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Diary Blog, 14 October 2022

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On this day a year ago

I was just looking at that blog post from a year ago. As usual, quite a few tweeters quoted have had their Twitter accounts removed in the intervening year, the result of the burgeoning censorship on Twitter and particularly in the UK.

Apart from that, a few comments of mine have aged well, if I myself say so:

The endless “lockdowns” are a way of disguising what is really happening, i.e. the shutdown of large parts of the Western world for other reasons. It has to do with the promotion of the Pacific Rim (especially China) and North America (regardless of surface hostility). It is also connected with the next 33-year cycle starting in 2022. NWO/ZOG.

[this blog, 14 October 2021]


In the same way, if the NHS and care system for the elderly is wound down and underfunded, the excuse is now “it’s because of Covid”. Of course it is…

[this blog, 14 October 2021]

…and now we see, also, “Ukraine” and/or “Putin” being cited as the reason(s) why, increasingly, both goods and services are not available, or becoming less available, in the UK.

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I have always said that, however inadequate, unpleasant or incompetent the person who holds the office of Prime Minister, there remains the concept of respect for that office as occupied by that person.

Unfortunately, the above idealistic idea has been pretty well tested to destruction over the past decade. David Cameron-Levita and Theresa May damaged the concept by their incompetence, but worse damage has been done since, under “Boris” Johnson and now Liz Truss.

Hard to believe that the office of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, once occupied by, inter alia, Pitt, Peel, Gladstone, Lloyd George, Churchill, Attlee, Macmillan, Harold Wilson, Heath, Thatcher etc could in recent years be occupied by a part-Jew Levantine chancer such as “Boris” Johnson or, now, a woman who became an MP mainly on her back, and who has become Prime Minister via “a series of unfortunate events”.

Not that the prime ministers of history were unalloyed good news. Even the grandest or most solid of them were often, arguably, flawed or plain wrong ideologically or in terms of decisions made. None of those I have cited, though, looked completely out of place, or ludicrously over-promoted to their office. That is where we now are.

I see that my prediction, on her first day or so in office, that Liz Truss would probably not last beyond Easter 2023 or even, perhaps, Christmas 2022, is now echoed by msm commentators, Conservative Party MPs etc. Always the Cassandra…[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassandra].

A thought out of season

As we know, the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan [https://vk.com/@judi1964-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-stealth-genocide-against-the-peoples; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalergi_Plan] provides for importation of vast numbers of “blacks and browns” into Europe, including the UK, with the aim that those immigrants and/or their offspring will mate with whites (especially black men with white women, as seen in the propaganda presented as TV drama, “soaps”, TV ads etc) and resulting, ultimately, in a so-called “coffee-coloured” population easily ruled and manipulated by a Jewish or mixed Jew/White European element. As with —among many many others— “Boris” Johnson, Theresa May, David Cameron-Levita, George Osborne, Zac Goldsmith, the Rothschilds etc.

We have seen recently the attempt to make the entire highest level of government, the Cabinet, non-white. The apex of that would to instal a non-white as Prime Minister. That, of course, would rub the nose of the British people in the dust of their subjugation by Jews and (other) non-whites.

I believe that the System tried to install ex-Goldman Sachs employee and ultra-wealthy Indian, Rishi Sunak, as Prime Minister. The power elite probably believed that, given a choice between Sunak, with his seeming intelligence and Winchester College education on the one side, and obviously ignorant and silly Liz Truss on the other, the rank-and-file members of the Conservative Party would inevitably choose Sunak.

It must have been a shock to the conspirators when it turned out that 57.4% of those mostly elderly members of the Conservative Party had actually voted for Liz Truss.

What sank Sunak was not one factor but several, among which the most important were probably his vast wealth (married to the daughter of the richest Indian in India) and therefore perceived inability to understand “the people”, his dark skin and ethnic origin and, last but not least, the fact that Sunak had reneged on the Con Party pledge to retain the State Pension “triple lock”, most of the members of the Conservative Party being pensioners.

For the conspiracy, the election of Liz Truss presented a problem.

Problem: how to install Sunak despite his having lost the party election.

Solution: depose Liz Truss, who in any case obviously has no ability or proper competence.

Method: immediately seize any chances given to make her evident incompetence seem even worse by creating a storm around her both economically and politically.

Not that I favour Liz Truss. She should never have become more than a backbench MP, if that. The same goes for her Cabinet members.


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Once a society starts with that kind of nonsense, there is no end to it until a supervening power steps in. However, one amusing aspect is that “the revolution devours its own children” quite often.

That whole “no platform” stuff was invented by the precursors of the “antifa” element, and behind that is the Jewish element, as one sees with the Jewish organizations “Hope not Hate”, “Campaign Against Antisemitism” etc. If someone they, er, hate is going to speak somewhere, they organize a campaign by Jews and/or “useful idiots” (“antifascists”, stupid and manipulated students, black activists etc), and venue managements get letters, emails, telephone calls etc demanding that the event be cancelled, and so on. David Icke is but one example.

My own longest train journey cannot compete— a not entirely voluntary trip Vienna-Ostend, less than 24 hours; in the mid-1980s. I once, in the early 1980s, nearly made a much longer journey— Tabriz (Iran) to Leningrad (Soviet Union) but in the end it never happened.

An evil woman: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_McElvoy. One personification of the German proverb “put a beggar on a horse and he rides it to death“.

Historical video seen

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Ha ha! If woolly-head is sacked, will that be a record for shortest time as Chancellor? Must be.

Soft you; a word or two before you go. I have done the state some service, and they know’t.

No more of that. I pray you, in your letters, When you shall these unlucky deeds relate, Speak of me as I am; nothing extenuate, Nor set down aught in malice: then must you speak Of one that loved not wisely but too well; Of one not easily jealous, but being wrought Perplex’d in the extreme; of one whose hand, Like the base Indian, threw a pearl away Richer than all his tribe; of one whose subdued eyes, Albeit unused to the melting mood, Drop tears as fast as the Arabian trees Their medicinal gum.

Set you down this; And say besides, that in Aleppo once, Where a malignant and a turban’d Turk Beat a Venetian and traduced the state, I took by the throat the circumcised dog, And smote him, thus.”

[Shakespeare, Othello]

[Update, same day: seems that Kwarteng’s brief tenure, 38 days, is in fact not a record, and that three Chancellors of the Exchequer have served for even briefer times, the briefest being one Abbott, in 1827, he serving for only 28 days: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Abbott,_1st_Baron_Tenterden].

Ha. See blog, above.

What protected Liz Truss up to now (or very recently, anyway) from being exposed as a horrible person who is also completely incompetent? Her very obscurity, I suppose.

Part of the problem with Liz Truss is that she has been trying to copy the “Margaret Thatcher”, ideologically-driven, “conviction politician”, but without actually being one.

She has no real ideology, no real convictions, just empty ambition. She has plotted and planned and strived, and finally reached the prize of her political career, only to see it turn to ashes in her hands. Greek tragedy territory.

Well, that was quick. Only hours ago, woolly-head was saying “I’m going nowhere“, and now he has been dismissed with a kick to the ****.

So now the question is, will Liz Truss follow woolly-head into the wilderness, or will she try to cling on? Her character (careerist, chancer, unprincipled) would seem to suggest the latter, but it may be that she will be induced to stand down “for the good of Country and Party” or some such formula.

That, of course, would imply a general election, but Conservative MPs might try, one more time, to pick a winner in the 2 years left of the Parliament. If a general election were to be held now or soon, it might just be the end of the Conservative Party as it has been for the past century or more; the party reduced to a few dozen MPs.

Liz Truss has scarcely had time to enjoy the more private fruits of being PM, such as weekends at Chequers.

One might characterize the situation as Liz Truss “resigning with honour”, though that scarcely hits the spot, as against being forced out. She might well decide to fight to stay on, thinking that she has nothing to lose (and don’t think that, for her, this is about anything other than her own personal interests— a characteristic she shares with “Boris”-idiot.

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For once, I actually agree with Tom Harwood.

That bastard stuck himself to the road. He wanted to inconvenience everyone. He knew what he was doing. Let him suffer.

As for those smug, often smirking 60+ years old eco-nut men and women often photographed doing the same or similar, they have been very lucky that (so far) no member of the public has kicked them in the head.

As said before, though, I favour genuine environmentalism: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2016/11/17/social-nationalism-and-green-politics/.

Life should be straightforward. Landlines. Traditional banks (and bank accounts). TVs that do not require a NASA qualification to operate. Two sexes. Straightforward salaries for the employed. Straightforward dole or Basic Income for those not employed. Accepted social rules. A Society of Measure (not one of only Leisure, or only Work).


Again, the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan in action. Two non-whites, two members of Conservative Friends of Israel…


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Is NATO seriously intending to send armies into Ukraine? Even if under “EU” flag, that will be seen as an act of war by the Russian side.

I was interested to read that Macron has made it clear that France will never use nuclear weapons except as retaliation for a direct attack on France.

Macron may just have saved la belle France from nuclear annihilation.

The role of France in European culture is to preserve it. I therefore applaud the attitude displayed, i.e. not to get dragged into the Russia-Ukraine war.

Naturally the French police and DST (or whatever it is now called) will be aware. The French want migrant-invaders out of France, so if that means aiding them to invade the UK…

Long before the present migration-invasion crisis, when I was in Calais waiting for a ferry, in 2000, I had a drink near the hotel de ville, and asked the bar owner about the migrants (few in number, and just being reported on at that time). He said “we do not mind. They do not stay long. They all want to go to England“. There it is…

Well, he has a point…

Scheisse. I had not considered that… https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/09/16/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-therese-coffey-story/.

Looks like my prediction from a month or so ago will be fulfilled.

Diary Blog, 1 May 2022

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On this day a year ago

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Sweden is very sick.

Imagine what would happen if, suitably publicized, a Royal Navy vessel opened fire on a boatload of migrant-invaders. It would probably stop the cross-Channel invasion dead, so to speak. It will not happen, because the System wants the migration-invasion to continue. Israeli agent, the East African Asian Priti Patel, posing as Home Secretary, is just a monkey, not one of the organ-grinders. She puts up pathetic and unworkable “policies” from time to time, purely to bamboozle the simpler members of the public.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan is that Europe should become a continent inhabited mainly by mixed-race semi-Europeans, and ruled over by Jews and part-Jews.

The past three UK prime ministers have been part-Jew: Boris Johnson, Theresa May, David Cameron-Levita.

Read further: http://adam.curry.com/art/1543753587_mkXBrvrY.html; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalergi_Plan etc.

Fiction as prophecy? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Camp_of_the_Saints

Nigel Farage is “controlled opposition”, and I think consciously so. The bastard revels in pulling the wool over the eyes of the plebs, none more so than those who used to idolize him, the UKIP, Brexit Party, and Reform Party cannon-fodder.

Farage can be put in the same bin as Toby Young, James Delingpole, Breitbart, GB News, all the rubbish that pretends to be pro free speech, national identity etc, but never says a word about Jew-Zionist conspiracy, and never supports those truly standing up for race and culture. Bin them all.

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Very true…

The international “sovereign debt” matrix is the biggest scam in the world, bigger even than the “early 1940s gas chambers” narrative and associated farrago.

What happened to the American (supposed) “right to bear arms”? Seems that the said small arms are just like nuclear weapons— they have them but are supposed never to use them…

He had days to think up something to say about his behaviour, and yet that was the best he could do.

Tractors“? Worthy of a TV comedy sketch.

These are the twits who purport to rule over us as “legislators”; a bunch of freeloading, corrupt, half-educated, not very intelligent placemen and placewomen, all or almost all under the control of the Jew-Zionist/Israel lobby.

Ukraine: the road to war

I do not mean the Russia-Ukraine war, but that being fomented by the Western (NWO/ZOG) powers. Look, for example, at this Guardian piece from one Simon Tisdall: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/may/01/what-is-to-be-done-lenin-west-wont-win-in-ukraine-without-taking-risks.

The language is remarkable, and rather crude, in places:

Like a street corner spiv practising crude blackmail, Lavrov claimed there was a “considerable risk” such a war might go nuclear. Presumably he knows this because Putin is actually considering it.

Liz Truss, Lavrov’s British counterpart, dodged the nuclear question in her Mansion House speech – but went for the jugular. Her bold declaration that total victory, plus the liberation of all occupied Ukrainian territory including Crimea, was a “strategic imperative” for the west may have surprised less gung-ho Nato allies who foolishly didn’t realise she speaks for them.

Biden has repeatedly insisted the conflict will be contained. “Direct confrontation between Nato and Russia is world war three, something we must strive to prevent,” he said after the invasion began.

But war has its own deathly momentum. Daily acts of escalation point in one direction. Nato is like a patient in denial. The reality, by many measures, is that it’s already at war with Russia.

Perhaps future historians of the Ukraine conflict will map the path to wider conflagration in the same way academic predecessors traced the origins of the first world war.

It’s clear the west cannot abandon Ukraine simply out of fear over how far manic Putin might go. Such a collapse would wreck the global order, the UN, and Europe’s security. Yet the longer the war rages, the bigger the risk of a different kind of cataclysmic, world-changing event.

So here’s the choice, as the northern English say: piss or get off the pot. Either the western allies act decisively, right now, to halt this war by demanding an immediate ceasefire and threatening and, if necessary, launching direct military intervention to secure it – as previously urged in this space.

Or, alternatively, Truss, Austin and other hawks stop stoking the fire and setting unrealistic goals, and instead advise Kyiv to accept a negotiated settlement that, regrettably, will inevitably reward Putin’s aggression.

Overall, urging war with Russia. Over Ukraine. A country with which no Western state is allied in any way. A country which has only been an independent country for 30 years.

This is madness. It needs to stop now, before escalation which might lead to massive destruction in Russia, in the USA, across Europe. Oh…and the almost total destruction of the UK, with its small geographic size, plenitude of targets, and inability to defend itself against nuclear missile attack. Cold comfort for the British people to know that British submarine-launched missiles might have also hit a few Russian targets.

The recently-imprisoned former Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craig_Murray], has described the Guardian as being, these days, “the house journal of MI6” (SIS). If so, even more disturbing.

Late tweets seen

The mega-wealthy have been buying up UK farmland and country estates as well. Look on Rightmove or estate agents’ websites. Try to find large or medium-sized estates and farms in the UK for sale. Not many, and those that do appear are bought quite swiftly. James Dyson alone has been buying large tracts of land from Gloucestershire, through Oxfordshire and north-east as far as Lincolnshire. As for Scotland, few estates are for sale now.

Land is being bought as a long-term hedge. There is diminishing trust or confidence in currency, and in quoted or other shares.

I wonder how much else of what we are told about Ukrainian military capability is a mirage?

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[panorama of Kiev at night]

Diary Blog, 8 February 2022

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[Shishkin, Before the Storm]

On this day a year ago

Untermensch kicks and slaps cat while another films it for fun…


I was not going to look at the clip of the African’s cruelty, but happened to see it on Twitter. Upsetting. It angered me. People should know what a subhuman bastard it, the untermensch, is:

Why are such untermenschen even in England, or indeed Europe?…and why does the Daily Mirror refer to the said untermensch as “the Frenchman“? He may have a French passport. That means nothing.

At least get that one out of this country and out of Europe. Better still, just [redacted]…

Tweets seen

Yet teenage boys playing at being “terrorists” online (who would not, most of them, ever do anything at all) are prosecuted and even imprisoned for effectively nothing. (((What))), I wonder, can be making the difference?

Ha. I visited a chain pizza restaurant near Exeter about 15 years ago. Can’t remember which chain. That was not bad. As far as McDonalds, Wendy etc are concerned, I have not been in one for many years. I think that I got something to take away from one in Southampton about 7 years ago. A drive-thru. The last time I actually sat in one was, I think, near Washington D.C., about 30 years ago.

The best time the Afghans ever had was probably in the 1970s, followed by (at least for those in Kabul) the 1980s Soviet occupation.

I blogged about Rory Stewart nearly three years ago, and have updated that blog post since then: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/05/03/will-rory-stewart-mp-be-prime-minister/.

[the criminal]

The police. Useless. Say a word about some Jew, and the plod are on the case at once, or at least once they are wound up and sent on their way by a malicious Jew-Zionist agitator, but in a case where a criminal is filmed plainly being disgustingly brutal or cruel to a cat, the plod are “nothing to see here“. Is it because the criminal is a black? Or because he is a footballer (i.e. a priest of the new “British” religion)? Why? Why have the police become so useless? The influence of Common Purpose? “Diversity” training? Why?

Oh, yes…Putin must be quaking as “British” junior minister, James Cleverly, armed with his “degree” in “Hospitality Management” (and a Territorial Army commission), takes to the field. Not.

As for Macron’s pathetic attempt to play the role of de Gaulle, could Putin have made it any more clear that he is not interested in whatever Macron has to say? See photo below:

Vladimir Putin holds talks with Emmanuel Macron from a distance in a bid to  calm tensions over Ukraine
[Putin meets Macron in the Kremlin. Is anyone listening?]

The truth is now an embarrassment…


I could talk for an hour on the same theme; after a couple of drinks, make that two hours.

The British people are being conditioned to accept lower standards in all areas: NHS, the police, the legal professions, housing provision, MPs (most are real deadheads now), roads, universities, pension age, pay, State benefits etc.

Mass immigration is part of the reason: you cannot import millions of people from lower-quality ethno-cultural groups, and then expect standards to stay the same, or to rise. Such expectation would be lunatic.

On the broader canvas, the secret cabals and ruling circles of the West (commonly called NWO and ZOG), want to build up North America and the Far East, mainly.

Europe, with a European population, gets in the way of that, so the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan provides for importation of tens of millions of blacks, browns, and others, in order to create a mixed-race population that can be easily ruled by (mainly) Jews and, especially publicly, mixed Jewish/English individuals. The prime ministers and other top ministers of recent years prove the point: David Cameron-Levita, George Osborne, Theresa May, “Boris” Johnson, and so on.

Unexpected agreement

I happened to see a shot of the headline of something written by Jew-Zionist and extreme conservative, Melanie Phillips:


Not often that I would be on the same page as her, though it has happened once or twice before.

I have always disliked tattoos, especially but not only on women. In the past, tattoos, at least in the Europe of the past couple of thousand years, were for men only, and usually for men in particular “walks of life”: some sailors, some soldiers, some criminals.

Even in the armed services, not only in the UK but in most countries, while tattoos might be acceptable in the ranks, they were, traditionally, not acceptable in the officer caste.

It is well-known that Jews are not generally tattooed; that seems to come from one of the strictures laid down in the Book of Leviticus. Some Jews were tattooed involuntarily when detained by the forces of the Reich; they were tattooed on the lower arm with their prisoner number: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Identification_of_inmates_in_German_concentration_camps.

Waffen-SS men and officers often had their blood group tattooed under the left arm, for practical reasons. Not all SS personnel, though, had such a tattoo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_blood_group_tattoo.

I have not read the Melanie Phillips article (behind a paywall), but I am sure that the tattoos to which she objects are the purely decorative ones.

I too have puzzled over why they seem to be so popular now. It does seem to betoken a retreat from culture and civilization, but that is my feeling, not backed by cold logic.

I am not sure that my reaction on seeing tattoos is as visceral as that of Melanie Phillips, but it is broadly similar— I don’t like them.

Late tweets

Can no-one in Canada get rid of Trudeau? Still, he is only the monkey, or one of them, not the organ-grinder. The secret cabals and ruling circles are at the heart of the problem.

I thought at the time that the old ex-officer and one-time director of a concrete company was a well-meaning (but probably naive) fellow, and I did wonder whether the monies he raised would actually get through to do much good, but I preferred not to blog about it mainly because it seemed churlish to raise doubts based mainly on instinct or feeling (without hard evidence). I could see also that “Captain Tom” was to some extent being used by the same forces behind the “panicdemic” and the “weekly clap”.

It did not occur to me that quite a bit of the money would be, in effect, just stolen or embezzled. I thought that the public scrutiny would prevent anything as direct as that from happening. Apparently not.

Late music

[Adolf Hitler and Unity Mitford]

Diary Blog, 3 November 2021


Well worth reading: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/nov/02/beware-gaia-theory-climate-crisis-earth

Tweets seen

Indeed. Leaving aside questions of causation, global warming is a problem; global cooling would be, and has in the past been, a greater problem.

Looking at Greenland today, few in the UK know that Greenland is not entirely frozen. Though ice and snow covers much of that huge island (over 9x the size of the UK), there are areas around the coasts which are milder and, even today, support limited agriculture. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenland; and https://natur.gl/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/ENG-Synthesis-Report-on-Agriculture-in-GL.pdf.

Carney is another of the large number of part-Jews who seem to be the spearhead of the NWO/ZOG transnational conspiracy, aka (in terms of many aspects of its operation) the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan [https://www.westernspring.co.uk/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-the-genocide-of-the-peoples-of-europe/].

There are many others: David Cameron-Levita, George [Gideon] Osborne, “Boris” [Alexander] Johnson, Theresa May, Nicholas Sarkozy, Zac Goldsmith, to name but a few.

It is noteworthy that part-Jews rather than full Jews seem to be the spearhead, at least in the public realm.

Exactly. The “Labour” offering to the British people goes something like this: “we support most of what the Government is doing, but they should be doing it even more, while bending the knee to both the “black lives matter” mob and to the Jewish lobby, and while also wearing a facemask“…

The corrupt Westminster monkeyhouse is not afraid of petitions, new and hopeless political parties (mostly controlled opposition anyway), letters to newspapers, comments on Twitter or blogs such as this one.

Nuff said…

Ecce the once-great Labour Party! Reduced to a niche party for some of the ethnic minorities. Pakistani and black women (and not even very intelligent ones) as Labour MPs.

The USA is becoming, indeed has become, majority non-white. You see the effect in politics, in large areas of academia etc. What this means is that, over time, the USA cannot survive as a superpower without becoming what will eventually amount to a rigid Communist-style police state. Compare the 1950s/1960s to the America that has come to pass since 1989.

As with previous similar jamborees, the irony or absurdity seems to be lost on the COP26 delegates (who used 400 private planes to get there). They really seem to think that the governments of the world can simply “agree” to limit a global temperature rise to 1%, 2% or whatever. Deluded.

In any case, only the countries that are not (overall) pumping out CO2 hugely take it seriously: the UK only produces 1%, if that, of CO2 in the world (leaving aside the question of whether that causes anything). The big polluters are China and India, with their vast populations.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/26/the-tide-is-coming-in-reflections-on-the-possible-end-of-our-present-civilization-and-what-might-follow/.

Late tweets

Idiot-careerists such as Priti Patel are just puppets. No point in examining any “ideas” or “beliefs” that they may or may not have. Enemies of the people.

Late music

[V.S. Orlov, Native Land]

Deadhead MPs, An Occasional Series: The Karen Bradley Story

Karen Bradley is the Conservative Party MP for Staffordshire Moorlands, and has been since the constituency boundaries were changed for the 2010 General Election, making the seat a safe seat for the Conservatives. Her share of the vote increased from 45.2% in 2010 to 58.1% in 2017.

Unlike most MPs, Karen Bradley represents an area not far from where she was born. She went to a comprehensive school and then to Imperial College, where she graduated in Mathematics (B.Sc.).

There is little information about Karen Bradley’s family or parents. Her origins seem modest, at any rate.

Karen Bradley worked in tax for Deloitte and KPMG, for a total of 16 years; she also worked for 3 years as a consultant in the same field, but gave up and rejoined KPMG. I think that we can be sure that Karen Bradley does know about how to calculate tax.

Karen Bradley is married (husband’s occupation unknown to me); they have two children.

Upon election as MP in 2010, Karen Bradley joined the House of Commons Work and Pensions Select Committee (MPs on such committees get more pay). At least she would understand the tax questions.

There is no record that I have seen of her criticizing or even questioning the cruel system of “welfare” (social security) put in place by Iain Dunce Duncan Smith, the Jew “lord” Freud etc after 2010. On the contrary, she has always voted to make the poor (if unemployed, sick or disabled, at least) poorer.


What a bitch.

The Germans have a saying: “put a beggar on a horse and he rides it to death”.

Karen Bradley became a Government Whip in 2012, a traditional home for mediocre MPs.

Karen Bradley was appointed junior minister at the Home Office in 2014 and then, in the turmoil following the 2015 General Election and the subsequent election of Theresa May as Conservative Party leader, she was appointed Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

It may be that Theresa May wanted to appoint women to senior posts.

MPs, like generals, need luck in their careers. I doubt that many, in 2010, would have predicted that Karen Bradley would go from not even being an MP in early 2010 to being a member of the Cabinet only six years later. She certainly had luck; however, the luck ran out:

During the cabinet reshuffle in 2018, Bradley was appointed Secretary of State for Northern Ireland after the resignation of James Brokenshire due to ill health. Matt Hancock replaced her as Culture Secretary. In July 2018 she came under criticism in the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee for failing to take action on British government discrimination against former soldiers and police. Andrew Murrison challenged her on her account of what she had done, and she said she would write to him. Sylvia Hermon commented: “I wait and wait for letters.”[12]


In September 2018 she was criticised for admitting in an interview for House magazine, a weekly publication for the Houses of Parliament, that she had not understood Northern Irish politics before being appointed Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. “I didn’t understand things like when elections are fought, for example, in Northern Ireland – people who are nationalists don’t vote for unionist parties and vice versa,” she said.


The newspapers were soon full of views about Karen Bradley, the vast majority very critical, using words such as “shamefully ignorant,”, “a slow learner”, “should resign”, “should not be in job” etc.


Karen Bradley did not even understand that Northern Irish voters mostly vote on sectarian lines! Hopeless…

Attracting widespread and sustained criticism, Karen Bradley united the political classes in their belief that she was inept, ineffectual, gaffe-prone and completely out of her depth,” said Deirdre Heenan, professor of Social Policy at Ulster University.” [BBC]

Media appearances by Mrs Bradley became infrequent and brief.” [BBC]


In the end, though, Karen Bradley’s loyalty to Theresa May and the Conservative Party (she has almost always voted with her party) saved her until Theresa May was replaced by Boris Johnson, who sacked her at once:



It is not hard to be Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. Lazy half-Jew chancer Ed Vaizey blagged it for years. Karen Bradley did the same. It became clear, though, when she was appointed to Northern Ireland, that she had received at least one promotion too many. She was out of her depth in Cabinet. She had to go.

What now for Karen Bradley?

I was unsure as to whether Karen Bradley was enough of a deadhead to make it into the hallowed halls of my Deadhead MPs series. She might have been assessed as merely mediocre. However, her performance at the Northern Ireland Office has sealed her fate and provided her entry ticket to this blog series.

I imagine that we have seen the end of Karen Bradley as a member of the Government, whether under Boris Johnson or anyone else. However, she has a safe seat in the Staffordshire Moorlands, seems to be popular there and so will no doubt continue to be, as a constituency MP, merely mediocre most of the time, rather than a deadhead.




Ding-Dong, The Witch is Dead

Well, that’s Theresa May gone. Or not. She may have given up the nominal leadership of the misnamed Conservative Party, but it seems that she will not be leaving the office of Prime Minister until July. Presumably, the hunt for her successor will start immediately.

What have I liked about her time as Prime Minister? Nothing much. In fact nothing.

Theresa May was (if possible) even more in the pocket of the Jewish-Zionist lobby than was David Cameron-Levita. She was the same when Home Secretary. Under her, malicious Zionist organizations gained even more influence in the UK. In fact, she could not even make her resignation speech without telling some cheesy anecdote about herself and Nicholas “Winton” (Wertheim), who imported about 700 Jewish children into the UK in 1939.

As for the rest of the content of the Theresa May resignation speech, it seemed to be about some other country, not about the UK at all. In that other country, the economy is apparently buoyant, the people happy and united, the “austerity” “necessary” in the recent past has been banished and everything is wonderful.

I am sure that the millions of British people who are homeless and/or literally (in many cases) starving, who cannot pay inflated rents, let alone think of buying a house (even with a mortgage), who are paid peanuts when working, who are subject to a Kafka-esque regime of callousness and cruelty if unemployed or disabled, would love to live in that other country Theresa May lauded to the skies.

In Theresa May’s speech, no mention was made of the country where the racial stock has been deliberately contaminated, where millions of unwanted immigrants continue to flood in, where nothing now seems to work properly (from road and rail to the NHS, the police, the educational system) and so on.

No mention was made of the country where, under her, as both Home Secretary and Prime Minister, freedom of expression has been restricted even more than it was under David Cameron-Levita, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

This hateful woman has now gone or is about to go, presumably hoping that her political spawn, such as Amber Rudd, will follow in her footsteps.

Well, I have some news for her. She has as good as destroyed the Conservative Party and may well prove to be its last elected Prime Minister. Ah… I knew that, in the end, I would find something good to say about her…



[above, Theresa May with the Israeli Ambassador and his wife. Theresa May, like 80% of Con Party MPs, is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel, and is herself suspected of being part-Jewish by origin]




Update, 23 July 2019

Theresa May is likely to resign as Prime Minister tomorrow, 24 July 2019. Her successor is likely to be Boris Johnson, incredibly…

Update, 27 December 2022

Well, three and a half years on, we see that “Boris” Johnson did indeed succeed Theresa May; in turn, Johnson was succeeded briefly by Liz Truss, and now by Rishi Sunak, both the first non-white Prime Minister and the richest (£750M, apparently). Theresa May remains on the backbenches, a critical presence, rather like Edward Heath during the Thatcher era of the 1980s.

What Will Be Conservative Strategy Now? Will It Be to Stay in Office until 2022?

I have repeatedly blogged in the past year or two about how the Conservative Party, as a party of government at least, faces an existential challenge. MSM scribblers and talking heads have caught up now and discuss the situation frequently.

The opinion polls must make sobering reading for Conservative MPs. For the upcoming EU elections, the Conservatives are rated as between 11%-15%; for the next general election, the figures are 24%-25%.

That might translate into a loss of Westminster seats numbering somewhere between 50 and 200 out of the 312 that the Conservatives currently hold [the Con Party also has 247 out of 782 peers of the House of Lords, 18 out of 73 UK seats in the European Parliament, 31 out of 129 Scottish Parliament seats, 12 out of 60 Welsh Assembly seats, and 8 out of 25 London Assembly seats].

As my previous blogs explored, the Conservatives are menaced by several trends and facts:

  • an ageing membership (largely of pensionable age) and voter profile (only 16% of those under 35 intend to vote Conservative, and only 4% of those under 25);
  • a burgeoning ethnic minority population in the UK; most ethnic minority voters who vote, vote Labour (with the exception of Jews);
  •  increasing numbers of urban and other renters, as opposed to property-owners; many renters are paying very substantial sums for their rent, and are subject to perceivedly unjust rental situations;
  • very many former Conservative voters defecting to Brexit Party by reason of the events around the EU Brexit situation;
  • dissatisfaction with Theresa May and, to a lesser extent, with the mediocre or poor level and performance of Conservative ministers and backbenchers;
  • Conservative voters tactical-voting for the LibDems in Lab/LibDem marginals and in former Conservative safe seats where Brexit Party has undermined the Conservative vote;
  • financial problems (recent msm reports that the Conservative Party cannot easily pay the rent on its head office), meaning, eg,  that publicity cannot be bought;
  • reports that as many as 60% of 2017 Conservative voters will not vote Conservative next time.

The upshot is that the Conservative Party is in deep trouble. The UK, especially England and Wales, that the Cons have created since 2010, is just not working for most people. This is perhaps not the place in which to detail that statement, but I have done so in earlier blog posts.

What can the Conservatives do to recover their situation? Obviously, as a social national thinker, I hope that the Conservatives do not recover, but these matters must be examined. Conservative plans may include

  • ditching Theresa May: this is mooted daily in the msm, but she seems to be hanging on for the Summer, until August/September and possibly even until the Conservative Party Conference which starts on 29 September 2019, though no doubt her MPs would much rather have anointed a new leader by then;
  • once Theresa May is gone, election of a new leader. This presents another problem, in that the existing candidates are mostly of very poor quality. Even the most popular (allegedly) in the country, Boris Johnson, in fact (as opinion polls have revealed) is not very much supported by voters: only 20% think that he would be the right candidate (though he still scored higher than all others);

What else might the Conservative Party do to improve its position? Well, there is one thing, though it would be an extremely risky stratagem: not to call a general election until 2022.

The law brought in by David Cameron-Levita’s government in 2010 mandates a general election in 2022. It can happen before 2022, but that date is the backstop.

At present, the Conservatives have no chance of getting a Commons majority or even being the largest party in the Commons without a majority, if a general election were to be held this year. I have long held the view that a general election could be held in 2019, and it might well be held. The msm (again) lag behind and now the most likely date is indeed thought by the msm to be 2019, once the Conservatives elect Theresa May’s successor. It seems to be the msm/System wisdom-of-the-moment that the new Conservative leader will want to have his or her election approved by the votes of the people. I wonder. Now, however, we have to factor-in Brexit Party.

I begin to think that the general election will be delayed until 2020, 2021 or even 2022.

It has been a convention not amounting to a Constitutional convention that, when a Prime Minister of the UK stands down, the successor holds a general election to “sanctify” the new order via public approval expressed in votes. Those Prime Ministers afraid to do that (rapidly) usually lose out. Look at Gordon Brown. However, the situation now may impel a different decision.

When Theresa May goes, her successor will have to face the fact that Brexit Party is taking somewhere between a third and a half of Conservative votes. If the new Conservative leader calls a 2019 General Election, it will be akin to a turkey voting for Christmas. The chance of a Conservative win (meaning a Commons majority) would be unlikely. There is every chance that the Conservatives would lose seats. There is every chance that the Conservatives would lose many seats. There is a good chance that Labour would be the largest party in the Commons and so able to form a minority government (or possibly a Lab-SNP-LibDem coalition). There is even a chance that Labour might get a Commons majority, something all but impossible prior to the emergence of Brexit Party.

Faced with the above, the new Conservative leader might simply refuse to call a General Election (in effect, leaving aside the details) until (as would be hoped, no doubt) the enthusiasm for Brexit Party wanes. Who knows what might happen in a year, or three years?

There is another point here. The boundary changes decided upon a few years ago take effect in 2022. Reduction of MP numbers from 650 to 600. The seats lost will mostly be Labour and LibDem seats. If a General Election is deferred until 2022, the Conservatives will be about 30 seats better off.

A risky stratagem, and one that could backfire, but it might be the only chance for the Conservative Party.


The tweet below displays typical twitterati wishfulness: says “must” when he means “can” or, indeed, “need not”…

Update, 18 May 2019

Straw in the wind?




What Now for General Election 2019?

Introduction and background

I have blogged within the past day about the result of the UK local elections:


We have seen what happened in those elections:

  • the Conservative Party humiliated and suffering a defeat worse than many (but not I) anticipated;
  • the Labour Party, though losing few seats (82), also humiliated, in that, at this point in the conventional electoral cycle, the norm is for the governing party to lose and possibly lose heavily, but for the official Opposition party to make gains, perhaps considerable gains;
  • the Liberal Democrats, who have not, in general, recovered since their rout at the 2015 General Election (and who in fact did worse at the 2017 General Election in terms of popular vote share —7.4% in 2017 as against 7.9% in 2015— though better in terms of House of Commons seats —12, up from 8), had a “good” result in these local elections, more than doubling the number of LibDem councillors.

Local councillors elected (only about a third of the over 20,000 total were in contest this time) were 3,561 (Con), 2,023 (Lab) and 704 (LibDem); others (mainly Independents) elected numbered 1,310, a large increase.

The totals of local government seats now held (mostly council seats) by the three main System parties: Con 7,615, Lab 6,327, LibDems 2,576.

The 2019 local elections gave the System parties the following vote shares: Con 28%, Lab 28%, LibDems 19%, Others (and spoiled votes) 25%.

The electoral swing percentages: 7% down for Con, 1% down for Lab, and 8% up for the LibDems.

It can be seen from the above that these elections were disastrous for the Conservatives, not successful for Labour. As to the LibDems, their upsurge was mainly a protest vote by pro-Remain former Conservative voters. Not very important. I do not want to waste more time than I have already on washed-up UKIP or on the Green protest vote.

Had the Nigel Farage vehicle, the Brexit Party, been contesting the local elections, the Conservative and Labour parties would have done very much worse, the LibDems about the same (their votes coming exclusively from Remainers and from those who think that mass immigration actually somehow benefits the people of the UK).

The 2019 EU election

It is now too late for the EU election not to be held in the UK. The pathetic “deal” cobbled together (as I write this, not quite agreed between Theresa May and Corbyn) will not be able to prevent the EU election happening. Thus Brexit Party comes into play.

Look at the film clip below. Nigel Farage arriving at a rally in Newport, Wales, on 30 April 2019. His reception is not just warm or supportive; it is ecstatic, an ovation by followers who seem almost to worship him.

Reminiscent of the entry of Adolf Hitler into the speech hall at Nuremberg in 1934, as shown in Triumph of the Will [dir. Leni Riefenstahl, 1935]. None of the substance and depth, of course, but superficially rather similar.

Opinion polls: Brexit Party was recently running at about 30% (2 May) and may by now be higher, maybe even 35%. That figure, though, relates purely to the upcoming EU elections

As regards Westminster elections, Brexit Party was running at 14% a few days ago, but it might well rise, perhaps considerably, from there. Labour is on about 30% and Conservatives around 25%.

Brexit Party is pretty much the only game in town as regards the EU election in the UK. Indeed, if Conservative/Labour do agree some unsatisfactory last-minute and cobbled-together “deal” to put to the EU, i.e. “Brexit In Name Only”, Brexit Party might well do even better on 23 May.

Possible General Election 2019

The System parties are assuming that, if some kind of limited faux-Brexit is presented to the British people, with or without a fake “Second Referendum” or “People’s Vote”, that that will shoot the Brexit Party’s fox. I’m not so sure.

There is huge dissatisfaction around, not only around Brexit (from both main directions), but also around the continuing other issues that bedevil the UK: the continuing low levels of pay and “welfare” (social security), overcrowded rail, poorly maintained roads, the spending cuts of a decade now impacting services such as NHS and police; immigration is continuing on a very large scale, too.

The msm and Westminster Bubble crowd have not fully caught up with what is happening. Look again at the Con, Lab and LibDem local results. Labour did not do well in terms of pressing ahead, but did not much slip back. The Conservatives suffered a really big hit. The LibDems did well mainly at the expense of the Conservatives.

In any 2019 General Election, the Conservatives, under whoever is their new leader, would face a three-front war: against Labour, LibDems and Brexit Party. It has been assumed up to now that Brexit Party would take the role and have the effect of being a spoiler alone. Maybe now it might be more than a mere spoiler. Half the Conservative voters of 2017 are saying that they will not vote Conservative next time. I have already blogged about how that could mean a loss of 100 or even 200 Commons seats for the Conservatives. Most ex-Con voters will vote Brexit Party.

It may well be that Brexit Party can do well enough to create its own bloc of seats. Maybe 50. Maybe even 100. Labour will also benefit from the Conservatives losing votes to both Brexit Party and the LibDems.

I cannot see the LibDems doing better than staying at about the same level that they are on now (12 MPs), but votes for them from former Conservative voters may easily let in either Labour or the Brexit Party, depending on the seat in question. Having said that, it is not impossible that a small number of LibDem candidates might slip past the Con, Lab and Brexit party candidates in closely-fought 3-way or 4-way splits.

So the Conservatives will be losing Remain votes to the LibDems, Leave votes to Brexit Party. It may be, also, that those floating voters whose priorities lie elsewhere than with the EU/Brexit situation will go with Labour.

The Conservatives may be left as a niche party for the wealthy, the smug affluent, the buy to let parasites, the Zionist Jews etc. In a sense that was always so, but other categories of voter made up the weight in elections.

The Conservative Party may be permanently reduced to a hard core of 25% of the electorate, and perhaps to an even lower level than that. The ethnic minorities (except the Jews) are estranged from the Conservatives and are fast-increasing in number. The “blacks and browns” etc vote Labour. Many of the English/British (i.e. white) middleaged and elderly are either disappearing by effluxion of time or are defecting to Brexit Party; only 16% of voters under 35 favour the Conservatives; only 4% of those under 25. Very many of the young or quite young vote Labour or Green.

The msm seems to be saying now that the most likely outcome is a hung Parliament, with the Conservatives as biggest party in the Commons. I tend to stick with my prediction of 2+ years standing, that Labour will be the biggest party, though without a majority, if an election really is called this year. There is an outside chance that Labour might get a majority, but if its remaining Northern English base continues to erode, a Commons majority is not going to happen.




Some tweets

In the clip immediately below (from Sky newspaper review), journalist Brendan O’Neill, with loudmouth “Fleet Street Fox” (Susie Boniface), addresses the Labour lack of success in the local elections:

In fact, there were no less than 39,000 spoiled papers in all! Many had “BREXIT”, “Brexit Party” or Swastikas drawn on them…

and here below we see Lisa Nandy MP trying to avoid mentioning that the Labour vote is now at least partly (in some areas, almost entirely) an ethnic non-white vote. Seems that the Conservatives of Smethwick, at the famous 1960s by-election, were right: “if you want a n****r for a neighbour, vote Labour”! Lisa Nandy is trying to say that “graduates” (meaning “the educated”?…hardy ha ha in the era of “everyone gets a First” degrees) prefer Labour. Everyone and his dog is now a nominal “graduate”, who has gone to “uni” and got a crap (in many cases) “degree” leading to (also in many cases) a low-wage job, thus (ditto) leading to socio-political dissatisfaction…



My main article, above, says nothing about Change UK, the new party for Remainers and pro-Zionists. The article does not cover Change UK because Change UK is doomed and (as I said in another blog post) all but pointless. It is running at about 4% in the opinion polls re the EU elections, but better (some polls even had it recently at 10%!) re. any general election.

Readers will recall that UKIP had support, at the 2015 General Election, of 12.6%, yet gained no MPs (except for the ex-Con MP, Carswell). UKIP’s support was evenly spread throughout England and Wales; it had no Schwerpunkt or concentration of support in a few constituencies (which is how the LibDems and Greens, both with lower levels of support nationally, score). It follows from that that Change UK, even with 10% of votes (5% is more likely) has no chance of getting anywhere in any general election in 2019.

The significant thing about Change UK is that it will pull even more votes from the Conservatives, already losing votes to Brexit Party and LibDems.

Update, 7 May 2019

In the past days, while “Change UK” has apparently already sunk without trace (and almost nothing is heard about it), Brexit Party is really developing into something. Today, it was announced that there will be EU elections in the UK on 23 May, only 16 days from today. Brexit Party looks odds-on to be largest UK party and perhaps to take most of the seats allocated to the UK.

and nearly 2,000 people (see link below) turning out for Farage and his Brexit Party in Peterborough, where a by-election will be held in early June.


Update, 11 May 2019

A ComRes poll for the Sunday Telegraph showed that if a Westminster general election were called, Labour would reap the largest share of the vote with 27%; the Brexit party would garner 20% ahead of the Conservatives on 19%. The Liberal Democrats would win 14%, followed by ChangeUK (7%) and the Greens (5%) with Ukip trailing on 2%.” [The Guardian]

Update, 18 May 2019



Deadhead MPs, An Occasional Series: The Gavin Williamson Story


I had meant “Deadhead MPs” to be indeed “occasional” in these blog pages, but the “democratic” deadheads are so prevalent now, and so prone to getting themselves into trouble and into the newspapers, that I have had to write more often about them than I had at first intended.

Gavin Williamson’s background

So we move to Gavin Williamson. Where to start? At the beginning, I suppose: Williamson was born in 1976, in “bracing” Scarborough. His parents were both public sector office workers. Comprehensive school was followed by the University of Bradford, where he read Social Sciences. He was involved with the rowdy and eventually shut down Conservative Students organization, of which he was penultimate Chairman.

Williamson must have graduated in 1997 or 1998. The next we hear of him is in 2001, in North Yorkshire, where he was a county councillor for a while. He is also at that time involved in Conservative Party activities in Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

There is an obscurity about Williamson. We do not know what non-political jobs he has done, save for having been Managing Director of a fireplace manufacturer, Elgin & Hall, for a while (until 2004) and then Managing Director of and shareholder in Aynsley China, a Stoke on Trent china manufacturer founded in 1775 and which was dissolved in 2014. It seems, again, obscure as to when Williamson’s connection was severed, but between 2005 and his election as MP in 2010, he was also Managing Director of an architectural design firm or company. So we are told.

Am I missing something here? Williamson came from modest origins, his academic background seems to have been at best mediocre, there is no evidence in the public domain (that I have seen) of family wealth, yet here is Williamson, still in his twenties at that, becoming managing director of three separate companies in three different industries or areas of commercial activity, despite the fact that his academic background was in Social Sciences, nothing to do with business, industry, china manufacture, pottery, architecture or design. He is even described as “co-owner” (major shareholder?) of a china manufacturer. Where did he get the capital? Very odd.

It is likely that Williamson is a freemason, but all the same, his being appointed to those jobs (all seemingly within about 5-6 years) is a little strange, somehow.


Williamson made a racing start in the House of Commons from election in 2010. He became a Parliamentary Private Secretary or PPS to a minister in 2011, again (this time to a Cabinet minister) in 2012, then made another career leap in 2013, becoming PPS to the Prime Minister (David Cameron-Levita).

In 2016, he supported Theresa May in her leadership bid, mainly (we are told) in order to stop Boris Johnson. In return, upon her victory, May made Williamson the Government Chief Whip.

In 2017, following the resignation of drunk and sex-pest Michael Fallon as Secretary of State for Defence (I feel another blog post in this series coming on…), Williamson was appointed to replace him.

Secretary of State for Defence

It was after having been appointed to Cabinet that Williamson’s lack of serious academic, political and intellectual background began to tell, resulting in a series of blunders and gaffes. The Sun “newspaper” reported that “

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has ‘lost the plot’ over barmy plan to put guns on tractors

Other crazy ideas include disguising mobile missile defence systems as Coca-Cola lorries and transforming old commercial ferries into beach assault craft”

and continued:

DEFENCE Secretary Gavin Williamson has stunned military chiefs with crackpot ideas to solve an equipment crisis — including fitting tractors with guns. Williamson‘s department faces a shortfall of £20billion in its budget for new equipment.”

A source said: “The man is out of his mind. No one knows what to do.”

As the MoD struggles to deal with a budget black hole, Williamson has been accused of hatching a series of crackpot schemes to solve an equipment crisis.

According to several senior sources they include:

  • MOUNTING “really expensive guns” on tractors and disguising mobile missile defence ­systems as Coca-Cola lorries;
  • BUYING old commercial ferries and transforming them into beach assault craft, and;
  • WASTING thousands of hours of civil service time on plans to launch his own medal

One insider said staff are at their wits’ end with Williamson, who insists on keeping a pet tarantula called Cronus in his MoD office.

The source added: “We need billions and serious ideas to tackle serious problems.

“Yet Williamson is mucking about with his spider and coming up with crazy suggestions. The man is out of his mind.

“His behaviour is totally bizarre and no one knows what to do.”

“Williamson took over at the MoD in November. The source added: “Everyone had so much hope in him. It all looks so misplaced now.”

Defence chiefs now fear Williamson’s bizarre regime has torpedoed any hope of the MoD getting ­desperately needed extra money out of the Treasury.

It needs £1billion more a year just to keep the armed forces at their present size — and it has to somehow fill a potential £20billion budget deficit in its £179billion ten-year equipment plan.

But sources say ex-furniture salesman Williamson’s failure to grapple with the detail and refusal to heed expert advice is proving disastrous.”

“It is feared he also scuppered any chance of a financial aid package by briefing against the Treasury and boasting he could “make or break” Theresa May as PM.

Williamson’s idea for armed tractors is said to have come at a summit on the equipment budget.

A source said: “Gavin just came out with it. He said, ‘Can’t we buy tractors and put really expensive guns on them?’ People were open-mouthed. Others didn’t know where to look. It was totally bizarre.”

Williamson has since denied ­making the comment.”

But insiders say it was just one of a stream of nonsensical suggestions.

He allegedly outlined the disguised missile trucks during a meeting with his Polish counterpart to discuss the renewed Russian threat.

A source said: “The idea was to have an HGV with the livery of the Coca-Cola brand — but inside would be a missile defence system.

“His plan was missiles systems disguised as soft drinks delivery trucks. No one really knows why.” [The Sun]


  • Williamson thought that a proper way to respond to the Spanish government over Gibraltar was to fire paintballs at Spanish Navy gunboats;
  • Williamson responded to Russian comments about the Skripal affair by saying that “Russia should just shut up and go away”, hardly a suitable response, neither tough (bearing in mind Russia’s alleged behaviour) nor intelligent (bearing in mind Russia’s enormous and growing strength!);
  • Williamson “threatened” to send a warship (one of maybe a dozen or so that the UK now has) to the South China Sea, to intimidate China…That would really frighten a country that has 512 large ships, about 800 naval aircraft alone, and a quarter of a million sailors! (see the link in the Notes, below, for details of the truly fearsome Chinese order of battle on the high seas).

In Williamson’s very silly mental landscape, throwing around schoolboy remarks about paintballs, shutting up nuisances with a throwaway remark and disguising mobile missile-carriers as Coca-Cola trucks serve as brainstorming, I suppose…

Now, of course, Williamson has been sacked for supposedly having leaked secret talks in the National Security Council (NSC). He denies having done so. As Mandy Rice-Davies said, in another context, “well he would, wouldn’t he?”

What can we learn from this farce?

For me, there is much that could be learned, were there politicians with the ability to learn.

First of all, I am concerned less about the leak, or who did it, than the fact that a mediocre little careerist like Williamson could ever become an MP, let alone minister, let alone Cabinet minister. It must be something to do with freemasonry and/or the Israel lobby (is Williamson a member of Conservative Friends of Israel? Odds-on…).

Secondly, I am concerned that the now-ex Secretary of State for Defence has so much time on his hands that while in office he can spend a quarter of an hour telling his contact at the Daily Telegraph all about his day (or whatever). Also, was that mobile telephone secure?

As soon as the leak scandal blew up, I thought “either Williamson or Fox”. Fox probably learned his lesson when Cameron-Levita caught him leaking years ago.

South Staffordshire is one of the safest Conservative seats. Williamson got 69.8% of the votes cast in 2017.

What now?

Williamson has been replaced by Penny Mordaunt, though the reason remains obscure. Surely her stints as naval “reservist” sub-lieutenant were not taken into account? Rory Stewart MP, arguably a better candidate, was also elevated, but to another ministry.

As to Williamson himself, there are now calls for him to face police action and possible prosecution. Theresa May would rather avoid that, in the runup to the EU elections, but time will, of course, tell. Watch this space.














Update, 6 May 2019

I doubt whether Williamson can ever recover from this whole situation, though he will be able to stay on as MP unless sacked by his local Conservative association. He will not be seen on the Conservative front benches again, though.


Update, 2 August 2019

Well, I was wrong. Not about Willamson as such, but the parting comment that his frontbench Conservative career had finished. Incredibly, Boris-idiot has appointed Williamson as Secretary of State for Education! So this twerp is actually posing as a Cabinet minister again! At first I was incredulous, but there again, you have a complete idiot as Prime Minister, and a bunch of total fuck-ups as Cabinet ministers anyway: Priti Patel, Matt Hancock, Sajid Javid, Liz Truss, Grant Shapps (!), that little pissant Robert Jenrick, Dominic Raab, Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom, Amber bloody Rudd, the idiotic James Cleverly, Liz Truss (!), Theresa Villiers (a doormat for the Jew-Zionist lobby even in a Cabinet stuffed with Zionists and pro-Zionists) etc…

and…among those who sit in on Cabinet without being members, Nadine Dorries (I mean, how lowbrow can you go?) and even, on occasion, apparently, ah…the fellow who runs the Wetherspoon’s pub chain! Who is not even an MP!

Among the rest of the Cabinet and the occasional attendees, I suppose that Williamson does not stand out as impossibly half-witted. No, he fits in just fine…

“Ian Millard has left the building”…

Update, 4 March 2022

Williamson was dismissed as Education Secretary in 2021; also dismissed from Cabinet and Government.

Update, 26 October 2022



Update, 8 November 2022

A useless freeloader, personifying the broken UK political system.

Some More Thoughts About the Next General Election in the UK

A 2019 General Election?

A recent ComRes poll indicated that only about half of those who voted Conservative in the General Election of 2017 are intending to vote that way in the next general election, which might come any time between Summer 2019 and early June 2022. I have been thinking and blogging etc for a year or so that 2019 might be the year. Mainstream commentators have recently been gravitating to the same view.

The Brexit chaos has highlighted the incompetence of the Theresa May and other Conservative Party governments stretching back to 2010: roads, rail, social security/”welfare”, the migration-invasion (mass immigration), crime etc.

As I have more than once blogged and (before I was banned in our “free” country, tweeted), the choice for many may be between a Labour Party government which may well prove to be incompetent, and a Conservative Party government which has already, time and again, proven its incompetence.

Labour, Conservative, UKIP, Brexit Party

Labour is now slightly ahead of the Conservatives in the opinion polls, probably because

  • UKIP, though effectively washed-up as an electoral force, has managed, under its latest leader, Batten, to halt its downward slide;
  • Brexit Party now exists and is taking votes mainly from the Conservatives;
  • also, Theresa May is now finally seen almost universally as the disaster she is.

No-one expects UKIP to win seats in any general election this year; after all, 1 in 8 voters voted UKIP in 2015, but the rigged/unfair UK electoral system deprived it of its merited success. On strict PR voting, UKIP’s 12.6% popular vote would have given UKIP about 80 MPs. Indeed, had many not seen a vote for UKIP as a wasted vote, that number could have been doubled or even trebled. In Mrs. May’s now-famous screech, “nothing has changed!” as far as that is concerned.

UKIP will probably get a few percentage points of the vote in English and Welsh constituencies, maybe even 5%, but that will not win any seats. What it will do, though, is deprive the Conservatives (mainly) of those votes (nearly 600,000 in 2017). Many constituency seats are won and lost by less than a thousand votes.

Now we have Brexit Party, which I had thought would fight only the EU elections, but which, it seems (see Nigel Farage’s comments in Notes, below), now intends to fight the next UK general election.

My initial skepticism about Brexit Party has been proven wrong, at least in the opinion polls. Brexit Party is now running at anything up to 30% re. the EU elections, and, in initial polling, 14% in respect of Westminster elections. That latter polling may already have been superseded by events, but even 14%, at a general election, is huge, inasmuch as it means that Brexit Party and UKIP in aggregate may take away from (mainly) the Conservatives as much as 20% of the votes in any given English or Welsh constituency. In an average constituency with average GE turnout that works out at about 8,000 votes!

As usual, most of the Twitterati get it wrong. Look at the tweets below by one Tom Clarke, who seems to be a fairly typical Remain and anti-nationalist tweeter. He says, probably correctly, that 27% is not enough to “take power” but fails to see the side-effects in terms of depriving others of power…He also bleats about “mandate”. What about the 52% who voted Leave in 2016?

In fact, Twitter is a poor guide to elections and popular votes. The twitterati voted Remain in 2016 (losing side), thought that Trump had no chance of becoming US President (wrong again), and are (or often seem to be) almost all pro-immigration, virtue-signalling idiots etc…

Core votes

The Labour core vote, though no more than 25% of eligible voters, is solid because it is composed of those unlikely to be enticed by other parties presently around, and particularly by the Conservative Party: almost all “blacks and browns” (and other ethnic minorities, except for Jews); almost all of the poorly-paid, unemployed, and disabled. Others, while not “core vote”, add up to possibly another 10% of the eligible electorate: those 18-24 (only 4% favour Conservative), voters under 35 (only 16% favour Conservative). Increasing numbers of persons in their 30s, 40s and older are victims of buy-to-let parasites and bully landlords, or are not getting much personal or social benefit from their work. Labour’s policies speak to them. The Conservatives have nothing to say to such people except “pay up or get out! And don’t complain about repairs!” and “poor pay? Get a different job!”

When one thinks “who today would vote Conservative?” the answer, in broad brush terms must be

  • the wealthy
  • the affluent
  • buy to let parasites
  • those who own their homes outright and are financially stable
  • those elderly who are stick-in-the-mud creatures of frozen voting habits

That is the 25% or so core vote, to which must be added

  • those who hate Labour or Corbyn enough to vote Conservative simply in order to keep Labour and/or a Labour candidate out.

Here is an important point: the Labour core vote may be and probably is growing; the Conservative core vote is shrinking.

The Brexit Party and UKIP strike both at the Conservative core vote and the potentially-Conservative non-core vote.

Would Boris Johnson make a difference?

Doubtful. I concede that I am as anti-Boris as almost anyone could be, but my antipathy is matched by many voters: Boris is apparently the choice for Con leader (and so, unless there is a general election, Prime Minister by default) of about 70% of Conservative Party members (if one can believe sources such as the Daily Express), but even if correct, that is 70% of (at most) 120,000 Con Party members, i.e. 84,000 voters out of at least 40 million (in 2017, about 32 million voted).

In polls of the wider public, Boris Johnson is only a few percentage points ahead of other possible Con leaders.


Since 2017, I have thought that the most likely result of the next UK general election is Labour to win most seats, but not enough to have an overall majority. Now, for the first time, I am questioning that and wondering whether a strong general election campaign by both Brexit Party and UKIP might weaken the Conservative vote to the point where, nationally, the Conservatives might get as little as 30% (could it drop even to 25%?) as compared to 42.4% in 2017 and 36.9% in 2015.

I am of course no psephologist, but using online tools etc, it seems not unlikely that, if the Conservative vote falls to 30% and Labour is five points ahead, Labour might end up with about 300 seats and the Conservatives about 250. Others, about 100. No overall majority.

If, though, the Con vote were 25% and the Lab vote five points ahead, the Conservatives would end up with perhaps 225 or fewer seats, while Labour might get about 320. Yet again no overall majority for Corbyn, but closer.

However, we are uncharted territory, and in the “glorious uncertainly” of the British electoral system, it is not impossible that, in dozens and perhaps hundreds of constituencies, the Conservatives might come in second rather than first, their vote sapped by voters voting for UKIP, Brexit Party and others.

The ComRes poll cited at the start of this article said that only just over half of 2017 Con voters were planning to vote Con next time. In 2017, about 13,600,000 or so voted Con. If that is reduced to about 7 million, then the Conservative Party is toast.

In that event, the parliamentary Conservative Party would be reduced to a half, even a quarter of its present strength, and Labour under Jeremy Corbyn might actually be elected with a considerable majority. After that, anything might happen.






Afterthoughts, 25 April 2019

In my concluding sentences, above, I explored what might happen if Brexit Party (and/or UKIP, but Brexit Party is plainly taking off in a way that UKIP now is not) were to take away a large number of votes from the Conservatives. I examined what would happen if, nationally, the Conservatives went from 35%-45% down to 30% or 25% (or even lower).

Nigel Farage has made comments indicating that Brexit Party might make inroads into the Labour vote too, especially in the North where Labour was once monolithic in its supremacy in most constituencies.

The polling percentages and national vote percentages can only take you so far. In 2017, Theresa May led the Conservatives to inconclusive victory-defeat and 317 MPs, despite getting 42.4% of the national vote, a level not achieved by any political leader since Mrs Thatcher in 1983. In 2015, David Cameron-Levita’s Conservatives only got 36.9% of the national vote, yet 330 MPs. Only in an electoral system as Alice in Wonderland as that of the UK could that make any sense.

In other words, predictions are tricky when it comes to exact or even inexact numbers.

However, in my view, Brexit Party (and what is left of UKIP support) will hit the Conservatives harder than Labour. Indeed, some voters in seats where Labour never wins may vote tactically to unseat Conservatives, even if the result is that a LibDem or other may get in as a result. One can easily imagine seats fought until now as effectively a two-way split which may now be fought as a three-way or even four-way split.

If Brexit Party can go up from its 14% polling (Westminster voting intention; in EU elections the figure may be as high as 30%) to 25%+, that raises the serious possibility of Brexit Party MPs being elected. If about half the 2017 Conservative voters are not going to vote Conservative (as ComRes reports), are they going to abstain or vote elsewhere? The fact that they bothered to vote before seems to suggest that they will vote again. That means that even in the handful of seats where the Conservatives won in 2017 with over 60% of the vote, the Conservative share of the vote might go from 60% or so to 40%. (the safest Conservative seat is North East Hampshire: 65.5% in 2017).

In the circumstances above, defending a 60% vote share and ending up with perhaps 40%, the Conservatives would still win in most cases, but that would not be the case in more typical constituencies, where the Conservative MP won in 2017 with 50%, 40% or an even lower percentage of the votes cast. A Con MP who got 40% in 2017 might end up getting 30% or even 20% next time.

If Brexit Party can maintain momentum, it (with UKIP’s effect added) will cripple the Conservatives, who will lose swathes of seats. For example, in Uxbridge and South Ruislip, Boris Johnson received about 50% of the vote in 2017. Most of the rest (40%) went to Labour. Were half or even a quarter of the Conservative votes to be cast elsewhere, Labour would win (even if the votes “cast elsewhere” were not cast for Labour). In that example, Boris would end up with less than 40% and (if Labour’s 2017 40% vote were to hold up), the Labour candidate would win. That could be replicated in hundreds of seats, in theory. Most would fall to Labour, a few might go to or revert to LibDem, but it is also possible that some would fall to the Brexit Party. At present, unreal though it feels, it is not totally impossible to foresee Nigel Farage’s Frankenstein coming to life (energized by the Brexit hullabaloo itself) and actually ending up as a bloc of anywhere between a few MPs and as many as 50.




and Farage has now confirmed that Brexit Party will fight the next general election. The Conservatives are toast.


Update, 27 April 2019

Times columnist Iain Martin tweeted on 27 April 2019 that “Disintegrating Tories need a leader who can get the Brexit Party to shut up shop.” It is clear to him, quite evidently, that Brexit Party, even if only as a “super-protest”, has the ability to smash the Conservative Party forever by reducing a typical Conservative vote in a marginal or even hitherto “safe” constituency by anything up to 8,000 votes…

The corollary is —almost— equally true: if Brexit Party (and UKIP) either did not exist or were not popular, the Conservatives would be well ahead of Labour for the next general election.

27 April 2019

Interesting analysis from 2017: had Labour won 7 more seats (requiring only 2,227 votes!), Corbyn might now be Prime Minister!


and here is John Rentoul, writing in The Independent, saying outright part of what I have been saying (I think that he is the first msm commentator of importance to have done so), that is that the Conservative Party is a dead duck (he says “smoking ruin”!) and likely to run only third after Labour and Brexit Party at the next UK general election:


Not sure that Rentoul is right about Labour manifesto policy though: Corbyn might just continue to sit on the fence. It is working for him so far…

Meanwhile, Britain Elects tweets thus:

If that polling is right, the combined Brexit Party and UKIP vote at the possible/probable 2019 General Election is now running above 20%. Today 21%, tomorrow 25%, even 30%? Anything above 10% (as in 2015—UKIP got over 12% that year) is pretty bad for the Conservatives; anything above 20% will kill them stone dead. They would lose not even 100, but 200 MPs.

Update, 1 May 2019

With only 1 day to go before the UK local elections, I saw this tweet:


This is incredible! I am not a “supporter” of Farage or “Brexit Party”, but this is the sort of reception that few get! Reminiscent of the Fuhrer (though without the depth or substance, of course). Brexit Party is on a roll! Only three weeks to go before the moment of truth (EU elections).