Diary Blog, 17 July 2022

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So much for “freedom”


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In case you cannot read the very small print, the number for the UK is 5 (not all white anyway, of course); France, Germany = both 6 (also not all white). You get the picture. The Great Replacement. White Genocide.

Tugendhat is only part-Jew, but the ingrained influence comes out all the time.

Liz Truss, the sort of stupid and jargon-spouting careerist idiot all too common in the UK, both in politics and elsewhere (the law, commerce, local government etc).

I liked her reference to the Prime Minister of Ireland as “the Irish tea-sock“).

I wonder how long it will be before Russian arms are exported to countries or groups who want to attack American installations around the world? Just a thought…

Alastair Campbell interview


Quite interesting. Supports proportional representation (now, though never did during the years of Blair/Brown supremacy).


“[Q] You know what it takes to be a prime minister. How have you felt looking down that grim list of Tory runners and riders?
[A] That cabinet that sat down with Boris Johnson – I can’t, for example, imagine any of them being in the same room as Margaret Thatcher. They wouldn’t have been allowed to carry her handbag. Why is the country allowing – yet again – 160,000 mostly very old and similar people to choose the country’s leader?

I think we are watching the current system breaking.

We have newspapers that are not newspapers…When I was a journalist on the Mirror, I was friendly with Labour politicians, but I never hid it. Now you see Allegra Stratton, say, “objectively” talking up how well Rishi Sunak’s campaign is put together. And you think: “Well, maybe you should also mention he was best man at your wedding?”


Some good points. The msm has become more or less the mouthpiece of government over the past couple of decades, something that (arguably) became pervasive under Blair and Brown but has become simply intolerable over the past decade or so.

Look at the BBC. Simply a propaganda megaphone for the multikulti society, mass immigration, “refugees welcome” nonsense, Black Lives Matter nonsense, “Covid” nonsense (inc. facemask nonsense, “social distancing” nonsense, “test and trace” nonsense, and “vaccine” nonsense) and, most recently, “pro-Ukraine” (meaning pro the Jewish regime in Kiev) nonsense.

Green England continues to be trashed


Developers building speculative housing estates for aspirational “wiggers” and immigrants etc.

I am against most such developments on principle, not least because, without mass immigration, there would be no “housing shortage”. They destroy the countryside, and indeed existing villages and towns.

I also oppose most such developments because they rarely plan for sufficient infrastructure such as roads, parking, proper green parks and playgrounds. Another point is the almost invariably banal architecture.

More tweets seen

Keir Starmer has yet to learn a basic fact about behaving as a puppet for “them”— no matter how much you bow down to “them”, no matter how loyal you show yourself to be to Israel and the Jewish lobby, and even if (like Starmer) you have a Jewish wife and half-Jewish children (being brought up in all the well-known tribal customs), you remain on probation. One wrong word, one small act of which “they” disapprove, and the scream goes up…

Not when the “British” MPs concerned are in the pocket of the Jewish lobby…

Late tweets

…and still they come, thousands of the bastards. Awaiting them— a hotel room, full board, free medical, various other freebies such as mobile telephones, laptop computers etc, and a weekly stipend of £40 (in many cases more) pocket money.

As Enoch Powell remarked in 1968 of mass immigration (on a tiny scale, though, compared to today), “We must be mad, literally mad“…(to allow it).

The majority will always be easily fooled, unfortunately.

Not at all “incredible“. Johnson is a part-Jew, part-Levantine poseur, born in New York, mainly brought up in the USA and Belgium. He is foreign, at root, albeit with a veneer of Englishness via Eton and Oxford.

Anyway, the bastard is now looking at how to make money scribbling and after-dinner speaking once he oozes out of office. He is paying little if any notice to the UK’s needs, and in any case is so incompetent that it would make no difference if he did; in fact, that might be worse.

Johnson is pushing the “Ukraine” stuff because of self-interest.

Late music

[Mill Colonnade, Karlovy Vary —former Carlsbad— Czech Republic]

17 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 17 July 2022”

  1. Yes, Keir Starmer needs to learn that the Zionist, Jewish, Pro-Israel extremists of the so-called Campaign Against ‘Anti-Semitism’ and other ultra-Zionist Jews are effectively unappeasable so why bother trying to do so?


  2. So Southern Cambridgeshire which is normally a nice, rural part of the country is now being systematically trashed because Cameron, Amber Rudd, Sajid Javid, Priti Patel and Boris couldn’t be bothered to control immigration properly.

    No wonder what was once a safe Tory seat is now in danger of falling to the Liberal Democrats at the next election. It is one of their top targets and highly marginal.


  3. For a good example of the numerous examples of globalist, open borders supporting, liberal-left loons we have in Britain then look no further than here:

    What a fruitcake! I bet if he were a Tory member he would vote for Liz Truss or Tom Tugendhat!

    Yes, why not virtue signal about the Ukraine conflict and try to persuade people to think it is a good idea to embroil Britain into having a nuclear war with the world’s PREMIER nuclear weapons state and that this is a good idea!

    This person has even moaned about his fellow FBPE Twitter users not showing much interest in the conflict now after the news agenda has switched to other topics since February!

    You were saying Labour can’t win an overall majority? I think it would be difficult but not impossible. Sadly, Britain has all too many ultra-globalists like this person with the right to vote!


    1. John:
      Western diplomats etc used to call the Soviet Union “Upper Volta with rockets”, which was insulting, inaccurate *but* had some element of truth in it. The Russian Federation is somewhat similar. The bottom line is that Russia has (estimates vary) 4,000 to 6,200 nuclear weapons. Just one landing on Central London and you can kiss goodbye to the UK, in most respects, for about 50 years.


      1. Russia not only has the world’s biggest stockpile of nukes but also some of the world’s most sophisticated and high tech ones ie that Sarmat ICBM that could easily wipe-out Britain and the Republic of Ireland many times over in an instant.

        These liberal-left globalists are all too ready to involve us in a nuclear Armageddon scenario yet they claim to be on the ‘peace loving, gentle, and tolerant’ wing of politics!

        They would be utterly horrified and severely annoyed if this country ever brought back hanging for murderers but involving us in a nuclear conflict with hundreds of thousands/millions of innocent dead victims is perfectly ok! Indeed, they are gung ho at the prospect of it!

        These people would say it doesn’t matter if we are nuked and destroyed as Britain’s Trident missiles would be fired in retaliation so there would be many dead in Moscow and St Petersburg too!

        Whoever coined the phrase Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) was so right and that is a perfect word to use in describing these globalist lunatics!


      2. John:
        Of the present “Conservative” Party candidates, the worst in that respect (eagerness to fight Russia) is the “chocolate soldier” and part-Jew, Tugendhat, followed by moronic Liz Truss. The others, I apprehend, are far less enthusiastic.

        The difference (re. UK/Russia “MAD”) is that the UK is about 1/75th of the geographic size of Russia.


  4. Well, my faith in human stupidity has been restored. I thought I would never come across anyone as stupid and useless as Boris Johnsen but there comes Liz Truss to take the Gold Medal… If I was a Brit I would have had a heart attack or smashed the TV…


      1. Thank you! Yes, I am an awful hothead, even my friends, almost all of Spanish or Italian descent as 85% of white Argentinians, say so! I could work on Italian TV! (LOL)

        Regarding the poem by Kipling, I would suggest you better hurry up because things are VERY bad over there. Have you considered importing some Italian hotheads? (LOL)


    1. Liz Truss isn’t going to win Mastermind anytime soon and she is an appallingly incompetent occupant of what used to be a prestigious post namely Her Majesty’s Foreign Secretary
      but at least she is genuinely British. We have to be grateful for small mercies in this utter farce called the Tory leadership contest!🙄🙄🙄


  5. I am sorry Ian, I forgot to thank you for the detailed information about conveyancing in the UK. You Brits love to make simple things difficult, don’t you? (LOL) Seriously I never thought that buying and/or selling a house would be so complicated. Here, by law, a notary is in charge of the operation and he/she gets a lot of money, but the procedure is pretty simple and straightforward. If any of the parts wants to appoint a lawyer they can do it but it is not necessary.

    Regarding the poor man who was the victim of that scam I mentioned to you, I can well imagine that would be very difficult to prove he was the real owner of the house. I think he was targeted specifically.


    1. Claudius:
      Yes, the English system of conveyancing is complex, or made so. Over the years, it has been suggested that we adopt the Scottish system, which is closer to that on mainland Europe.


      1. nativewarrior14:
        The Jew/Israel lobby would prefer Tugendhat to win, but his campaign seems to have run into the sand, so they back Sunak.

        Mordaunt is being trashed (easy to do, of course, as with the others) because that then promotes others. Truss has no chance ultimately, so the (((lobby))) will want Sunak to be opposed in the final two only by Truss or by Kemi Badenoch, so that he can win easily.


      2. Jew Zionist extremists also want Sunak to win so that we lowly British ‘goyim’ get used to the idea that we are not meant to be ruled by our own people. Of course, if we dared to suggest that the Jewish state of Israel should be governed by a Palestinian and not a Jewish Israeli we would be accused by them of being wicked ‘anti-semites’.

        What is good enough for them is not good enough for the British ‘goyim’!🙄🙄🙄


  6. Kemi for PM? No thanks! We don’t want a Nigerian for PM and one that was deliberately foisted on the people of the safe Tory constituency of Saffron Walden just North of me in Essex just because the CON Party wanted to prove how ‘modern’, PC and globalist they are nowdays.🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Call me old-fashioned but having a PM of British origins would be my ideal and I really don’t think it is too unreasonable to expect it.

    Let us put an end to reverse colonisation from Nigerians. After all. Nigerians didn’t want us to govern them so we left their country. Why can’t they do the decent thing and return the compliment?

    Let us have Penelope Mary Mordaunt! She isn’t brilliant but at least she is a nice British girl from Portsmouth!

    Say a firm no to aspiring colonial governors from Nigeria or India! Colonialism is WRONG or, at least, that is what the Left used to believe!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    This farcical Tory leadership contest proves that diversity is not a ‘stength’ but rather a profound weakness.


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