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The only reason why the UK and France are not living under complete Jewish/Zionist tyranny is because the actual numbers of Jews and part-Jews, in proportion to the non-Jews, is small— in the UK, less than half of one percent.

The people, without a leader, without a vanguard party, are disorganized and, therefore, helpless.

In the UK, there is no such vanguard party, not even a germinal one.

We tend to think, at least many people tend to think, that civilization and culture are best-described as a smooth upward spiral or curve, whereas a staggered spiral is more accurate: a period of growth and improvement often followed by a decline, or even a catastrophic fall, before positive evolution can continue.

Two steps forward, one step back“, if you like.

Incredible. See my blog from yesterday for more.

A reference to the Grenfell Tower fire some years ago, after which “Jack Monroe” wrote a pack of lies saying that she went to the scene (60 miles from her home in Essex; she does not drive, either, which in view of her alleged and partly-admitted booze/drug consumption is just as well), and was “waved through” the security cordon by police (who must have known what a huge “celebrity” she was, with her reconstituted tinned pasta —mixed with sardines and curry powder— “food”…), after which she used the plans of the building (how? from where?) to somehow “organize” the scene.

Does any thinking person really believe that any of that was true?

“Jack Monroe” keywords: “fraud”, “conwoman”, “grifter”, “fake”. Among others.

What astounds me, and others, is firstly the sheer relentless and wicked gall of “Jack Monroe”, but then also, maybe more, the wilful gullibility of quite many people who —perhaps desperately— want to believe in something or someone, anything, anyone.

482 utter mugs are still (as of today) sending money to “Jack Monroe” via Patreon, several thousand pounds in total every month.

See my blog from yesterday about that.

I have to admit that, until yesterday, I had never heard of the Greenbelt Festival. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenbelt_Festival. It has, apparently, been happening annually since 1974.

The Wikipedia entry is rather out of date. It speaks of Anita Roddick [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anita_Roddick], the superficially principled “entrepreneuse” (serving “both God and Mammon“?) who died about 16 years ago, in 2007, as if still alive.

More or less true, but to complain about unfairness like that sits badly with me. There is something pathetic about it. Take charge, take power, and order the world the right way…

They never built a civilization, or any culture worthy of the name, and they are unable to maintain the culture and civilization white Europeans have built or, in most cases, even to live in it without being a danger, nuisance or, at the very least, a backward drag.

Black women become fat because white women (and men) are ‘racist’“…

Because “Dr.” Louise Raw has little else in her life except trying to “deplatform” those with social-national (or even conservative-national) views. In socio-political terms, a near-loony.

Maybe, if the USA is stupid enough to launch or provoke a war with Russia, that will be the way to rebuild North America, eliminating unwanted elements at the same time.

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I have blogged about this already, both yesterday and previously.

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10 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 22 March 2023”

  1. Fantastic posts/tweets by “Victorious”. BTW, maybe you have heard of Derek Blighe, he is the founder of a nationalist movement called “Ireland First”, of course the media portrays him as a “dangerous far-right activist”. Well, guess what?


    1. Claudius:
      Actually, I had not heard of him, but such “cancellation” by mainstream banks is becoming a common form of political harassment. Similar “cancellation” has already happened to a number of people in the UK, too, including Laura Towler, Sam Melia, and Mark Collett (of Patriotic Alternative).


      1. Thank you, Ian; yes, I was aware of what happened to Mark Collett, Laura and her boyfriend/husband. I suppose these bastards (the banks) must have a legal loophole or alibi that allows them to commit such hateful acts with impunity. As far as I can remember neither Mark or Laura launched a legal action against the bank involved.


      2. Claudius:
        A bank has a contract with its depositors. No doubt there is a clause enabling the bank to close depositors’ accounts for various reasons, and at the option of the bank.


      3. Yes, Ian, I am sure that the banks (like all criminals/dishonest people) have already an army of lawyers that have gone over EVERY word in their documents to make sure they will not be liable for prosecution. However, assuming a person is very well off and has a case what chances would he/she have against a bank and his lawyers?

        Only in the hypocritical, ridiculous American films a poor guy wins a case against a super-powerful corporation or a bank. That kind of films are propaganda to reassure the average moron (“normie”) that the “noble” democratic system works and that there is something called “Justice”.


      4. Claudius:
        When someone agrees with a bank to open an account, the agreement is governed by the words of the contractual document. Usually it is a standard-form contract, i.e. the bank and all depositors are bound by the same terms.

        No matter how wealthy the depositor, his/her chance of succeeding against a bank closing an account is very poor, unless perhaps the depositor has somehow suffered a proveable financial loss by the closure, but in most cases there will be no such loss. In any event, the primary evidence will be the terms and conditions to which the depositor agreed when he or she opened the account.


  2. Talking about that POS of Anita Roddick, as you can see, I do not believe in that stupid maxim “Do no speak evil of the dead” (LOL); well, as I suspected this hypocritical woman used her fortune to help… NON-WHITE people! That’s right. These bastards are colour-blind (pun intended) when it suits them; which usually is ALWAYS in detriment of white people. They all are bloody traitors and should be treated as such.



    1. Claudius:
      I had various “issues” with Anita Roddick (I never met her, incidentally).

      For one thing, she insisted on all her staff effectively “signing up” to her own socio-political views, which I think is a breach of “civil rights” in a commercial enterprise, and I disliked her mixing up political and social campaigning with selling stuff. Also, she was a copyist…her whole idea was stolen from an existing Body Shop in San Francisco (see Wikipedia). Also, she had some kind of thing about not leaving her children “too much” money, only enough to buy a house.

      I am pretty sure that, had I ever met her, I would have greatly disliked her.

      As with other wealthy people who die relatively young, it reminds us that “you cannot take it with you”.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I do agree with you, there are too many greedy idiots who believe they can “take it” with them. In my country we have an excellent expression that can be perfectly translated into English: “The shroud does not have pockets” (LOL)


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