Diary Blog, 30 July 2022

Afternoon music

[painting by Joyce Norwood]

Saturday quiz

Well, this week, political journalist John Rentoul scored the same as me: 7/10. I did not know the answers to questions 2, 3, and 7 and, if truth be known, my correct answer to question 4 was an educated guess.

Tweets seen

Slowly slowly catchee monkey…

In fact, the NWO/ZOG agenda is now accelerating, now that we are in 2022, the primary year of the 33 year-cycle ending when the next such year starts in 2055.

Already, banks in the UK have introduced restrictions on transfers of cash and other payments, and note a range of other transactions. It’s coming. Slow enfoldment.

2022, the most significant year since 1989. Previous such significant years were 1956 and 1923.

Jess Phillips can best be described as a stinking pile of socio-political ordure: see also https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/05/07/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-jess-phillips-story/.

More tweets

Human beings really are amazingly ingenious.

An octopus has quite high intelligence and sentience. I rarely buy seafood salad with octopus rings now for that reason.

I have wondered why Jews, especially, are and have been among the most fanatical for the “vaccines” and other “measures”, including the facemask nonsense. You see tweets from them claiming that they have, have had, or are afraid of getting “Covid”, as well as tweets (even now) fervently urging compulsory mask-wearing etc.

I think that this can all be traced back to an ingrained wish to be seen as the perennial “victim”, even when that is extremely implausible.

More music

1945 was a setback, but not the complete defeat that it seemed at the time. The Reich was crushed, but the essence of National Socialism has survived in other forms, other places. It is still possible to create the basis for the necessary quantum leap in human evolution.

More music

[Levitan, 1897, The Great Road, Avenue of Birches (the Sibirsky Trakt)]

More tweets

Even by “their” standards, Giles Coren is a horrible little bastard.

How long before Giles Coren plays the “antisemitism” card?

Giles Coren“, in that tweet, could be replaced by many another name with equal truth: to name but a few, Boris Johnson, Dido Harding, and The Royal Cuck, Harry of that ilk, Formerly Known as “Prince”.

Don’t poke the bear


Russian [sic] has cut off gas to Latvia amid growing energy concern for winter in Europe after supplies to Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, Netherlands and Denmark were also axed.

Europe is facing an acute energy crisis as Putin weaponizes energy supplies in apparent retaliation for leaders defying him over Ukraine.”

[Daily Mail, in great need of sub-editors].

Late tweets

…to which Bob Moran replies:

Leah McElrath…@leahmcelrath…Activism, analysis, commentary | Psychology, human rights, geopolitics …@smithcolleg…BA, MSW …@LSEalumni#ActuallyAutistic #LGBTQ #MECFS “.

Translation— a total nut, probably living off a trust fund. America is in real trouble.

Good grief.

Stuchbery used to call himself “historian“, but was only ever one in the manner of someone who travels around (Germany, mainly), copies tourist information he sees here and there, then collates it into tweets.

Nothing wrong about that, in itself; in fact I have always said that I enjoy his tweets on mediaeval and Renaissance history (he is usually wrong about history after about 1880), but he is no historian.

My 2019 blog post about Stuchbery: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/10/23/a-few-words-about-mike-stuchbery/.

Bolton forgot to add that many of the younger police “officers” of today (meaning those under 40), brainwashed at school thanks to Jew-pumped-out “holocaust” “education”, are easily manipulated by the Jew-Zionist element into taking seriously false and malicious complaints made by Jews about (usually) non-Jews. A couple of my own experiences from the past 5 years or so: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/; https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/01/15/diary-blog-15-january-2022-including-an-outline-of-the-failure-of-the-latest-jew-zionist-attempt-to-prosecute-me/.

Exactly. I read the local newspapers online, the ones for coastal Hampshire and Dorset. The court reports are interesting inasmuch that, even for me, a one-time barrister (albeit far more civil and commercial etc than criminal), the sentences often surprise by their leniency.

I am far from being a “hanger and flogger”, and I favour clemency where possible, perhaps even too much, but I now read of people who have committed crimes of considerable violence and brutality, not to mention egregious theft, being effectively “let off”.

You have to work quite hard to get imprisoned in the UK these days (unless the Jews say that you have been rude about them).

Example? A few years ago, I heard tell of a man, an accountant aged in his 40s, who had a paid job, I think part-time, with a really worthwhile hospice charity not far from where I myself live (about 2-3 miles away). That person stole (embezzled) £40,000 from the charity.

In court, the embezzler must have had Counsel very good at mitigation because, on the premises that the defendant’s parents had stumped up the £40,000 to compensate the hospice, the defendant got off with a suspended sentence, despite the egregious breach of trust, despite also the fact that he was only caught by chance or Fate, and despite the fact that he had initially tried to blame more junior staff.

No. Far too lenient.

For once I agree with that stupid woman. GPs, at least many, may be overpaid, and those that want an easier life may find it congenial to drop by the surgery a couple of days a week and still pick up a gross pay of about £60,000 in many cases.

Incidentally, I have no animus against my own GP, a very polite person whom I have not actually seen face to face for years, but with whom I am reasonably satisfied, and who monitors me via routine blood tests etc, and sends the odd letter.

Late music


25 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 30 July 2022”

    1. He should do. I can’t see how Deeply Fishi Criminal Rishi can be genuinely against ‘wokeness’ and those who espouse this pernicious ideology because he owes his position, at least in part, because of these type of liberal-left lunatics. They created the climate of opinion that enabled Rishi to be where he is.

      Surely there comes a point in time when ethnics like Rishi criticizing
      ‘wokeness’ quit the self abasement.

      Rishi and other ethnic Tories must know, deep down, they are only being barely tolerated as pet ethnics. Being a Tory ‘Uncle Tom’ must involve some serious mental gymnastics issues!😂😂😂😀😀😀🙄🙄🙄

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You should be a, “hanger and flogger”! It is the only way unless you have an absolutely massive police force which most countries can’t afford to have and institute things the civil libertarian loonies won’t like eg establishing a national computer DNA database for new born babies and having CCTV cameras with artificial intelligence as in China everywhere.

    Those campaigning to abolish hanging in the mid 1960’s and earlier such as the Jew, Sidney Silverman, (apparently capital punishment is very much against their religion) said those who were retentionists and feared that abolition would lead to an increase in the murder rate (the average number of murders per year HAS increased) need not worry because murderers would face mandatory incarceration for life.

    Ordinary people who mostly wanted hanging to remain THOUGHT that would mean life as in not being released from prison until the day a murderer died.

    Abolition supporters clearly said such things to con people that was going to happen but knew jolly well that it would not.

    Hence today we have very few people sentenced to whole life orders.

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  2. One reason abolitionists hated capital punishment was because they thought it was an excessively punitive punishment but then they also thought that about long prison sentences as well eg 30, 40 plus years imprisonment for murder.

    Life sentences as the USA very genuinely has was never on the agenda of these people. They just used the prospect of natural life sentences to get people to abolish the death penalty.


    1. Of course, it should go without saying many abolitionists just hated the whole idea of their being a clear and undeniable aim within our criminal justice system of actually punishing an offender for the crime they have committed.

      Their aim wasn’t just to remove the death penalty as the most powerful symbol of retribution but to eliminate most forms of effective retribution as well.


  3. Deeply Fishi Criminal Rishi is very desperate and it is showing. I hear he wants to crack down on litter louts. That is fine but let us not forget serious crimes as well. Liberal left David Cameron and the failed Home Secretaries we have had in the last twelve years have starved the police of resources, sacked thousands of police officers many of whom were the most experienced and non PC kind, shut down police stations, defunded the court system so even when criminals are apprehended there are huge delays putting them before magistrates and judges.

    Justice delayed is justice denied!

    To get crime down you need to increase the detection rate of crime, increase the fear of a criminal of their being caught, increase the conviction rate, have decently long sentences that serve as a deterrent CONSISTENTLY applied by the courts.

    Criminals have to be sent to court QUICKLY as well.

    We need a massive expansion of the police (at least another 50,000 officers) get Priti Leftwing off their collective backs so they concentrate on REAL police work instead of being sent on constant PC courses, more stop and search in certain areas, reopen police stations, open new ones, have smaller community police stations like the Japs have with their Koban mini police stations.


    1. John:
      My own experiences of the police in recent years have not left me with any wish to see 50,000 more semi-educated “woke” militiamen and women around, snooping and interfering at the behest of the Jew lobby…

      The police are a necessary evil, no more.


      1. The police need to be comprehensively reformed from top to bottom but not in the way Guardian readers would approve of.

        They need to be modelled on the police of somewhere with a decent and effective police force like Monaco, Singapore or Japan.

        It is high time they went ‘back to basics’ and the divisive, leftwing nonsense of the McPherson Report and similar anti police unworkable crap was decisively scrapped!


      2. Many people would say the death penalty was a necessary evil as well.

        No right minded person would take pride in executing people or enjoy using that very severe criminal sanction but what other real alternative that has a decent deterrent effect is there?

        Some people would say lifetime incarceration without the possibility of parole is a suitable alternative but is locking people up for life without their having any hope for release truely humane?

        Many would say that is just as cruel as the death penalty is if not worse.


      3. John:
        As you say, “to take a fox, and put it in a box, and never let it go”.

        Both full-life imprisonment and the death penalty have a dreadful finality about them. I suppose that that is why I oppose both, in principle. I am talking, as always here, about judicial actions, rather than executive action (the elimination of certain types of nuisance dangerous to the State or people).


  4. Under the now very liberal and leftwing Conservative Party the police concentrate more on policing the opinions of what was a free British society instead of doing their real jobs of apprehending genuine criminals some of whom are positively dangerous and a considerable threat to the safety and well being of others.

    Limited prison space is being misused by the Tories with their sending to prison people who shouldn’t be in there ie non PC dissidents instead of these valuable places being occupied by people who need to ‘incapacitated’ in the jargon of criminologists ie dangerous offenders like violent thugs, rapists etc.


  5. If we don’t bring back hanging then let us at least reintroduce judicial corporal punishment via birching or the more fearsome rattan cane of Singapore.

    Caning by the rattan cane in Singapore is always used in addition to a jail term. That could be used here and be a decent deterrent to violent thugs.

    However, we could also introduce birching and/or the rattan cane as a stand alone punishment as well.

    A few strokes of the birch or rattan cane could be used to punish offenders without sending offenders to prison using expensive and short of supply prison spaces. It could be a useful way to keep less dangerous offenders out of expensive prisons whilst still punishing them in a suitablely punitive way so that they are deterred from committing more serious offences which WILl see them incarcerated.

    Current prison capacity needs to be used more effectively and utilized for those miscreants who pose a real danger to others. The primary purpose of prisons should be the incapacitation of dangerous offenders.

    https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caning_in_Singapore

    P.S. one of the real advantages of Singaporean-style caning is that it is a very flexible punishment where a judge can alter the number of strokes one stroke at a time depending upon the severity of the offence.

    The death penalty can’t be adjusted in this way as there are no degrees of death. Capital punishment is an absolute punishment and can’t be varied.


      1. Yes, Ian, you are right. In fact, I remember how correct was your assessment of these loonies. Most of them are mentally ill, something quite obvious when you listen to them or read their posts.

        Regarding that woman (Leah MacElrath) I thought she is Jewish based on her Biblical first name but I remember that lots of Protestants (unconscious worshipers of Israel) gave their children Jewish names. For example, Samuel Clemens a.k.a. Mark Twain


  6. That video showing the uniformed degenerates known as “police officers” dancing with homosexuals and lesbians is awful but it gives an accurate picture of the British police nowadays. Where is the Luftwaffe when we need her? A dozen Me-109 would have wiped them out! (LOL)


    1. In Brighton which is this country’s town with the highest profile LGBT community the police have even been known to ride around in cars emblazoned with rainbow colours. Even many LGBT people themselves abhor the cost of painting the cars in this way and can’t stand the patronizing nature of the scheme.


  7. It is now a very long time since Britain had an effective and non political police force. The politicisation of the police began in earnest under Mrs Thatcher at the time of the Miners’ Strike in 1984/1985 and has got progressively worse since.


    1. Even in ‘nice’ Tory areas like where you live (parliamentary constituency of New Forest West) crimes in general are increasing and violent offences are in particular with ever worsening brutality.

      Until we as a country collectively say we won’t put up with it any longer and model our criminal justice system on a country like Singapore or Japan with their larger retributive elements this problem will only worsen.

      We need a significantly larger police force that is well led and less interested in PC rather than real crimes, more CCTV cameras with advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities as in China, more prison spaces effectively used, harsher punishments all round.

      Continuing to import people from unsophisticated, backward, countries like Somalia with their people having a greater propensity to commit crimes often violent ones must cease too.

      Sadly, none of this will happen under the now loony-left fake Conservative Party.😡😠😠😠


  8. I have just seen an article over at the globalist liberal-left Financial Times moaning about Singapore hanging drug dealers and, of course, there was a quotation from one of Britain’s most obnoxious and terminally annoying exports ie Richard Branson.

    Many of the commentators fromm Britain called this practice of Singapore ‘barbaric’, blah, blah, blah and one even said it didn’t work because Singapore still executed people for drug dealing!

    No sensible person has EVER claimed the death penalty was a perfect deterrent as that is impossible and this applies whether executions are applied to murderers or drug dealers.

    The fact is though that executions for drug dealers do have a marked deterrent effect because, unlike many murders which are committed without preplanning and are impulsive events , people make a conscious and calculated decision to enter this wicked and evil trade in an effort to make money and enrich themselves.

    No one has ever just fallen into the trade of drug dealing by accident.

    Singapore has very low rates of drug dealing and drug addiction compared to this crime infested country and there is no open dealing in drugs on their streets unlike here.

    Executions DO work (ha, ha, in the manner of Michael Howard’s famous ‘Prison Works’ speech at the Tory conference of 1993) The person being executed can’t engage in any form of criminality once they are dead least of all in the very serious and palpably wicked and evil crime of drug dealing with its all too serious effects of dead drug abusers, wrecked families and wrecked communities.


  9. If ‘Prison Works’ as Michael Howard said ie it puts people away in prison in order to incapacitate the criminal so that they can’t commit any further offences (apart from inside a prison) then executions work on a permanent basis to prevent ANY further crimes from an executed criminal.

    In short, ‘Hanging WORKS’ as Singapore’s Minister of Law and Home Affairs, Mr K Shanmugam, might say to the Singaporean People’s Action Party conference!😂😂😂😂😃😃😃


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