Diary Blog, 30 April 2022

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[Adolf Hitler, 20 April 1889-30 April 1945]

Meine Ehre heisst Treue

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Well, this week, political journalist John Rentoul scored a rare victory over me, 7/10 as against my 6/10. I did not know the answers to questions 3, 5, 6, and 10.

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Well, it may be “propaganda”, but it is also most certainly true. Britain would not survive a nuclear attack, not as any form of state or nation that we recognize. Millions dead, millions more in agony from blast, fire, or radiation. Almost all infrastructure destroyed. Anarchy/chaos on the streets. The blacks in any surviving big cities running wild. No food, almost no water. No hope.

Is that what the NWO/ZOG “elected” dictatorship —now incompetently running the UK— wants? Notionally, to support the NWO/ZOG Kiev regime of the Jew, Zelensky, but with the not-unlikely result of a nuclear exchange. Madness.

Incidentally, reading the part of that report noting a Russian TV debate, it occurred to me that there is more real free speech now in Russia than there is in the UK. What a world…

This madness has to be reined in now, while that is still possible.

Ukraine military situation:

[Daily Mail map showing state of play as of 29 April 2022]

Nothing outwardly startling. Having said that, it seems that the limited Ukrainian counter-attacks seen in past weeks have run out of steam. None are shown on the above map, at least.

It seems (thanks to the msm pro-Ukrainian bias, we have make educated guesses, because the msm is not reporting properly) that the forces of the Kiev regime are running out of fuel. Maybe ammunition as well.

If the Daily Mail map is accurate, there is a sustained Russian push south from around Izyum, and a similar push further to the south-east, both pushing into areas of the central part of southeast Ukraine.

Russia may not be “winning” this terrible mess of an invasion/war, but it is not “losing” either, not yet. In the end, Russia can, in theory, destroy Ukraine completely, though that would be a terrible thing and, to use the old expression, a terrible sin.

If only the invasion had been planned and executed properly. Then it would have been completed within a week or two, Zelensky captured, killed, or exiled, and a different Kiev/Ukraine government put in place.

The Russian General Staff and intelligence services seem to be almost useless in the post-Soviet, “Putinist”, era.

A few thoughts about the French Presidential Election 2022


I do not want to be thought too “conspiratorial” about it, but noticed a few facts.

The first is that, while Macron got 27.9% in the first round, and Marine le Pen 23.2%, Melenchon got 22%, and Zemmour 7.1%.

Zemmour [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89ric_Zemmour] is of North African Jewish origins: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89ric_Zemmour#Early_life_and_family.

Both Zemmour’s wife and mistress have North African Jewish roots, like Zemmour himself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89ric_Zemmour#Personal_life; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarah_Knafo.

The mistress also, previously, had an involvement with the son of Nicholas Sarkozy, himself a part-Jew.

What strikes me immediately is that, had Zemmour not been a candidate, effectively all of his vote would have gone to Marine le Pen, who would then have received over 30% of the vote and been seen as front-runner.

Having said that, Macron still won fairly easily in the second round— 58.5% to Marine le Pen’s 41.5%. Two factors: the Melenchon vote, that part of it that did not abstain in the second round, went mainly to Macron; presumably mostly non-white voters. The second factor was the ennui that led to a low turnout (71.9%), the lowest in over 50 years.

As in the UK, there is no significant or credible social-national party in France. Though I myself can agree with some views or policies of both Marine le Pen and Zemmour, neither is truly social-national, and of course Zemmour is a Jew.

Were there a credible and genuine social-national party in France, it could probably either get a majority in a presidential election, or enough support to take over in another way.

Late tweets

I hope that it is better in the UK, but I doubt it.

Nearest large city square. Firing squad. End.

I have a few remarks about the NHS as it is now, but it is too late to post them here; maybe tomorrow.

Late music

[Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland]

19 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 30 April 2022”

  1. Well, I am hoping the Russian intelligence services are not so incompetent they can’t somehow arrange for Boris Moron Idiot, low class common Tory prostitute Liz Truss whose only real claim to fame is being good on her back, Priti Globalist Open Borders supporting Evil, corrupt Indian Chancellor etc to not be assassinated with poison etc on Vlad The Impaler’s orders.

    I am sure I am not the only patriotic Briton who can’t stand the sight of these evil warmongers with their increasingly unhinged and bellicose rants which threaten to see us totally destroyed in a nuclear attack as you point out above.

    If they were assassinated I would immediately celebrate by buying a bottle of Russian Standard vodka on Amazon UK and I rarely, if ever, drink spirits!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello John! I am an Italian hothead but you surpassed me! (LOL). Mind you, I would join you in the celebration although I too rarely drink spirits. Where is Guy Fawkes when you the Brits need him more than ever?


  2. Marine Le Pen is basically a French nationalist. Her father originally started off his Front National party with economic policies similar to Mrs Thatcher’s ie less state interventionism, less seeking to protect French industry, making low taxes the overriding objective of economic policy etc.

    Marine and to some extent her dad later changed this. Today, the National Rally is still a capitalist party but now advocates more state guidance/ control over the economy and is in favour of protectionism ie what it calls ‘economic patriotism’.

    This less Right-wing economic stance is one reason it has risen so high. Millions of ordinary French people vote for it because they are seen as defenders of people of modest income levels whilst still espousing Right-wing, socially conservative policies on crime, immigration ect.

    You could call the RN a social national party. They are not libertarians and are not afraid of using the state in regard of the economy or in other areas like crime and border control.

    Germany used to call its economic model the ‘social market economy’.


  3. Even without Eric Zemmour as a candidate in the first round, I can’t see why Marine Le Pen couldn’t have done a bit better then. After all, in the second round last time she got 34% Surely, once you have ‘crossed the Rubicon’ of voting for the RN or Marine Le Pen you either keep on doing it or you abstain but you don’t go back to voting for the others?


      1. Yes, she got 34% of the vote in the second round in 2017 but only a marginal improvement to 23% from 21% in the first round this year. Some of those who voted for Zemmour in the first round in 2022 probably voted for Le Pen in the second round last time but where were the others as Zemmour only got 7%?

        Considering that 34% score in the second round last time she surely should have been able to retain more of them and get 25% plus in the first round in 2022.

        As I said, once you have ‘crossed the Rubicon’ and started to vote for the RN you keep on doing it rather than go back to the old parties.


  4. Zemmour is a Jew but at least he appears to be not a rabid Zionist one ready to betray France and the French at the drop of a hat. Far better him than the kind of anti-British Zionist Jews who so readily join the Labour Party and the so-called Conservative Party.


  5. Russia’s nuclear weapons can also be delivered not just with a submarine but also via land-based silos and heavy bombers.

    We used to be able to fire ours by the latter means until Blair got rid of them n 1998.

    Russia could defeat us conventionally seeing as they have a very large air force whilst the RAF barely exists and as for the Royal Navy apart from two aircraft carriers with rubbish yet very expensive Yankee planes on them it is better we don’t go there!

    The ever stupid morons that make up ‘British’ governments need to be firmly told that it isn’t wise to throw your weight around in foreign affairs without being able to use a ‘big stick’ militarily to back-up the assertiveness.


  6. Hello, Ian: I was not surprised by Macron´s victory, as I said many times, the majority of Whites, particularly Western Europeans, are cowards who: A) Don’t care about the destruction of their own people. B) Somehow they believe that things will get better (???). That explains the awful behaviour of the vast majority of the British and the French people who insisted on supporting the political parties responsible for their own demise.

    As I always say “They deserve everything they get”. Unfortunately, we, the few who are able to think properly, have to put up with all this rubbish because of their cowardice! Rant over! (LOL)


  7. If Marine Le Pen wants to win the French Presidency one day then she will need to either draw level with or beat the other leading candidate in the first round. I think a candidate has come second in the first round and then gone on to win the second round but as she is a ‘controversial’ figure she would need more momentum than most.


  8. I see that Coco The Clown, otherwise known as Boris ‘Britain and the British people Last’ Johnson has, yet again, given more money and weapons away to Ukraine.

    I thought there was no ‘magic money tree’? Well, that is the perennial Tory answer when people want more police officers to be employed, more police stations to be built or kept open, more teachers, more NHS beds, train fares to be subsidized and kept lower, more homeless people to be housed etc.

    Yet when it comes to funding a war where there is no essential British national interest at stake the ‘magic money tree’ not only appears as if by magic but positively blooms laden with cash.

    I can only hope voters take this into account next week and the ‘Britain Last’ fake Conservative Party gets utterly smashed.


  9. This is getting utterly ridiculous now. Someone ought to tell the perpetually scruffy git that is Boris Johnson his primary responsibility is to the BRITISH electorate NOT the Ukrainian one. Boris, if you love Ukraine that much then eff off and stay there! You won’t be missed at all by thinking Britons.


  10. If only a Russian rocket had landed on top of him when he visited his bum chum, Zelensky, in Kiev.

    Boris just do the decent thing at long last and fuck off and die in a corner you evil, anti-British piece of New York born Turkish excrement.

    If only the vile little , immoral and continually lying scruffy cunt had died two years ago then tens of thousands of much more moral and decent, upstanding citizens here mght well still be with us.


  11. That rapist in Camden who is no doubt a devoted Tory voter in the demented imaginings of globalist anti- British morons like Boris, Priti effing Useless and the sad case that calls himself the CONServative Party chairman (well, the rapist IS the CON Party’s target voter nowadays) would probably get a custodial sentence of twenty plus years PLUS at least ten or so more strokes of the rattan cane in Singapore.


  12. No need for the death penalty for serial rapists as it is too severe a sentence and not morally justified in those cases but there is no reason to be squeamish at imposing judicial corporal punishment on offenders like that as in Singapore.

    Infact, judicial corporal punishment could make for a good deterrent and suitable form of retribution for criminals like that serial rapist. Also. corporal punishment doesn’t have the same issues attached to it as the death penalty obviously has.


    1. John:
      I oppose the death penalty, in general. In cases such as that under consideration, involving unwanted “interlopers”, however, it could be called “social street cleaning”.


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