Diary Blog, 9 July 2022

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Saturday quiz

Well, this week I again trounced political journalist John Rentoul, scoring 8/10 as against his poor 4/10. I did not know the answers to questions 2 and 10.

In the interests of transparency, I should admit that I gave myself a point for question 7 despite not getting it exactly right (I thought 6 x 4 inches); close enough though, imo.

Tweets seen

Martin Amis, that smug, and hugely-overrated, scribbler?

In fact, Bone is not always wrong, but his manner is, usually.

As for Andrea Jenkyns, she not only screamed, like the fishwives of legend, at protesting crowds yesterday, but actually stuck a finger up at them; neither the action of a serious politician nor that of a lady.

Most of the serious Conservative Party politicians, or at least those who take themselves seriously, have left the sinking Johnsonian ship of state. Left aboard are the deadheads, complete idiots, nobodies, and the “who he?” and “who she?” MPs, so obscure that even I, who take an interest in who’s who at Westminster, am at a loss and have to look them up on Wikipedia.

Part-Jew/Levantine poseur and chancer “Boris”-idiot now intends to cling on at Downing Street as long as he can, until removed.

I have still not discovered whether it is within the rules of the 1922 Committee for Johnson to put his own name forward for election as Conservative Party leader. I know that leaders who lose a vote of confidence among Conservative Party MPs cannot stand again, but “Boris”-idiot recently won a vote of confidence.

As blogged previously, if Johnson put his name forward, he might, even now, find himself one of the top two on the ballot, with many other candidates splitting the vote.

In that circumstance, the vote would then be a matter for Conservative Party members, choosing between two candidates. Johnson might win. If he did, he would have another two and a half years as Prime Minister, potentially.

This is a full-blown political crisis now. My main concern, beyond the effect on the country itself, is that there is no social-national party to take advantage of that crisis.

You can see why the ZOG/communitarian UK police are becoming hysterical at the prospect of what they are pleased to call
right wing terrorism“, meaning outbreaks of revolt among the British population.

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Meanwhile, the egg from which “Boris” hatched, part-Jew bully and fake, Stanley Johnson, having been given £3.4M for his, in reality, far less valuable house (by the HS2 people, but effectively on government instruction, in order to keep “Boris” sweet), has (like the rootless part-Jew cosmopolitan he is) not only abandoned the UK (he has fled overseas to live in France), but has also taken on foreign (French) citizenship. He is also entitled to Israeli citizenship, which he may or may not have requested.

…especially if social nationalism can then soar aloft.

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Very alarming, but that neither proves that the warming is (or mainly is), man-made, nor that the cause is (or mainly is) CO2 emissions, nor that anything concrete can be done, in view of the fact that the world is overpopulated, and that means overpopulated by those of Asian and African origin.

The world population has more than doubled since 1970, and the bulk of that has been in China and India, with other Asian and African countries also contributing.

The world population must be reduced to a far smaller figure, perhaps 20% or even 10% of where it now is, and the remaining population should be mainly European in terms of race and culture.

If the above reduction in quantity, and increase in quality, can be done, the foundation will have been laid for a quantum leap in human evolution.

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The Conservative Party leadership election now descends into pure farce.

Once again “they” try to destroy freedom of expression in the UK: see also https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/; and https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/; and https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/01/15/diary-blog-15-january-2022-including-an-outline-of-the-failure-of-the-latest-jew-zionist-attempt-to-prosecute-me/.

Looking for trouble?


Afternoon music

[Volgograd, Mat-Rodina monument]

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The stupid Huffington Post failing to point out that mass shootings in the UK have always been “vanishingly rare“: only three have ever happened in the UK and, of those, one happened in the 1980s (Hungerford), one in the 1990s (Dunblane), and one (in Cumbria) in 2010, i.e. after the prohibition laws of 1997.

The hysterical 1997 (anti-) gun laws in the UK are yet another example of law not only made to immediately satisfy whipped-up public opinion, but also law behind which is little thought or knowledge.

I blogged about these matters after the Brenton Tarrant spree killings in New Zealand, three years ago: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/03/25/the-new-zealand-attack-and-related-matters/.

The Huffington Post or HuffPost is a very poor “news/comment” outlet.

I have just now seen that a HuffPost report about me is now (online version) illustrated by a 2-min video of some completely other person giving a talk at what looks like a Labour Party meeting! Is that meant to be me?


I might add that that 2016 report, penned by one Steven Hopkins, is no better than semi-literate.

Talking about poor/inaccurate news media: after I was wrongfully —and actually unlawfully— disbarred in 2016 (see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/), the Independent published a one-sided account of the matter, and also a photograph of a barrister, robed, smoking a cigarette. A neck-down photograph. It was published as if the person shown was me, but in fact I have never smoked cigarettes, and always wore far better shoes!

Conservative Party leadership

Seems that even some, even some msm political journalists, are divided on whether “Boris”-idiot has actually “resigned” as Con leader or not; if not, then he could stand immediately for the leadership, again:

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Indeed. On the other hand, there may be a race-and-culture aspect. Will enough voters disregard the fact (if it is a fact) that the new Conservative Party leader is (if he or she is) black or brown?

I would say that, in the affluent south of England, and in pockets of affluence elsewhere, very many voters will do almost anything to preserve the supposed value of their houses and other assets, and so will vote “Conservative” even if the party leader is an Indian or other non-European. It may be a very different story in the “left-behind” areas of the north of England, Wales, degenerating coastal towns etc.

It may be, that in much of England and Wales, many voters simply will not vote for a party whose leader is non-European.

Starmer is, of course, English, and the fact that he is a puppet of the Jewish lobby and (almost identical) Israel lobby is “caviar to the general” for most voters; it goes over their heads.

Even if only, say, 10% of voters are swayed by such considerations, those aspects may be key in a close fight.

Ha ha! Au contraire, in my view.

When people say that about Boris-idiot, they are not just talking about his shambolic 3 years as PM, but the equally crazy preceding couple of decades, including his two times as MP (for different constituencies), his disastrous failure as Foreign Secretary, and his spell as Mayor of London.

Late tweets

Reminiscent of Ouspensky’s famous experience, recounted in his book, In Search of the Miraculous [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_Search_of_the_Miraculous]; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P._D._Ouspensky.


I have come to realize, or realize anew, and more pointedly, that the vast bulk of British people, at least, are easily manipulated, fooled, and ruled. The 2+ years since the start of the “panicdemic”/”scamdemic” have made that glaringly obvious. Law, constitution, civil rights, Parliamentary “democracy”, decency, all easily rolled over by a conspiracy of a relative few in government and msm, most of whom probably themselves believe at least some of the lying propaganda they shovel out over the country.

Late music

[Motherland monument, Kiev]

25 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 9 July 2022”

  1. No, Kemi Badenoch, the Liberal Democrats, Labour, Greens, SNP state separatists NOT genuine nationalists, Socialist Workers Party are all over there! Toodle pip, girl!

    Indeed, what a complete farce and circus! May as well have Coco The Clown throw his hat into the ring but then didn’t that happen just three short years ago and he is now squatting in No.10?

    Can we invite a strongman to rule over us such as President Putin or even ex President Trump?

    A benevolent dictatorship has some advantages at times! The largely fake ‘democracy’ Britain is has run its course!


  2. Where is Benito Mussolini when he is really needed? I went on holiday to Lake Garda a few years ago and saw in one of the local towns many souvenirs devoted to his rule and memory. Apparently, quite a few older Italians remember him with some affection and a not inconsiderable number of younger ones view his period in office as one in which Italy made progress ie he ‘Made Italy Great Again’!

    Well, he did make the trains run on time, didn’t he?


    1. John:
      More than that. Mussolini cleaned up and cleared many of the slum areas of the Italian cities; sadly, more were created as a result of the Anglo-American invasion of 1943. He also cleared out the mafia and imprisoned their leaders on islands in the Aeolian Sea (again, the mafia were restored by the Americans in 1943 and thereafter).

      Occasionally, even the msm fails to censor some of the achievements of Mussolini’s government.

      Mussolini made, for Anglo-Saxon sensibilities, the same mistake as others, such as Mosley— strutting and ranting a little too much.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Further, criminals were sentenced more severely than they had been previously! ‘Il Duce’ was a believer in the virtues of capital punishment and brought it back!

        A ‘traditional’ Tory dream as would be imagined by one of the few sane individuals left in what passes for the Conservative and Unionist Party ie Sir John Hayes MP indeed!


      2. Very good observation Ian. As a man of Italian descent who knew people who lived under Mussolini and who were not fascists and others who were, I can tell you that most Italians were happy with their lot under Mussolini´s government until he made the colossal blunder to get involved in WW2.

        He was a fool who believed: A) The Italians of his day were like the old Romans. B) He was a new Julius Caesar. Italy had NO reason whatsoever to go to war and, as far as I know, Hitler was furious when he heard of it because he suspected/knew Italy would be a huge stone around his neck.


  3. This farcical ‘leadership’ contest and Boris squatting in No.10 all has the distinct whiff of late Weimar Period Germany about it!

    It should be all too easy to see why the Germans threw in their lot with Der Fuhrer!

    Indeed, even Winston Churchill once said if Britain had been in the same situation as Germany was in then he would wish for a British Fuhrer to arise to restore our place amongst the world’s leading nations.


    1. nativewarrior14:
      So his wife is “easygoing” about it? I doubt it, if only because they have just lost £85K a year salary, expenses (which if she was employed by him, would be another £50K plus other expenses paid), plus the tens of thousands extra for serving on Commons committees. Call it £150K-£200K a year…


  4. If Boris does indeed take revenge on Rishi and properly stabs him (metaphorically speaking, of course! Ha, Ha!😂🤣😅) In the back or stomach for his betrayal with the result that he ruins Rishi’s chances of winning then, begrudgingly, I will pay him a compliment for doing a service to this country at long last!

    I am sure there are plenty of skeletons in the cupboard as far as Rishi and the common, little Paki driver’s son is concerned! With the former those skeletons won’t even need to be potentially on display as he is a CONVICTED CRIMINAL even by corrupt Met Police standards.

    Those who stab the leader and precipitate his/her downfall rarely get to wear the eventual crown!

    The party of the late and great Enoch Powell, Neville Chamberlain and Stanley Baldwin shouldn’t countenance either of those two getting the leader’s job.

    If either of them do, the Conservative Party will not come anywhere near winning the next election. Infact, they will probably do worse than if they had left Boris in place.


  5. There is something distinctly unsettling about the sheer, raw, naked ambition of both of them. How could I put this as delicately as I can? Very un British!I Frankly, it gives me the creeps! They need to be watched very, very carefully indeed.


  6. “The Huffington Post” is a nauseating ultra-liberal (that means Marxist in a “woke” sense) rag. In their stupidity and fanaticism, they saw a new Adolf Hitler in the Orange Clown = Donald Trump. (LOL)

    Just a question: Why does Dan Hodges put his name between triple brackets? Is he Jewish?


    1. Claudius:
      I do not know whether Dan Hodges is part-Jew. Certainly not full (his mother is the famous —in the UK at least— actress, Glenda Jackson:
      who has been in many films and TV series.

      I always remember her as Elizabeth I in “Elizabeth R.” (1970s).

      She was a Labour MP and, later, peer, in later life. She is now 86.

      Glenda Jackson is not Jewish. Hodge’s father’s origins I do not know.

      I think that the ((())) is *probably* just some kind of kow-towing to the Jewish lobby.

      Hodges is, however, very pro-Israel.



      1. Sorry, I forgot about Glenda Jackson, yes I remember her, she was very popular in the 70s. Just a question. What do you think of the film “Elizabeth R”? Is it worth watching?


      2. Claudius:
        “Elizabeth R.” was a TV mini-series. Memory can be unreliable (even —though rarely— with me), but I recall the series as having been pretty good.

        It is on YouTube, I think.


  7. No, Dan Hodges, you globalist nutter! It is the Conservative Party that will pay the heaviest electoral price if they are so stupid as to impose an ethnic as PM on this country.

    The broad mass of ethnics with the only real exceptions being Jews, Chinese and some rich Indians have never voted Tory in any
    great numbers. Pandering to ethnics over recent years by denouncing ‘racism’, filling the cabinet with them and still keeping the police under Blair’s PC cosh has not changed the situation to any substantial degree.

    It is basically whites especially elderly ones in England and Wales that keeps the Tory Party as a going concern.

    Labour will secretly be delighted if Rishi or Javid wins.


  8. The Conservative Party has been and remains Britain’s ‘party of the white man’ as the Republican Party is in the US. It is immaterial whether they are comfortable with that notion or not as it is the stark electoral fact.


  9. If you look at an electoral map of London the blue, Tory-held seats are in the outside ring for the most part with a few on the innermost area such as the Cities of London and Westminster South and Chelsea and Fulham constituencies.

    The outermost suburbs are the most white areas remaining hence they have Tory MPs mostly (a few are held by the Liberal Democrats) whilst those others are more mixed but they are wealthy.

    That being said the Cities of London and Westminster South seat is forecast to be a gain by either Labour or the Liberal Democrats at the next election.


  10. And, what, exactly, is the problem, Dan Hodges, if the Tories DO elect “another middle-aged white man'”? Britain has a real problem with anti-white racism perpetrated by the PC liberal-left media luvvies, constant adverts where it is a case of ‘spot the Briton’ etc. Also, another ‘ism’ is a problem and that is the ageism one which particularly affects the male gender!


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