Diary Blog, 14 May 2022

Morning music

[Red Square, 1856]

On this day a year ago

Saturday quiz

Damn. John Rentoul managed to beat me this week: 6/10 as against my 5/10. I did not know the answers to questions 1, 3, 7, 9, and 10.

“Vaccine” dangers


Tweets seen

Anyone expecting more than a fig-leaf of decent behaviour from “them” is too optimistic or good-natured for this world.

Worth seeing

All his videos are worth seeing.

Late tweets seen

People who scarcely (if at all) knew of the very existence of Ukraine last year are ready for nuclear war with Russia over the Ukraine situation this year. Mad.

More societal nonsense in the UK.

London has fallen. To some extent, England has fallen, at least in places.

I prefer this flag, the way things are now:

Late music

7 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 14 May 2022”

  1. According to a recent article in The Times, Jeremy Hunt, hasn’t entirely given up on his leadership ambitions.

    Let us hope that is the truth because as far as I can see he is the only leading Tory apart from Michael Gove who has the remotest abilities to do the job.

    The problem with Michael Gove is that he has some very strange opinions particularly with regard to Israel whereas I don’t think Jeremy leans in that direction as much as far as I know.

    I wouldn’t blame Mr Hunt if he didn’t want to take over. After all, if ‘Britain’s Stupid Party’ hadn’t lived-up to its nickname so well he would have been chosen last time around and if he did become PM he would have to take a swinging axe to the present shower in Cabinet and find an awful lot of replacements.

    God knows where they would come from though as there is a shocking lack of talent on the Tory benches in parliament.


      1. That consistent Remain stance was no doubt the reason he didn’t get the job in the first place such is the Conservative Party’s total obsession with the issue.

        Mind you, if he had become leader there was no question that he would still have implemented their blasted Brexit (or should it be called ‘Brexshit’?)

        He might well have changed it a bit so that we didn’t have this issue of the Northern Ireland Protocol and its effective partition of the United Kingdom (something even The Kaiser or Adolf never managed to do).

        It just goes to show how utterly incompetent Boris and his goon squad are that they have managed a ‘Brexit’ which has left NI adrift in the EU still with increasingly serious consequences for NI’s economy and its constitutional status as a part of the UK.

        Boris and co have told big porkies even about their singular obsession of ‘getting Brexit done’ let alone other issues!🙄🙄🙄🙄

        Boris lied to the DUP. Mind you, they were idiots to believe that the practiced snake oil salesman could be trusted to tell the truth.


  2. Some good news, perhaps, on the Russia-Ukraine conflict front is that Turkey is said to be wary of Sweden and Finland joining NATO and may not agree with this thus Sweden and Finland could be prevented from joining.

    It really is saddening that we have to look towards a country like Turkey to save us from unwise British foreign policy and the potentially disastrous consequences of it for us.


      1. I agree obviously. The kid would have been better off trying to help build a “White” community etc. Now the powers-that-be will use such attacks to try and instigate further Draconian measures! 🤔


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