Diary blog, 8 July 2022

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Is he wrong? I think not.

I had not previously heard of this particular MP. Her background: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dehenna_Davison. Leaving aside Brexit (which I favoured but which was ruinously executed from the start by the Conservative Party idiot-ministers, including “Boris”), she seems to be in favour of simplistic cut-throat capitalism, which is a pity, because more MPs should have her less than silver-spoon background (in her case, working intermittently when younger in a Pizza Hut, a betting shop etc).

I doubt that she will be an MP for much longer.

Part-Jew, and former desk officer in the Army.

Hm…”self-sufficient“? Not in the EU or UK, where farmers are a heavily-subsidized industry.

If they don’t sign up to all that scheiss, they don’t get far in the System political world. The trans nonsense is just part of it, together with climate change via CO2 emissions, anti-“racism”, pro-Jew/Israel-ism, the multikulti society, the various “Covid” nonsense(s) (facemask nonsense etc), and so on.

Stray thoughts

The “Boris” departure yesterday: what a quasi-Levantine pack of nonsense, with the new-ish wife, and small child, wheeled out for the approval of the various guests and hangers-on. Why did “Boris” not expostulate “eez nice…nice“, in the manner of the late Bruce Forsyth, or sundry Mediterranean restaurateurs?

The UK was once quite renowned for the probity of its administrative and political system, even when the politicians were not intrinsically very honest (in some cases). Now? More than a whiff of the Orient, or the old East European ghettoes, permeates our politics and civil service.

“Ukrainian” “refugees” in the Cotswolds


More than 700 Ukrainians have been given a place to stay in Gloucestershire under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

The government initiative allows UK residents to sponsor named Ukrainian nationals, with more than 1,000 applications received in the county.

Excel fled Ukraine when Russia invaded and said the Gloucestershire community has been “really helpful”.

[Ecce “Excel”, the supposed “Ukrainian”]

Excel, who worked as a gynaecologist and cancer specialist in Kyiv, has so far been unable to find work in the UK, but said that since moving near to Stroud, “everyone has been really friendly”.

He said he planned to just go to west Ukraine with his wife and mother-in-law, but they were forced to keep going until he hit the Polish border, a journey that would normally take six hours, but ended up taking four days.

[BBC News]

So…he “hit the Polish border“, and then suddenly found himself in…the Cotswolds…

I wonder how many of the dwindling audience of the BBC actually believe this horseshit?

Anyway, that’s one house in Gloucestershire (either now or soon) which will not be available to struggling British people…

Why could he not return to his native Nigeria? Rhetorical question, of course. He has no intention of ever leaving the UK.

Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad“. UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands. Others too.

Thanks to blog commentator “nativewarrior14” for that information.

Late tweets seen

Andrea Jenkyns, about whom I blogged yesterday and also a few years ago: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/05/21/the-andrea-jenkyns-story/. I suppose that, in the end, you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Chances are, she will be out of Parliament fairly soon.

The Great Replacement— it’s all around you. Just open your eyes.

We all know what has to be done with the untermenschen; we are just not allowed to say it or write it. So much for freedom…

Unsurprising. After all, he is an interloper, just like Priti Patel, Sunak etc.

Let us pray” (and let no-one know for what you pray).

What I was saying about “Boris”-idiot (and others) three years ago

It has stood the test of time, I think.

Late music

[memorial, The Conquerors of Space, Moscow]

55 thoughts on “Diary blog, 8 July 2022”

  1. Hi Ian, have you ever thought of writing a book containing some of your favourite articles – a compendium so to speak? I know there are several publishers in the UK, or the US who produce such material? Just a thought!🤔 👍

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    1. nativewarrior14:
      Not as such. I did write a book in 1990 which I took to a literary agency in, I think, Fifth Avenue, in New York, in 1991. The young-ish editor there was very preppy and Ivy League, very pleasant. His eventual rejection said that the book was “undoubtedly the most extraordinary work I have ever read” but that was followed by “it will never be published in New York”…

      I think that you can guess why. The Jew element.

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    1. nativewarrior14:
      Good grief. I knew that the Japanese PM had medical problems, so when I saw something about him dying, earlier, assumed that it was of natural causes.


    2. It is very surprising this tragedy happened though Jap politicians have been assassinated before in the 1960’s not least because Japan is an exceptionally law abiding and non violent society in general and their gun laws are some of the very strictest on the planet with pretty much the only country that is stricter in this respect being notoriously tough on law and order Singapore.


  2. I doubt whether Shinzo Abe was a globalist. Apparently, he was very much on the ‘Right-wing’ of his party ie he was not averse to visiting a famous shrine in Tokyo where some of their war criminals are entombed.

    Maybe, he annoyed some of the small Korean population in Japan by doing this (Korea suffered quite a bit under Jap occupation) or lefties who disapproved of his moves to renounce Japan’s postwar pacifist constitution and increase defence spending?

    The Japs are an admirable people in many ways but they can be pretty strange. No Japanese patriot has a reason to assassinate their PMs or former PMs as unlike the utterly worthless anti-British scum of Tory and Labour Jap PMs truely do love their country and put it first at all times with the result that Japan is undoubtedly one of the world’s most successful countries.


    1. With respect John, he was a “Globalist” as he liberalised the Japanese economy and suggested opening -up the country to mass immigration. Btw – the person arrested is a Japanese man, who was formerly in the Navy! 🤔


      1. Globalist by their standards which is still a lot better than the outright treasonous nature of our globalist politicians.

        Japan’s economy can be liberalized a bit. After all, it is now a developed economy and Japanese people are normally ultra patriotic so protecting the economy with trade tariffs on foreign goods and other barriers to trade can be lifted fairly safely because Japs can be relied upon to buy Jap goods before those of other countries.

        Maybe the man that has been arrested is a member of their ultra nationalist Right-wing? They do have a fairly significant ultra right wing even though compared to many other countries they don’t really need it!

        Japan is probably the most nationalistic country in the world with the sole exception of Israel.


      2. The Japanese are very right to be wary of increased immigration not least because they can see the massive ill effects when it gets totally out of control like here over the last seventy years of Tory and Labour treason. Once it starts the slippery slope too often begins.

        Japan, at present, is still 98.5% Jap! I am sure though that Shinzo Abe didn’t intend for immigration on the loony-left scale of Tory and Labour scumbags.


  3. God, talk about ungrateful! Unlike Boris The Butcher and that evil Indian piece of shit, Rishi Sunak, who also murdered thousands here with his utterly thick and no doubt deliberate scheme to get rid of mostly old white people called ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ Shinzo Abe done a superb job in protecting his people from the ravages of COVID.

    Unlike Rishi and Boris The Butcher, Shinzo was not a proven criminal with a fixed penalty notice from their equivalent of the Metropolitan police and certainly didn’t deserve that.

    What a crying shame!

    It is the scum in the House of Treason like Rishi (though Rishi can’t be a traitor as he isn’t British anyway) that should be assassinated not Japanese patriotic PMs.

    Some peoples in this world really don’t know how lucky they are with their politicians.! Japs need to be more grateful!

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    1. John:
      Some countries are like that. Russia has abolished the death penalty, but the old Soviet Union had it for several crimes, ranging from murder to “economic sabotage”. In Stalin’s day it was, of course an everyday matter, but towards the end of the Soviet period it was uncommon, though not rare.

      Some murders (ones involving great cruelty or perversity) were more likely to attract execution than the typical Russian drunken arguments and/or domestic killings.

      As the Chikatilo killings proved, the militia were not very sophisticated in tracking down perpetrators, and often had to request help (eg technical help) from the KGB.


      1. Russia still has it on its legislative books but there has been and remains a morotorium on its use since 1996. If Putin is as much of a total monster as The Scum etc calls him why hasn’t he removed this and restarted executions? Russia has left the Council of Europe which mandates its members to refrain from using capital punishment so there is nothing in the way of resuming executions.


    2. As you can see there in that article the Japanese are quite reasonable as far as capital punishment is concerned. I don’t think Amnesty International has much of a point in criticizing them and they would make better use of their time in trying to get Singapore to reform their laws in some ways on this issue eg Singapore”s pretty dangerous presumption of knowledge that you knew you had drugs on you in sufficient quantaties to meet the capital punishment threashold for trafficking.

      I think I will avoid using Changi Airport just in case some drug trafficker slipped into my baggage whilst I am not looking more than 15gms of pure heroin ect!

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  4. If the best the Tories can come up with is Tom Tugendhat then, frankly, why are they putting this country through yet another leadership pointless borefest?

    I would gently remind Tonbrige and Malling’s latest village idiot that quite a few people didn’t get the vaccine not because they didn’t want to receive it or another reason but because of the rather small yet essential point that to get a vaccine a human being has to be ALIVE and thanks to Boris The Butcher and the criminal extra from The Jewel In The Crown too many people DIED before they could get it.

    So, please, don’t point to the vaccine rollout as being a huge success, you gormless Tory wanker. Other countries both in the EU and elsewhere in the world done it a great deal faster and vaccinated more people in a shorter time frame.

    Also, no Mr partial Jew, I don’t want my country to suffer what would undoubtedly be a Britain FINISHING nuclear attack just for the sake of a country in Eastern Europe that even many of your fellow MPs let alone the general public could not locate on a map a few, short months ago.

    I know that prospect of outright war with Russia is one of your main selling points along with an even more open door attitude to immigration than even Priti Leftwing has.


    1. It is high time the Tories returned to the quasi ‘Britain First’ foreign policy of true Tory PM Neville Chamberlain instead of pathetically following the globalist ‘Britain Last’ foreign policy aims of gormless Labour and Lib Dems. You are meant to be the CONSERVATIVE Party, for crying out loud, not a less believable and less credible version of the Opposition parties.


    1. Ross:
      I cannot believe that that was deliberate, but maybe I am missing something.

      Seems an odd way to serve anything anyway.

      I suppose that is why many countries have departments skilled in protocol. Most cultures have rules about what is unacceptable. For example, French people of a certain type pay great heed to where diners are seated, in what order of precedence. Russians can be a bit like that too, no doubt by reason of the French influence introduced by Catherine the Great.


    1. Yes, as I said before, political assassinations are not totally unknown in Japan and they can be very violent and bloody affairs.

      Japan is a mysterious and fascinating country to people all over the world but particularly so for Western Europeans like us – a fascination I share with Jeremy Hunt who was an English language teacher there.


  5. The Cotswolds! For effing sake! That area is one of the most beautiful and quintessentialy English parts of England.😥😭 It should have full National Park status.

    Well, that will escalate no doubt and before the people there know it they will be living in an ‘enriched’ excrement hole like lawless London.

    The pretty safe Tory seat will fall to the second placed Lib Dems too.

    So-called ‘asylum seekers’ are meant to go to the NEAREST safe country not travel thousands of miles across entire continents to get to the land of milk and honey (for everyone bar Britons that is!)


  6. It is time the BBC was either given a year to reform itself or be shut down. If they had the same anti-British attitude they now display in 1940 the government would have had no hesitation in closing it.

    Britain can’t have such a vile internal enemy as that rancid organisation. There is only so much treason a country can take before it succumbs.
    Cancer can be terminal and they are a cancerous and malignant growth that needs dealing with. The left-liberal open borders supporting globalists of the BBC are a constant threat to national morale.

    They are also an international embarrassment. On the BBC’s iPlayer you will find a very recent interview on the BBC’s Hardtalk news programme where Stephen Sackur berated Singapore”s excellent Home Secretary, Mr K Shanmugam, over his government’s use of capital punishment for drug traffickers. Luckily though, Mr Shanmugam dealt very well with the fairly tense atmosphere of the interview and gave some good responses to the BBC’s interviewer’s obviously sympathetic attitude towards drug dealers.

    Mr Shanmugam easily got the better of sarky Stephen Sackur. If only Mr Shanmugam could come over here and run for Tory leader! Mr Shanmugam is a Singaporean legend!


  7. The Excel (I can’t believe is his real name!) chap looks very Ukrainian to me! (LOL) Unbelievable! To make it worse I am sure the majority of the English locals are bloody idiots and liberal do-gooders who have been very nice to him and his “Ukrainian” mates! End of rant! (LOL)


    1. Claudius:
      Yes, that type of well-meaning do-gooders abound in the UK. I have seen them, and the results of their “do-goodery”, for half a century or more.


      1. Yes, and if these idiots are not stopped even their own highly picturesque and quintessentialy English, ‘nice Tory’ areas will become eventually utterly lawless excrement holes like the Labour voting Tottenham of David Lammy and the Broadwater Farm riot fame in 1985 in which a black mob attacked the police and an officer was killed with a machete!

        Can you just feel the cultural ‘enrichment’ of that scenario?

        Believe it or not Tottenham was not always the Labour voting citadel of 70% plus Labour vote share it is today! In 1987 Thatcher’s Tories came within 4,500 votes of winning the seat!


      2. John:
        Many of the blacks, especially in London, vote on a completely racial basis. Given the choice, they will *only* vote for black candidates. Of course, even semi-educated blacks such as Lammy and Diane Abbott stand out almost as intellectuals in milieux such as Tottenham or Hackney.


      3. Their influence has been 99% harmful. If only they REALLY were ‘do gooders’ and made use of the many airports we have in Britain and buggered off out of here on a one way ticket!

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  8. The Tory ‘leadership’ farce continued on its latest descent today! The most recent hopeful is Kemi Badenoch an unwanted stray from fuck knows where who the fake CONS unceremoniously dumped on a constituency just North of me in Saffron Walden!

    Are we British allowed to take part in this joke contest of who can be the most globalist, tenth rate Lib Dem irrelevance?

    We DON’T want any fake refugee like Zahari or ethnic in No.10. PERIOD as the Yanks would say.

    We wouldn’t want any such occupant to befall the same fate as a certain Spencer Percival now, would we?


  9. The fake Conservatives haven’t given any thought to the possible security implications of an ethnic in No.10.

    Now, I know it might seem to be a very unlikely possibility but what if Rishi the criminal mass COVID murderer won and we had to go to war with India. Would he really be prepared to give authorization to one of our nuclear sub commanders to launch a nuclear weapon against his ancestral homeland?

    We might as well have had an Austrian or German in No.10 in 1940!


    1. John:
      As far as Indians and Pakistanis are concerned, I would be more concerned about them in the UK, rather than on a wider stage. In any case, the UK is actually not in a position to go to war with any country, especially ones far away.


      1. From listening to some Tory imbeciles including people who could be PM next they believe Britain IS a military superpower and therefore they would be free to have an extremely assertive and bellicose foreign policy even towards countries like China over Taiwan or indeed Russia today.

        The little trifling matter these countries could seriously harm us including with nukes is neither here nor there!

        That is the power of ‘joined-up’ government in Tory world! Most sensible countries try to balance having an assertive foreign policy with their current defence capabilities and if that is lacking they REDUCE their foreign policy to less stridency.


      2. Yes, that is a valid point. Having PM Sunak or Javid could prove very dangerous internally. The police are already corrupted with the mania of political correctness and with either of them at the helm it would no doubt get worse. Muslim gang rapes are already not taken seriously so having a potential Muslim PM is unlikely to improve matters.


  10. Defence and foreign affairs can involve possibilities that are thought to be very remote. After all, who actually thought Putin would invade Ukraine in February let alone a few months or a year or more ago?


      1. Seeing as this contest has already descended into farce why can’t we invite President Putin to also throw his hat into the ring for next Tory leader?


      2. What about Peppa The Pig who was the subject of a rambling and incoherent speech by Boris Idiot which was said to have been a contributing factor to their massive by-election loss in North Shropshire?


      3. John:
        For 20 years, it has been asked, in the handwringing Press, “Boris has the ability to be Prime Minister, but has he the character and ethics?”, to which my answer has always been “*where* exactly and *when* exactly has the bastard shown that he has the necessary ability in the first place?”
        Answer came there none…


  11. Choose very, very , very carefully, Tory traitors, or the new PM might befall a similar fate as another of your PMs (an excellent one million pound question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?):


    Why do Tories have such an uncanny knack of pissing people off? Even then it happened!

    There are certain scenarios we will NOT tolerate!

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  12. They had better choose correctly as the latest polls have them as much as 14 points behind! Several place them at just 29%! That would be 2% below even what John Major scored in 1997!


    1. John:
      “A week is a long time in British politics” [Harold Wilson].

      Remember UKIP? Brexit Party? Some polls, at one time a few years ago, put Brexit Party on a level whereby it might have won hundreds of seats.


      1. Yes, that is true but it does show the fragility of the Tory vote and the potential for this contest to result in a lower score for them than under Boris Idiot if they get the choice wrong YET AGAIN!


      2. John:
        The Conservative Party has, in theory, over two years in which both to select a new leader and to regain a degree of manufactured “trust” among the manipulated voters. The longer that Boris-idiot stays, holed up in Downing Street, the smaller is their chance of staving off total disaster at the end.

        At present, the bastard seems to be willing to promote the unpromotable to government ministerial rank, and to pretend that he is still Prime Minister in more than name. How long this farce will continue until (?) either the Monarch actually dismisses him (a constitutional earthquake) or *something else* happens, I do not know.

        The British system is based on the idea that people will, more or less, “play up and play the game”. We now have an alien interloper in office; if you like, someone who is carrying a submachinegun on the grouse moor.


  13. Just send for the person who is about the only adult left standing in the room: Jeremy Hunt. He should have won last time.

    A complete clean break with the farcical absurdity of the Boris Idiot/Benny Hill Tribute Act years is needed. Your party and more importantly your country needs you.

    It is either him, Penny Mordaunt or perhaps Ben Wallace. There isn’t much choice so either of those three will have to do.


  14. Penny Mordaunt is actually British and had the good sense/foresight/personal integrity to stay well clear of Boris Idiot’s cabinet of severely incompetent goons. All plus points in her favour and Jeremy’s.


      1. Her seat of Portsmouth North is reasonably safe too. Jeremy’s constituency of South West Surrey is less so but it is a pretty prosperous area, he still has a vote share of a bit over 50% and looking from the figures on Wikipedia the Lib Dems are in a strong second place but they appear to have maxed out their score and there is little in the way of a Labour vote left to squeeze for them. I think he will hold it even he doesn’t become party leader and PM.


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