Diary Blog, 8 September 2022

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Tweets seen

I, aged 23-34 at the time, do not recall the Thatcher years as horribly or exceptionally bad, though many do. I agree with the rest of the tweet, though.

Is this justice?


Read that newspaper report and tell me that the 12-month (in reality 5-6 month) sentences on both defendants constitute justice. I am by no means a “hanger and flogger”, and disparage unduly lengthy sentences but, were I the sentencing judge, I should have been thinking in terms of years, not months. Maybe 5 years. Also, if available (I am not up to date on the law) a confiscation order to compensate the abuse victim who (also) had £57,000 stolen from him. I wonder how it was that that theft could even have been allowed to happen. Seems that there might be a systemic problem if that can occur.

I accept that one cannot get a full picture from a newspaper report but surely, on any reading, 12 months, meaning a maximum of 6 months in custody, must be seen as unduly lenient, to say the least.

More tweets

Some truth in that, but many women who are mothers are neurotic, often highly so, while some childless women are not. Grey area.

I have never actually watched GB News, except on clips seen on Twitter. The presenters are less —if you prefer, even less— smooth than those seen on BBC, ITV, Sky etc.

I have no idea how many people do watch that channel, but I am quite surprised that it is still going.

Late thought

The death of a longstanding head of state, particularly one viewed for decades as “iconic”, marks a milestone in the history of that state, whatever one’s socio-political views.

Tomorrow, I may offer some more directed thoughts about the near-future direction of the UK. In the meantime, I wish only to say “Vale!

Late music

8 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 8 September 2022”

    1. nativewarrior14:
      Cultural traitors, who are perfectly OK with Shakespearean characters, or even the real Anne Boleyn, played by blacks (but the same treacherous individuals disparage Othello played by white actors, let alone the Black and White Minstrels etc, and talk about “cultural appropriation”). .


  1. Regarding those monsters who tortured those little children in their “care” the only proper punishment is death and a very slow and painful one. The same should apply to sadists who torture or kill animals. Is only 10.50 AM here and I am already in a foul mood! 😡​😡​😡​


    1. Claudius:
      My own first reaction was that that monstrous couple should meet with a baseball bat, but one must reluctantly accept that their fates must be disposed of by law and due process. The problem in the instant case is that both the victims and society *seem* to have been let down by a too-lenient judge.


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