Diary Blog, 15 May 2022

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Those supporting further NATO expansion should consider where Russia can go from here. The apparently inexorable progress to world war can in fact be halted, but it seems that there is as yet no will for that to happen, certainly not on the Western side.

If Putin and Russia get backed into a corner, Russian first-use of nuclear weapons (tactical or strategic) must be a possibility. Is “well, if they do that, we shall do the same to Russia” the highest level which Western statesmanship can reach?

We in the UK should be clear about this: even a limited strategic strike on the UK will finish off whatever still exists of Britain, or at least England, its society, its way of life, its population.

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Kirstie Allsopp, an over-privileged and over-publicized woman, whose basic activity is moneygrubbing and freeloading. Part of the “buy a house for a small amount and sell it for five or ten times that amount a few years later” nonsense in the UK. She occasionally reveals her socio-political ignorance on social media or in the msm.

The VIP version of a “useful idiot” of the transnational conspiracy.

It may sound ghoulish, but it is a comfort to know that the ultra-wealthy, the ultra-smug, the ultra-privileged, the downright evil, and the ultra-arrogant, will all sooner or later go up the chimney, just like the rest of us…

Those in the UK, USA etc who supported the halfwit Mandela and the ANC in the 1970s, 1980s, early 1990s, are also guilty of what South Africa has become, together however with those white South Africans who compromised rather than fight for white supremacy to the end.

Had SA fought on, the collapse of Sovietism meant that practical support for the African nationalists would have ended, as would safe-base support from Mozambique and Angola from the early-mid 1990s.

Neither will many of the Germans be speaking German, in Germany, in the end, if the migration-invasion continues there.

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14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 15 May 2022”

      1. Very revealing as to who this virulently anti-British, evil rabble are loyal to when push comes to shove. I notice this vile administration would never shun the Irish government even though Mr Coveney and company clearly covet Northern Ireland and that is why they are so determined to see the NI Protocol continue to be in existence damaging NI’s extensive intra-British trade links , re-orientate that trade in a North/South Ireland direction so that NI will become a part of an all-Ireland economy with political unity and the absorption of NI into the Republic of Ireland to inevitably follow.


  1. Yes, of course, a Yankee journalist from the comfort of New York would, of course, think that Putin and his fellow countrymen and women are just needlessly paranoid about NATO and there is nothing for them to worry about and dismiss the fact that NATO has been expanding continually even though the Warsaw Pact collapsed decades ago.

    It must be nice to write such articles when America is unlikely to be attacked unlike Europeans like us.

    Where are the obvious countries for Putin to nuclear or conventionally attack should he eventually get fed-up with this constant NATO encirclement of his country?

    Germany would presumably be first in line as an act of payback for Germany under the Nazis’ killing 27 million Soviet citizens and then us for being such a pathetic puppet of the US. After all, US bitches are not popular at the best of times with anyone let alone Russia.

    I am not scared of Putin. I am more scared of my own government with their reckless indifference towards our national interests in all of this. Our safety isn’t even on the radar as far as Coco The Clown, Liz Truss and Ben Wallace are concerned.


    1. John:
      It may be that *if* Russia is goaded into extreme responses, the main target will be what used to be called “the main enemy” or “main opponent”, namely the USA itself. Imagine a USA where there no longer existed the present 10, or 20, or even 50 largest population and power centres: New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, LA, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Phoenix (etc).

      Having said that, the UK is, arguably, the biggest target in Europe, home to NATO air bases, naval ports, early-warning stations etc, and of course the large population and power centre, London.


      1. But if Russia has to go down then why not payback Germany for 27 MILLION Soviet deaths on account of the Nazi regime? That would be my primary choice as to who to attack first.

        Whilst I have a great deal of sympathy for Russia remembering those victims it isn’t unlimited since, to some extent, the Soviet Union under Stalin brought it upon itself by signing the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact which arguably, along with Stalin’s invasion of Eastern Poland in September 1939, helped WW2 to start anyway.


      2. John:
        If Russia launches its strategic nuclear missiles, the aim will not be some notional “payback” for Hitler or Operation Barbarossa in 1941, but a *strategic* move to put Western power back by 200 years, even at the cost of much of Russia also being devastated.

        For one thing, Germany already suffered (if you want to put it that way) “payback”, in 1944-1945 and thereafter— its cities devastated both by Soviet invasion and by Western invasion and heavy bombing. German women and girls were raped and often murdered as well.

        There is of course also the point that Bolshevism in general killed tens of millions of Soviet citizens over the decades of Soviet rule. More than were killed during the German invasion of 1941 and thereafter.

        As I say, though, Russia, if it uses its full power, will be doing so for strategic reasons, out of strategic desperation, not in a fit of contrived pique relating to events over 80 years ago.


  2. What an utterly stupid woman that Kirsty Allsopp is. Of course they are coming for all the free stuff your wretchedly anti-British Tory government continues to give them whilst denying to the British poor any significant financial assistance and insulting them as one of your profoundly ignorant MPs done, yet again, a few short days ago.

    Indeed, such is the British government’s largess that the French government has been pointing it out for the last TWENTY FIVE YEARS and counting that this provides such a big ‘pull factor’ for illegal Immigrants and blatantly fraudulent asylum seekers.

    Then, when they point out such FACTS and how Britain’s softness in this way doesn’t make the French government’s efforts to prevent those people congregating in Calais and attempting to cross the Channel here easier ignorant Tory bitches like you go off on an anti-French bigoted rant as do your Tory jounalists in rags such as the Daily Mail


  3. Yes, the English language is an attractive feature of this country for them which is one reason, amongst others, why the British government should take this HUGE ‘pull factor’ into account and stop giving Immigrants such big incentives to try their luck. The French government recognizes this as a very large additional ‘pull factor’ so why doesn’t ours?

    Perhaps they do but then that wouldn’t be surprising since Boris, Priti and their vile, globalist ilk WANT these illegal immigrants and blatantly fraudulent ‘asylum seekers to swamp this country such is their continual pathetic inaction on the subject.


  4. Mrs Thatcher is also to blame for that awful account of typical African savagery. Maggie handed over Rhodesia to the despot, Mugabe, thereby depriving well run, white ruled, Apartheid South Africa of a crucial ally.

    Even by African standards they are horrific brutes. Now, after reading that, it should come as no surprise why Apartheid South Africa had the world’s highest per capita rate of executions via the hangman’s noose.

    Also, why blacks as well as whites would like to see capital punishment’s return:



  5. As soon as you get blacks in any appreciable numbers congregating near each other especially the more backward ones such as those from Sub Saharan Africa like in that story or Somalians you will get crime incidents like that.

    Indeed, thanks to Priti Useless and previous leftwing, open borders supporting globalists at the Home Office like her that situation has already come to our former capital city and is now spreading like a cancer to nice Tory areas as well!

    In the 1960’s a Tory slogan on one of their leaflets in a seat in the Midlands read, ‘If you want a n****r for a neighbour, vote Labour’ now it should be ‘if you want a n****r for a neighour vote Tory or if you want a anti-British Indian bitch as Home Secretary or a corrupt and proven criminal extra from The Jewell in The Crown as Chancellor vote Tory’.


    1. Utterly horrific crime stories like that to start appearing in nice Tory areas soon courtesy of Priti Useless and her open borders globalist agenda and what do Tories do?

      Mindlessly clap her like seals at a water theme park at the Tory conference after she gives them a few warm words at how she is, allegedly, combatting criminals and illegal migrants whilst in the real world doing very little to nothing about either group.

      They clap her dementedly but inside she is laughing her head off at their gullible nature and hates virtually everyone in the conference hall because they are mostly whites and she, inside, doesn’t like us one bit! After all, she still has ancestral hatreds towards the British because of the Raj as does that corrupt and proven criminal extra from the Jewel In The Crown called Rishi.


  6. What Putin should do is to arrange for the British government to be [REDACTED] as that will remove an utterly treasonous administration from our land that cares more for the territorial integrity of a far off country like Ukraine than our own ie the iniquitous and clearly highly damaging NI Protocol which they signed and refuse to do anything to change and killing Boris Idiot, Liz Truss and the other anti-British vermin might well prevent a nuclear holocaust in Europe thus saving millions from a very unpleasant end.

    If only M15/M16 would do their REAL job and get rid of this wretchedly evil, anti-British rabble but when have the security services ever been pro-British?


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