On Recent Events in France


Not for nothing is (or was) France called La Belle France. If I had to name a country which, for me, challenges the better parts of England for its countryside, it would be France, where I myself lived for 4 years (in North Finistere, Brittany), commuting by car ferry to the UK every week or so. My first holiday away from my parents was a 3-week stay in Paris in 1971, aged 14/15. I stayed in the –at the time, not very smart– Rue de l’Arbalete, in the 5th Arrondisement on the Left Bank, near the Sorbonne, the Ecole Normale Superieur and the Jardin des Plantes, in which park I spent quite a lot of time looking at chess games, wandering about, sometimes drinking a strange green carbonated mint-drink. In other words, I like France (and often its people) very much, despite French bureaucracy and, at times, hugely irritating inflexibility.

The Present Situation

Now we see that many of the French cities are intermittently burning, that there are violent clashes between protesters and riot police in the streets, including the Champs-Elysees and the Boulevard St. Germain. There have been mobs running through the Tuileries, a ministry stormed, at one point the Jeu de Paume (museum/gallery) on fire. The number of protesters on the streets before Christmas 2018 was around 30,000. Now, in early January 2019, we are are seeing 50,000 and more. What is going on?

Macron and His Regime

We must understand that the current President of France, Macron, is the evil “genius” whose “reforms” have caused the uprising (for such it is becoming). However, the present situation is one which has roots going back to 1989 (when socialism in various forms died across the world), to the establishment of the Fifth Republic in 1958, to that of the Fourth Republic in 1946, and indeed to the fall of the Third Republic in 1940, with the consequent establishment of the Vichy government (in power from 1940 to 1944 and governing about half of the territory of France itself, as well as overseas possessions).

The “democratic” basis of the Fifth Republic has always been shaky, but it is arguable that France is more “democratic” now than it has ever been, at least since since 1940: the President is now elected every 5 years (changed from 7 in 2000), and is elected directly by the voters, whereas from 1958-1962, the President, at that time de Gaulle, was elected by an “electoral college”. This “democratic” accolade is perhaps an omen, however: the last very “democratic” France, the Third Republic, collapsed from its own weakness and division, first amid an undeclared civil war between the Popular Front and its many and various opponents, then from external invasion, as the German forces swept across Northern France in 1940.

Macron and his pop-up “movement”, En Marche, did not come out of nowhere. Like other fake “movements” across Europe and the former Soviet Union (eg the “Orange Revolution” in Ukraine), Macron’s was funded by Jewish cosmopolitan financial circles. Macron himself worked for Rothschild et Compagnie Banque from 2008-2012. In those four years, and another after he left Rothschilds, Macron is said to have made about (possibly more than) 3 million Euros.

Let’s retrack and look at Macron more personally. He went to a Jesuit school, where, aged 15, he met a woman teacher, married with children and aged 39. This woman became romantically and sexually involved with him (sexually —supposedly— only after he turned 18, by which time she was 42 —and if you believe that, you will believe anything…), and left her husband and three children, later marrying Macron (in 2007, when he was 30 and she 54).

Macron only stopped being a student when aged 27, in 2004. He became an “inspector of finances”, a post at a high level in the civil service. He formed a strong connection with a Jewish businessman called Alain Minc, who lent Macron 550,000 Euros in order to buy an apartment in Paris. When Macron left the ministry, he had to buy himself out of his contract. That cost 50,000 Euros. Did that sum also come from Minc?

Here is what puzzles me about Macron: he reminds me of the young Faust, whom Mephistopheles calls “an intelligent youth whom it is easy to instruct”, if I recall the quotation aright. Thus we have the still-young Macron, only 29 and from, though not a poor background, not one of wealth either. He graduates, from the last of several institutions, aged 27, and within 2 years is lent over a half million Euros by a Jewish businessman, not even for a business idea but to buy personal real property. Not just any Jewish businessman, though. Minc has been on the supervizory board of Le Monde and has also been an advisor to several leading politicians in France, including Nicolas Sarkozy.

The oddness does not end there. In the same year, 2006, one of the wealthiest women in France, Laurence Parisot, who was head of MEDEF, the French equivalent of the CBI in the UK, offered the young Macron, who at 29 was still only 2 years from having been a student, the job of managing director of MEDEF (he declined). Laurence Parisot was also head of the bank BNP Paribas.

What else of note do we know about Macron? Well, in 2018 he was awarded the annual Charlemagne Prize, the first recipient of which (in 1950) was none other than Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, the evil mind behind the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan! Other recipients of the Prize have included Jean Monnet, the godfather of the EU, who received it in 1953, Konrad Adenauer (1954), Winston Churchill (1955), Edward Heath (1963; he brought the UK into the EEC, predecessor of the EU, in 1973), Henry Kissinger (1987), Tony Blair (1999), Bill Clinton (2000), Jean-Claude Juncker (2006), Angela Merkel (2008), Donald Tusk (2010), Martin Schulz (2015), Pope Francis (2016) and the very influential globalist and supporter of finance-capitalism (and alleged to have been an agent of the British SIS), Timothy Garton Ash (2017).

Macron’s En Marche “movement” was, it is alleged, initially bankrolled by the Rothschilds. 5-6 months before the foundation of En Marche in April 2016, Macron visited Israel.

Macron came to power because the French were tired and disaffected, estranged from the System parties. Marine le Pen of the Front National was thought to have a good chance of victory in the 2017 Presidential Election, so perhaps En Marche was formed by the System and Zionists partly in order to head her off.

Macron and those behind him intended to destroy much of what remains in France of “socialist”/social democratic policy as well as the relaxed lifestyle (including restricted business hours, hours of work etc) which is so much part of France’s appeal for those who live there.

Macron conceals his harshness behind a superficially-pleasant manner, but his mask has dropped, repeatedly. He said, for instance, that there are only two types of people, the “important” and the “nothings”. Such words have not been spoken openly in France for many many years. They call to mind 1789 without the cake!

Macron seems to despise the French people and to be sanguine about their replacement by blacks and browns, another thing that links him to Coudenhove-Kalergi, Tony Blair, Angela Merkel (etc) and to the Jewish-Zionist lobby.

There has been a migration-invasion of France and it continues. It was foretold in fiction decades ago, in the book The Camp of the Saints, by Jean Raspail.


The French people have woken up to Macron and to the cosmopolitan finance-capitalist globalists behind him. His approval rating was said to be 25% in late 2018, and may now be as low as 15%. 80% of French approve the Gilets Jaunes or Yellow Vests.

What Now?

What happens now is an open question. The Yellow Vests appear to have wide popular support, far beyond the 50,000 who are fighting on the streets, demonstrating, or standing vigil by roads etc. The government is about to take severe and even harsh measures. It remains to be seen whether such measures contain dissent or whether they will ignite an uprising of the poor and middle classes against the wealthy (relatively) few, against the powerful Jewish-Zionist lobby, and against the EU and other manifestations of the NWO (New World Order) and ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government).

[Addendum, 10 January 2019: I should add that what may prevent the Yellow Vests from developing beyond a mere protest movement is that they appear, as a group, to have no real ideology and little organized direction (not sure about the latter), but something more organized (in both senses) may develop.



















Ecce! The successor to “le roi soleil” Louis XIV, Napoleon, Petain and Charles de Gaulle!


56 thoughts on “On Recent Events in France”

    1. That report says that:
      “In this film, yes, Randolph and Queen Elizabeth’s friend played by Gemma Chan wouldn’t have been the colour that they were in history, but Josie is reflecting the truth by augmenting that fact a little bit, but through that she’s representing what Britain would have looked like at the time.”

      Or as I prefer to say: “OMG, more multikulti BS! So changing basic facts is “reflecting the truth by augmenting that fact a little bit”!

      These creatures have lost all sense of the truth , all sense of what truth is! You can see that by the final comment that Tudor society had blacks in it! They may have had a few black-boy servants kept more or less as pets or conversation pieces, much as the wealthy aristocrats would have produced exotic fruits such as pineapple or tomato, to impress their guests, but there were effectively no blacks in England then. In fact, there were few even when I myself was a small child, and that was not so long ago! I was born in 1956.

      This distortion of the truth is more desperate propaganda, like the mixed-race couples/families shown in current television ads. The aim is to normalize race-mixing. NWO/ZOG/The “Great Replacement”.

      I think that the current decline in truth-telling comes from the fundamental untruth of recent history, the “holocaust” scam/myth, and in particular the “gas chambers” nonsense.

      As to Marine le Pen, I think that she made a mistake to change the name from Front National, but time will tell. Perhaps another party will unexpectedly “pop up”, like Macron’s fake one.


      1. Regarding the new film “Mary Queen of Scots”_- good actors they may be but a British Chinese woman as a close confidante of Elizabeth 1 is stretching credibility to an absurd level, not to mention the hair stylist who gave Adrian Lester a side parting – which is unusual to say the least for Afro-Carrabean men lol! Elizabeth did mention “Black-a-Moors” but presumably was referring to Black merchants, not an established community, which is what liberals and non-white historian’s like to pretend! Individuals like the alleged black trumpeter at Henry VIII’s court, or a few merchants/travellers does not a multicultural society make! As for Le Pen, I hope she does well, perhaps even wins – as it would shake up the system a bit, however her party has turned “civic” nationalist and pro-Israel – similar to Bolsonaro in Brazil, or Victor Orban, or Geert Willders in Holland! In- fact “populism” seems to be a euphemism for Zionist unfortunately, however there are bound to be unintended consequences, which can only benefit genuine nationalists’ etc!


      2. As to blacks in Elizabethan England, I think that my previous answer covers my view, ie that a tiny number were in England, but as exotica bought by the Crown or wealthy nobility, just as they bought exotic plants and foods etc, in order to show off. Slave-running had of course started by then and I believe that Drake himself participated in what was, admittedly, a cruel trade akin to how “we” today treat certain animals of profit such as pigs and cattle. I believe that the term was “blackbirding”.

        As to Marine le Pen, obviously I prefer the views of her father to those of the lady herself. I hear what you say, that it all helps social nationalism even if many “nationalist” parties across Europe and elsewhere are tainted by the Jew-Zionist element. There is some truth in that (“two steps forward, one step back”). I think, however, that we may be approaching a change on a wider and greater scale, one that will put the whole future of Europe in the balance.


  1. Yes, virtually every advert nowadays has to have its ethnic quota! One of the more recent changes has been to the adverts for that German brand of yoghurts Muller with their Muller Light range which used to feature attractive white male and female models. Some programmes have also changed with the most noteworthy being Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? In the old days with Chris Tarrant, ethnics were very rarely in either the audience or inline for the fastest finger first round but now there are quite a few sitting behind Jeremy Clarkson and it isn’t totally rare for them to get into the ‘hotseat’. No doubt globalist producers and ITV controllers fretted themselves that having few ethnics on it as in Tarrant’s day made it look as if blacks and asians were not as intelligent as white people.

    As for Marine Le Pen, as far as I am aware she has only really changed the stance of the party on the LGBT issue and stopped their previous support for the return of the death penalty with that being replaced by a commitment to life meaning life with no parole as a possibility sentences for the most heinous crimes otherwise the stances of the party haven’t changed a great deal.


    1. Marine le Pen does seem more accomodating to the Jew-Zionist element than was her father. That, to me, is all-important. It may be largely tactical, it probably is, but in the end, on this issue above all, social-national leaders in Europe have an obligation to be honest. That is my view.

      Re. blacks on TV, their intelligence etc. I am the first to accept that among the blacks (both the Africans and the —actually often mixed-race— blacks of the Caribbean etc), there are rare “outliers” who are of relatively high intelligence and who, therefore, may in some cases have the capacity both to learn and to remember facts useful on TV quiz shows. However, these are exceptions.

      The fact is that, whether measured by IQ, EQ or some other measure or conflation of measures, the mental capabilities of the inferior peoples *are* below those of the Europeans and in particular the Northern Europeans. People talk about China/Japan/Korea and one can certainly have a discussion about that, but as far as the blacks and browns are concerned, their societies alone show their basic level vis a vis that of Northern Europe and that of the societies based on those of Northern Europe (in North America, Australasia etc) . There is actually no need for us to devise artificial tests and the like.


      1. I agree that blacks especially but also some Asians ie Pakistanis and Indians are, on average, of less intelligence than whites in general and Northern European whites like Britons in particular which is one important reason I am against Third World migration and also some Eastern European migration as they are dragging down our national average IQ. Being realistic and hopefully credible nationalists we have to acknowledge the fact that Eastern Asians such as the Chinese and particularly Koreans and Japs have high IQ rates with Japan’s rate supposedly being above ours. Not for nothing have the Japanese often been dubbed ‘honoury whites’. Whilst being a nationalist I have no alternative but to severely condemm the brutal and wicked treatment of our troops by Japan during WW2, I can’t help but admire the Japs for how they have built up their country since that time and all without the ‘help’ of mass waves of immigrants so beloved of globalist traitors in big business and politics like here.

        The Jew Zionist Lobby issue is important, I agree, but how to do raise it successfully without being considered a raving Nazi is a matter for some debate.


      2. Yes. The Japanese are a fascinating people/culture, but it is hard to warm to them (imo) as distinct from respecting them (and of course some of their behaviour in WW2 was very bad indeed).

        As for Jewish question(s), the Jews as a group hate anything national (except the Israeli version), even when the party or person in question bends over backward to doormat for them, as does something such as UKIP. “They” cannot be placated.


  2. Yes, Bob Matthews, Geert Wilders, is very much a Zionist but Marine is only paying lip service to it which is probably connected to the fact France has the largest Jewish population in Europe so she feels she has to make some basic noises in support of Israel and this also buttresses her anti-Muslim credentials.


    1. Perhaps you are right, although she clearly is less of a “racialist” or even “nationalist” than her father! Also, she has apparently dropped her threat to leave the EU if she came to power – disappointing to say the least!


      1. I have to say her dropping of the withdrawal from the EU pledge makes some sense in the context of French politics as France is even more heavily integrated into the EU than we are. To put it mildly, extricating a country from the single currency is something that is likely to prove immensely difficult to do in practice, if not impossible without a wholesale economic collapse.


      2. Well, it is widely touted that the Eurozone is going to collapse soon anyway. The French held a referendum over 20 years ago, over whether to ratify the Maastricht Treaty. It only passed by a fraction of one percent. Many French people do not much like the EU as it now is.


  3. Ian, speaking of propaganda – apparently last nights episode of “Vera” was particularly “diverse” or so I heard! I have not seen the series to be honest, however i think you mentioned it before correct me if I am wrong?


    1. I have see it in the past, though I did not catch the one you mention yesterday. Yes, all such things are now of a pattern, but Vera, despite its bleakness, is not a period drama but is set in the present time.


  4. Speaking of propaganda I watched the first episode of “Armada” with Dan Snow and again a couple of Blacks or Mixed Race actors featured on there – one as naval commander and the other as an advisor to King Philip of Spain! It seems that producer’s try to sneak them into almost every historical programme or drama!


    1. Really?! A black as an “English” or “Spanish” naval commander in the 16thC? Ha ha! I suppose that people will say “what about Othello?”… Othello, though, apart from being fictional, is Moorish, “the Moor of Venice”, not sub-Saharan African.


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