Diary Blog, 13 February 2021

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Israel…and in countries like the UK, the Israel lobby, meaning the Zionist lobby, meaning the Jewish lobby. One and the same, for all practical purposes.

Palestine…UK. Different situations, same ((pests))).

Ha ha! Made me laugh! Good value, too! Only $40 Australian per flag, about £22.

Foxhunting, though a colourful traditional spectacle, is cruel, callous, and has had its day in England.

[the young Millard, aged ? about 2, circa 1958, at a hunt, probably in Berkshire]

Freedom of expression


If this seems like a Twitter storm in the proverbial teacup, think again. Such is the effect of the new culture war sweeping Britain — in which vigilantes like Andrew? scour people’s every comment to deem whether or not they are offensive…”

First the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” (“CAA”) Jew-Zionists came for free speech, making malicious complaints to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, police etc; then…


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British police! Listen and learn.

Afternoon music

Humour corner

The response of an Oxford academic to convicted Zionist nuisance Jonathan Hoffman…

Made me laugh…

On the wider point, I have noticed over the years that Jews in the UK are very eager to get their children into Cambridge, Oxford or, at the earlier stage and if they can afford it, Eton. It is a kind of colonization.

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Good grief. £140,000. Must be in Wales, or the North of England. Where I live, it would be about £600,000. At least.

Just don’t forget that France’s biggest enemy is the embedded Jewish lobby (and population).

Eisenhower? Officially, perhaps, but he would never have thought that up. Probably, a Jew such as Morgenthau was behind it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rheinwiesenlager

Late music

6 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 13 February 2021”

  1. Hello Ian: Thank you for that nice tune “Lilliburlero” that brought memories from that magnificent film by Stanley Kubrick: “Barry Lyndon”. It was there that I heard for the first time “Lilliburlero” and “The British Grenadiers”. Incidentally, I looked for the meaning of the word “Lilliburlero” and I found a large and very interesting article about it:



  2. Ha, ha, it looks as if Dutch cops are not composed of as many mindless, PC automatons as British police forces are!😂 I am not surprised he blew his top there because Irish travellers do represent quite a big criminal problem in most European countries.

    I would add to his list of shooting targets with the addition of people willingly and brazenly defying Covid-19 restrictions. They ought to be shot not least because their despicable actions may mean vulnerable people such as an elderly and much loved grandmother, granddad, aunt, uncle, mother, father etc may catch the virus and go to an early grave or become very ill in hospital with lifelong health complications. They should be treated in the same way someone guilty of manslaughter would be.

    Marine Le Pen is a wonderful lady! I think I am in love with her!😂

    I wish female politicians in this country were of her calibre but, sadly, we get ones that make the wishes of most British men in the early part of the last century against giving women the right to vote amazingly prescient and wholly justified.🙄🤬😡😞☹️


  3. Yes,,why not hold a national referendum on immigration and let the French people decide directly as to what principles such a policy should be based-upon ie ‘France For The French’

    That is a far more worthy topic for a referendum as it is a subject that has a direct bearing upon people’s lives ie their living space and it interacts with other policy areas like the economy ie jobs and crime policies, environmental policies etc than the referendum we had on the EU which was basically a waste of time because we have now an even worse immigration policy than we had when we were in the EU and the scummy CONServative Party has, so far, implemented an even more libertarian extremist and open borders globalism approach than we had.

    Mind you, the Tories and their supporters are safe from EU tax regulations, aren’t they, so it was all worthwhile bitterly dividing a country and putting its long term unity at risk ie the NI Protocol and playing into the SNP and even Plaid Cymru’s hands!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬


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