Diary Blog, 10 August 2022

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Britain 2022


In Salisbury...hard to believe.

More about Britain in 2022


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While I do not belong to, or even converse with, Patriotic Alternative, they seem to be, at least partly, on the right path. The fact that the evil —and misnamed— “Hope not Hate” crowd are stridently opposing them is a good sign, arguably.

As for System-connected invaders (including those born in the UK), of course they will be given money, jobs, gongs etc, just as the mouthpieces of the East German (DDR) regime were…until that regime collapsed in 1989. Something for said mouthpieces (in the UK today) to reflect upon, perhaps.

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Hard to believe that anyone would think that stupid, cruel, and clueless Dunce (Duncan Smith) would know “what to do”, care about the problem, or have any idea how to run anything.

£15BN is not much in governmental terms; to take one example, £38BN was completely wasted on the “test and trace” nonsense, not even including the other “panicdemic” “measures”.

Dunce Duncan Smith has never been punished for his evil actions. The same goes for his part-Jew bosses, George Osborne and David Cameron-Levita, and their many satraps.

Dunce was also an outright and literal fraudster, who got several tens of thousands of pounds annually, on his expenses, to pay his wife for work she never did. A flagrant fraud.

MPs in a corrupt Parliament of this sort understand only one thing, but I am “not allowed” (under the present repressive laws on free speech) to specify it.

In the old phrase, you get nothing for nothing…

I ask, not for the first time, does Canada not have even one person who can deal with this situation?

One wonders why, in this age of superficial iconoclasm, these antiquated figures (bishops) and organizations (churches) still command at least pro forma respect in the msm. I suppose because they always endorse every mad or evil trend the conspiracy wants, from “Black Lives Matter” and climate change via CO2 emissions, to “anti-racism” and all the other nonsense around, including the “holocaust” farrago and the “Covid” panicdemic propaganda and, of course, the “right” of women to become “priestesses” and crazed woman bishops.

A few thoughts about the hot weather

I have lived and worked in, as well as merely visited, various countries, both those which are usually hot and those which are hot only in summer: USA, Australia (where I was at school for three years), a few parts of Africa and North Africa, Turkey, the Caribbean, Kazakhstan, Russia, and of course European countries.

It is hard to come to a firm conclusion about climate from personal experience alone. That is especially true when other factors than temperature come into play: humidity, air flow, the difference (if any) between temperature in the day and after dark.

Age is certainly a factor. Children are often more accepting of hot weather, though many old people enjoy at least sunshine, if not fierce blazing heat.

For myself, I find that age makes hot weather less tolerable, especially when combined with high humidity.

Is the British weather less tolerable now, as compared to, say 1976 or other noted years? As a matter of fact, I would say that it is, possibly because the very hot weather at least seems to continue longer, indeed almost endlessly. In 1976, I was 19, so more resilient to heat than I now am, but I lived in London throughout that famous summer, and did not find it too difficult, despite its duration (longer than the present heatwaves).

I have not examined in detail the statistics of temperature etc, but we do seem to be having more hot and very hot days, days when the temperature is above not even 20C, but 25C and even 30C.

As to “climate change”, my own view is that there has been a change: Australia today, meaning Sydney and other Eastern seaboard regions with which I and my wider family are familiar, is far hotter more often than was the case in the late 1960s when I was a child there. What is driving the change is (in my view) uncertain. If it is said that CO2 emissions are the cause, then the UK or even all Europe making changes will be of only limited effect anyway. China and India are the big emitters as well as the big polluters, and they are not going to change what they do any time soon.

For me personally, I just look forward to next week, when the forecasters predict cooler weather, with rain, in southern England.

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13 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 10 August 2022”

    1. nativewarrior14:
      Yes. It should never have happened, but £30,000 is ludicrous over-compensation. £3,000 would be nearer the mark. The police always try to throw money at problems like this.


    1. Claudius:
      I doubt it. British people are thoroughly dispirited and herded. The “panicdemic” laws and regulations made that obvious. There were dissenting voices, but, to put it baldly, no ministers or others got shot.

      As with other Anglophone countries, the people of the UK will sit quietly while race and nation are destroyed, and while they and their families are impoverished in front of their eyes, so long as some “British” sports team (often composed of blacks or half-castes) wins a football or rugby game somewhere.

      There may be a point at which that will change, but certainly not yet.


  1. Ian, have 3 questions for you as I am new to Twitter. What are DMs? Why many people do not like them? What is RT?

    Thank you

    PS: Thank you for your answers regarding “libel” and “slander”!


    1. Claudius:
      Re. Twitter:
      “DMs” are “direct messages”, i.e. private messages, not seen by the public on Twitter.

      Many people (mainly women) make it clear that they do not accept “direct messages” because they do not want, or say that they do not want, men trying to flirt with them using that private message system.

      “RT” in this context means “retweet”, i.e. re-posting a tweet.


      1. Thank you for your replies. Having said that I thought that if you block a certain person you will NEVER get any messages or tweets from them, therefore I do not understand why the panic over DMs.

        Regarding the possible British “Resistance” I agree with you. The great majority of the British people seem to have been castrated emotionally and psychologically. There is no fire in them.

        In contrast, is very encouraging to see many French people active and proud of their people, history, and culture, either on YT or Twitter. One example, there are many French patriotic books, videos, and T-shirts on the Internet. If a social-national revolutionary movement ever happens it will take place in the continent and most probably in France.


  2. Hello Ian: I was about to turn off the computer when I came across this little gem. It is from a BBC series called “NCS: Manhunt”. The speech is magnificent and the actor delivers it beautifully. It is incredible that a screenwriter from the BBC could have written this:


    1. Claudius:
      Very good. Never saw that (I think that I was living in Turkey or elsewhere when it seems to have been first broadcast).

      If there were even a thousand like that man, and that thousand were willing to do what it takes, the UK would be in a very different position.
      Maybe the System drones realized, too late, that the portrayal might backfire, and encourage people:

      “Despite the series’ popularity, and strong viewing figures, a second series was never commissioned. Notably, neither the pilot nor the complete series have ever been issued on DVD, although the series was repeated in its entirety on Forces TV in 2016.[4]”



      1. I agree 100% with you. You must have noticed that practically all the comments (I read nearly 30) are praising the speech! I think that the moment requires many great public speakers. I know is difficult but not impossible. As you said, if there were 1000 Englishmen like him things would be different.

        Can you imagine dozens of men speaking like this across England surrounded and supported by loyal, heroic men like Mosley’s Blackshirts or Hitler’s SS? The cowardly British police would be impotent! The power of the spoken word is incredible as Hitler knew and said.


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