Diary Blog, 29 December 2021

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Coundenhove-Kalergi Plan.

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Still think that “lockdowns”, “furlough payments”, public “support” monies thrown at hotels and pubs, and other such nonsense (and paying for migrant-invaders) all come somehow free-of-charge to the British people? Think again…

Very true. Cleese once lived opposite a lady I knew in the Bayswater part of London. That lady knew everything about the people in her street, it seemed. Cleese later moved (1980s) to Malibu, near Los Angeles, and I believe he is still there.

[update, same day: I am told now that Cleese may have decamped from Malibu and be living on the island of Nevis, Eastern Caribbean].

Cleese’s old Monty Python people, such as Michael Palin, can be smugly “liberal”, living as they do in millionaire comfort in places such as Hampstead, but it’s all so fake.

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16 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 29 December 2021”

  1. Hello Ian: Here is what I wrote about John Cleese (in March this year), a witty and funny comedy writer and comedian, but a TRAITOR nevertheless.

    “John Cleese is a despicable Liberal (is there any other kind?) He (as Stefan mentioned in his comment here) and his friends (Monty Phyton) were always poking fun at the “bigoted and ignorant” working-class Englishmen who supported the National Front and later the BNP. He never said a word about the ethnic and cultural cleansing of the English people, therefore he was an accessory to it. He represents what I hate most: the pretentious middle-class liberal, in other words: the typical self-hating, guilt-ridden White piece of trash that runs the media and the universities, not only in England but across the Western world.

    And now, John Cleese, like the cowardly rat he is, abandons the sinking ship. The ship he helped to sink. Like all White liberal traitors, he is now running away from the “diversity” that he fostered. In his case, he is going to live on a beautiful island (Nevis) in the Caribbean where I am sure, Blacks are a minority who know their place and provide maids and waiters for the rich, decadent and cowardly Whites who (like John Cleese) abandoned their country when they realized that the “nice” people of colour that they welcomed enthusiastically turned their cities into cesspools.”


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. I was unaware that Cleese had decamped from Malibu to Nevis.

      BTW, I have had technical (hardware) computer problems, so if I disappear for 2 weeks, you will know why.


    2. I believe that Cleese was hit hard financially by having to make large divorce settlements, hence him still needing to work in his 80’s. No one who expresses ‘the wrong views’ will get to work in the West, particularly not in (((show biz))).


    1. Claudius:
      Yes, I had heard about Channon. His son became an MP and (under Mrs Thatcher) a minister. That son’s daughter died of a drugs overdose while a student at Oxford (1980s) and was part of a decadent clique that included a member of the von Bismarck family.

      When that girl died, many were struck by the fact that her father gave her an allowance many times the income of the average citizen.



      1. Thank you, Ian. Sorry to hear about your computer/hardware problems. I hope they can be solved more quickly than that.

        Regarding the decadent/degenerate post-1945 “nobility” I remember being a kid (about 10 or 12) and reading about the beautiful great-granddaughter of Otto von Bismarck, Gunilla von Bismarck, known in the 1970s and 1980s as the “Queen of the Jetset”. She was famous for her extravagant parties in Marbella, where she still lives. A very wealthy bimbo, that’s all.

        That is the European “aristocracy” of today. I think that 90% of them deserve to meet Madame Guillotine (LOL)


      2. Claudius:
        As Lenin said, “a revolution without firing squads is not worth much”. People may respond “that’s terrible”, but those who have suffered while others prospered —by reason of family money, connections, or sleaze of whatever kind— applaud revolutionary justice, and even perhaps injustice.


      3. BTW, I forgot to mention (and thank you) the link to Gottfried von Bismarck (what a degenerate!) If the state does not keep an eye on the behaviour and manners of the most wealthy or famous persons, these people will become rakes. A decent society structured around the concept of social justice, national welfare and honour ( like the German Reich) cannot tolerate selfish degenerates like that.

        The higher the social position and/or importance of a person, the higher his/her duty to lead a virtuous life setting an example to the rest. The money that degenerates like Gottfried von Bismarck or Paris Hilton burn in a night would feed many families for weeks.

        Lenin was right, he was a bastard but also a cynical and brilliant man of action, who understood very well the human mind. I am sure he must have studied Machiavelli.


      4. Claudius:
        I think that you are right. Lenin was (superficially) brilliant, and certainly erudite. Having said that, he was often wrong in his political predictions, and his accession to almost-supreme power was the result not of his careful planning and plotting but mainly of Fate, chance, luck and “events”.

        ps. Remember Nineteen Eighty-Four. Orwell wrote about the totalitarian control by the Party, but that control, on a detailed level, only applied *to* the members of the Party, and a few others. The proles are only spied on as a mass, unless they show any interest in politics, history etc. They are satisfied with spectator sport, pop songs, and the lottery. Sounds like the UK in 2021!


    1. Watcher:
      People are starting to strike back at the employees and agents of the State. This will only increase once more people wake up to the agenda *behind* the weaponization of the virus(es).


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