Diary Blog, 9 April 2023

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If you wish to destroy capitalism, first destroy its currency” [Lenin (?)—possibly apocryphal, though quoted in altered form by Keynes].

Actually, Lenin was not always mistaken. His words, “Capitalism is commodity production at its highest stage of development, when labor-power itself becomes a commodity“, reflect a form of reality.

Rudolf Steiner said that, in the 4th Post-Atlantean Age and culture, the predominant form of work or labour was slavery; in the 5th Post-Atlantean Age (which includes the present time), the predominant form is labour or work as commodity, something to be bought and sold, but in the 6th Post-Atlantean Age, work will be, predominantly, “free gift“.

See also: https://anthroposophy.eu/Current_Postatlantean_epoch.

The Western leaders have brought their nations to the brink of disaster. First the banking crisis, then another, as well as the “Covid” nonsense, and now “support for Ukraine” (meaning arms and ammunition and money for the dictatorship of the cabal of Zionist Jews in Kiev, of which Zelensky is the figurehead).

The peoples of Europe are suffering because of the crazed obsessions of the NWO/ZOG leadership of the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany etc.

The 5th Post-Atlantean Age: fragments



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The increasing sclerosis of the Western world.

In fact, the above ages relate to the 1776 Declaration of Independence. Washington was 44 at the time, though lived until the age of 67.

Aaron Burr was 20 in 1776, but 45 by the time he became vice-President (1805).

The 18thC was a time of young men rising suddenly to high position, as was the case with Napoleon, who became First Consul at the age of 30 (1799) and Emperor at the age of 35 (1804), having already achieved high rank (Lt.Col at 23, and Brigadier-general at 24).

In the Second World War, young men were able, if they had luck, Fate, and maybe a good start, to rise rapidly, even if they were not always the brightest: Colonel Stirling, the SAS founder, for a start. He was commissioned in 1940, yet left the Army in 1945 as Lt.Col.

Enoch Powell, later famous as politician, enlisted voluntarily as a private soldier in 1939, was commissioned in 1940, and ended the war in 1945 as a brigadier.

Those were exceptional times and exceptional people too— Enoch Powell in terms of intellect and willpower, Stirling in terms of daring, courage, and unconventionality. Stirling in particular would not have gone beyond major, if that, in more peaceful years, certainly not in 5 years of service.

Now, we see that, except for pop singers, hardly anyone comes to real prominence below the age of 30, or even 50. One can think of the catspaws of the transnational System, perhaps, the likes of Greta Nut, or Malala Yousafzai. There are occasional unexpectedly young MPs here and there, such as the fairly idiotic young woman who was 20 when elected in 2015 to Parliament in the SNP interest.

They, however, are not truly prominent. A couple of media freaks, arguably; a minor MP from a minor political party.

The very structure of society and its occupations now militates against early prominence. The pace of promotion for almost everyone is incremental rather than sudden.

The population of society is becoming older. That is to say, the main population, the white population. The UK non-white population grows steadily younger (and larger).

There is also to be taken into account the increasing repression of freedom of expression in the UK and some other countries. Enoch Powell, as a captain in the Intelligence Corps, was arrested briefly (as suspected spy) when singing the Horst Wessel Lied. In wartime England! Nothing untoward happened, and he was promoted to major not long afterwards.

Imagine that today! Impossible. The young officer (Powell was about 29) would probably, at very least, kiss goodbye to his Army career.

That “chilling effect” on freedom is everywhere now, the product of a general fear of sticking the neck out. Behind it? Partly the “political correctness” and/or “woke” element, partly the Jew-Zionist lobby and its constant conspiracy to repress the free speech that used to be one of England’s most treasured possessions.

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I was once,a decade ago, accused by a C. of E. vicar on Twitter of being “a bit out of the cultural loop“. Maybe. I was certainly puzzled to see today on Twitter that “Martial” was trending.

I thought, certainly not the ancient Roman poet [Marcus Valerius Martialis: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martial], but what else? Something military?

Turned out to be a footballer of the same short name [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Martial].

Maybe the vicar had a point. On the other hand, maybe it is not worth being in “the cultural loop“, if that is the content.

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For once, I agree with Maugham. Yes, the “licence fee” is not called a tax, but it is a tax by any other name, and people can and do go to prison for non-payment (which is a disgrace). The BBC knows that if it annoys the prevailing government too much, the “licence fee” will not be increased, or may be binned altogether, thus taking away the BBC’s rice bowl, and those of its overpaid and mostly pretty poor presenters, “comedians”, and other talking heads.

I think that the only intelligent Ukrainian I ever met was the then Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK, Sergei Komissarenko, with whom I travelled in the ambassadorial limousine from the London embassy to the Porton Down scientific complex (biolab campus) in Wiltshire, about 28 years ago. I have blogged about that previously.

I can think of a few suitable targets myself.

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8 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 9 April 2023”

  1. Hello Ian: I have been following Macron’s visit to Chine trough a French nationalistic YT news-channel. It seems (as I expected) he did not achieve anything apart to look like the insignificant fool he is. He also issued a silly declaration about China and France condemning the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine, as if France/Macron could do something to prevent it! I wonder, why the Hell did he go there? The man is useless!


      1. Brilliant observation Ian! (LOL) When I showed to my wife Macron reviewing (I use the word loosely) the Chinese honour guard at the airport she said: “He looks like a schoolboy looking for his mum”. She is really good interpreting body-language; the man is as useless/characterless as Rishi.


  2. Here is a piece of good news. (((They))) must be mad!!! (LOL)
    Before going into the link: 1) 10.000 books is not a big run but it is significant in a country with only 10.5 million people. 2) If the publisher decided to do it is because he knew they will be enough buyers. 3) It is very likely that the publisher is a NS, try to prove it! ILOL)



    1. Claudius:
      Quite often, you see copies of Mein Kampf etc in English, but usually with some hostile foreword by a System historian, or even a “rabbi” of some kind.

      I liked the remark: “I cannot agree with the idea that a historical document can only be published when it is accompanied by the correct and state-approved commentary. That is an absolutely undemocratic notion.”


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