Diary Blog, 12 May 2022

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[Trafalgar Square, London]

On this day a year ago

Channel 4 Dispatches/”Hope not Hate” film

I understand that the basically Jewish “antifascist” org, misnamed “Hope not Hate” recently joined with Channel 4 Dispatches [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dispatches_(TV_programme)] to make a filmed report on Patriotic Alternative: see below

I did not see the report. In the past I have seen several such “exposures” of the social-national side of British politics, both on TV and in the Press (“Lugenpresse”/”Judenpresse”), starting in the 1970s. Such reports have been on various groups or individuals: National Front, League of St. George, British Movement, British National Party, the London Forum etc. Such reports tend to be much of a muchness.

A few years ago, I think in 2017 or 2018, the Jewish “antifascist” “Hope not Hate” crowd cobbled together a similar film about the London Forum. I said at the time that it would sink without trace. It did. I believe that it was shown on late-night TV (again on Channel 4, and with an audience of two men and a dog) late at night, and later also broadcast in Belgium or the Netherlands and (I think) Sweden.

The Jew-Zionist-controlled “antifascist” cabals make a shrill noise about such “exposes” every time, briefly, before the films disappear down a black hole.

How big is the Channel 4 Dispatches audience? I cannot say, exactly. Not large, anyway.

I have just seen a review of said Dispatches report, written by a UKIP activist (apparently they still exist, though only seen rarely, like a coelacanth https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coelacanth.)

This is that online review: https://www.ukip.org/review-dispatches-the-enemy-within

The only Dispatches report I myself remember seeing was this one:

Interesting video

Alison Chabloz

I have heard nothing about whether the imprisoned satirist and singer-songwriter has been released on bail pending appeal; I think she has not. In the meantime, she is now on the 28th day of 77 days of incarceration. In other words, she is now well over the one-third mark of her sentence.

[Alison Chabloz]



Tweets seen

Naturally, those who bought in to the facemask nonsense will feel aggrieved or betrayed, the stupid saps. I saw an old-ish woman in Waitrose only yesterday, still wearing her muzzle.

Embarrassed” seems a mild term…

Just another virtue-signalling hypocrite who should be punished.

The presenter should have opposed “Femi” because he is anti-white-European, not because he is “racist” (whether he is or not).

The sickness in our society comes out, inter alia, in the constant pushing onto TV and radio of this useless “Femi” person. He is as thick as two short planks, for a start, and is only on the msm because the System is desperate to find blacks who can string more than a few words together. An eternal student type, who fronted a failed, EU-funded, anti-Brexit campaign for a year, several years ago now (around 2015), and now resides in the attic of his affluent Nigerian parents’ house (they being NHS doctors). At the age of 32-33, that is his entire CV, or 99% of it.

The “Femi” individual has nothing to contribute to this or any other European country. See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Femi_Oluwole (yes, that waste of space has a Wikipedia entry…).

Why are there no British groups or organizations doing that or something like that, for struggling British families? Or are there, but not publicized?

Add “Femi” to the list (in an ideal world…).

Channel 4 “wokester”, undercover, in other words a spy, gets taught a lesson when “antifa” thugs ambush him and a couple of British nationalists (on whom he is spying). In the USA, the “antifa” swine would just be shot down, of course…

It occurs to me that if (as I am told) one of the Channel 4 (or other) producers tipped off the “antifa” idiots, and so (by that deliberate and/or negligent act) caused the undercover reporter/spy to be injured, then said spy might have a case in negligence against the said producer and/or his/her employer… What fun.

Late tweets seen

…and, “co-incidentally”, the people driving (or, eventually, being driven in automatic vehicles) will be able to be tracked in real time, almost everywhere, certainly on motorways and other main routes.

A Womble, dressed as an Emperor…

Late music

[Russian Imperial Family]

11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 12 May 2022”

  1. More lies from the Zionist Maxwell propaganda rag, The Mirror.

    Bradley Walsh is 19. Patriotic Alternative started 3 years ago. How could they have ‘groomed’ him at 13? Basic arithmetic is beyond the dim child scribblers ‘working’ at this rag. Mind, it was ever thus.

    The hit piece created by the programme makers involved an ‘undercover reporter’ joining Patriotic Alternative to take part in leafletting, litter picks, barbeques, country walks, and banner flying. In nearly two years all they could come up with were a few fruity jokes made.

    Theh only violence was when some state-sponsored thugs (HnH) attacked some PA members whilst they were leafletting. The producer of the programme had tipped off the state-sposored thugs that PA were there. The producer knew that he needed some kind of footage to use in the programme as it was otherwise a complete non-event.

    The only person who got beaten up was the ‘undercover journalist’. He was shrieking and pleading with them to stop as he was ‘an undercover journalist’. He then ran away.

    Andy Ngo (the US media personality) has posted footage of it on Twitter. Last I heard it was ‘Trending’. The ‘undercover journalist’ has now become a laughing stock.

    Just like ‘journalism’ of The Mirror.


    1. HennyPenny:
      Ha. Thank you.
      I think that the person noted on that report was one *Barkley* Walsh, not “Bradley Walsh” (who is a TV game show presenter and actor).


      1. Whoops!!

        Apologies. I meant “Barkley”. I wish I could say that I’ve been watching ‘The Chase’ too much – but in truth I’ve only seen it on a couple of occasions (though even that could probably be termed ‘too much’). The hideous Celeb culture has permeated my brain. Help!


  2. Even by the usual abysmal standards of ‘our’ tabloid press, The Daily Mirror is pathetic. Someone needs to tell them them their ideology of outright class hatred, anti-patriotism, globalist PC lunacy etc has been abandoned by the vast majority of the world’s countries. Even Russia eventually got rid of Communism yet the Mirror thinks a watered down version of it is the wave of the future.

    Compared to the Mirror even The Scum looks mildly intellectual and that is saying something!

    To think this gormless, worthless rag thinks permanently embittered Irish loony, Kevin Maguire, is somehow a credible political columnist stretches credulity to breaking point.


  3. Active Patriot, another way would be to refuse to entertain, point blank, any asylum claims in Britain from people who have passed through multiple countries in order to do that. Basically, Britain should not accept claims from people unless they are claiming it from France or from the Republic of Ireland WITHOUT going through Germany, Belgium ect to get to those countries and then, knowing we are the world’s biggest soft touch, travelling further to France, the Republic till they can make a claim in the land of milk and honey (for everyone bar native Brits)

    We are an island country (apart from that one land border we have with the Republic) and it is high time we made use of that fact in this policy area AND, importantly, with regard to defence policy.

    Another island country, Japan, simply doesn’t have this continual, decades long, disastrous policy errors problem ie they accepted only a couple of hundred asylum claims last year. This year, they have invited some Ukrainian asylum seekers to come to Japan recognizing that Ukrainian ayslum seekers (mainly children and women) do have a case but still rejecting fakes from the Third World who are, for the most part, blatant economic migrants and might well repay Japan with an increased crime rate and never go home. Neither Japan nor Britain or the rest of Europe are responsible for the fact too many of these Third World countries are incompetently run so, understandably, many of their people wish to escape them and become immigrants to ours through another means ie ayslum.

    However, Japan has nationalist pro-Japanese politicians who care for their country whilst ours actively hate us hence this far too long running ‘asylum’ scam under BOTH Labour and CONServative Party governments.

    Perhaps, the ideal solution would be if the French and British Empires were to be recreated then we could run these countries well and stop illegal immigration/fake asylum seeking at source.


  4. Finally! A sensible tweet from Godfrey Bloom! Normally, he would write crazy libertarian extremist rubbish about COVID 19 re having to wear a mask to protect other people’s health and then whinge this was a disgraceful attack upon human rights, blah, blah, blah!🙄🙄🙄


  5. It is a shame, Godfrey Bloom’s former party of UKIP never to my knowledge advocated Britain leaving NATO. If it had done so it would have gone up in my estimation.

    I don’t see why only the Green Party now proposes this. This is one of their best policies.

    Britain should quit NATO because, increasingly, our membership is threatening to involve us in foreign disputes that have little to nothing to do with Britain and risking us being nuked by Russia.

    The USA should be told to quit playing their irresponsible geo political games in Europe and in so doing putting our safety at risk.


    1. As it turns out, UKIP was just a state-sponsored front to ‘stop the BNP’. Farage claims that his proudest achievement was to help in diverting support away from the BNP. Note, it wasn’t helping the campaign to leave the EU of which he was most proud. But helping to neuter a genuinely patriotic party. And now he’s employed by the very anti-White anti-British LBC; wholly owned by (((them))).


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