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Diary Blog, 7 August 2022, with thoughts about drought and water supply

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Drought, and water supply

Where is the strategic direction from government? It is hard to think of a more basic function of government in the modern era than the supply of plentiful and clean water. Of all necessities, water supply is the most basic.

Measures that should be taken in the UK (southern England, really) include water-retention projects in upland areas, new dams and reservoirs, and construction of desalination plants for emergency use (Israel has some of the best technology for that; worth looking at).

Other measures would include those to minimize leaks. London may be losing a quarter of the water available and piped by reason of leaks.

Also, the UK population has increased by many millions in the past half-century. Stop importing unwanted people.

Cape Town nearly ran out of water 2015-2018, partly by reason of low rainfall, but also because (quelle surprise) African government has proven incapable of planning ahead: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Town_water_crisis.

Cape Town was saved partly by severe restrictions on use, but mainly because the rains started to arrive again from 2018. Los Angeles was in difficulties too over the past decade, but again was saved mainly by renewed rainfall.

In principle, I think that water, at least for domestic users, should be free or very inexpensive, but the reality is that there is a cost attached to the storage and supply of water (and also to the disposal of waste water). There is a debate to be had as to how to manage those costs.

In Ireland, until fairly recently, water was supplied free of charge to domestic users, and the cost covered out of taxation, mainly rates (taxation) on domestic and commercial property: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_supply_and_sanitation_in_the_Republic_of_Ireland#Tariffs.

Factors: abundant surface water, and a relatively small population, which until recent decades was mostly poor. Incidentally, it was not so long ago that most of the Irish population did not pay income tax.

I oppose meters for water, and I oppose the profiteering by the present privatized water companies in the UK. There should be a national water authority and, if water is to be charged for at all, a set amount —the same amount— paid for water (either per person or per household) over a determined period.

Water pressure can be reduced to save water in times of drought, though that is easier in some countries than in others. I recall a friend in New Jersey telling me in about 1991 that he had seen a special episode of This Old House [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/This_Old_House] from London, which included the information that water pressure was 18 pounds per square inch.

My friend said that “to us, that’s a trickle!“. I think that water pressure in the NY/NJ region is nearer to 80 pounds per square inch, so 4x higher than in London, thinking back to that conversation.

Incidentally, water pressure in the UK is now expressed in “bars”, a metric measurement: see https://www.plumbnation.co.uk/blog/the-complete-guide-to-water-pressure/.

Large-scale users of water are commercial enterprises, including farms. These may have to be squeezed further on cost.

Notes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desalination; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_supply_and_sanitation_in_Israel; https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/aug/06/britain-drought-measures-hosepipe-bans-beavers-warer-butts.

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Mostly right, though not mentioning the huge —and possibly irreparable— damage done to the UK economy by the ridiculous “panicdemic” measures of 2020-2022, particularly the “lockdown” shutdown(s).

How low has the UK sunk, that it could even contemplate having a Indian as its Prime Minister?

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This is the sort of thing, or one type of thing, that happens when you mix up capitalist enterprise (economic zone or sphere) with the zone or sphere of social rights, politics etc. In the Threefold Social Order proposed by Rudolf Steiner, those zones or spheres (and the spiritual/cultural/etc zone or sphere) should not be confused. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_threefolding.

Bulb Energy was originally a mixture of economic enterprise and social do-gooding to do with “reducing emissions” and similar nonsense.

Other examples of “social entrepreneurship” have abounded in the Britain of the past 20 years. A swamp of fraud, chicanery and chaotic mismanagement. One of the worst types of the phenomenon has been the “social entrepreneur” company that presents itself as quasi-charitable but makes millions for its major shareholders out of public funds.

The maladministration and incompetence of Iain Dunce Duncan Smith at the DWP from 2010-2015 allowed dozens if not hundreds of such organizations to flourish. There were and maybe still are many examples, funded by not only the DWP but also other parts of government. I am not even sure that “Kids’ Company” was the worst: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kids_Company.

 [Camila Batmanghelidjh, founder and Chief Executive of Kids’ Company]

Another one, the name of which escapes me for the moment, made millions for its controllers out of DWP funds; one of those ridiculous outsourcing companies finding “make-work” non-jobs for the unemployed and disabled.

The fat young woman who owned it with her husband (fortunately for them, their names also escape me right now) was on BBC Daily Politics and other TV shows between 2010-2015, talking about how good it all was. Only Andrew Neil was sharp enough to (obliquely) question the amount said woman was making (out of the taxpayers). She and her husband bought a large country house in Derbyshire before that particular house of cards collapsed. They made millions upon millions, were never prosecuted for what I consider an outright fraud, not to mention exploitation of desperate people, and still live in luxury today, I believe.

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Solutions are several…

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Diary Blog, 2 August 2022

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Even a stopped clock is right once or twice a day (depending on whether analogue or digital).

Lenient sentencing


Yet another example of what is now almost ubiquitous— a defendant being given a pathetically weak sentence (in this case, a suspended term of imprisonment plus a fine and a couple of add-ons) despite having deliberately pushed a glass into a woman’s face, leaving her traumatized and with permanent scars.

The courts have to get a lot tougher on crimes of violence.

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Life (existence?) in a multikulti society.

This episode shows (confirms) that Liz Truss is completely idiotic, has no real idea even now how the British state is run, and has no serious ideas, ideas that are thought out properly.

I doubt that her evident incompetence will much affect her chances of taking over the Conservative Party leadership, though. After all, the same people (Conservative Party members) elected Boris-idiot as their leader a few years ago; he also was incompetent and had no serious ideas.

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The UK is in the same position, more or less. Only a small minority of the “blacks and browns” are really of any use whatever. Many, perhaps a majority, while not being very criminal or dangerous, are basically useless, and are a dead weight, a millstone round the neck of the British people. Another minority are actively criminal and/or terroristic.

Looks like a reasonably good neighbourhood. Surely children should not be selling drinks on the street? I suppose it is part of the mercantile ethos ingrained in many Americans.

The cleansing power of death in human society. The great equalizer…

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[aerial view of Akademgorodok, near Novosibirsk, in summer]

Diary Blog, 26 July 2022

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Our strength is that, when push comes to shove, we shall not talk, debate, parlay, or compromise, but act.

The forces of Evil will then be exterminated.

I know, personally, of two people, in two separate countries, who have each had at least one (I think two or three) “Covid” “vaccine” shots. Both are now facing heart surgery, neither having previously suffered from cardiac problems. One triple bypass, one quadruple bypass. I myself have not been injected with the “vaccine(s)” and have not been unwell with “Covid” or anything else. Not yet anyway. I shall not be allowing anyone to inject me with these “vaccines”.

It is “almost” an insult to see these monkeys on sticks pretend to vie for the position of leader of the (misnamed) Conservative Party, and so Prime Minister of this country.

One non-European, with billions of pounds in wealth, a former Goldman Sachs vulture banker; the other, a dishonest woman without a shred of principle, and who only became an MP in the first place on her back.

Soon, fewer than 200,000 Conservative Party members (about 1 in every 200 citizens, i.e. persons of voting age) will decide which of those empty vessels will become, automatically, Prime Minister. It is sick. It is also stupid. As are the candidates.

Which one will win that contest? Probably the Truss woman, because the Conservative Party members are quite likely to prefer someone who is at least English, and someone who is not a billionaire and part of an Indian billionaire dynasty.

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I get the impression that the great British public, many of them, loved being paid to stay home, loved free money (as they thought and were encouraged to think), and now are puzzled by the spike in inflation (which might reach 12% soon), and by the consequent fall in living standards as pay and benefits fail to keep pace, and as the value in saved money is eroded.

Then there were other policies, such as “quantitative easing”. All have been stoking inflation.

Of course, hucksters in what passes for a government are attributing the economic problems of the UK (and Europe more widely) to Putin or his invasion of the Ukrainian failed state, problems with grain exports from Ukraine, even to “climate change” and, indeed, to “Covid” itself. Anything but misconceived government actions: “lockdown” shutdowns, furlough payments, unchecked business grants and loans from public funds, massively huge monies wasted on “test and trace” etc, not to mention the crazy sanctions against Russia.

For 1-2 years, the “British” government (in reality, “ZOG”) paid much of the population to stay at home watching TV, eating delivered pizzas and drinking far too much. Now, there is an explosion of ill-health, of social and psychological problems, and of inflation.

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The DDR (East Germany) was a strange anomaly of history, and an odd place to see. I was there for a couple of days in 1988, only a year or so before it crumbled to nothing. More like a facade of a state than a real one.

I was in transit by road from Poland to West Germany, crossed over (literally, via a bridge over the river Neisse) at Gorlitz, a little-used crossing-point, and stayed overnight (unofficially— I bribed the desk clerk) in a non-approved modern hotel at Bautzen. I was unaware at the time that Bautzen was also the location of arguably the worst prison of the DDR, where the most-reviled dissidents were incarcerated in terrible conditions.

Officially, transit-visa holders were supposed to stay at an “Interhotel”, of which there was only one on my route, near Dresden. Pay 10x as much (10x more even than my inflated/bribe price) and get snooped upon as well. Nein danke.

The desk clerk at Bautzen asked me and my companion (who was the driver) not to use the bar (he supplied a couple of bottles of good-quality East German beer). The car was parked in a locked garage out of sight. He also asked us not to open doors for anyone, and said that the Volkspolizei (political police) checked the hotel register at 0700 every morning. Very East German, as was the water supply: warm water in the bathroom washbasin, but none in the shower. Not a maintenance problem— the shower was designed to dispense only cold water! A 20thC Sparta.

Still, leaving aside those inconveniences and worries (we were not written into the hotel register), the hotel was actually quite comfortable. Large rooms with picture windows, spacious public areas, pleasant carpeting, speedy lifts etc. It might have been even a 4-star in the West, if one overlooked the cold shower and the chance of being arrested by the Volkspolizei…

East Germany was, like Scarborough (or was it Skegness?) in the famous old British rail-travel poster, “so bracing“…

Back then, people said that the two Germanies were like an orange and an apple, impossible to stick back together. Now, huge effort and money has tried to make it happen, though only partly-successfully.

East Germany/DDR is thought of as having been a rather small country, but that is a relative fact: nearly 42,000 square miles, so not much smaller than England (just over 50,000 square miles), nearly one-and-a-half times the area of Scotland (30,000 sq, miles), and over five times the size of Wales (8,000 sq. miles).[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_Germany].

The game is now again in the hazard. Putin’s closure of gas supply (to less than a third of the normal flow) will hit Germany hard. Anything could happen.

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Starmer is as dull as ditchwater (as I blogged even when he was installed in place of Corbyn). What he says is no more stupidly vacuous than the outpourings of Liz Truss, Sunak, or Boris-idiot, but even less interestingly and convincingly delivered.

I feel much more sorry for all those British people who are homeless, homeless not least because of all the non-European parasites who have flooded the country over the past few decades.

Historical document.

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Trudeau is the figurehead for all that. Canadians…you know what to do.

The System is very very frightened of that Douglas Murray calls the “backlash coming“: look at the recent pronouncements of “senior police officers” carrying bombastic titles such as “anti-terror chief” etc. Even that absurd little nerd who now heads the Security Service, MI5, has said how much he fears the rise of social-national “terrorism” (so-called); in other words, a white British backlash. See also https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/jul/13/mi5-needs-more-funds-to-tackle-rightwing-terror-threat-says-watchdog.

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Paris…your portes are all fed, with loads of wood, and coal, and of the dead!

[Victor Hugo]

Diary Blog, 17 July 2022

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So much for “freedom”


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In case you cannot read the very small print, the number for the UK is 5 (not all white anyway, of course); France, Germany = both 6 (also not all white). You get the picture. The Great Replacement. White Genocide.

Tugendhat is only part-Jew, but the ingrained influence comes out all the time.

Liz Truss, the sort of stupid and jargon-spouting careerist idiot all too common in the UK, both in politics and elsewhere (the law, commerce, local government etc).

I liked her reference to the Prime Minister of Ireland as “the Irish tea-sock“).

I wonder how long it will be before Russian arms are exported to countries or groups who want to attack American installations around the world? Just a thought…

Alastair Campbell interview


Quite interesting. Supports proportional representation (now, though never did during the years of Blair/Brown supremacy).


“[Q] You know what it takes to be a prime minister. How have you felt looking down that grim list of Tory runners and riders?
[A] That cabinet that sat down with Boris Johnson – I can’t, for example, imagine any of them being in the same room as Margaret Thatcher. They wouldn’t have been allowed to carry her handbag. Why is the country allowing – yet again – 160,000 mostly very old and similar people to choose the country’s leader?

I think we are watching the current system breaking.

We have newspapers that are not newspapers…When I was a journalist on the Mirror, I was friendly with Labour politicians, but I never hid it. Now you see Allegra Stratton, say, “objectively” talking up how well Rishi Sunak’s campaign is put together. And you think: “Well, maybe you should also mention he was best man at your wedding?”


Some good points. The msm has become more or less the mouthpiece of government over the past couple of decades, something that (arguably) became pervasive under Blair and Brown but has become simply intolerable over the past decade or so.

Look at the BBC. Simply a propaganda megaphone for the multikulti society, mass immigration, “refugees welcome” nonsense, Black Lives Matter nonsense, “Covid” nonsense (inc. facemask nonsense, “social distancing” nonsense, “test and trace” nonsense, and “vaccine” nonsense) and, most recently, “pro-Ukraine” (meaning pro the Jewish regime in Kiev) nonsense.

Green England continues to be trashed


Developers building speculative housing estates for aspirational “wiggers” and immigrants etc.

I am against most such developments on principle, not least because, without mass immigration, there would be no “housing shortage”. They destroy the countryside, and indeed existing villages and towns.

I also oppose most such developments because they rarely plan for sufficient infrastructure such as roads, parking, proper green parks and playgrounds. Another point is the almost invariably banal architecture.

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Keir Starmer has yet to learn a basic fact about behaving as a puppet for “them”— no matter how much you bow down to “them”, no matter how loyal you show yourself to be to Israel and the Jewish lobby, and even if (like Starmer) you have a Jewish wife and half-Jewish children (being brought up in all the well-known tribal customs), you remain on probation. One wrong word, one small act of which “they” disapprove, and the scream goes up…

Not when the “British” MPs concerned are in the pocket of the Jewish lobby…

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…and still they come, thousands of the bastards. Awaiting them— a hotel room, full board, free medical, various other freebies such as mobile telephones, laptop computers etc, and a weekly stipend of £40 (in many cases more) pocket money.

As Enoch Powell remarked in 1968 of mass immigration (on a tiny scale, though, compared to today), “We must be mad, literally mad“…(to allow it).

The majority will always be easily fooled, unfortunately.

Not at all “incredible“. Johnson is a part-Jew, part-Levantine poseur, born in New York, mainly brought up in the USA and Belgium. He is foreign, at root, albeit with a veneer of Englishness via Eton and Oxford.

Anyway, the bastard is now looking at how to make money scribbling and after-dinner speaking once he oozes out of office. He is paying little if any notice to the UK’s needs, and in any case is so incompetent that it would make no difference if he did; in fact, that might be worse.

Johnson is pushing the “Ukraine” stuff because of self-interest.

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[Mill Colonnade, Karlovy Vary —former Carlsbad— Czech Republic]

Diary Blog, 16 July 2022

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Saturday quiz

Well, this week brings yet another victory over Blairite political journalist John Rentoul: I trumped his 6/10 with my 8/10. I did not know the answers to questions 1 and 9.

Incidentally, question 7 is (arguably) wrongly put: Ryanair was actually founded in 1984, but I presume that its active operations began in 1985.

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Well, all right, but which of the present bunch of Conservative Party leadership contenders has been “good at the job” given to them? Indian “clever boy” Sunak, whose spraying of public money at “furloughed” employees, and at often fraudulent and inactive small businesses, as well as other absurd “Covid”-related nonsense (eg “Test and Trace”) etc, has fuelled the present gathering inflation?

What about Liz Truss, who seems to want war with Russia, and who not long ago embarrassed this country by telling Sergei Lavrov that several indisputably-Russian cities such as Novgorod (between Moscow and Petersburg) were Ukrainian? She only became an MP in the first place on her back.

Kemi Badenoch? Not much can be found that is much against her, and she seems quite intelligent, but of course I could never countenance an African (in her case, Nigerian) as Prime Minister of this country.

Tom Tugendhat? Well, part-Jew, so I would not want him on that basis alone, as well as which he is a “very strong supporter of Israel” [Wikipedia], so that’s a second black mark. Seems to want war, or at least conflict, with Russia, so there’s a third black mark (anyone who seems to actually want war with Russia must be totally idiotic, looking at our inability to protect our population in such a contingency; it would mean the end of this country).

Fourthly, Tugendhat makes much, really too much, of his military experience (at first in whatever the Educational Corps is now called, followed by a TA commission in the Intelligence Corps). Seems that he was mainly a desk soldier, though exact details of his career are lacking, perhaps because politically or operationally sensitive.

Fifthly, as if the above were not enough, Tugendhat has attended at least one Bilderberg conference [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilderberg_meeting].

Also, Tugendhat actually holds French citizenship (as well as UK), and his wife is a judge in France, where she is said to be tied-up with the Macron cabal (see also https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/09/on-recent-events-in-france/).

Readers will not be surprised to be informed that, for me, Tugendhat comes right at the bottom of the list.

A poor bunch, surely, by any standards, and only two of the five contenders are English, or really/fully British— Penny Mordaunt and Liz Truss.

Penny Mordaunt seems to connect with “ordinary people”, for what that is worth. She is probably not much good, but no worse than the others.

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I cannot pretend that I am particularly sorry either for buyers or sellers in Britain’s superheated property market.

Incidentally, looking at Rightmove entries for my own present part of the world (central southern, and coastal, England), I see now that at least half of at least the more expensive properties are now marked as having been “reduced” from their original list prices.

Interesting Saudi Arabian rewilding project

[Al Ula, Saudi Arabia]
By 2035, the Royal Commission for AlUla will have:

•    Replanted hundreds of native plant species from 56 species of indigenous plants

•    Produced 31 million seedlings in its plant nursery

•    Planted 10 million trees in nature reserves across AlUla County

•    Rehabilitating some 65,000 hectares of degraded land

•    Adopted county-wide sustainable land management methods.

Already, more species are returning home to AlUla. Earlier this year 162 animals, including Arabian oryx, sand gazelles, idmi gazelles and Nubian ibex, were reintroduced. And more species are returning on their own.

Emma Gallacher, the project’s Conservation Initiatives Lead, says “Our camera trapping has revealed many species, including Arabian wolf, red fox, Blanford’s fox, Rock hyrax, Cape hare, North African wildcat, Arabian partridge, sand partridge and many more”.”

[Evening Standard]

“Lockdown”-nonsense news


Late tweets

A mathematician, not a medical specialist of any kind: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hannah_Fry.

There must be some way to remove Trudeau and others…

The 2020-2022 period in the UK also showed how many minor functionaries here, in the police and NHS, even supermarket staff, loved having their moment of petty power to order people to adjust their facemask muzzles or move 6ft away from the next slave-citizen.

Time to establish an NHS unit to combat…hypochondria.

Late thought

I see that quite a few ads on TV are now colouring some element of the film or animation with the Ukrainian blue-and-yellow. One example, a blue/yellow cartoon bird on the side in some ad for (I think it was) insurance or something like that.

In the past day I have seen two or three ads with obvious “pro-Ukraine” (meaning, in effect, pro the Zionist cabal in Kiev) colours.

Are we still pretending that the “Stand with Ukraine” thing is not basically a conspiracy, retailing propaganda which has been swallowed whole by millions of deluded people? Like the “trans” nonsense, “Black Lives Matter” nonsense, it is but one part of a sinister jigsaw.

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[Levitan, Over Eternal Peace]

Diary Blog, 13 July 2022

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When, though, will “Prison Planet” Watson carry through, identifying the group or cabal responsible for the continuing war on free speech in the UK?

In fact, the ZOG MPs in the Commons are panicking as they try to force through the fraudulent “Online Safety Bill”: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2022/jul/13/online-safety-bill-tories-free-speech-david-davis.

Once again, much of society runs scared from a condition which is taken care of in almost all cases by a couple of paracetomol tablets and a few days’ rest. Pathetic.

We tend to think (or used to think) that it was very odd that people, only a few hundred years ago, in the 15th and 16th centuries, were hounded and even executed for speaking in favour of a particular theory of cosmology or theology.

We in the West also thought, during the Soviet period, how odd that people in the Soviet Union or its satellites could be imprisoned, or even executed, for not going along with the “reality” imposed by a half-crazy regime.

Well, look now: many European countries imposing quasi-mediaeval laws against “holocaust” “denial” (free historical research and publication) at the instigation of the Jew/Israel lobby, while “Black Lives Matter”, “trans” activist loonies and others try to restrict freedom of expression in the USA, UK and elsewhere. Behind it, or most of it, “them”. (((Them))).

We know what has to be done, but are “not allowed” to express it openly.

Most of those girls would not have been exploited had they and society more reasoned “racism” and “discrimination”. Fact. As it was, though, they were bombarded from a young age by “anti-racist” propaganda. Behind much of it, at the strategic level? Yes, “them” (((again))).

It is still happening.

We must purge several milieux in the UK, starting with almost everyone and everything in the msm, both print and broadcast media. Not just journalist-liars and “commentators” all singing from the same basic hymn-sheet, but most comedians, many scribblers etc. Take away their rice-bowls. Close down the BBC and other TV stations. Eliminate the corrupters.

Suella Braverman

Looking at the Conservative Party leadership contest, I saw part of an interview with Suella Braverman. Unimpressive. Her knowledge-level is inadequate for the role she wishes to play. Indeed, many have said that she should even never have been appointed Attorney-General (and, with that, granted automatic letters-patent as Queen’s Counsel).

There was a time when any barrister who became an MP could apply to become QC, and be granted it on the nod, which is how otherwise unlikely barristers such as John Mortimer (the Rumpole writer) got the rank. Now no longer so.

Ironic in a way, that it is now more difficult for barristers who are MPs to apply for letters-patent to become “QC” when, for all other barristers, it has never been easier. About 10% of all practising barristers are now “QC”. Devalued, like most other ranks, titles, and honours these days.

Husband is one “Rael Braverman”. Jewish? She herself, though, identifies religiously with Buddhism, not with Judaism or her original Hinduism (mother was a Hindu, father may have been Roman Catholic, having originated in Goa).

Suella Braverman, though, must have been born under a lucky star in that, from being a run-of-the-mill barrister, she is now, only 7 years later, at age 42, in the running (in theory) to be leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister.

Even the Spectator is not too impressed by her: https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/does-suella-braverman-understand-welfare-

Pop. The sound of a balloon being burst. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suella_Braverman.

She seems to be in favour of free speech, though. Credit where due.

Tobias Ellwood

Look which gung-ho “let’s fight Russia” MP seems to lack the most basic moral courage and decency: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/jul/13/tobias-ellwood-home-attacked-after-tory-mp-ran-over-local-cat.

Drove over a cat, failed to stop, later claimed not to have known. Also showed his lack of empathy by “offering to buy a replacement animal“. What? “A replacement“?! You cannot “replace” a dear animal friend.

The Hawas family, owners of the cat, did not want to speak in detail about the cat’s death, but a family member told the Daily Mail: “We just want to mourn our cat. We want nothing to do with Tobias Ellwood.” [Guardian].

Ellwood is very tied-up with the NWO/ZOG matrix, and the Jew-Zionist lobby. He is a fairly senior “Reserve” (TA, as was) officer, attached to the rather notorious psychological warfare unit, 77th Brigade: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/77th_Brigade_(United_Kingdom); https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/77th_Brigade_(United_Kingdom)#Activities.

One aspect of that report made me laugh, albeit bitterly, at the cretinous mindset of a possibly typical Conservative Party voter: “Julie Holland, 61, who lives opposite the former vicarage owned by Stephanie Hawa, also 61, was also not sympathetic to the MP. Holland, who owns a cat called Boris, named after the prime minister, and a dog called Stanley, after Johnson’s father, said: ‘It’s a disgrace. If he had done that to my cat I would have done something about it. But, she added: “I’m still a supporter.”” [Guardian].

More on the Conservative leadership contest


Results of latest Tory leadership knockout at 5PM: Blow for Rishi as bombshell poll finds frontrunner would LOSE to Liz Truss OR Penny Mordaunt in head-to-head ballot of party members – as MPs finish voting to decide who will stay in contest.” [Daily Mail].

Well, guess what? Most rank-and-file Conservative Party members would actually quite like to be led by someone who is English (i.e. white). What a surprise. They do not want a party leader or Prime Minister who is Indian, Pakistani, or African.

Late tweets

I wonder who these “activists” etc are? Probably “them” (((them))).

I have still not seen GB News. I doubt that I ever shall, or will ever regret not having seen it.

How? Mainly because there are groups or cabals working to destroy any vestige of national feeling in the young and very young. They have infiltrated the schools via the (often poor-quality) teaching staff.

Roma gypsies, hordes of them…

The Conservative party leadership contest is a classic example of a rigged “false choice” election. Not one candidate who is really social-national (even slightly), and most candidates Jew or non-white.

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Deadhead MPs, An Occasional Series: The Esther McVey Story

I was intending to write this examination of Esther McVey some months ago. Now here we are, almost in October, and the Conservative Party Conference is on. Looking at Twitter, I noticed some amusing things, one of which was the following tweet about thick-as-two-short-planks Esther, here seen both trying to orate and trying to seem as though her single brain cell is switched on:

Some of the msm and social media responses to Esther McVey’s latest idiocy have been hilarious:



Rather like those bumper stickers with their silly tasteless jokes, such as “Divers do it deeper”; or in this case, perhaps, “Conservatives do it on computers— in 3D!”

Perhaps rather too near the knuckle in view of the Conservative Party sex scandals of recent years:



[Stephen Crabb MP, fervent pro-Jew and pro-Israel puppet, so stupid that he got caught twice for very similar and very pathetic “sexting”; a prime candidate for a future “Deadhead MPs” article];


[buck-toothed Jew MP (now ex-MP) Brooks Newmark, another one who was caught more than once; I suppose that I shall be called “bigoted” for my view that sleazy American Jews should not even be MPs in this country…]

There are other examples: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Westminster_sexual_misconduct_allegations#Conservative_Party_allegations

“You don’t have to be Jewish!” (or a doormat like Crabb) though…

So, Esther McVey. What do we know about her?

This is the Wikipedia entry:


The bare bones are that Esther McVey has an LL.B. from one university, an MA from another, and a “corporate governance” M.Sc. from a third. I tend to think that people who have several degrees are either brilliant or are semi-idiots wanting to look good on paper, and usually the latter. I was once slightly acquainted with an African ex-High Commissioner who had degrees from Oxford, as well as either Yale or Harvard (I forget which) and the Sorbonne. A complete idiot…

Esther McVey is at time of writing a few days short of 52 years old. Her Wikipedia entry seems almost deliberately confused or misleading in part (which makes me wonder how much of it she edited personally).

Esther McVey seems to have graduated from the —at-the-time not very prestigious— Queen Mary College, East London in 1988 or 1989 (a decade or so later it became part of the University of London). Why she, from the Liverpool area, decided to study in an unfashionable part of London, I have no idea. It may be that she wanted to be in London and nowhere else offered her a place. Her degree was in law (level of degree awarded not known). She did not, however, continue either to the Bar or to the solicitors’ profession; neither did she seek or take any salaried appointment outside her family’s business (a demolition and site-clearance business in the Liverpool area). In fact, McVey was a director of the family business later, from 2000 to 2006, though her father has said that “she was there in name only”, which is a strange idea of the fiduciary and other duties of a company director. Perhaps she did not understand (that is rather a habit of hers). Still, there it is.

Though Esther McVey set up a couple of unsuccessful and/or publicly-funded small businesses (thus enabling her to claim on Wikipedia etc that she had been a “businesswoman” before becoming an MP), her main activity from 1991 and for much of the 1990s was being a TV presenter for both BBC and ITV, the high point being, apparently, co-presenting “GMTV” (ITV breakfast show) with that ignorant Irish slug Eamonn Holmes [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eamonn_Holmes].

I have no idea how she got into that kind of work, though I notice that, at the time, her boyfriend was a TV producer. She has a Liverpudlian accent that seems, at times, impenetrable.

Esther Mcvey was elected as MP for Wirral West, a so-called “bellwether” seat, in 2010:


The Liverpool Echo described McVey as the “most reviled MP on Merseyside”:


Few will forget the infamous moment in 2013 when the then Wirral West MP said she thought it was ‘right’ and ‘positive’ that struggling people were turning to foodbanks because they could not afford to eat.

She told the House of Commons: “In the UK it is right that, you know, more people are visiting – which you’d expect – going to foodbanks.”” [Liverpool Echo]

Even the Jewish Zionist Liverpool Wavertree then-Labour MP, Luciana Berger, said that McVey’s response still “haunted” her: “It was disgraceful and showed absolutely no empathy – I was on the benches going ballistic.

McVey served in the Cameron–Clegg coalition as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Disabled People from 2012 to 2013, prior to being appointed Minister of State at the Department for Work and Pensions from 2013 to 2015. She was sworn of the Privy Council in February 2014, and attended cabinet as Minister of State for Employment in the 2014 British cabinet reshuffle.”


McVey was removed as MP for Wirral West in 2015 by the electors, many of whom described her, perhaps understandably, as “McVile”. She was then handed a well-paid sinecure for 2 years by her cronies and their cronies, as Chair of the British Transport Police Authority [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Transport_Police_Authority], an organization and activity about which stupid McVey knew absolutely nothing (and probably still knows nothing). We talk about corruption in Africa or Asia, but what to make of an appointment like that?!

McVey was then, almost beyond belief, selected as Conservative candidate for the safe Conservative seat of Tatton, vacated by part-Jew ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne. She returned to Parliament in 2017.

She served in the Second May ministry as Deputy Chief Whip from 2017 to 2018. She was appointed Work and Pensions Secretary on 8 January 2018, but resigned on 15 November 2018 in opposition to the Brexit negotiations and the Brexit withdrawal agreement. In July 2018 it was reported by the head of the National Audit Office (NAO) that McVey had misled parliament over the new Universal Credit scheme by claiming that the NAO report showed that it should be rolled out faster when in fact the report concluded that the roll-out should be paused.[3] She apologised to the House of Commons on 4 July 2018[4][5] amid calls for her resignation.” [Wikipedia]

The bitch of course did not resign. Her type only understands brute force. People of her type have to be forced out of lucrative or careerist positions.

Incredibly, having been totally dishonest and incompetent as junior minister at the DWP (under part-Jap sadist Iain Dunce Duncan Smith), she was appointed by part-Jew Theresa May as Secretary of State in 2018. She later resigned over Brexit, but was re-appointed to Cabinet by Boris-Idiot in 2019.

In June 2019 she stood in the 2019 Conservative Party leadership election. She was eliminated in the first round after finishing in last place with nine votes.” Well, so that was how her fellow Conservative MPs rated her— only 9 votes out of 317

I detect three main strands in Esther McVey:

  • useless at her jobs (I cannot comment on her as a TV presenter, because I do not watch the kind of rubbish she presented);
  • lacking not only competence but any decent empathy or understanding;
  • a tendency to get personally involved with those working in the same organizations: when in TV, with at least one television producer; later, in politics, involved with the useless and lazy half-Jew “Conservative” MP, Ed Vaizey [formerly Con, now Independent, Wantage], who was made a minister and then —ludicrously— Secretary of State for Culture] [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ed_Vaizey#Expense_claims]; now she is apparently engaged to another MP, Phillip Davies [Con, Shipley], in whom she apparently had “a long-term, on-off romantic interest” or vice-versa: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_Davies#Personal_life

McVey is also, I read, friendly with the McCann couple, whose little girl, notoriously, disappeared in mysterious circumstances in Portugal many years ago now.

McVey is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel.

Some tweets about Esther McVey

So there we are. Esther McVey. A major deadhead, who is in a very safe seat and therefore unlikely to be removed by the voters. She, in her very person, is an indictment of the political system that has sustained her for a decade.



Update, 16 February 2020

Well, credit where due. Boris-idiot (or his eminence grise, Dominic Cummings), decided to bin Esther McVey, whose last Government job was as Housing Minister, a non-Cabinet post, though she was, I read, invited to attend Cabinet. God knows why. Housing is vitally important at present, but that merely begs the question: why appoint a deadhead like McVey to that portfolio?

A few tweets seen:

Esther McVey was an example of a whole phenomenon which grew up since 1997: MPs lucky even to be MPs, and who became MPs because they were once on TV (eg Esther McVey, Gloria de Piero, Anna Soubry), or because they once wrote cheap novels (Louise Mensch— remember her, the drug abuser and “ho”?) etc, but who were unable even to function properly as MPs before being promoted, incredibly, to ministerial and even Cabinet positions.

Now? Well, deconstructing her CV, she has never had a real job (a real one, not the fake ones on her CV such as pretending to have been a director of her father’s demolition business, or a “businesswoman”); save for her TV presenter years. Hard to imagine anyone offering her a position (I mean a business one…). I therefore assume that she will stay on as MP in her safe seat of Tatton (rural Cheshire) indefinitely. She will of course never again hold Government office.

The Conservatives, Boris Johnson, Upcoming Political Events and the Currents in Society

We come soon to the culmination of the farcical Conservative Party leadership election, the result of which will be decided by a simple majority of the supposed 140,000 (possibly only 100,000, though a few say 160,000) members of that party. About 1 in every 300 or 400 UK adults is a Conservative Party member. If two-thirds vote in the leadership election, that means that not only the Conservative Party leader but also the Prime Minister –by default– is about to be elected by perhaps 50,000 or 60,000 people, in other words by about 1 in every 900 adults in the UK. There is something bizarre and even sick about this.

At time of writing (5 July 2019) it looks as if Boris Johnson (for me, Boris-Idiot is the right label…) will win easily. Others say that the race may be closer than most have thought. Either way, very few if any are predicting a win for Jeremy Hunt.

I have blogged before about the contest and also about a few of the main protagonists. Most relevant now would be these:



Returning to my first paragraph, I happened recently to hear some Radio 4 Today Programme interviewer, perhaps Nick Robinson, asking Conservative Party members in Wales their views on what I see as the tragi-comic “leadership” contest. There were about half a dozen or so, all from one local Conservative Association.

Only one in that group was thinking of voting for Hunt; the rest all preferred Boris-Idiot. Only one struck me as in any way thoughtful, a young man (the only one, in fact, who seemed to be of under pensionable age) who was not much taken with either candidate.

What interested me most about that group was the incredible level of both political ignorance and socio-political unreality. One old bird, who sounded around 80, opined (re. Brexit) “we got through two world wars, we can get through this, and I think that Boris is the man to bring the country together.”

Where does one even start to unpack nonsense of that sort? First of all, it implies that Britain somehow endured two massive wars and came out OK (if not “victorious”), whereas in fact the two main open conflicts of the 20th Century crippled the UK and mortally-wounded the British Empire (qua empire), a fact concealed by the very great overall improvement in British living standards since 1914.

Then there is that bit about “Boris” being the politician (surely even the aforesaid old bird cannot regard the idiot as a “statesman”?) who can “bring the country together”. What country is that? Can people really be that blind? There is no “country” to speak of any more. What there is is a geographic space, inhabited by a motley collection of races, ethnicities, social groups, “tribes” (both social and ethnic), lifestyles etc. I do not think that even the old descriptive term “classes” really fits any more. Society has fallen apart to the extent that the idea of a “working class”, a “middle class” or “middle classes”, let alone an “upper class” or “aristocracy”, is not just lacking in credibility but is actually pathetic. That is even if we leave aside the race question.

What is the “working class” now? Anyone who receives less than a designated income? The bottle-throwers of the EDL? “White van man” with his artisan trade and his purchased council house or tract home, complete with Sky TV and an above-ground pool in the back garden? The “chavs” or “chavscum”, with their sub-American “culture” of baseball caps, untaxed cars and drug use? The officially-bullied and taunted unemployed or disabled? The blacks and browns?

Faux-revolutionary scribbler and metro-gay propagandist Owen Jones was unable to shoehorn these new types into the traditional Marxist categories, so conflated proletariat and lumpenproletariat in his book “Chavs: the demonization of the working class“. Unable to find enough steel workers, miners and trawlermen to constitute a viable “working class”, Jones ropes in whatever he can from the poorly-incomed “precariat”: call centre workers, unemployed, retail staff, low-paid office bods etc.

Then we have the “middle class”, or as used to be said, “the middle classes”. Prior to World War Two, these strata were fairly well defined: the “upper” middle-classes (fringing on the gentry and even aristocracy), with their successful, long-established business firms (The Forsyte Saga), Oxford/Cambridge education (Brideshead Revisited, Zuleika Dobson etc), careeerism in the Diplomatic Service, the Bar, the higher ranks of the medical profession, the armed services. Then there were the “middle middles” in management, small business ownership etc. The “lower middle class”, meaning the lower ranks of management etc, were a vast throng, sometimes only distinguishable from “the workers” by the wearing of a tie.

In America, these terms are (certainly now) either not used, or used differently.

Then we have the “aristocracy” and “gentry”, the latter sometimes termed (as late as the 1950s, in novels by the likes of Agatha Christie) as “the County” (the older, more significant, or wealthy landed families in any particular county). This stratum was already being infiltrated by foreign or alien elements as early as the 19th Century.

Winston Churchill was famously half-American. He was not alone. Many ancient or at least old houses admitted an American admixture, usually for reasons of money. Even some Jewish and part-Jewish women married into the English and Scottish nobility. One well-known example was the 6th Duke of Carnarvon, whose ancestral home, Highclere Castle, is today used as the fictional Downton Abbey on TV. His mother’s biological father was a Rothschild: “Rothschild provided a marriage settlement of £500,000 and paid off all Lord Carnarvon’s existing debts.” [Wikipedia] Tens of millions in the money of today.

The 2nd Duke of Westminster was incensed by the way in which Jews were infiltrating the British aristocracy, and (according to his third wife, Loelia) was writing a book on the subject, which book has, regrettably, never been published.

The society which now exists in Britain, especially in England and Wales, is a mixture of the old pre-1939 society, that which developed between 1939 and —arguably— 1979 or 1989, and that which has since emerged.

I think that we have to be quite clear here. At present, we do not have a functioning or sustainable society in the UK. The appearance of one owes much to the older, pre-1989, way of doing things, to institutions which still exist, though badly-wounded: the monarchy, the police, the armed services, the NHS, the Civil Service, local government. The people who grew up in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and even 1960s are carrying on as if Britain is a unified country. It is not. It is a mass of contradictions and absurdities.

After the Soviet Union collapsed in the late 1980s and early 1990s (officially, 1991), huge numbers of people in factories, on farms, attending country rail stations, driving trams, carried on working even though in many cases they were not being paid. The society carried on under its own momentum for a while. Britain is like that socially, politically. More and more parts of British society are either not working properly or are not working at all, but many have not fully woken up to that fact.

If the working classes and to a large extent the middle classes have been replaced by the “chavscum” and “precariat”, the short-term contract people, the here-today-gone-tomorrow little businesses etc, then the former “gentry”, “aristocracy” (insofar as the term has meaning in Britain) and even royals have just become functions of the cosmopolitan wealth-soaked “celebrity” culture, in which it is hard to distinguish between a film star, a pop star, a TV talking head, a Premier League footballer and his WAG, Gary Lineker, Prince Harry or the Royal Mulatta.

As far as the Royal Family are concerned, it is noticeable how there is an almost-complete gulf between the older royals, such as the Queen and Prince Philip and the present generation, with Prince Charles and the others a kind of halfway house. The older royals are recognizably “royal”. One might or might not be “royalist”; that is another question, but no-one could mistake the Queen and consort (whether one “likes” them or not) for “ordinary citizens”.

By the time you get to Prince William and “Kate”, or Harry and the “Royal Mulatta”, there is very little that marks them out as “royal” at all, unless it is ingrained public acceptance (propped up by the msm) and their own huge sense of entitlement, brought home most recently by the endless boring soap opera of Harry, the £2.5 million refurbishment of his new house (work paid for, in effect, by the people) , and the various rumours and tabloid interest around “the Royal Mulatta” (a mixed-race woman, formerly a Hollywood TV actress, and formerly married to an American Jew).

The present generation of “royals” are scarcely “royal” at all: they are educated in ordinary (if expensive) schools and universities, live lives which are carefully crafted to at least seem “ordinary” most of the time, and seem to feel that they can do largely as they please in terms of marriages, children etc.

In fact, it could well be said that the only thing linking the attitudes of the present three generations of royals is their sense of entitlement.

When we look at the more “ordinary” people of the UK, do we see there a “country” which is “united” or which might be “unified” (leaving aside the question of whether a clown like Boris Johnson could “unify” anything)? I think not.

The racial question is also hugely-important. Can a multikulti society survive and thrive? I think not; not for long. People used to point at the USA. Well, look now. Falling to pieces. Britain is about 87% “white” (mainly English), but even that figure is doubtful. If you take out Scotland, and Wales, and Northern Ireland, that figure, now for England alone, shrinks alarmingly. Huge cities and large towns in England now have a minority of inhabitants who are really English.

Looking again at Boris-Idiot:

The Balliol College Register for 1983 contains an entry that begins: “JOHNSON Alexander Boris de Pfeffel: JOHNSON, Boris – b. 19 June 1964. New York. American. Generally known while at Balliol as Boris Johnson. Eton; Balliol 1983–7.” [Daily Telegraph]

Note that. “American”. At that time, Johnson was considered to be an American, born in the USA, with an American passport, and brought up in the USA and Belgium as well as the UK.

Johnson was born to British parents on 19 June 1964 in Manhattan‘s Upper East Side in New York City.[4] His birth was registered with both the U.S authorities and the city’s British Consulate, thereby granting him both American and British citizenship.[5] His father, Stanley Johnson, was then studying economics at Columbia University.[6]

Johnson’s maternal grandfather was the lawyer Sir James Fawcett.[7] Johnson’s paternal great-grandfather was CircassianTurkishjournalist Ali Kemal[8][9][10] who was a secular Muslim; his father’s other ancestry includes English and French, including descent from King George II of Great Britain.[11] Johnson’s mother was Charlotte Fawcett;[12] an artist from a family of liberal intellectuals, she had married Stanley in 1963, prior to their move to the U.S.[13] She is the granddaughter of Elias Avery Lowe, a palaeographer, who was a Russian Jewish immigrant to the U.S.,[14] and Helen Tracy Lowe-Porter, a translator of Thomas Mann. Johnson’s maternal great-grandfather was a Lithuanian Jew and Orthodox Jewish rabbi.”

In reference to his varied ancestry, Johnson has described himself as a “one-man melting pot” – with a combination of Muslims, Jews, and Christians as great-grandparents.”


We see, time and again, and reflective of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion [usually called a “forgery” but better described as “literary fantasy reflecting facts and real events”], that those assigned leading political positions by the New World Order [NWO] and ZOG [“Zionist Occupation Government”] are not Jewish as such but part-Jew. Boris Johnson is one example. David Cameron [Cameron-Levita] was another. Theresa May another. Sarkozy too. This all fits in with the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, which underpins the EU.



In his book Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism), written in 1925, [Coudenhove-Kalergi] describes the future of Jews in Europe and of European racial composition with the following words:

The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The EurasianNegroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. […]

Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit. This happened at the moment when Europe’s feudal aristocracy became dilapidated, and thanks to Jewish emancipation.”


There you have it: a black-brown-white mulatto dustbin race, ruled over by Jews and part-Jews, and/or by freemasons. That is their vision of EU Europe, including the UK. Now you see how it is that the 2016 Referendum result has led to delay, vacillation, huge fear propaganda, plans to hold a second referendum, blah blah blah. All because this goes beyond trade, beyond co-operation. It is a massive international and cosmopolitan conspiracy.

“Hitler did not share the ideas of his Austrian compatriot. He argued in his 1928 Secret Book that they are unfit for the future defence of Europe against America. As America fills its North American lebensraum, “the natural activist urge that is peculiar to young nations will turn outward.” But then “a pacifist-democratic pan-European hodgepodge state” would not be able to oppose the United States, as it is “according to the conception of that commonplace bastard, Coudenhove-Kalergi…”


As so often, Hitler has been proven to be right. The EU, that “pacifist-democratic pan-European hodgepodge state” is indeed unable to oppose the American expansionism which is in fact better termed NWO/ZOG expansion. It was planned to be like that, secretly. The EU does not stand in opposition to the USA (meaning the NWO) but is at the higher levels tied in with it.

The EU has already begun “the Great Replacement”, the replacement of decent, progressive, evolving European peoples with the backward black and brown peoples who will make suitable slaves for the planned robotic and AI-oriented superstate or “European space” of the near or medium-term future. Below, one aspect of that:

An injection of millions of blacks and browns into the heart of white Northern Europe.

Not for nothing did Angela Merkel, a recipient of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize [sanitized as the “Charlemagne Prize”]


decide to break EU law and to “invite” untold millions of blacks and browns etc to invade EU territory. This is all part of the plan.



This continues, though now not much publicized. Meanwhile, EU “leaders” [NWO puppets such as Macron] recently met in Marrakesh, where they “decided” to funnel millions more migrants “legally” into the EU, thus not so much disturbing the invaded European peoples. At the same time, they decided to make any criticism of it illegal. The real decisions are of course taken earlier, behind closed doors.

Returning to the UK, to the Conservative leadership farce etc, there seem to be various possibilities when Johnson wins and, however briefly, becomes Prime Minister. The first thing to understand is that Boris-Idiot is no strong character, but a weak and vacillating one. I cannot be sure, but I think that he will probably agree to something with the EU, then try to sell it to the British people as a huge improvement on Theresa May’s “deal”. I doubt that he will, in any real sense, take the UK out of the EU in October 2019. If he does, it will almost certainly be a con-trick. Brexit In Name Only.

One has to ask oneself why the msm have been promoting Boris-Idiot as “Prime Minister in Waiting” for years and years, despite his obvious unfitness for any kind of high office.

Should Boris Johnson really try to take the UK out of the EU on WTO terms, his time as Prime Minister will be measured in weeks not months. It only takes 3 or 4 Conservative MPs to abstain in a confidence vote to effectively remove Boris Johnson as PM. Or for 2 or 3 Conservatives to vote against their own government.

If that were to happen, there would be a general election and one of the first seats to fall would be that of Boris Johnson himself, at Uxbridge. It will be recalled how Johnson at first signed up to the Theresa May “deal” (he wanted to stay in the Cabinet…). How much more will Johnson want to cling on as Prime Minister! He has no honour, no real ideas (beyond schoolboy ones such as garden bridges, cablecars over the Thames, water-cannon, Boris Island etc). He has no ideals, no real ideology. He is also administratively incompetent. He is very likely going to be the worst prime minister the UK has ever had, certainly for the past century or more.

Boris Johnson is looking to be not only one of the least-worthy and least-fitted persons ever to hold that great office of Prime Minister of the UK, but also one of the weakest. Johnson will be a prisoner of Remain-favouring MPs. He has no real desire to Remain or Leave. All that matters to him is being Prime Minister for as long as possible, not to accomplish anything, but just to be there (and to get the perks etc). Money in terms of salary etc is not the main thing, in fact he might lose out, though only temporarily. Memoirs can be penned later and millions paid…

Will Johnson last as PM (assuming that he even gets that far)? Probably not. He is being pulled in various directions, by the DUP whose votes he will need, by the pro-Remain MPs, by the EU. He is as weak as weak could be, politically.

The likelihood must be a 2019 general election.



Beyond that, there is a crying necessity for a serious social-national movement in the UK.













Typically, the Jews look only to their own interests, and the Conservative Party leadership farce is no exception to this rule:


The Jewish Chronicle at least admits to it: “we rate them on the only scale that matters [their Jewishness and/or attitude to the Jews]”

Boris Johnson is liked more than disliked by Conservative Party members (+31%) but greatly more disliked than liked by voters as a whole (-19%)…

Who knows what the future holds for Europe and the world?


Update, 9 July 2019

Having watched the above clip, either Boris Johnson is on cocaine, which would be worrying, or he is not, which would be even more worrying. What more can one say? This is somehow an area beyond ideology. It was once said that the Soviet Union was divided into the drinkers and the non-drinkers. Now Britain, whatever its other divisions, divides into, on the one side, those who see that an idiotic, uncontrolled, madly-ambitious, conscienceless incompetent, without ideas or ideals, is about to become, incredibly, Prime Minister of this country, and on the other side, those who either do not see, are too stupid to understand what Boris-Idiot is, or are totally deluded (or both, or all).

If anyone wanted to be convinced of the complete decadence of “democracy” in the UK, I should think that the Boris-Idiot/Jeremy Hunt “debate” (schoolboy level spout-fest) would be enough, judging from –admittedly– the bits that I myself have now seen. As for the audience, they seemed to love Boris-Idiot, I suppose because they, like mobs and crowds of plebs down the ages, from the days of the Roman Empire and even Republic, want to be entertained, want to be pandered to, and above all do not want to have to think seriously.

A small selection of Twitter vox pop

The lady below sets the bar low! What a stupid woman!

Someone [below] is awake, anyway…

Another who is not asleep…

As I predicted some time ago, Boris Johnson, Boris Idiot, shows weakness in every way. Here is his latest indication.


Johnson is a doormat for for the USA and for Israel.


Update, 15 July 2019

Ha. Here we are…https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7248815/Next-EU-chief-Ursula-von-der-Leyen-says-agree-Brexit-delay.html

Update, 18 July 2019

What more can one add?…

Update, 24 July 2019

Boris-Idiot won by about 92,000 votes to about 48,000. Clear but not overwhelming. “Boris” will therefore become PM today or tomorrow, unless some public-spirited chauffeur runs over him in a ministerial limousine.

92,000 elderly Conservative members have decided that they want Boris-Idiot as Prime Minister. The other 65 million UK residents have no say. All that UK voters can do, in any future Westminster election, starting today, is vote any way except Conservative

The reaction has been sharp and is not confined to those who want to Remain in the EU.

Foreign or near-abroad reaction?

Boris, A Story for Our Times…

The time has come for me to write about the most incredible charlatan and mountebank the UK has seen since the days of Horatio Bottomley.

The background we all know (though when I say “we”, of course I diplomatically pretend to mean “all British people” but in fact mean “the tiny minority who take a serious interest in how the country and society they themselves live in is run”).

In outline, therefore: the UK has a combined political and electoral system that no longer really works. Part of that is the sclerosis of the major political parties of the System.

The LibDems, heirs to the great late 19th and early 20th Century Liberal Party, failed in 2010 to demand (as they had the power to do) some form of proportional electoral system. They are flagging, though may benefit from not being Conservative or Labour, if Brexit Party grows stronger.

Labour is doing well within its boundaries, as the party of the public services and of the “blacks and browns”. In terms of MP numbers, Labour under Corbyn is doing about as well as it has generally done in the past, if one excludes the Tony Blair years:


though it may struggle to get a popular vote much above 30% in future.

Then we have the Conservatives, for long considered “the natural party of government”, but which now struggles to attract votes from anyone much under pensionable age, or from those not in the most affluent 10%-20% strata of the population. Its MPs are mediocre or worse, and its ministers no better. The leading contender to take Theresa May’s purple is now Boris Johnson. He is the leading contender because the Conservative Party is terminally sick. In its healthier days, someone like Boris Johnson would not even be an MP, let alone promoted (briefly, disastrously) to Foreign Secretary; the idea of someone like him becoming Prime Minister would be a joke, rather like that of The Simpsons, c. 1993, casting Donald Trump as a future President of the USA. Jokes are dangerous!

A serious point from Lewis Goodall. It has been a long time since the Conservative Party had anything like a solid majority in the House of Commons (1992; arguably, 1987). 27 or even 32 years:


So we now consider the candidate considered most likely to lead the Conservative Party after July-August 2019.

I have in fact already blogged about Boris Johnson and some of the other would-be Conservative Party leaders:


Boris Johnson: a few tweets from journalists, commentators etc

[Below, Boris Johnson, the part-Jew public entertainer, clowning and posing as the great patriot…]

After the briefest of honeymoons,” he wrote, “the voters would quickly start to wonder how this spectacularly incompetent braggart, with a Churchill complex but no Commons majority, had ended up in Downing Street in the first place.”

There was a Mafia leader in New York once, John Gotti, who at one time enjoyed the newspaper-invented title “The Teflon Don”, because he was always being arrested and even charged with serious crimes, but who always seemed to get away with whatever. No charges stuck. There is something of that in Boris Johnson.

Matthew Engel in The Guardian notes [Bottomley’s] ability to charm the public even while swindling them; one victim, cheated of £40,000, apparently insisted: “I am not sorry I lent him the money, and I would do it again”. If London had had a mayor in those days, says Engel, Bottomley would have won in a landslide.”

A transparent reference to the (one-time) Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Johnson seems able to shrug off, not so much allegations against him, but allegations proven beyond all doubt and repeatedly, against him.

Boris Johnson, journalist trainee (sacked), journalist (sacked), Spectator editor (hopeless, largely absent), MP twice, Shadow minister (sacked), Foreign Secretary (“resigned”), Mayor of London (useless). That’s before we even look at detail, or about his personal failings (easily available elsewhere, so no need to again detail them here).

One of the most risible aspects of Boris Johnson is his am-dram reprise of Churchill. Johnson affects not only the voice (slightly) at times, but (also occasionally) the solid buffalo-like massed body posture, hunched, looking down etc. I may have my trenchant criticisms of Churchill’s historical role, but the man was a titan compared to Boris Johnson!

There is something sick here about the Conservative Party, the UK, and the UK’s political system. The Conservative Party consists now of between 50,000 and 120,000 mostly elderly, mostly affluent persons, who are going to vote on a leader. The majority will vote and a majority of those will elect the leader. In other words, about 40,000 or so of those elderly people will, in effect, elect the next Prime Minister of the UK, a position which the “elected” candidate may hold for nearly three years, until 2022!

What kind of fake “democracy” is that?!

What will happen if Boris Johnson wins this contest?

Either Boris Johnson will take the UK out of the EU without a trade “deal” with the EU in place (I am sanguine on that score), in which case there is every chance of his losing a House of Commons confidence vote either immediately or not very long afterward, or Johnson will renege on his meaningless “pledge”, in which case he will be giving Brexit Party a gift worth rubies. Either way, the Conservative Party will be toast. Any loss of a confidence vote will result in a general election in which the Conservative Party might well be wiped out.

The Daily Express (meaning the Jew who owns the Daily Express) has been pushing an opinion poll which says that a Boris Johnson Conservative Party might win a landslide 140-seat House of Commons majority. That is very unlikely, for several reasons.

What Britain needs is a powerful social-national movement. So far, there have been mere straws in the wind only. No movement, no party exists, as yet. An inevitably-disastrous Boris Johnson government might create the socio-political conditions for one to emerge.






(“It’s quite something when Liz Truss, Gavin Williamson and Chris Grayling are three of the brightest people in the room.“)

(“No, he didn’t want to talk about his record at the Foreign Office. Probably because his tenure had been an unmitigated disaster. Rather, he wanted to claim other people’s achievements during his time as London mayor as his own.”)

(“Just as the event threatened to unravel, Johnson remembered his instructions and dashed for the exit. Some journalists shouted that the whole event had been a total disgrace, but for Boris it had done the business. He had got through the day more or less unexamined. Onwards and downwards, further into the cesspit of Tory party politics.”)



(“This was the Tory party in survival mode, reduced to its basest instinct. Things were serious now. The Tory party had decided it must live, and so everything else must die.”)

(“All dignity dispensed with. All integrity gone. Survival is everything.”)

(“The most telling fact of the speech was how bad it was. Boris Johnson is on his best behaviour, but bad behaviour is all he is.“)

(“What was he offering exactly? There was something or other on “investing in the infrastructure this country so badly needs”. His current record on infrastructure is an utterly pointless cable car in east London that recent TfL research showed is used by precisely six actual commuters. ​It now serves alcohol in the evenings to try and stay afloat.

Then there are the rolling windowless sauna buses, and his decision to make himself chief executive of the London Legacy Development Corporation, and personally see through the execrable Olympic Stadium deal with West Ham United – the only aspect of London 2012 over which he had any executive control, and the only aspect considered to be an utter failure.”)



We keep hearing that “Boris Johnson has the ability to be Prime Minister, but does he have the necessary character?”

My response is “where has Boris Johnson proven that he has the ability?”; on the contrary, he has, if anything, proven that he has not the ability.

Afterthought, 20 June 2019

It occurs to me that some readers, on reading my assertion that Boris Johnson is the most egregious charlatan and mountebank since Horatio Bottomley, may object “what about Robert Maxwell?”, and it is true that Johnson does invite comparison with “Maxwell”.

However, Maxwell was a far more organized and intelligent figure, and in some respects far more sinister (he is supposed to have been Israel’s chief secret operative in Europe). Also, though “Maxwell” was indeed an MP (in the UK) for 6 years (1964-1970), Britain in those days was still decently “anti-Semitic” and (rightly) somewhat “prejudiced” against “Maxwell” (though Britain still allowed him to become an MP, defraud pensioners etc). No-one would ever have even thought of “Maxwell” as a potential Prime Minister.

It is true that Maxwell was every bit as much of a charlatan as Boris Johnson is, but there was an element of seriousness or even tragedy in Maxwell that does not exist in Boris-Idiot. I don’t suppose that anyone would entrust Boris with millions to invest, neither would he know what to do with it, though his incompetence in every sphere would still ensure that every penny was lost! One could ask, “then why is Boris being entrusted with the fate of the whole country?” God knows. I don’t.

Update, 21 June 2019
Seems that Boris-Idiot and his girlfriend/fiancee (?) had what the police used to call “a domestic”, the neighbours then calling the police emergency line 999. “Our” next Prime Minister”… He is as fit for that position as I might be to take Olympic gold (in any sport).
Update, 22 June 2019
Surprise! (not)
Update, 25 June 2019
Update, 30 June 2019
Johnson may never become Prime Minister even if he wins the absurd contest with Jeremy Hunt:
Update, 24 July 2019
Well, the idiot has been appointed Prime Minister, most of the Cabinet of Theresa May has resigned, others have been sacked. I shall blog separately about this disastrous new Cabinet of “kings and queens for a day” when it is complete. I just note now that Boris-Idiot has appointed, as Home Secretary, one of the traditional “Great Offices of State”, Priti Patel, who is non-European, thick as two short planks, and a proven Israeli agent. We no longer have freedom of speech in the UK; otherwise I would express what I think should happen to her. I therefore content myself with observing that, had it not been for Idi Amin, she would now be serving customers from behind the counter of a Kampala grocery shop.
Britain is now officially in big trouble.

The Main Conservative Party Leadership Contenders in Outline

First words

One of the 5 tweets that got me disbarred at the instigation of a pack of Jews was that describing Michael Gove MP as “a pro-Jew, pro-Israel expenses cheat”. I am very glad to be able to post the key words yet again (as I do from time to time), now with the addition “who is also a dishonest, cocaine-snorting little degenerate with a Jewish wife.”

Major Candidates

I have decided now to blog about the main rivals for Theresa May’s threadbare purple as leader of the Conservative Party. I start with Gove.

Michael Gove


[above, Gove enjoys the company of Jew paedophile and rapist, the now-deceased one-time Labour MP and (later) “lord”, Greville Janner, at a Zionist social gathering]

Gove was adopted, his origins not publicly known. He was a journalist before becoming an MP. At that time, he showed his adherence to the Israeli cause by participating in a pro-Israel demonstration in Trafalgar Square.

It seems that, like —sadly— too many of “our” mainstream media scribblers, Michael Gove was a fairly frequent abuser of cocaine before (only before?) his Jewish Zionist backers got him onto the System political racket as an MP.

For several years, Gove had a relatively low public profile as MP, despite his promotion to Shadow Cabinet in 2007, after only 2 years as a backbench MP. He was one of the most blatant (though far from the worst) expenses cheats and blodgers exposed in 2009: he and his Jewish or part-Jewish wife, Sarah Vine (a Daily Mail columnist), claimed as detailed here:



Gove is an active member of Conservative Friends of Israel. He is a non-Jewish Zionist, completely in the pocket of the Jewish Zionist lobby. He has always supported UK “intervention” in the Middle East and elsewhere (eg Libya).

Gove was Boris Johnson’s campaign manager (in effect, Johnson’s deputy) in the Conservative leadership contest of 2016, but stabbed Johnson in the back at the crucial moment, causing maximum damage to the leadership bid that he, Gove, had been supporting until that moment.

Gove’s wife has said that he cannot do as much as boil a kettle. Well, Einstein was like that and look how he benefited humanity. Oh, no, wait…

Conclusion: A doormat for Zionism and the Jewish lobby; intelligent, but not as intelligent or cultured as he and his backers believe him to be. A driven careerist. Completely untrustworthy. Not reliable in any way (except in his support for Israel, which for me is a negative). Administratively, probably competent. Otherwise unfit for the office of Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson


[above, Boris Johnson “praying” at the “Wailing Wall” in Jerusalem]

Boris Johnson, aka Boris-Idiot, has wanted to be Prime Minister for a long time. A melange of different ethnicities, he is partly-European, partly-Turkic, partly-Jew: his maternal great-grandfather was an Orthodox Jewish rabbi in Lithuania! Three generations on, the Eton and Oxford “fiddler on the roof” was born in New York City to a father who worked for the World Bank and was later a Conservative MP.

Boris Johnson has been a backbench MP twice, without having distinguished himself. He has been Foreign Secretary and was terrible at it, incapable of doing the job properly. He has been a journalist-trainee (at the Times— sacked for making up a quotation), a journalist (at the Telegraph— where he was known for making up news) and an editor (The Spectator-— where he was notorious for absenteeism, lateness, making the staff make up for his defaults, also rude and unpleasant to the staff, and spent much of his time, in office hours, out of the office screwing lightweight airhead Spectator scribbler Petronella Wyatt).

Johnson has always had to face accusations of incompetence, complacency, laziness, lack of serious thought and application, as well as charges of dishonesty. These traits have characterized Johnson from his days at Eton right up to his shambolic and quite brief time as Foreign Secretary. A further trait has been appointment by reason of connections, rather than merit.

Johnson, who spent his childhood and youth amid the wealthy without himself really being of (very/extremely) wealthy background, is obsessed with scrabbling for as much money as he can get, and apparently gets (on top of MP salary and expenses) £250,000 per year for writing garbage in the Telegraph, which garbage he cobbles together once a week in about one and a half hours. One has to wonder at the motivations of the Telegraph’s editor or, perhaps being more significant, owners. The Telegraph is owned by the Barclay Brothers [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_and_Frederick_Barclay] who both favour Brexit and would no doubt find it very useful to have a UK Prime Minister obligated to them. Johnson tried to be Mayor of London and MP at the same time, in order to double his salary.

Boris Johnson is not prepared to do the preparation necessary to avoid egregious and avoidable mistakes. Two that come to mind are the water-cannon he bought as Mayor of London (unusable because not approved by the Home Office, a fact that Johnson did not bother to find out in advance) and Johnson’s painful mishandling of the Zaghari-Ratcliffe case:


Johnson will do almost anything to become Prime Minister. Though probably genuinely at least cynical or sceptical about the EU, he has fluctuated between Leave and Remain for most of the past two decades, and only committed himself to Leave when it became politic so to do.

He’s lied his way through life, he’s lied his way through politics, he’s a huckster with a degree of charm to which I am immune

[Anon., said to be a Cabinet minister, quoted in The Times of Israel]

Johnson, like 80% of Conservative MPs, is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel. In 2017, an Israeli employed by the Israeli Embassy in London, Shai Masot, was covertly filmed talking about how he had a million pound slush fund for “friendly” Westminster MPs, and how he wanted to have others “taken down”.

The Jew Masot talked to a “British” traitress and/or agent, one Maria Strizzolo (an aide to Jew Zionist “Conservative” MP Robert Halfon), about Boris Johnson, who, said Masot, was OK. “Ah, Boris…Boris…is good; he is solid on Israel. Of course, Boris is an idiot…” (and smirks…).

After being openly talked about like that, Boris Johnson just laughed it off in the Commons. He knows that he needs the Jew-influenced “British” msm to publicize him and support him. What’s a few insults from his Jewish “friends” anyway?


As MP and as Mayor of London, Boris was rumoured to have been an occasional drug abuser and, more often, a stalker of women in supermarkets etc. After having been (in the Minder appellation) “‘Er indoors” for many years, his (second) wife, a half-Indian woman, finally chucked him out in 2018.

Apparently, Johnson rarely if ever reads a book or anything beyond newspaper opinion columns. His pathetic attempts to pull rank on the plebs and make himself seem cultured by using Latin or classical Greek words fell flat after a few years. People saw through it.

Johnson’s latest girlfriend, whom he will probably marry, is a Conservative backroom PR woman who has smartened him up, cut his hair, put him on a diet and generally made him look less like a clown. She cannot do much about what is in his head, though.

Johnson has something in common with Donald Trump. Nothing that he says can be taken at face value. In fact, the sharp-eyed Jews have not had difficulty noticing that:

Johnson’s…actions have done little to assuage liberal Britons. Last year, he came under heavy attack from Jewish community leaders after he described Muslim women wearing burkas as looking “absolutely ridiculous” and like “letter boxes” and “bank robbers.” The Jewish Leadership Council said Johnson’s words were “utterly disgraceful,” while a leading rabbi accused him of “racism with a smile.” The Jewish Chronicle compared the former foreign secretary to a “bar-room bigot”.” [The Times of Israel]

Now we see that Johnson is again trying to run with the fox and hunt with the hounds.

Conclusion: Boris Johnson is a basically rootless character. Ethnically somewhat “diverse”, born in New York City, brought up in Belgium and England, educated with the (very) wealthy while not being quite one of them [cf. David Cameron-Levita, who was heir to a fortune in the tens of millions of pounds], Boris is always the slight outsider. He is pro-Israel mainly because it is convenient to be so (though he is part-Jew). His am-dram Bertie Wooster impression is no doubt an attempt to fit in with an England where he still does not wholly belong. The same is true of his equally am-dram but totally empty Winston Churchill impression and mimicry (he even affects a slightly-hunched posture at times). As a politician, he makes a good public entertainer. Driven. Unreliable. Incompetent. His Uxbridge seat may not be safe. Unfit to be Prime Minister, however looked at.

 Jeremy Hunt

The most serious main contender for Conservative Party leader, as I identified some time ago.

From an English background, Hunt is distantly related both to the Queen and to one-time Labour government minister and founder-leader (1930s) of the British Union of Fascists and (1950s) Union Movement, Sir Oswald Mosley. Born into an old Establishment family (his father was an admiral).

Politically, Hunt has had a fairly meteoric career. Elected as MP in 2005 (at age 39), he was made a Shadow minister almost immediately, promoted to Shadow Cabinet minister in 2007 and, as soon as the Conservatives formed the Con Coalition in 2010, appointed Cabinet minister (Culture Secretary 2010-2012, Health Secretary 2012-2018, Foreign Secretary 2018-present).

Hunt has by far the widest experience of government of the present contenders.

Hunt’s wife is Chinese, yet he has on occasion criticized the Chinese government.

Hunt is (predictably) pro-Israel:


Conclusion: Probably the most serious contender for Conservative leader if one forgets about level of public profile (Boris Johnson’s trump card). A smarmy snake type, but (despite gaffes here and there) reasonably competent (when compared to Johnson, especially). It would be surprising were he not one of the final two candidates.

Sajid Javid


By origin Pakistani Muslim, Javid could be described as an apostate, having said that:

My own family’s heritage is Muslim. Myself and my four brothers were brought up to believe in God, but I do not practise any religion. My wife is a practising Christian and the only religion practised in my house is Christianity.” [Wikipedia]

Javid is not a practising Muslim and he drinks alcohol. One of his brothers died from ingestion of alcohol and codeine.

Javid has been a devotee of the “philosophical selfishness” of so-called “Objectivism”, the “philosophy” invented by Jewess Ayn Rand.

Philosopher and theologian John Milbank commented [about Javid]: “It is extraordinarily disturbing that any mainstream politician should express any admiration for Ayn Rand. We should be concerned that someone like Sajid Javid can now hold high office within the United Kingdom.” [Wikipedia]

Javid was an international banker for about 18 years, rising by 2009 (when he quit to pursue his political ambitions) to an income of some £3 million a year. At least it can be said for Javid that his political career is not motivated by money-grubbing (cf. Johnson and, to some extent, Gove). Whether being an international banker is quite as impressive as it sounds, after the debacle of 2007-2008, is a matter for debate.

It was a shock to many that Sajid Javid, as Home Secretary no less, expressed support for the “antifa” thugs and snoopers. It shows either malice or, more likely (?) ignorance. I saw a Twitter photo of Javid at a Metropolitan Police event at which some of the most notorious Jew-Zionist trolls and troublemakers were in attendance.

Javid is yet another Conservative MP who belongs to Conservative Friends of Israel.

Javid is regarded as one of Israel’s staunchest supporters in the Cabinet and is a long-time supporter of Conservative Friends of Israel.” [Wikipedia]. He even went there on his honeymoon!

Javid’s strong record of speaking out against anti-Semitism has earned him plaudits from leading Jewish communal figures” [Wikipedia]

In 2015, at a Board of Deputies of British Jews hustings event, Javid stated that publicly funded cultural institutions that boycott Israel risk having their government grants cut.[81] Citing a boycott of the UK Jewish Film Festival[82] by the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn, Javid said: “I have made it absolutely clear what might happen to their [the theatre’s] funding if they try, or if anyone tries, that kind of thing again.” [81] British playwright Caryl Churchill raised concerns about political interference in the arts and questioned: “All Charlie Hebdo? Except when freedom of expression means freedom to criticise Israel.



Sajid Javid seems to be a genuine Leaver/Brexiteer. Put another way, a convinced globalist…in favour (unsurprisingly) of immigration into the UK. A complete doormat for the Jews and Israel, too. Intelligent…up to a point. Seems to be another one who is either narrow or has idees-fixes: Israel, Ayn Rand etc. May be administratively competent. As potential Prime Minister, a Pakistani-origined capitalist-globalist who supports Israel, the Jewish lobby, the mindless “antifa” idiots and the outlook of Ayn Rand, is not my idea of the right selection.

Dominic Raab

Raab is half-Jewish (and half-English) but was brought up culturally mainly English, including Church of England, and in –perhaps appropriately– Gerrard’s Cross, Buckinghamshire, the next rail stop from Beaconsfield, one-time seat of deracinated Jew Benjamin Disraeli, later Lord Beaconsfield, who became both Conservative leader and then, in 1868, Prime Minister.

Raab has a background in law (a degree and solicitor’s qualification, as well as a 2-year training term with Linklaters, a leading City of London firm), the Foreign Office (5-6 years) and as adviser for 3-4 years to Conservative Shadow Cabinet ministers. He was elected MP in 2010.

Raab has had a turbocharged career in Parliament, being involved with numerous serious policies and initiatives, including cross-party ones. Evenhanded (on the surface) re. Israel, he has criticized the most egregious excesses of the Zionists, in particular the settlement movement. He reached the Cabinet in 8 years.

Raab was involved with the Britannia Unchained booklet, which might be said to endorse what some have termed  a “Zionist slavemaster agenda” for the British people.

Raab is a sincere Leaver/Brexiteer.

I assess Raab as hard and indeed ruthless.

Conclusion: Another rather rootless person. Not quite Jew, not quite full English. Probably competent in terms of administrative and executive ability, but there have been allegations that he bullies his staff. Seems doubtful whether he can much impress the British voters, and his suggestion of forcing a WTO Brexit through via the prorogation of Parliament (something not done, for purely tactical political reasons, and as far as I know, since Cromwellian times), must give pause to those who would support him as potential Prime Minister.

Other candidates

There are a number of other candidates, though it may be that few if any can get 8 MPs (increased from 2 to cull the numbers) to support their candidatures. I have already blogged, a while ago, about Rory Stewart, arguably the most interesting candidate individually:


though I note that some msm commentators have now expressed some of the same doubts as I did some time ago, and wondering whether his whole adds up to the sum of his parts, basically.

Should other candidates get through the initial process, I shall also examine them (or should that be “turn on them”?).


The Conservative leadership contest is yet another “shitshow” (in the elegant word of Johnny Mercer MP). The Conservatives cannot organize Brexit, cannot even organize their own leadership election effectively! They certainly cannot run the country properly. I wonder how long they can cling to government.

Another point comes to mind, in relation to various issues but, for example, Gove’s cocaine abuse. MSM commentators and talking heads all saying that the public don’t really mind if journalists, MPs, Prime Ministers, snort drugs. I wonder. There may be plenty of people who think that frequent abusers or users should be machinegunned , if only as a public health measure. I merely pose the question…

There is a real and growing rift between the “socially liberal” metro-people and the other “tribes” in the UK.

[example: the Political Correspondent of Sky News does not regard it as significant that at least two of the main contenders for the Conservative Party leadership were habitual cocaine abusers!

https://twitter.com/lewis_goodall/status/1138085102808965121 ]


As for the Conservative Party, it seems bizarre that a few hundred MPs, and then what amounts to about 40,000 70 and 80 year olds, can elect a party leader who will then automatically become Prime Minister and may serve until 2022 without any need to be endorsed by the whole people. 















Afterthought, 10 June 2019

Boris Johnson has just “pledged” (whatever little weight that carries in the mouth of a congenital liar like him) to cut taxes for the 5%-10% of the adult population with gross incomes above £50,000 a year. He thus addresses directly the affluent and wealthy people who, as members of the Conservative Party, are about to elect the leader of that party. People who would benefit from any such policy.

To put it another way, Boris Johnson has just made it more likely that he will be elected Conservative Party leader, but at the same time has made it even less likely than it already is that the Conservatives will win the next general election. In fact, they will probably not even be the largest party in the Commons after a general election. They might not even be the second-largest party.

I wonder what the mass of voters (90%+) who earn less than £50K a year gross will think about a Conservative Party led by Boris Johnson that prioritizes tax cuts for the affluent and wealthy 10% at the expense of the other 90%? If only 10% of voters vote Conservative next time, it is “Goodnight Vienna” for the Conservative Party; and Boris Johnson, in his modest-majority Uxbridge seat, will be one of the first to fall.

Tweets and updates

Update, 13 June 2019

After the first ballot, the three least-supported candidates have been eliminated: nonentity Andrea Leadsom, ex-accountant Mark Harper, and dishonest (and thick-as-two-short-planks) Esther McVey.




As previously said, you can have any Model T Ford car as long as it is black, and you can have any Conservative MP as leader so long as he or she is pro-Jew and pro-Israel. In fact, the voting record of the candidates shows identical voting on a number of important issues; for example [see tweet below]

Update, 14 June 2019

“Suited thug” Matthew “Matt” Hancock MP has withdrawn.


Rory Stewart MP on Marr. It seems that, in polling of Conservative Party members, he is now second-placed (after Boris-Idiot). That would seem to prove what I have previously written, that Boris Johnson’s “popularity” is no more than the outcome of his 20 years of publicity largely generated by himself. Stewart has matched that, or tried to match that, via a social media blitz.

I have written about Stewart individually and I see no reason to alter anything I wrote then (except that I thought then that Stewart would have more MPs behind him), at the beginning of May of this year:


Stewart only received 19 votes in the second ballot, thus coming last. Matt Hancock MP (who had received 20 votes) then withdrew.


Stewart has more self-belief than Hancock (and more intelligence). He is still standing and may be gaining ground. For him it is all or nothing. He has ruled out serving in a Boris Johnson Cabinet, and it is hard to see Boris appointing him anyway. Boris does not like to see his idiocies floodlit.

To me as an observer, it seems that Gove is probably out of the running now, as is Sajid Javid. Be grateful for small mercies. That leaves, realistically, Johnson, Hunt, Raab and Stewart.

I had thought that Stewart would find more support among MPs than he has done so far. However, assuming that Johnson will be in the top two, Stewart now has a 3/1 chance of being there too. I had thought Hunt the obvious second-place candidate at the end. Now, well, we shall see.

Stewart is basically pro-EU, so it is hard to see Conservative Party rank and file members voting for him on that basis, but on most other bases he scores over Johnson.

Whoever becomes Conservative Party leader, this is a party going nowhere but down.

Update, 17 June 2019

Well, as I guessed a couple of days ago, Rory Stewart has gained ground, at least in the betting, though the betting exchanges’ and bookmakers’ odds are often not a reliable guide to political results (see the EU Referendum, the Trump election, the recent Peterborough by-election etc).

Stewart is now at 2nd place in the betting to be next Conservative leader, though only at 16/1. Boris Johnson is favourite at around 1/5 odds-on (Hunt 20/1, Gove 46/1, Raab 85/1, Javid 120/1).

By all accounts, Stewart did well in the TV debate (Johnson the sole absentee, obviously afraid of being exposed as an idiot and incompetent, as well as wanting to seem to  be the “presidential” figure above the fray).

Update, 19 June 2019

The latest “debate” on TV was held. I heard a few minutes. Boris Johnson…what a complete idiot. Is that really the best that can be offered for potential Prime Minister? God help the UK…

The tax plans of both Johnson and Hunt are mad. Anyway, there it is…

A piece in The Guardian (see below), by Jessica Elgot, a Jewish Zionist journalist (who used to block me when I had a Twitter account). She refers to Rory Stewart as a “Black Watch veteran”. Not sure what the hard core of that very tough regiment would say to that; after all, Stewart only spent 5 months, if that, in that regiment (as a probationary short service 2nd lieutenant). Still, the inside track on the Con leadership campaign is interesting. Seems that my 3 May blog about Stewart hit the spot, pretty much.



Update, 19 June 2019

Well, Rory Stewart is out of the race, which means that, until or unless Boris Johnson leaves frontline politics, his career is stalled again. He pledged not to serve in a Johnson Cabinet, and, as I blogged previously, it is doubtful that Johnson will appoint him to anything significant.

That leaves Johnson, Hunt, Gove, Javid.

Gove has said that he would serve under Johnson. As usual, willing to do whatever it takes to keep the career going and the salaries rolling in (a Cabinet minister gets about £75,000 a year on top of the MP salary of about £80,000; also, a ministerial car, a large and staffed country house in several cases).

I doubt whether Gove will be one of the final two; neither can I see Sajid Javid making the cut. That would leave Johnson and Hunt. The assumption is that Boris-Idiot would be be given a triumph by all those retired affluent Conservative Party members across the UK, all 100,000 or so of them (about 1 in maybe every 500 UK people belong to the Con Party). The assumption may or may not be right. If Hunt is the alternative, he may yet be in with a chance.

As to Boris-Idiot, this completely incompetent and clueless fool may well be posing as Prime Minister soon. Good grief…

Update, 20 June 2019

The final ballot having been held, the two candidates still standing are Boris-Idiot and Jeremy Hunt. Exactly what I predicted at the start (see above), though I was beginning to wonder whether Rory Stewart might make it into the final showdown.

Everyone is now assuming that the conclusion is already cut-and-dried. Probably, though Hunt may do better than expected as runner-up.

I find myself wondering about why it is that Boris Johnson has managed to shrug off all the (entirely justified and proven) allegations about his drug abuse, sex life, incompetence, lies etc. I think that the answer(s) are as follows:

  • Boris took drugs. Gove took drugs. Boris has been unaffected, while Gove has been diminished, ending up looking like a squalid and rather silly little figure. Why? I think because people are not comparing like with like. If Mick Jagger, at age 65 or for that matter (and as now) 75, plays around with some young girl, well, people just shrug and say “that’s what he’s like, he’s always been so”, or “that’s rock music for you”. Now, if some, say, respectable vicar, bank manager or headmaster does the same or even somewhat less, he will be pilloried, because people do not expect such behaviour from their local vicar or whatever. I think that that is part of the answer. People assume that louche Johnson might have snorted cocaine, but few not in the know thought it of apparently straitlaced Gove;
  • Gove has policy in mind. He is at home in the world of policy. Johnson has no real policy (or indeed ideology, or indeed belief in anything). So why do most people prefer Boris-Idiot? Because emotion is stronger than intellect, and will is stronger than emotion. Boris does not appeal on the intellectual level (how could he?!) which is Gove’s stronghold; he, Boris, appeals to emotion, whether to people liking his public persona, or his “dogwhistling” re Muslims, those two combined neatly and amusingly in his “Muslim women looking like” pillar-boxes or letter-boxes. It could even be said that Boris is appealing to the Will, to an inchoate Englishness (even though Boris himself is, at highest, only part-English);

Of course, the political fusion of all three parts of human mentality and being, meaning Will, emotion and intellect, was personified by Adolf Hitler. Obviously Hitler “bestrides the narrow world like a colossus”, even today, and was a titan compared to a silly creepy grubber like Boris Johnson, but there we are: “history repeats itself, first tragedy, second time farce.”

Poor UK…

Update, 25 June 2019

Update, 30 June 2019

Even if Boris Johnson wins the absurd Conservative leadership contest, he may be prevented from becoming Prime Minister:


Proposals for a new society…

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