Diary Blog, 24 February 2022

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So it has begun in earnest. May the Russian approach to and seizure of Kiev, and Ukraine east of the Dnieper (etc), be swift, overwhelming, and yet mindful of the lives and property of the Ukrainian civilians. A Blitzkrieg for the sake of mercy. It is tragic that this has to be, but it does have to be.

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Note the lack of opposition or resistance. As I predicted, the Jew-Zionist regime in Kiev will not be much defended by the Ukrainian people, including the Ukrainian armed forces.

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[“Russia has no borders; it is wherever there are Russians“]

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…and that type of propaganda is being spread throughout the public sector and now also the private sector.

Ben Wallace is a thick dork. He seems to equate the Crimean War, about 170 years ago, with today. Let’s see: the UK has 800-850 operational RAF aircraft of all sorts. Russia has ~5,000 such aircraft. The UK has about 100 or so nuclear warheads. Russia has 6,200. The UK has 75 navy vessels in all; Russia has about 350. Army? UK has 50,000-80,000 soldiers, but maybe as few as 15,000 frontline troops; Russia has about a million active personnel, with hundreds of thousands of frontline troops, and a reserve stretching into the several millions.

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[civilians and others flee by car out of Kiev today]

Some more thoughts about Ukraine

Thank you to those who have noticed that my predictions re. invasion of Ukraine and routes taken etc so far seem to have been accurate.

What now? The Jewish regime in Kiev will presumably flee to Lvov while it can, including the clown presently posing as President. What then matters is whether Russia will try to occupy all of Ukraine at once. I should think not. At least, were I in Putin’s boots, I should not do that.

As predicted in previous blog posts, Russia seems to be going for Kiev, in order to topple the NWO/ZOG regime there, and at the same time both the areas east of the river Dnieper and those of the Black Sea littoral.

The Russians would probably be wise to leave alone (in terms of actual occupation) the almost two-thirds of Ukraine both west of the Dnieper and north of the Black Sea coast. If they can install a pro-Russia government de facto in Kiev, then that government can attempt to bring the west under control by mainly political means, over time. Russia will control 6 out of 7 of the largest cities, it will have a wrap-around from South Russia through Crimea and the Odessa region as far as Trans-Dniestria, and it will control most industrial centres, most major power stations, and all supplies of gas.

Meanwhile, the NWO/ZOG drones in the UK and USA are shouting bellicose nonsense (as seen from Ben Wallace etc), but are effectively powerless.

Below: a map published in the Daily Mail online today:

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Russian fighters flying low over Kiev. My thoughts: they are unafraid of any ground-to-air attack, they are even flying in formation! An exercise in power-projection, saying to the population below, “we are here, we control the skies, and the ground too“.

As I had anticipated, the chaotic shambles that has been Ukraine for 30 years is now exposed for what it is. The Jew-Zionist regime has not even organized the most basic defence of its own capital!

It cannot be more than a few days before the Kiev regime “government” of Jew clowns is toppled.

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Jewish-lobby puppet Starmer is so “controlled” that you can almost see the strings, as with those 1960s British TV shows, Stingray and Thunderbirds.

So the plan seems to be to blame Russia for the so far disguised economic catastrophe caused by Boris-idiot’s, and Rishi Sunak’s, “Covid” “measures” (lockdowns, shutdowns, massive money giveaways etc).

I shall only be surprised if expenses cheat sleaze Bryant suggests the same for those holding dual Israeli and UK citizenship.

Rhetorical question, of course. Completely under Zionist/NWO/ZOG control or influence.

Looks as if most of the Ukrainian Army are voting with their feet, as I have been predicting.

Incidentally, no sign so far of the Ukrainian “Dad’s Army” with its wooden weapons (as recently featured in TV news reports).

There’s the “Dad’s Army”…fleeing by car or train.

Kiev may yet fall without (much of) a fight.

TV propaganda and MP propagandists

Watched a few minutes of ITN evening news show. The commentary was more than biased; it brought to mind, ironically, Soviet news broadcasts.

Meanwhile, half-Jew MP Tom Tugendhat has expressed the view that anyone not wanting conflict between the UK and Russia is committing treason! I read that he even wants to change the law so that people such as Nigel Farage could be tried! Madness. I mean, I don’t much like Farage, but “treason“?

It is interesting to note that, suddenly, all the Jew-Zionist fanatics on Twitter, and all those public figures (MPs, scribblers, TV and radio talking heads etc) in the pocket of the Jewish/Zionist lobby, are baying for blood and for conflict (and even war) with Russia.

One example, from a Labour party doormat for the Jewish lobby:

That idiot thinks that the UK’s (US-controlled, in effect) nuclear deterrent will or could intimidate Russia, a state which has 6,200 nuclear missiles and bombs.

The Jewish regime in Kiev is preparing to run.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the System, its paid drones on TV, in Parliament etc, are all trying to fool people that this is Russia v. UK. Why? No good reason. Don’t be a sheep.

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11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 24 February 2022”

    1. Tell Boris to stop drinking! (LOL). That stupid slob does not even know what days is today. To make things worse, the whole cabinet is made up of idiots like him; not only that, they hate the British people and could not give a damn about the country.


  1. Not sure whether it’s appropriate to comment in this way, but those formations of fighter jets and the flying column of attack helicopters are really rather magnificent. Hopefully, everything will be over with very quickly and there will be a bare minimum of harm to all (except for the corrupt and illegitimate Ukranian political establishment, for whom I hope a reckoning is on its way).


    1. HennyPenny:
      The formation of jet fighters looked oddly “American” somehow. Like an airshow.

      It is clear that, in most areas, resistance has been minimal. I expect the present Kiev regime to fall within a few days. It may relocate to Lvov, if the Russians leave a window of “encouraged escape”.

      I was acquainted with a few Ukrainians, both when I lived in Almaty (Kazakhstan) in 1996-97, and in the UK. Charming young ladies. I seem to recall hitting one blonde on the bottom with a tennis ball when she bent over to retrieve another one on a tennis court in Somerset about 23 years ago. That was *certainly* taken as an declaration of war…


      1. Thanks for your reply, Ian. Sorry to hear of your own experience of a ‘Ukranian conflict’. She sounds as though she was a bit highly strung.

        I’ve a few colleagues who are Ukranian (of the Eastern variety). They don’t seem to give much of a damn other than hoping that the Russians do things quickly and without too much damage. Also, that family and loved ones are kept well out of the way of trouble. They certanily don’t think much of Ukraine in its present state, bearing in mind they left for Poland, Germany, or the UK the first moment they got. Perhaps it’ll be better as part of Russia (again).


      2. HennyPenny:
        Ha. If I am completely truthful, it was my fault. Unilateral aggression on the defenceless (though meant as a joke). The young lady bent over, and I managed to score a direct hit on her rear with an overhead smash from the other end of the tennis court (all the more surprising because I am one of the world’s worst tennis players, and was so even then, c.24 years ago). She then fired about 6 balls at *me* in quick succession, but I retreated, weaving…

        A brief skirmish, followed by armistice.

        As to Ukraine itself, what matters is that Russia puts in place (in the areas it controls) a regime that works for most Ukrainians as well as resident Russians, a regime headed by a pro-Russian Ukrainian except in the two southeastern breakaway areas. Russia will win the “war”; it must then win the peace.


    1. Watcher:
      Yes, Putin is playing to the older part of the domestic audience, people brought up on “antifascism” slogans and similar Soviet nonsense. Ideally, Putin should come out directly against Jew-Zionism, but he will not.

      Liked by 1 person

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