Diary Blog, 23 March 2023

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From the newspapers


The cruel harrying of the sick and disabled has been one of the worst aspects of the “Conservative” governments of the past 13 years, though in fact it started under Labour, especially under the government of that (supposed) “great humanitarian” Gordon Brown.


Sounds like the sect of the “Skoptsi” in Imperial Russia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skoptsy.

Tweets seen

When I see a creature like that, I know that, as matters stand, the USA has no future, no decent future anyway.

At least creatures like that are unlikely to breed.

More from the newspapers


A wealthy Nigerian politician, his wife and a medical ‘middleman’ were today all found guilty of an organ-harvesting plot to traffick a penniless market trader to the UK to harvest his kidney in a NHS hospital.”

[Daily Mail]

It was not so long ago that anyone talking about such matters was labelled “conspiracy theorist”…

Stray thoughts

If one has had a dream, perhaps a rather bad dream, and then wakes up still thinking about it or affected by it, that affect or, indeed, effect, dissipates quickly. One realizes that —quite apart from having been merely a dream— it is now finished and gone; in the past.

Now, what about things that have happened to us in the course of life? However important they may have been to us, however unpleasant perhaps, that those events were, they too lie in the past now. They have no more reality, no more present reality, than those bad dreams, except in two respects: firstly, that those “real world” events actually happened (objectively) and, secondly, they may still play on our minds, or are at least remembered (i.e. had and/or have also subjective reality).

It is the remembrance of the “real world” events that affects us, but both dreams and “real world” events have the obvious equivalence that, as we look back on them, they are in the past. We feel obliged to honour the “real world” events by recalling them. However, that sense of obligation might be said to lie “not in our stars but in ourselves“.

The sense of remembrance-connection to real world events is a silver thread which binds us to them via the laws of Karma, yet it is postulated that those laws operate whether we recall anything (in one life or a series of lives), or not.

In terms of our lives as lived on any particular day, events of the past, whether trivial, important at the time, or even shocking, are as insubstantial as those bad dreams. “We are such stuff as dreams are made on“, if you like.

[John Martin, Sadak in Search of the Waters of Oblivion]

No conclusion; just a few “thoughts out of season”.

Late tweets seen

A symptom, indeed one personification, of a sick society.

Otherwise known as drunk, and drug abuser, Nigella Lawson.

Jew extremists are a menace everywhere in the world, but especially in USA, UK, Australia, France, and Germany.

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5 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23 March 2023”

  1. Hi Ian,
    Absolutely incredible how the truth flies out the window, yet people believe these lies without any thought whatsoever.

    Within Putin’s office there has been thousands of churches rebuilt after the destruction of same during the bolshevist regime, including ‘Christ the Saviour Cathedral’ destroyed by the bolsheviks and rebuilt under Putins hands.

    A reply to the MFA Russia tweet:

    “Replying to
    Russia is an anti-Christian, terrorist state.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ross:
      I agree, though of course one might ask “what is Christian?”, having seen some of the weird manifestations of the same in the USA (etc).

      As you say, many new churches have been built in Russia. I noticed that when I was last in Moscow, in 2007.

      In fact, by that time, a massive cathedral had been reconstructed on the site of the swimming pool where I used to swim every morning on my previous visit to the city in 1993:

      Incidentally, Wikipedia is wrong to say that that pool ceased operations in 1991. I swam there a number of times in May/June 1993, though the only other swimmers were a couple of small groups of old ladies. In all, about 30 swimmers, if that, in a pool designed for a max of 20,000.

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    1. Ross:
      I see Putin as basically a mixture of Russian nationalist, post-Soviet nostalgist, 21stC ideology-free “political strongman”, and a small bit of philosophy hobbyist interested in Aryan roots, the historical roots of Russia etc.

      “Putinism” scarcely exists. What we see (eg in the ham-fisted Ukraine-war propaganda) is an attempt to breathe life into the corpse of Sovietism/Stalinism, as with the ludicrous idea that the Jew-Zionist regime in Kiev is “Nazi” etc. All that, and the regular “Great Patriotic War” stuff.

      Power is the main thing for Putin. His latest ploy, as I predicted on the blog months ago, is to reach out to the Chinese government. He has to do that, strategically, but that strategic prop may become the “monkey on his back”, in the old term for dependence.

      I do not think that one can say Putin, as a person, is “good” or “bad”, though Jesus Christ called his own disciples “evil”. In the domestic setting (I mean when with his family or families), Putin may be not so bad. As political leader, a mixture of good and evil, like almost all political leaders.

      From our point of view as social-nationalists, Putin is a sine qua non, as things are. He alone (as leader of a part-European state) stands against the Western allies and secret ruling circles (“the wise men of the West”). While ambivalent towards Israel, he does not want to get into open conflict with it, though almost all Jews in UK, USA etc are anti-Putin and, indeed, anti-Russia.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ian,
    Thanks for the indepth reply, “the ludicrous idea that the Jew-Zionist regime in Kiev is “Nazi” etc”…. I completely concur with.


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