Diary Blog, 24 September 2022

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Saturday quiz

Well, my worst result ever, I think.

For once, I did not beat political journalist John Rentoul, who scored 5/10, whereas I could only get 2/10 right this week. I knew the answers to questions 1 and 9 only. I could not quite recall the answers to questions 2 and 6, and I should have known the answer to question 5, but was thinking in terms of the lower houses of parliaments only, so missed that one as well. Other than that, no excuses…

Tweets seen

While it is traditional for students to be impecunious, this is just ridiculous.

The “Orange Revolution” of 2005, and the 2014 re-run, were just Jew-Zionist and CIA operations (NWO/ZOG, if you like). The “popular” facade was a pantomime, just like the one that removed Ceausescu in Romania in 1989 (notwithstanding that he well deserved it), a “revolution” so badly choreographed that crowds turned out in Bucharest just to watch the play.

Stray thoughts about Rishi Sunak

A couple of years ago, as he threw, with abandon, golden sesterces to the plebs, Rishi Sunak was the conquering hero of the hour for the UK msm. The consequences of shutting down much of the economy for 1-2 years seemed to be a mystery to him and to the “experts” (medical, economic and whatever).

“Furlough” payments (a salary paid to people in order that they would be able to sit in their houses eating pizza, and drinking too much, for months and months…), “loans” and free payments to businesses (many fraudulent), huge amounts paid out for useless and pointless NHS “PPE” stuff, £38 BILLION paid out for a useless “test and trace” operation (useless in practice and useless even had it worked perfectly) run by equally-useless Dido Harding, a Conservative Party crony who had already failed in her previous jobs. And so on…

Well, back in 2020, Sunak was lauded as the almost “inevitable” “next Prime Minister”, just as useless “Boris” had been promoted by msm idiots for 20 years before he actually became Prime Minister.

Sunak’s star, of course, faded as it began to be obvious even to the pathetic UK msm, and to members of his own party, that the Indian “clever boy” might have been thought wonderful at Winchester, Oxford, and in the unreal world of vulture finance-capitalism, but was not so great in the real world.

Even so, it must have come as a shock to Sunak to discover that the rank and file members of his own party actually preferred ignorant and stupid Liz Truss to him, and he must realize that at least part of that was because he is Indian rather than English.

Will Sunak now give up politics, or will he wait to see how badly Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng can trash the economy and society (further), in the hope that he will be invited to return, like a shopworn and “ethnic” de Gaulle?

I doubt that Sunak will bother to stay as an MP after the end of this Parliament. If he does, it will be on the backbenches, and because the convenience of being an MP may suit him.

[Update, 1 November 2022: Well, we now know the answer to the question posed in the penultimate paragraph above. I thought that it would take Liz Truss and woolly-head Kwarteng a year or more to really trash (further) the UK economy, but in the event it only took them 6 weeks.

Sunak, of course, was then “anointed” as Conservative leader and Prime Minister, in October 2022, without even having been elected by Conservative MPs, let alone the rank-and-file members, and certainly not by the British voting public, who were never asked about Liz Truss either, the last general election having been that of 2019.

Sunak’s rise to Prime Minister, of course, fits in (as blogged previously) with the transnational conspiracy known as the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan— a non-white and ultra-rich pseudo “national leader” lording it over white British people, and supported by the Jewish lobby, as the country is invaded by millions of other non-whites and slides into widespread poverty.]

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“Buzz stops”


British war zone


Would it really matter if some or all of the nuisances were shot by an official force similar to the SS?

More music


[Marshal Zhukov inspects the ruins of Berlin, 1945]

Late music

[The Ducks are Flying]

10 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 24 September 2022”

  1. I am glad to hear that the useless future Bolshevik leaders of GB, the university graduates, are finding life is not as nice and easy as they expected. They should be sent to build roads or something like that. I hate the little anti-White bastards!


      1. Yes, you are a very nice man. Sometimes I told my wife about our exchanges and she said: “He seems to be a very nice person, I don’t know why he is talking to you” ​😅​😅​😅


      2. I am sure you did! (LOL). Now, seriously, was it because of your political views?

        Changing the subject, the sale of bottled water is big business here; by that I mean the sale of large plastic bottles of 12 or 20 liters, the company gives you a little pedestal that acts as a dispenser. We were consuming 3 large bottles of 20 litres per month at $ 800 ea. That makes $ 2.400 per month and $ 28.800 a year.

        A friend of mine asked me “Why the hell don’t you buy or install a water filter? Is much cheaper” I bought a special (2 litres acrylic jug that comes with a filter. The filters cost $2.000 ea. and they last 6 months. Therefore I will be paying $ 4.000 a year instead of 28.800. Not bad, isn’t it?

        Do you have filtered water?


      3. Claudius:
        You must be using $ for “peso”, because surely you cannot be spending USD $800 on 20 litres of water! I am assuming therefore that your spend on water in a month is about 2,400 pesos (?), which is about £20 in UK money.

        Well, UK water is everywhere fit to drink, though not always very tasty. Many buy bottled water. I occasionally buy it, but usually just put plastic bottles —filled up from the tap— in the refrigerator.

        Many people here do have domestic filters, inc. jugs with filters. Brita is a leading make:


        ps. not only because of political views.


      4. Hello! Yes, of course, I meant pesos, here in Argentina the symbol ($) means pesos, for US dollars we use the symbol (U$S)

        I suppose £20 per month in bottled water would be very cheap in the UK. BTW, I have noticed a great improvement in the taste of the water and the coffee.

        OK, I am going to bed, I have not been sleeping well over the last four days due to a nasty dry cough that kept waking me up. Have a nice day!


      5. Claudius:
        £20 a month would still be a not-trifling sum for many here if they added it up, but of course 66p a day seems small.

        Having said that, there are many calls upon even modest incomes. For example, car costs. I own my car outright, but many are paying monthly on finance for their cars. Then there is the cost of vehicle tax, insurance (both compulsory, as is MOT —Ministry of Transport— check annually, except for quite new cars, which is about £70 plus cost of repairs), and any roadside assistance organization contracted with (the one I use is about £16 a month). Small sums, but they add up.

        ps: that dry cough is probably nothing, but if it persists, you should get it checked out.


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