Diary Blog, 1 May 2022

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Sweden is very sick.

Imagine what would happen if, suitably publicized, a Royal Navy vessel opened fire on a boatload of migrant-invaders. It would probably stop the cross-Channel invasion dead, so to speak. It will not happen, because the System wants the migration-invasion to continue. Israeli agent, the East African Asian Priti Patel, posing as Home Secretary, is just a monkey, not one of the organ-grinders. She puts up pathetic and unworkable “policies” from time to time, purely to bamboozle the simpler members of the public.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan is that Europe should become a continent inhabited mainly by mixed-race semi-Europeans, and ruled over by Jews and part-Jews.

The past three UK prime ministers have been part-Jew: Boris Johnson, Theresa May, David Cameron-Levita.

Read further: http://adam.curry.com/art/1543753587_mkXBrvrY.html; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalergi_Plan etc.

Fiction as prophecy? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Camp_of_the_Saints

Nigel Farage is “controlled opposition”, and I think consciously so. The bastard revels in pulling the wool over the eyes of the plebs, none more so than those who used to idolize him, the UKIP, Brexit Party, and Reform Party cannon-fodder.

Farage can be put in the same bin as Toby Young, James Delingpole, Breitbart, GB News, all the rubbish that pretends to be pro free speech, national identity etc, but never says a word about Jew-Zionist conspiracy, and never supports those truly standing up for race and culture. Bin them all.

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Very true…

The international “sovereign debt” matrix is the biggest scam in the world, bigger even than the “early 1940s gas chambers” narrative and associated farrago.

What happened to the American (supposed) “right to bear arms”? Seems that the said small arms are just like nuclear weapons— they have them but are supposed never to use them…

He had days to think up something to say about his behaviour, and yet that was the best he could do.

Tractors“? Worthy of a TV comedy sketch.

These are the twits who purport to rule over us as “legislators”; a bunch of freeloading, corrupt, half-educated, not very intelligent placemen and placewomen, all or almost all under the control of the Jew-Zionist/Israel lobby.

Ukraine: the road to war

I do not mean the Russia-Ukraine war, but that being fomented by the Western (NWO/ZOG) powers. Look, for example, at this Guardian piece from one Simon Tisdall: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/may/01/what-is-to-be-done-lenin-west-wont-win-in-ukraine-without-taking-risks.

The language is remarkable, and rather crude, in places:

Like a street corner spiv practising crude blackmail, Lavrov claimed there was a “considerable risk” such a war might go nuclear. Presumably he knows this because Putin is actually considering it.

Liz Truss, Lavrov’s British counterpart, dodged the nuclear question in her Mansion House speech – but went for the jugular. Her bold declaration that total victory, plus the liberation of all occupied Ukrainian territory including Crimea, was a “strategic imperative” for the west may have surprised less gung-ho Nato allies who foolishly didn’t realise she speaks for them.

Biden has repeatedly insisted the conflict will be contained. “Direct confrontation between Nato and Russia is world war three, something we must strive to prevent,” he said after the invasion began.

But war has its own deathly momentum. Daily acts of escalation point in one direction. Nato is like a patient in denial. The reality, by many measures, is that it’s already at war with Russia.

Perhaps future historians of the Ukraine conflict will map the path to wider conflagration in the same way academic predecessors traced the origins of the first world war.

It’s clear the west cannot abandon Ukraine simply out of fear over how far manic Putin might go. Such a collapse would wreck the global order, the UN, and Europe’s security. Yet the longer the war rages, the bigger the risk of a different kind of cataclysmic, world-changing event.

So here’s the choice, as the northern English say: piss or get off the pot. Either the western allies act decisively, right now, to halt this war by demanding an immediate ceasefire and threatening and, if necessary, launching direct military intervention to secure it – as previously urged in this space.

Or, alternatively, Truss, Austin and other hawks stop stoking the fire and setting unrealistic goals, and instead advise Kyiv to accept a negotiated settlement that, regrettably, will inevitably reward Putin’s aggression.

Overall, urging war with Russia. Over Ukraine. A country with which no Western state is allied in any way. A country which has only been an independent country for 30 years.

This is madness. It needs to stop now, before escalation which might lead to massive destruction in Russia, in the USA, across Europe. Oh…and the almost total destruction of the UK, with its small geographic size, plenitude of targets, and inability to defend itself against nuclear missile attack. Cold comfort for the British people to know that British submarine-launched missiles might have also hit a few Russian targets.

The recently-imprisoned former Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craig_Murray], has described the Guardian as being, these days, “the house journal of MI6” (SIS). If so, even more disturbing.

Late tweets seen

The mega-wealthy have been buying up UK farmland and country estates as well. Look on Rightmove or estate agents’ websites. Try to find large or medium-sized estates and farms in the UK for sale. Not many, and those that do appear are bought quite swiftly. James Dyson alone has been buying large tracts of land from Gloucestershire, through Oxfordshire and north-east as far as Lincolnshire. As for Scotland, few estates are for sale now.

Land is being bought as a long-term hedge. There is diminishing trust or confidence in currency, and in quoted or other shares.

I wonder how much else of what we are told about Ukrainian military capability is a mirage?

Late music

[panorama of Kiev at night]

16 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 1 May 2022”

  1. You tend to be opposed to the ultimate penalty whilst I am normally for it. I think one of the main circumstances it should be brought back for should be conscious treason and introduced for deliberate genocidal l nation wrecking as this utterly vile and murderous government is guilty of.

    Usually, I favour the use of the traditional British method of long drop hanging with the neck being cleanily and quickly broken as I think this is the most humane way to effect capital punishment.

    However, as this government’s individuals clearly despise Britain and have loyalty only to the likes of Israel and the USA I see no reason why they should be accorded the British relatively humane method .

    Boris, Priti Evil and the rest should be executed by the far more gruesome and inhumane Yankee methods of the electric chair, gas chamber or lethal injection which are often botched and where the criminal dies in some considerable pain.

    Furthermore, their executions should be televised via pay per view on Sky. Well, in true Tory free market fashion we may as well make some money from their justified executions, eh?


  2. Yes, this ‘government’ is a comedy sketch though as a British patriot I find it distinctly unfunny.

    Tractor porn is about the CONServative Party”s abysmal low level nowadays. To think this is the party that had genuine world statesmen like Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain leading them once instead of today’s clown of Boris Johnson.


  3. Having said that, at least the MP did do the right thing relatively quickly and resigned. If it was Boris scumbag we would be waiting for years and years and even then it still probably wouldn’t happen.

    I wonder who will pick up the seat in the forthcoming contest? I suspect it mght well be a relatively easy Lib Dem gain.


    1. John:
      The LibDems are a party without principle (even more than the other two System parties). Flies in summer, which die off entirely in winter. As a serious party, the LibDems have run out of road, but that does not exclude the possibility of a few by-election wins.


      1. The Lib Dems will really struggle to get past 15% of the vote nowadays but they might well achieve that figure if they can get a few more by election wins under their belt and to be frank the Tories under globalist simpleton and worldwide incompetent joke Boris are making those wins very easy for them as we saw in North Shropshire which, on paper, should have been an impossible task.

        The Liberal Democrats have a problem in that they fish for votes amongst pretty much the same pool of voters as the Greens do.

        A poll rating of over 15% is not just hard to achieve for the Liberal Democrats but also for ANY liberal party ie even the Free Democrats (FDP) in Germany who are one of the most successful liberal parties in the world but which has never got more than about 14-15% in a Bundestag election.


  4. Common Tory cheap hooker, Liz Truss, who, for some totally inexplicable reason, holds the formerly prestigious post of Her Majesty’s Foreign Secretary should be one of the first of the traitors of this wretched government to be executed or be sent to do a lifetime sentence in a newly constructed ‘British Alcatraz’ on St Helena or Ascension Island.

    Apparently this village idiot from Norfolk has suggested that we go to war with China should that country invade what they consider to be a rebellious province ie Taiwan.

    Someone, please, send this stupid and out of her depth silly woman back to her, ahem, ‘former’ party of the Liberal Democrats.


    1. John:
      In a blog post some time ago, I compared the Chinese order of battle on the high seas with that of the UK. I think that the UK had (has) about 30 large or large-ish ships, including a number of submarines. The Chinese equivalent was somewhere around 600…

      In the skies, the Chinese have over 700 *naval* aircraft alone. The British have maybe 130. I think, though, that figure of 130 includes helicopters and transport aircraft etc.


  5. Liz Truss thinks she is the new ‘Iron Lady’ and has tried to palm herself off as Margaret Thatcher by wearing the same sort of clothes Maggie wore when she visited Moscow in 1987.

    Liz, you are no Maggie Thatcher! Mrs Thatcher for all of her faults was a serious politician and regarded as such both here and abroad. Indeed, it was the Soviets who gave her that ‘Iron Lady’ description.

    I think the present Russian leadership probably laugh at Liz instead and are somewhat amused by her demented , screeching rants.

    Can we have a return of someone with a basic grounding in competence and world affairs at the Foreign Office? Jeremy Hunt was more able.


    1. John:
      Mrs Thatcher had a large Army, Navy, and Air Force at her disposal. Liz Truss as (can such nonsense ever come to pass?) Prime Minister would have a tenth of that force.


  6. It is a real shame there is no one of the calibre of true Tory, Lord Halifax, nowadays within the Conservative Party to replace her at the Foreign Office.


  7. Yes, I suspect some of the hopefully few remaining Boris fans console themselves with the fact that we are likely to launch a strike on Russia with nuclear weapons should they do so upon us. However, we would be destroyed first and there would be no human life left here. The crews of our subs launching a retaliatory strike on Moscow etc along with Brits in the Falkland Isles would be some of the last Britons left on earth. The retaliatory strike would be unseen by Benny Hill’s fans because they would all have died first!

    I think too many people still think nuclear war is similar to how it was in 1945 with the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Today’s weapons and certainly those of Russia are on a different level entirely.


    1. John:
      Exactly. The Russians’ new Sarmat-2 missile contains, I think, 16 individual weapons, each having something like 500x the power of the Hiroshima bomb.

      If something like that hits Britain, there is no Britain. Simple as that.

      Geography is against the UK, which is only 1/72 of the size of Russia.

      I still see newspaper readers commenting that Britain should introduce conscription, and raise a new “Dad’s Army”, in case we are at war with Russia. Pathetic, but many actually believe in rubbish of that sort. I have even seen idiots spouting that “we should send in the SAS to take Putin out”, as if 600 or so elite commandos could a. do that, and b. thereby collapse Russia militarily.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A kind of ‘Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Putin?, from people who think Norfolk village idiot, Liz Truss, is a Foreign Secretary of the calibre of Lord Palmerston and Boris ‘Benny Hill’ Johnson is a serious PM instead of being a clown!😂🤣

        It would be funny these people exist if they didn’t really think that! I am sure Putin is trembling in the Kremlin at Britain reintroducing national service or having a new Dad’s Army Home Guard for the 21st Century!🤣😂

        “Don’t tell him, Pike”😂🤣😀😃😊🤣😂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I suspect some people said the same in regard to Hitler though I don’t think the SAS was in existence untill about 1944.

        Assassinating Putin would be very difficult as he has an extraordinary level of protection even by dictator standards.

        What would be the point? Unlike demented fools like Liz Truss, Sir Keir Starmer, Boris Johnson, Putin seems to want to keep this terrible conflict as a war between Russia and Ukraine. Also, it appears that any chosen successor would be worse! There is another ex KGB officer waiting in the wings according to our media who is more hardline than Putin is!


      3. John:

        The SAS was, I think, never tasked with the assassination of Hitler. Others made half-hearted attempts, all unsuccessful.

        In any case, at that time, the SAS was a fledgling commando outfit operating only in Egypt and Libya, later (1943-45) also in Italy and France, not the wide-ranging anti-terrorist and commando set-up into which it gradually developed (after its re-dedication long after WW2).

        As you say, better the devil you know. What people here (inc most of the msm) fail to realize is that, after the poverty and corrupt chaos engendered by Yeltsin and his pack of Jews, Putin, for all his flaws, came as a breath of fresh air. He did much good, domestically.


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