

When I was there, the Kazakhs loved rubber stamps. There was even a Bureau of Rubber Stamps, a title which would have delighted Kafka.

Late tweets

Gaddafi might not have been a “good man” (which political leaders are, in that part of the world?) but he warned Europe of the consequences of having him deposed. It may be that he himself did not understand that Europe’s treasonous and treacherous political “elite” of evil wanted Europe to be flooded with blacks and browns.,.. Just google the “Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan”…

Hitchens addresses “Bob from Brockley” as “Ben” because that pro-Israel Twitter account is run by a Jew “academic” of sorts called Ben Gidley (connected with both Birkbeck and Goldsmiths). Gidley has his real-name account too (@bengidley) as well as “@bobfrombrockley” and, I suspect, some others as well.

Gidley, sub nom “@inthesoupagain” used to troll my one-time Twitter account (closed down in 2018) daily, for years (!), until even Twitter’s generally quite pro-Jewish desk bods “suspended” (removed) that Twitter account. Then Gidley started yet another account, this time called “@antinazisunited”, which was a straight copy of “@inthesoupagain”. @antinazisunited is now frozen. I was often featured…

A nasty little pest, who is basically a pro-Israel and Jewish lobby propagandist posing as a “British” sort-of “socialist”.

Late music

16 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23 September 2021”

    1. Claudius:
      I saw it coming too, tweeted about this but was ignored; Max Hastings is far more famous than me, and knew “Boris” personally, but he also was ignored.

      “Boris” was and is the ideal NWO/ZOG puppet for the UK: part-Jew, part-Levantine, born and largely brought up overseas; no loyalty to the UK really; no principles; no beliefs; limited real knowledge base. Pro-Jew/Israel. All that covered up by his education at Eton and Oxford. A superficial gloss but enough to fool millions.


      1. I couldn’t agree more with you my friend. Yes, Boris is just gloss but nothing else. We have a saying in my country that can be translated thus: “Not all that gleams is gold”. Anyway, what do you expect from the people? The masses have always been selfish and ignorant, particularly nowadays when the enemy controls such powerful weapons as the Press and the TV. The average Joe/Mary is a moron whose only concern is food on the table and cable TV.

        Changing the subject, here is a wonderful English film that I remember fondly from my childhood. Terrific performances, as usual, from Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole.


      2. Thank you for the quote! Yes, it must be Shakespeare, what a clever fellow! (LOL)

        BTW, I liked your observation about Gadaffi/Khadaffi. He may not have been “a nice guy” (something very relative, depending on one’s point of view) but I believe he was very good for the people of Lybia and, according to some people, he had eliminated (like Hitler did) the Jewish-inspired Western capitalist system where money in itself is a commodity and a means of speculation. Here is an interesting article about him that seems to me pretty fair:



      3. Claudius:
        Indeed. To some extent, Gaddafi was let down by presentation. The Arab robes, the “desert Arab” posturing etc, go down poorly in the West, especially in the UK. I think in fact that that aspect is one reason the Israelis sometimes present themselves better to the UK/US etc than do some of the Arabs. The Israelis always make sure that their spokespersons are “Western” types, often ex-Australians or ex-UK residents; in other words, not alarmingly “foreign” (*looking*).

        I do not see Gaddafi as very outstanding intellectually, but it is all relative. Look at most Libyans! Admittedly, I have only ever met one Libyan family, a polite man, wife, and two children who asked directions when I was standing on the platform at Oxford Circus station c.1987. Apropos of nothing, tourists of all types were always asking me how to get to places when I lived in London…I don’t know why. A friend said that it is because I look like I know.


      4. Again I totally agree with you. Yes, Gadaffi looked a bit clownish, especially when he chose to wear those awful uniforms full of medals. There is a great deal of truth in that expression: “First impressions are lasting impressions”. That is why all great conmen have been (and are) charming, elegantly dressed and well-spoken fellows. The only exception to this would be Boris Johnson! (LOL)


      5. Claudius:
        Indeed. I noticed during the 2019 General Election campaign that girlfriend Carrie, now the latest Mrs. Johnson, managed to smarten him up and slim him down (and get his hair cut), to make him look more credible as a prime ministerial figure, but it has been downhill all the way since then.


  1. Hello Ian: Could you send me a link to that piece by Max Hastings posted by “Eternal English” on Twitter? Unfortunately, I cannot access any content from Twitter as I was kicked out (my fault, I know…)

    Thank you!


  2. Me again! Please forget my previous request. I have just found it! How vitriolic Max Hastings is! (LOL) Considering what a pathetic, arrogant buffon Boris is, Max Hastings’ harsh words do not surprise me.


    1. Hello Watcher! Thank you for your post and comments. BTW, for some weird reason the link you sent about the Rothschild castle in Switzerland does not work. I think that the people from “Renegade Tribune” must have deleted it because I have just been there, I searched for the article and did not get any results.

      Anyway, here is a good and interesting article (written in 2017) about the Rothschilds from the same website:



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