Diary Blog, 13 February 2022

Morning music

[painting by Rob Hefferan]

On this day a year ago

Further migration-invasion


Tweets seen

Rounded up“, meaning “taken to a 3/4 star hotel, registered, and from then on given food, shelter and ยฃ40 per week pocket money“…

The only voices heard will be those of the Patels, the Khans, and —of course— the “-bergs” and “-steins”…

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Alison Chabloz

The latest blog post by persecuted singer-songwriter and satirist, Alison Chabloz: https://alisonchabloz.com/2022/02/13/my-humble-apologies-for-not-being-jimmy-carr/.

[Alison Chabloz]

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Street protests can only take people so far; the State holds most of the cards.

Late tweets


That tweet plays into the whole century or more-old debate around “peaceful” civil disobedience as against less peaceful radical action, and re. what is or is not “terrorism”.

Western liberal democracy is like a delicate plant, one that can only live and thrive within fairly close parameters: not too hot, not too cold etc. In this case, the traditional democratic society of the UK, which grew up slowly over the centuries, faces extremes of socio-political temperature: migration-invasion, importation of racially and/or culturally inferior peoples in large numbers, race-mixing on a wide scale, increasing extremes of wealth and poverty etc.

The society we live in is changing largely because of the changing demographics:

Freedom of speech is being trashed, partly by the “woke”, anti-white, anti-British crowd and partly, perhaps mainly, by the Jew-Zionist pro-Israel cabals:

Late music

[Zhukov at Reichstag, Berlin, 1945]

8 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 13 February 2022”

    1. Watcher:
      Exactly. That is “their” aim. A series of quasi-religious, para-historical “cenotaphs”, designed as an act of Zionist supremacism, and planted even in places which never saw conflict.


  1. Hello Ian! Two things:

    1) Could you find for me the name of the artiste responsible for the magnificent painting of the lady in a white dress by the piano? I thought it was “Rob Mellerin” but it wasn’t.

    2) Regarding the hotel that cancelled several weddings to accommodate “asylum seekers” (sorry, invaders) I bet none of the Brits affected would do a thing. Those hotels run by traitors should have [four words of the comment redacted by reason of the repressive anti-free-speech laws in force now in the UK].

    Our people have become a despicable mob of gutless zombies, no wonder the petty tyrants running our nations (Macron, Turd-Eau, Sanchez (in Spain), Van der Bellen (in Austria) etc., have nothing but contempt for “the people”.


  2. About the tremendously wealthy Montefiore family, the quote from Billy Hughes is incorrect. The Montefiore were not “German”. They came, as their surname indicates, from Italy. Their surname in Italian means “Hill or Mountain of Flowers”, the same as in very popular Jewish-German surnames as “Blumberg”, another variation is “Blumenfeld”, meaning “Field of Flowers”.

    Here is a very detailed biography about the founder of the family’s huge fortune. Unbelievable (((Wikipedia))) presents him as “British”. If he was British I am Turkish! (LOL)



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