Diary Blog, 31 July 2022, with a few assessments of Labour Party MPs

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[ancient bridge, Yalding, Kent]

On this day a year ago

Peter Hitchens, writing about a British citizen now “sanctioned” by the British Government


London. Zoo


Looking at the video clip, I was wondering how long ago it has been since Mustafa, Mohammed, or Ahmed (or should that be Ali Baba?) was landed from a rubber boat on a beach in Sussex or Kent, and became an “asylum-seeker”?

The mask of Evil is now (as predicted by, inter alia, Valentin Tomberg) coming off, globally.

We all know what we have to do, sooner or later, to stop this in its tracks, but we are not allowed to say it, write it, or broadcast it.

Actually, the first tweeter above is wrong even in his statistics. The “white” bloc is only about 85%, and that includes Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. In England, white people (you know— “the people formerly known as English”) are only about 80% of the population now. By 2050 or so? Probably only 50%; possibly 40%.

The British (real British, real English) are not reproducing, but the non-whites (immigrants and/or migrant-invaders and/or the descendants of earlier waves of migrants) certainly are. Indeed, the Muslims especially are certain that they are going to conquer Europe and particularly Britain by simply breeding us out of house and home.

Look at the Government benefits website. There are rates given for those who have children in polygamous (i.e. Muslim) marriages. We are literally paying the invaders to outbreed us and to replace us.

The contemporary English may like to pose as “Lions” and “Lionesses” in various sporting pleb-fests, but will not raise a hand to defend their own and their descendants’ racial and cultural future. Pathetic.

More tweets

How about Britain getting tougher on moral pollution?…

Abuse of prisoners is appalling, seems to have happened on the Ukrainian side as well and, in the instant case, appears to have been perpetrated by Chechens fighting on the Russian side, not by the Russians themselves. That of course would not be any excuse. Russia should not be using those backward people.

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[grounds of Amberley Castle, Sussex]

The migration invasion continues


Labour Party

A reminder why (at least, largely why) the voters, most of them, rejected the Labour Party under Corbyn in 2019:

Not the whole truth of the matter, because there were concerns about the blacks, especially black women, around Corbyn, and that whole anti-white mindset, but the Jew-Zionists in Labour, and in the mass media, were at the core of Labour’s unpopularity with the voters.

A relentless attack, every single day.

I do not see Labour as any more “electable” now. It has no policies of interest to speak of and, despite its present lead in the opinion polls, I doubt whether Jewish-lobby puppet Starmer will ever be Prime Minister.

True, Liz Truss, the current pseudo-Conservative front-runner, seems an absurd person to notionally lead the UK, but is she any worse than, say, Boris-idiot? Indeed, looking at the past decade, is the Truss woman really that much worse than those idiots David Cameron-Levita and Theresa May?

I detect no serious public enthusiasm for Starmer-Labour, and I think that recent by-election results support that. What does the Conservative Party now stand for? Globalism and mass immigration? Finance capitalism? Not much else. Labour, though? Nothing different. In fact, many would find it hard to say that Labour now stands for anything at all.

For those who missed them, here are a few profiles of Labour MPs:

I must do more of those (you can search for “Conservative” Party MPs too, via the search box on the blog).

Late tweets

Nearly two months on, but worth reposting.

The bookmakers now have Liz Truss at as short as 1/10 (odds-on). Seems that the Conservative Party membership is thought to disapprove of the “dark horse” in this ridiculous two-horse race.

Mass immigration has not been Britain’s only problem over the past 70 years (or even since 1989), but it has been the biggest single reason why the country into which I was born (albeit very imperfect anyway) has gradually become a kind of dustbin.

5 minutes later, a large Spetsnaz contingent burst in…(it could happen like that…).

The latest dystopian nuance/nudge. I myself take no interest in any spectator sports, but it is very obvious that this whole episode is just part of a wider propaganda agenda.

Late music

24 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 31 July 2022, with a few assessments of Labour Party MPs”

    1. nativewarrior14:
      Yes. I see the upcoming American civil war (*when* upcoming, I do not know) as being low-key much of the time, cultural as well as strictly racial, diffuse geographically, and without any set-piece battles. Also decentralized in leadership.

      I also agree with you that the British/English “wiggers” are not much worth bothering about.

      I am only interested, for practical purposes, in the existence of a small core of culturally and also racially aware persons, which might be in the millions but more likely will be in the thousands, possibly only in the hundreds, and out of which can emerge over time the foundation for a “quantum leap” in human evolution.


    2. Agree with you particularly with those obsessed with sports. Yes, the PC globalist open borders supporting brigade certainly did their homework in order to achieve the necessary level of brainwashing with sports teams.

      I know it sounds unpatriotic but that was why I was so delighted to see that the ‘England’ football team lost last year to Italy’s virtually all Italian team.

      The BBC, amongst others, would have had a live on air orgasm if our team had won and utilized it as yet another opportunity to pontificate about the alleged wondrous nature of the multi-cult ‘society’ despite the fact it has led to a huge crime wave in London and increasingly in cities like Birmingham as well with mass stabbings etc.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


    3. Love Island is surely too much even for the most degenerate elements of our population! Talk about hitting rock bottom as a society or can this cesspit get even worse?🙄🙄🙄🙄


  1. What an utter moron, Robin Corbishly is! No doubt he is a member of the now proudly loony-left, globalist, fake Conservative Party and will vote for deeply Fishi criminal Rishi to be party leader and PM.

    The fact is a cat born in a stable doesn’t magically become a horse. Japan has a small number of other Asians living in it (mainly Koreans) but the Japs don’t accept them as Japanese people even if they can speak perfect Japanese.

    Japs have brains you see which is no doubt one reason amongst many others why they rose from being a bomb shattered total wreck in 1945 to being an economic and industrial superpower by the 1980’s.


    1. Foreigners in Japan who came from even more alien non-Eastern Asian backgrounds such as English language teachers from Britain as Jeremy Hunt used to be are not accepted as Japs either.

      If I were to go and live in Israel (not that the Israeli government approves of non Jewish immigration ) and spoke perfect Hebrew I would not be accepted as a genuine Jewish Israeli whereas a Jew from Golders Green settling there would be.


  2. Tories will probably lose the next election whoever they choose in this increasingly farcical leadership election. Penny Mordaunt would have had the best chance. Deeply Fishi Criminal Rishi will bomb in all the wrong areas ie the ‘Red Wall’ marginal seats.

    So Liz Truss it is then!

    The evidence for them heading for defeat can be gained not just from looking at the current opinion polls but real votes in real ballot boxes. I have been looking at the page on Wikipedia detailing by-election records and there is a remarkable correlation between a governing party suffering from 30% plus adverse swings at by-elections and then falling from power at the subsequent general election.

    In North Shropshire the swing was 34% and in Tiverton and Honiton it was 29.9% and would have gone over 30% easily if the turnout there had been a little lower as in North Shropshire.

    Mrs Thatcher only lost by-elections with plus 20% swings against her party.

    Yes, the electorate is pretty volatile nowdays but the omens are still not good. A hung parliament looks to be the most likely result next time.


    1. John:
      The bookmakers (eg Betfair Politics) are odds-on about Liz Truss (about 1/10), but Sunak is bombing at about 10/1. Not that the bookies are always right about political contests but, even if you halve the chance on Truss, she is still heavily odds-on now. God knows why, but it is a two-horse race, and many older Con voters/members do not want to back the “dark horse”…


      1. And this time at least they would be RIGHT to not want to do that. Rishi is a convicted criminal which, to be frank, is NOT a good look for Britain’s self- proclaimed ‘party of law and order’🙄🙄🙄

        His personality is likely to rub people up the wrong way as well. To be frank, he is difficult to warm to as a person. Voters like to have someone in No.10 that they can relate too even if this is only to a mild extent.

        Not that Liz Truss has that in abundance either but she is a bit more relatable to the majority of people than Rishi is.


  3. When, oh WHEN, is the Conservative Party going to realize that pandering to that part of the electorate that is soft on crime, supports wars with no essential British national interest at stake, that is in favour of mass immigration both legal and illegal , is hugely PC and globalist in outlook, is anti-police and wants to tie them up in yet more PC redtape and leftist nonsense HAS NOT WORKED and WILL NOT EVER work for them?


    1. John:
      Both main System parties think, as did Blair’s Labour 20 years ago, “where will they [the Labour/Con voters] go?”. Blair-Labour learned, too late, in Scotland, that where the voters go is either home or to any superficially-credible alternative. The SNP took Scotland and is still ensconced; Labour is nowhere. The North of England and elsewhere similarly, but without an obvious alternative as yet.


      1. Yes, people can go to a superficially credible alternative or stay at home and abstain from voting. This latter option is becoming more common even in Tory held seats and with Tory inclined voters.

        In the past, a lot of people thought it was quite shameful not to vote but now fewer people do.


    2. Lefties in the electorate can and WILL vote for several parties before they will EVER choose the Tories or they will abstain.

      Why vote Tory if you are a globalist nutter when you can vote Labour, Lib Dem, Green, or in Scotland and Wales, for the SNP and Plaid Cymru?


  4. Those Russian Spetznaz troops should be taken quite seriously by the US and others. They are also pretty mean dancers. There is a video on YouTube where Russian soldiers including their special forces Spetznaz ones (or what looks like them) are dancing to that famous Boney M song of the late 1970’s called Rasputin.

    It is quite a laugh and many people have commented upon it. One American poster, I think, has said why don’t we have a big dance off with these Russian troops instead of a war!😂😂😂


  5. Re, Women’s football: of course it is propaganda (bread and circuses) etc, however for the sheep to identify with an homogeneous “White” football team – a rare occurrence these days, can only be seen as positive. Homegeneity works – as the current memes suggest! 🤔


    1. I haven’t been watching it but I am glad they won if they were, as you suggest, a genuinely English team. It was good to see our English Rugby Union team win the World Cup in 2003 with Jonny Wilkinson’s last gasp drop goal winning it over Australia . That team was very nearly homogeneous too.

      Yes, homogeneity works not just in fairly trivial matters like organized team sports but more importantly with regard to general society as well and the economy.

      One reason Japan has a low crime rate might well be its near total homogeneous nature. Crime does tend to breed in societies less naturally cohesive unless you use extremely harsh punishments regularly like Singapore does and be a quasi police state like them.

      Would Japan have risen from being a bomb shattered wreck in 1945 to being an economic and industrial superpower in the 1980’s if they had been ‘diverse’? This economic miracle of theirs wasn’t achieved easily. It took a lot of co-operation and pulling together as a nation when people were in poverty for most of the period whilst state and private money was set aside for investment into its infant industries. The society was cohesive and little in the way of an ‘us’ and ‘them’ attitude was evident. If they had been culturally and ethnically diverse then the broad mass of the population might well have been less ready to pull together for a higher purpose ie achieving an economic miracle especially when many were poor for a lot of the period.


      1. We are now the same way and it is getting worse thanks to ‘diversity’ being a weakness and not a strength. Enoch Powell warned us not to follow in the same direction as the USA.

        The US is a very rich country and a powerful one but their society should not be looked up to or emulated. It is bad in many respects not least the racial tensions. They even manage to get the death penalty wrong in a lot of ways though there are some minor good points to the system.


    2. Diversity is a profound weakness unless it is very small quantities not a strength.

      Diverse societies tend not be happy ones at ease with themselves. Despite all of its great wealth, America is not a happy place and many Americans both white and black are seemingly permanently angry with each other. The USA’s diverse society is a mess.


  6. Sorry, I don’t know what the King’s Champion is? I think a dance off is a dancing competition where various groups just compete against each other to see who has the best moves etc.

    Anyway, this YouTube video is quite entertaining as are some other satirical videos on there eg Putin overlaid with American music called Gangsta’s Paradise.

    People are trying to be satirical about the situation and making light of it. Many would say that this is in bad taste and that is certainly a pont of view but, on the other hand, you have to laugh as otherwise you would be throughly depressed at the thought of WW3 with nuclear weapons!


    1. The “King’s Champion” was a skilled swordsman, jouster etc who fought individually for a monarch. The King was not expected to defend himself personally. He had his “Champion” to do that. If two kings had a dispute, rather than fight to the death using their armies, they would each delegate that (life-threatening) task to their champions, who would be expected to fight to the death. An example is in the film El Cid.


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