Diary Blog, 15 July 2022

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[13thC bridge over the River Wey at Elstead, Surrey]

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All that pain for the peoples of Europe just so that the corrupt, unpleasant, shambolic regime in Kiev can be kept from falling. Without Western help, the Jew Zelensky and his cabal would fall within weeks.

Britain would regain its stature in the world if it were to join in friendship with Russia.

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Only five voters, so scarcely persuasively scientific; still, their views may well reflect the concerns of many.

Well, after all, she only became an MP in the first place “on her back”, to put it a trifle crudely, in that she was having an affair with the married Con MP Mark Field around the time that she was placed on the Conservative Party “A” List (thus almost guaranteeing selection as a Parliamentary candidate).

Liz Truss having been placed on the “A” List (and/or her candidature) may not have been entirely the result of undue influence, but it is likely to have been partly so.

The focus group in the above tweets came to the same conclusion as me— that Liz Truss is untrustworthy. Also, though evidently unknown to the focus group, Liz Truss displayed embarrassing ignorance when meeting Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov a while ago.

Basically, a woman with little to commend her.

In these terminally “woke” times, the newspaper did not ask the focus group whether Penny Mordaunt (or Liz Truss) being English (i.e. white Northern European) made a difference to them, as compared to Rishi Sunak (Indian) or others. I suppose that the focus group were themselves disinclined to mention race and culture; after all, the multikulti propaganda is relentless now, in every TV ad, every drama, every soap etc.

Good idea. Britain needs to get much more serious about the failings of the privatized water companies. Renationalization with minimal compensation might also be good, if done properly.

Late tweets

“Truth not wanted on voyage”…

Screw that. I am more than glad that I never had one of the experimental “vaccines”, “boosters” etc.

So far (ha), I remain fine, while most of the Twitter virtue-signallers who have been “vaccinated” and “boosted” have not only had “Covid”, “variant Covid”, “long Covid” etc, but are so weakened from it all that many will probably not survive the 2022-2023 winter. Some are unpleasant (((individuals))) who have made, over the past decade, a number of untrue, malicious, and abusive complaints about me to social media organizations, regulatory bodies, and even to tame police.

I suppose that I shall just have to accept that the days of my persecutors are numbered…

America is not only a colossus on legs of straw but becoming a joke on a gigantic scale.

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12 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 15 July 2022”

  1. Re. Liz Truss: apparently she is/was “close” to Amber Rudd – the former Home Secretary and that was one reason there were rumours of excuse the expression – a “chocolate sandwich” with the aforementioned and Kwasi Kwarteng! I guess we will never know! 🤔


    1. This is the same ‘newspaper’ that thought Boris would make a brilliant and very able PM instead of the far more naturally capable and non buffoon like character, Jeremy Hunt, and look how well that turned-out!🙄🙄🙄

      I think I will treat The Scum’s political recommendations like Jews would if Adolf Hitler invited himself to one of their Bar Mitzvah parties! In other words, I will avoid them like the plague!


  2. Sunak is really disgusting in every way, so much so that I cannot bear the look of him (LOL) He really is a glorified used-cars salesman. Liz Truss is equally awful and thick as 3 planks! (LOL) She was not only very rude to Russian officials but she placed some important Russian cities in Ukraine.


    1. I agree wholeheartedly with you about Sunak. Not only is he ethnically Indian and therefore likely to bomb pretty much in every parliamentary seat in Britain apart from the most well heeled, Tory seats leaning to Labour or Lib Dem such as Chelsea and Fulham, Kensington, Cities of London and Westminster South (the seat that covers Buckingham Palace. The West End, Parliament Square etc,) he will not hold or increase the Tory share in CRUCIAL Tory held marginals they won in 2019 such as North West Durham, Sedgefield, seats in West Yorkshire ie the ,’Red Wall’ ones. Many of the Tory voters in these seats are white working class ones who are pretty ‘Right-wing’ when it comes to subjects like immigration and asylum and don’t like Labour for its stance on those issues and its general PC nature. An Indian as Tory PM will make these people abstain and cause the marginal seats to go back to Labour.

      The Tories are fanatical defenders of Britain’s archaic and basically undemocratic electoral system yet appear to not understand how it affects general election results: in this country to ‘win’ an election it matters not HOW MANY votes a party has in total but WHICH seats it wins them in.

      Also, he is a criminal and his entire persona is not attractive ie boasting about his very considerable wealth whilst many are struggling to make ends meet. On the whole, apart from a small number of wealthy Tory-held seats, he will be a vote LOSER.


      1. In order to remain in office, the Tories pretty much have to keep hold of their overall majority since even the Democratic Unionist Party(DUP) are more reticent about working with them than they used to be and they only have a couple of seats (just 8 at present) anyway to add to the Tory number.

        No other party apart from the DUP is likely to help prop-up a Tory government.

        Tory-held marginal seats are in danger of falling to both Labour and Liberal Democrats but the danger from Labour is greater:




    2. If the Tories have any brains electorally-speaking they will hop aboard the good ship, Penny Mordaunt! She is the only candidate left who could possibly appeal to voters in the ‘Red Wall’ marginal seats.

      Certainly, they must avoid Rishi at all costs! It must not be a case of ‘Meet The New Boss, Same As the Old Boss’. A pretty clean break with the ‘Benny Hill Tribute Act years’ is required.


    3. He is basically the Tory version of Blair ie all ‘slickness’ and repulsive. However, at least Bliar was OUR bastard.

      Liz Truss is not the most intelligent of politicians and can’t do the job of Foreign Secretary properly but, again, she is, at least, British.


  3. This is what nearly two decades of corrupting and undeserved unemployment subsidies and benefits have done. What I am going to reproduce is the transcript of the dialogue between a journalist (J) and a low-life female aged about 25 (LLF) shown yesterday on Argentinian TV.

    (J) Why are you protesting?
    (LLF) The government wants to cut our subsidies! They want us to work from 9.00 to 5.00!
    (J) Aren’t you suppose to be happy to have a job?
    (LLF) No! We are making more money staying at home!

    As you can imagine the sentence “They want us to work from 9.00 to 5.00!” was said with the utmost indignation!

    These people should be sent to a concentration camp to work 12 hours a day for a bowl of rice! The government has created a generation of lazy, arrogant, useless bastards!!!


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