Diary Blog, 12 June 2022

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On this day a year ago

Peter Hitchens


Rishi Sunak’s latest blunder


So much for the Indian “clever boy”…

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Who said Russians have no sense of humour?

From the Daily Mail. The misnamed “Conservatives” are now desperate to jettison “Boris”-idiot but are unsure how to do it, and where to go next.

Inside Putin’s Circle [a Financial Times article by Dominic Lieven]


[Security Council of the Russian Federation, February 2022]

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You have to give the transnational conspiracy this— they are persistent.

Uncle Tom in modern dress?

I cannot think of many other countries that have even one Cabinet minister (or even lower-grade minister) who is ethnically and racially not part of the majority in that country. In the UK, about half the Cabinet (including the person posing as Prime Minister) are partly —or wholly— not English, or even British except on paper: Jews, part-Jews, Indians, Pakistanis, a Kurd (Zahawi) etc.

I actually do not know who that lady is, or what her party is called, but the words are true enough.

The illusory “democratic election” possibility, or “Parliamentary road”, is probably/mainly a waste of time and effort. Read between the lines…

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24 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 12 June 2022”

    1. nativewarrior14:
      Ha. I should imagine that, in terms of propaganda or public awareness effect, the injury suffered by that Bieber person is worth about ten million tweets…


  1. Hello Ian! Here is an interesting book to celebrate “Russia Day”. I cannot send you the link to download it because I can’t remember it. However, the title is “Russia in the 19th Century, 1814-1914” by Alexander Polunov. It has about 300 pages.

    There is also a magnificent virtual library called “z-lib.org”; it has dozens of thousands of books for free either in PDF or EPUB. Among the many titles I got there is “Russia against Napoleon 1812-14” by Dominic Lieven (a British historian of German/Russian descent; his great-great-grandfather was the Russian ambassador to England between 1815-1830.) I haven’t read it yet but it must be good since Dominic is fluent in French, Russian and German, therefore he had access to documents and books unavailable to the average English historian.


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.

      In the 1980s, in London, I knew (though not well) people whom I think were a couple of relatives of that historian. One was a lady of about 40 or 45 who had been a model in the 1960s and who was (though I think that she did not much use her title) the Princess Lieven; the other was that lady’s son, whom my then girlfriend’s children called “Ian with the dogs” (his mother had several small dogs) to distinguish him from me.

      I remember the lady mainly, not entirely, because she picked up someone’s Ming vase to admire it, and accidentally dropped it and smashed it.


      1. I wish I was there to see the face of the vase’s owner! (LOL) Incidentally, Christoph von Lieven (the Russian ambassador) and his beautiful and arrogant wife, Dorothea von Benckendorff, were both Baltic Germans, a very influential and powerful ethnic group that provided nearly 25% of the high-ranking civil servants and military officers of the Russian empire.



      2. Claudius:
        Yes, of course.

        Actually, one odd aspect of Imperial Russia, as you will know, is that, even leaving aside the Baltic German influence, there was generally a strong Central and Western European cultural influence, though confined largely to the aristocracy. French was the primary language for many of the Russian aristocracy, which factor I think came mainly from the interests and proclivities of Catherine the Great (herself German, of course). At that time, needless to add, French was literally the lingua franca throughout Europe, as Latin had been in the Middle Ages.


      3. Regarding the influence of foreigners, particularly Germans, in the Russian bureaucracy and the army, it is worth mentioning that the highest-ranking Russian general in the 1807 campaign was Mikhail Barclay de Tolly, a man of Scottish descent, the particle “de Tolly” that sounds and looks French, is apparently a corruption of the word “Tollie” a place in Scotland from where the Barclay family/clan hails from.

        Mikhail ancestors left Scotland in the mid-17th century and settled in Riga, where they married into the German community, and even Germanized their names; his father was called Weinhold Gotthard Barclay de Tolly.



    2. He can’t have been Russian Ambassador to England. That is an impossibility. Foreign Ambassadors are acredited to the Court of St James which is shorthand for saying to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or then the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. England is not a sovereign state so can’t receive foreign diplomats.

      Too many foreigners don’t understand the reality of the UK hence morons in the EU whinging that the NI Protocol mess shouldn’t have happened as, “Northern Ireland voted Remain”. These cretins don’t understand that it is not relevant how NI voted since it was a UK-WIDE vote and the member state of the EU was the United Kingdom of Great Britain and NI not any part of the UK individually.


  2. Of course, the NI Protocol mess was created by our own government signing us up to a hideously bad deal which effectively left NI a part of the EU still whilst taking the majority of this supposedly united country out of it in order to lie to the British electorate during a general election so they could ‘win’ it.

    It is not the EU’s fault we have a moron/ complete prick for a PM with barely a single cabinet minister with functioning braincells between their ears. Of course, the PM is also an utterly shameless and continual liar to boot which hasn’t helped either.


  3. So Boris Idiot turned-up to the Royal estate of Birkhall looking like a common scruff/yob from a council estate? Did Prince Charles really expect anything different?

    Boris doesn’t wash his hair or brushes it because he feels no need to do that. Why should he? He has the job now! Boris is sloveny and doesn’t care that he is demeaning the formerly prestigious post he holds by being untidy or sending the signal that he doesn’t need to respect the post to we plebs because the post is just merely another job for him with no essential prestige or past history from other occupents.

    He is sending the signal that he doesn’t care about the post or, in turn, us as a nation to be governed. He has slithered up the greasy pole of British politics and obtained the top job and that is all that matters to him ie self advancement.


    1. John:
      Quite. It was noticeable how his girlfriend (now wife) smartened him up, cut the hair (had it cut), slimmed him down and made him behave better for a few weeks prior to the 2019 election.


      1. Indeed and now he has his big majority that has gone out of the window! I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes an effort with his appearance over the next month or so seeing as he might be at risk of losing his job should the Tories lose badly at the by-elections in Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton.


  4. It is lucky for the distinctly unfunny Benny Hill 2 that he turned-up looking a right state to Birkhall when he was only likely to meet Prince Charles.

    The estate formerly belonged to Charles’s grandmother, the Queen Mother, who was of the ‘old school’ of Royals. If Boris had been PM and arrived looking like he does and being shambolic as that she would have called the alarm and had some fine soldiers from the Scots Guards or another regiment to take him away!


  5. Yes, the so-called Conservative Party (a SICK joke if ever there was one) has filed its cabinet with low grade spivs, self-serving chancers and common continual liars who have barely collectively got a single functioning brain cell between them. That would be bad at the best of times even if they were actually Britons but when, as you say, they are of, ahem, exotic extraction then it is an insult.

    Germans whinge about Merkel and now Chancellor Scholz to say how hard done by they all are but even under the new leftwing coalition of the SPD, liberal FDP and the Greens, the vast majority of their cabinet is composed mainly (if not entirely) of native, ethnic Germans.

    That is far better than what we have to put-up with under the fake Conservatives and what good does this diversity cabinet mania do to the Tories?

    The vast majority of ethnics vote Labour today as they have always done with the result that most seats with large numbers of ethnics have Labour MPs and the Tories hold only a small handful of seats that are diverse in any serious way eg Harrow East with that one predicted to go to Labour at the next election (it doesn’t require a huge swing).

    Bringing in more and more of these people as the Tory traitors do will soon result in permanent Labour governments.

    This is why Enoch Powell was so fervently opposed to mass Third World immigration ie for the preservation of his beloved Conservative Party along with genuine pro British patriotic reasons as well.


    1. John:
      As blogged many times previously, Labour is now the party of the blacks and some other ethnic minorities, as well as public service workers.

      The above being so, Labour’s core vote is small (maybe 25%) but may nonetheless now be growing alongside the black/brown population. I doubt that many (white) people vote Labour now, though.

      All the same, the “Conservatives” have royally messed up in so many areas, and so egregiously, that their former voters may either abstain or (in desperation) go elsewhere.

      I have given the last rites to the LibDems before. I cannot see them surviving longterm, but in by-elections they may capture the former Con voters or some of them.


      1. I hope the Liberal Democrats continue to gain big by-election victories off the fake, treasonous, mass murdering, continually lying Tory scum. At least with the Lib Dems the are honest enough to wear their globalist, open borders supporting , anti-British credentials openly.

        Witness today the evidence as to my assessment of the true nature of the duplicitous Tory scum eg Prince Charles has, apparently, criticized the Rwanda scheme and jounalists have asked Boris Idiot about that. His reply was very revealing as to what the intention behind that scheme is ie he said we need to deal with people traffickers and doing this is necessary so that people who support mass, legal immigration continue to do so.

        It is clear the Rwanda scheme is YET ANOTHER Tory trick to pull the wool over people’s eyes whilst this government of anti-British, proven crimally inclined scum continues to flood this country with undesirables from all over the world.

        I will say to Boris Moron Mass Murderer that I personally don’t give a damn if those immigrants have a billion quid stuffed down their back pockets and are perfectly legal ext. We don’t want them here because we have received far too many immigrants since the war and the issue is NOT about their economic worth or, as is the case for many of them the lack of it but that they are making this country wholly alien to this country’s native people and changing our national identity. THAT is the issue, you Tory treasonous, lying scumbag.

        When, oh when, are the Tories going to stop fucking lying about everything?


      2. Royally messed-up in every area of government! Yes, you are spot-on there!

        Even their pet obsession ie Brexit they have fucked up severely! Really, what sort of utterly incompetent morons would set an explicit question asking ‘Should the UNITED KINGDOM remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?’ wait for an answer from the people of this country and then go against the answer by removing Great Britain from the EU and leaving NI effectively behind in the EU still via the iniquitous NI Protocol?

        Gormless pricks! Whether you voted Remain, Leave or were amongst the many millions who abstained NO person in this country voted to destroy the economic and constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom as a singular country.


      3. This wretched bunch of utterly useless cretins has effectively murdered tens of thousands of people during the pandemic unnecessarily, lied on a constant basis about immigration, about crime rates, sacked police officers, closed down police stations and can’t even get their demented total obsession of Brexshit right either by instituting the UK busting NI Protocol.

        Still, I don’t think we should have expected anything better from a born in New York, half Turkish mongrel PM who is so fucking useless he can’t even be arsed to be respectful towards other world leaders and more importantly the British electorate by washing his hair or combing it once every few months.

        If only the stupid, blustering ‘Big Dog’ cretin had died two years ago then tens of thousands of no doubt mostly decent people might well still be with us and we might not be in such a god damn awful mess.


      4. They do have much more chance of obtaining the support of Tories than Labour does. In my area of Brentwood in Essex (Tory majority of 29,065 for the parliamentary seat) when the Tory vote declines the Lib Dem vote rises and vice versa. There is very little vote exchange between Tories and Labour apart from the rare instances when the local Tories do something very stupid ie this year the local Tories decided to try and get Brentwood’s first non white councillor onto our council in what they thought would be the best place to try it ie in the sole ward (Brentwood South) which has a significant Labour vote, a pretty good Tory vote (though not as good as other wards) and a couple of Labour councillors.

        The result was that Mr Patel was not elected and the Tory voters in the ward gave the Labour councillor a substantial vote increase not replicated anywhere else in the elections this year. The Tory voters in the ward didn’t dabble with a vote for the Lib Dems but purposefully voted Labour in large numbers and no doubt that was difficult for many of them to do which is something that hardly ever happens in this Tory stronghold.


  6. As you know I am quite a believer in the virtues of the death penalty for certain very serious offences. Even if people don’t see the crimes of aggravated murders or large scale drug trafficking as suitable candidates for the return of the ultimate punishment they should for the crime of treason.

    Tories really should be subjected to executions for their treasonous open door immigration policies. This policy is a grotesque insult and a disgrace and would be at any time but is particularly so when too many ordinary Britons are facing rising costs for fuel, food etc, on waiting lists for housing etc.

    Bringing in vast numbers of people who are likely to never contribute to our society in a significant financial way or culturally and often increase our already bad crime rates is an outrage and these Tories should be put on trial for it one day and ‘dance the ‘Tynburn jig’ from the end of a hangman’s noose.


  7. The lady in question is “Ashlea Simon” of Britain First and relates to the arrest of Paul Golding and a fellow activist. I don’t have much time for that organisation, however the arrest was pure and simple persecution relating to the Wakefield by-election where the aforementioned Ms Simon is standing! 😠


    1. That is typical! You would think that being as the so-called ‘party of law and order’ ( surely NO ONE believes that now that we have proven criminals as a PM and Chancellor?) has sacked 20,000 police officers and closed down many police stations they would be extra careful to deploy those more limited resources in order to combat rising REAL crime levels but NO the Tory scum would prefer to use them to shut-up opponents of their wicked and evil, anti-British immigration policies.

      Britain is NOT meant to have a political police force like counties such as North Korea, China or, dare I even say it, Nazi Germany!

      When has the fake Conservative Party EVER received a majority vote in this country to turn our police into the Stazi from East Germany or the Gestapo from the Nazi regime?


    1. Yes, they undoubtedly will but lawyers, PC globalist do gooder intentionally troublesome ones or even the relatively few with Right-wing beliefs, still have to operate withing a framework of law set by government.

      All that is needed to deal with them would be a new act regulating the profession and the professional standards they would have to operate by if they wished to continue being in the profession.

      There is no way Singapore’s government would allow politically motivated lefty lawyers to go against the law and frustrate the official policies of the elected Singaporean government.

      It is high time we copied Singapore in some ways. Yes, it is an authoritarian state in many respects with some attitudes and policies which we would find not suitable for a Western and non-Asian state but there is much to be admired still and to emulate from an successful ex colony.


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