Diary Blog, 11 May 2022

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[panorama of Budapest and river Danube]

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In Europe, the white race is fighting for survival in terms of its future.

Gove was always a Jewish-lobby puppet; we now know that he is also both a drunk and a drug abuser. His Jewish wife has now divorced him. He may be guilty of other things.

When I was disbarred in 2016, at the instigation of a pack of Jews, the “charges” eventually related to only 5 tweets tweeted by me, one of which —completely true and accurate— was about Michael Gove.

Incidentally, what I tweeted about Gove was not only true at the time but also has been proven since 2016 time and again, i.e. that Gove was an egregious and fraudulent expenses cheat, as well as being corrupt and in the pocket of the Jewish/Israel lobby. In 2016, we did not know that he was also a cocaine abuser and a drunk.

Balkan fraud

I see that the “Balkan Fraud” (necessarily nameless for now) is preparing her most audacious scam yet, pretending that the NHS doctors and nurses who have been caring for her have been both negligent and directly malicious in harming her. She probably hopes to make a faked medical negligence claim somewhere down the line.

Late tweets seen

Nine times out of ten, “they” (((they))) are behind these programmes.

One may think most British politicians are deadheads, but then you see some of the American ones! Often, though not exclusively, hysterical middle-aged women.

Savages. They live in our country, but are no more a genuine part of it than (other) trash dumped on the shore.

Savages. At some point, these untermenschen will be the majority in the USA. What price then the future of the “world’s superpower”?

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11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 11 May 2022”

  1. Tory morons! Someone needs to tell them that the only way you can sell that discredited libertarian extremist fantasy agenda of deregulation (the more sensible bits have already been done anyway) is to have an effective salesperson like Mrs Thatcher at the head of it rather than their present ‘leader’ ie the constantly scruffy and moronic Benny Hill tribute act they have now.

    It may go down well in Surrey but then all it will do is mildly strengthen the existing safe Tory majorities there whilst alienating their new electorate in the ‘Red Wall’ seats they gained in 2019.

    Simply put, Boris is an out of touch, severely incompetent, constantly lying tosser and ex public schoolboy from Eton College that hasn’t got a clue how ordinary people think which is why even the Labour Party under the not exactly charismatic Keir Starmer is doing well enough to be able to dislodge this idiotic shambles of a ‘government’ from power at the next election.

    Governments lose elections oppositions don’t win them. If the Tories wish to have any chance of winning the next election they need to get rid of Boris Idiot sharpish and replace him with someone mildly competent like Jeremy Hunt who they should have chosen in the first place!๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„
    Keep Boris and you will lose! The dye has been cast. The Conservative Party is being dragged down by him and a few of the other idiots in the Cabinet such as Priti Useless. The local elections were a pretty stunning warning shot across your bows you need to take notice off eg whilst losing Barnet and Wandsworth was always a possibility Westminster shouldn’t have been.


  2. Where is the social conservatism, Tories? REAL action on crime and immigration is what your new electorate in the ‘Red Wall’ seats expects and wants. Boris needs to sack useless Priti Patel who is even more incompetent and thick than he is. However, he won’t do that because he has her in the Cabinet to make him look better and because he is a posh social liberal. Basically, Boris is a more high class version of Ted Heath but less competent. The Tory Party lost office in 1974 because Ted moved his party too far to the centre on social issues and thus gave credibility to the arguments of the Liberals so they lost voters to them and to abstention.


  3. The Tories take fright at Lib Dem gains too easily. Most of this is caused by a protest vote at Tory incompetence rather than a genuine mindset change on the part of voters.

    The Lib Dems have started to recover but it is a pretty weak recovery. They are still trending in the polls a little bit below what they got in the general election of 2019 and they have competition in the form of the Green Party that they didn’t have before.


  4. I see that the brain dead moron that is Boris Johnson is now threatening to involve us with a potential nuclear war with Russia should Putin take offence at Sweden or Finland joining the Yankee dominated warmongering alliance called NATO.

    For God’s sake, Tories, wise up and remove this simpleton with urgency. He has had quite long enough as PM and the results have been disastrous for virtually everyone in this land. He will never improve.

    How many more examples of a ‘Get Boris Idiot out’ vote as the local elections mainly were do you have to witness before action is taken?๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„โ˜น๏ธ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„


  5. Indeed, Nick Griffin. Sweden in WW2 was officially neutral but their neutrality was more leaning towards the Nazi German side than ours. Finland also had plenty of Nazi sympathetic people residing within it.

    The Soviet Union under Stalin was far from being on the ‘good side’ totally as too many Russians and Putin believe. Without the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact and Stalin’s land grab of Eastern Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia WW2 might well not have started in the first place as even Hitler may well have been deterred from invading Poland if he had been faced with an immediate two front war. Without Stalin and his Foreign Minister signing of that pact Chamberlain’s now much derided (though very popular at the time) appeasement policy could have worked.

    My dearly departed grandmother was not fond of Russia and I believe she partly blamed them for WW2 breaking out and her having to live through the Blitz and suffer for five long years.


    1. John:
      “Neutrality” can be biased all the same.

      The Irish Government, though neutral, made few efforts to stop Irishmen joining UK forces during WW2. Likewise, the Vichy Government called its policy something like “affirmative” or “biased” neutrality. Pro-German but not (until mid-1942) always actively so.

      Sweden was split in terms of the population, the upper classes being mostly pro-German, though its governmental policy was fairly strictly neutral.

      Switzerland was strictly neutral too.

      As you say, Finland, having fought a war 1939-40 with the Soviet Union, was only notionally neutral, and helped German forces to blockade Leningrad.

      Some countries abandoned neutrality when German defeat seemed inevitable (eg Brazil).

      The NWO/ZOG support for Ukraine, ie the Kiev regime, is madness, and will only prolong and intensify the war.

      Europe, and possibly the Western world, is sliding into a potential nuclear conflict. The West is “led” by complete idiots such as Biden, Pelosi, “Boris”, Liz Truss and others. I have an uneasy feeling about it all, not least because I live in the UK, which may well be obliterated should a Russia-NATO war erupt on a large scale. Indeed, I live only 20 miles from a major target (the port at Southampton) and only 30 miles (as the crow flies, partly across water) from an even more likely target, the naval base at Portsmouth.


      1. I live in Essex on the very edge of the prime target in the UK ie London.

        Yes, we sure do have utter morons leading the West at the moment: ‘Sleepy Joe’ with his beginnings of senile dementia, Pelosi the stupid Italian-American IRA supporting bitch, perpetually scruffy and continually lying Benny Hill impersonator, Boris Johnson, and thick ‘ex Lib Dem’ mutton dressed as lamb Tory tart, Liz Truss.

        What could possibly go wrong in a very dangerous version of Russian Roulette between these cretins and ex KGB agent and fan of chess, Putin?


  6. Hello Ian: That awful brawl in Jacksonville, USA, was it a meeting of OBW = “Obese Black Women” (LOL)?

    I could not believe what I was watching. How disgusting!!!


  7. As for Ukraine, well, let us just say it is an historical fact that very large numbers of Ukrainians actively helped the Nazi invaders and many were ‘more Nazi than the Nazis’ The level of ‘anti-semitism’ in the country during WW2 made even people like Himmler and Stretcher blush in its savage and pitiless nature-something few Jews today have forgiven them for.

    Today, this historical tradition continues with the Nazi thugs of the infamous Azov Battalion.

    It all makes me wonder why a famously anti-Nazi country like Britain should put itself into the position whereby we could all die from a Russian nuclear attack to help a land which few Brits could even locate on a map a few months ago, with which we have never had an alliance with which has a rich history of supporting Nazi ideals.

    Do even a few of the Twitter twits with their ‘look at me aren’t I virtuous?’ Twitter account headings know this past and current history of Ukraine?


  8. Re Mother’s Day in Florida. Yes, how will America continue to be the world’s superpower when people like that form the majority as they are predicted to become in the next thirty odd years?

    Yankee blacks are pretty uncivilized compared to ours though the difference is not a vast one. It isn’t hard to understand why some states particularly in the South cling onto capital punishment for dear life.

    A Former PM of Japan in the 1980’s was asked why he thought Japan was then nearing US levels of economic power almost overtaking them and why Jap educational standards were higher than American ones and he said it was because of his country’s ethnically homogeneous society compared to America.

    Needless to say, Nakasone was denounced as a ‘racist’.

    I have got to say I love the Japs! They are so un PC and don’t give a damn what the rest of the world thinks about them in this regard.๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚


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