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As blogged in the past, if the police and courts fail to deter these misguided fanatics, the Great British Public will start to kick the **** out of them, including the smug retired ones (who are often much in evidence when roads are blocked or trains held up).


I have mentioned Tobias Ellwood a number of times on the blog. The part-time Reserves officer who was once an Army captain but who now carries the rank of a “colonel” in the State propaganda outfit called 77 Brigade.


Ellwood is constantly trying to promote war with Russia, a crazy notion that, were it to happen, would leave the UK as a smoking, irradiated ruin.


Economists yesterday blamed the Bank of England’s money-printing spree for fuelling double-digit inflation – as Britain faces another painful interest rate hike to try to bring it back down.

The Bank pumped £450billion into the economy to help steer Britain through the pandemic but experts told MPs that helped to create the price spiral that it is now battling contain.

Inflation has been above 10 per cent since last summer and – though figures out today could see it dip below that level – more rate rises are likely to be needed before the battle against it is won.”

[Daily Mail]

Still think that all that “Covid” nonsense (“working from home, “furlough money”, “business loans” stuff etc) came at no cost to you, British taxpayer and worker? Think again. Keep clapping…


The arrest of a French publisher by UK counter-terrorism police over claims he took part in protests in Paris was described as an ‘assault on freedom of expression’ yesterday.

Ernest Moret, the foreign rights manager for Éditions La Fabrique in Paris, was stopped by ports officers and questioned for six hours under terrorism laws when he arrived at St Pancras station on the Eurostar from Paris at 6.30pm on Monday to attend a book fair.

His colleague Stella Magliani-Belkacem, the editorial director at the Paris-based publishing house, who was with him at the time of the arrest, told the Guardian: ‘When we were on the platform, two people, a woman and a guy, told us they were counter-terrorist police.

‘They showed a paper called section 7 of the Terrorism Act of 2000 and said they had the right to ask him about demonstrations in France.’ She added: ‘I’m still shaking, we are in shock about what happened.'”

[Daily Mail]

Once again, the British police acting like a poundland KGB.

The same or similar happened, a few years ago, to satirist and singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz, when she was travelling through St. Pancras to the Eurostar. She was en route to Paris, was detained by British police, taken away, and later excluded from France for a purported 40 years.

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Typical. Iron-clad hypocrisy.

The repression against free speech in the UK is intensifying almost daily.

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“Ukraine”, a shambolic, corrupt, Jew-Zionist-ruled dictatorship, with no civil rights, and where opposition political parties and trade unions have been closed down.

In the trite but true expression, “war is hell”, and civil war (which is, in a sense, what this has been) is worse. If only the Russian Army, GRU and SVR had been able to fulfil their missions properly at the start, everything would have been over in a few weeks, with minimal damage, hurt, and bloodshed, and with Russia controlling Kiev and all Ukraine east of the Dnieper.

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Zelensky is the lynchpin. Had he been captured or eliminated over a year ago, at the start of the operation, the whole house-of-cards “Ukrainian” regime would have crumbled. The GRU and SVR failed, and were shown to be near-useless.

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…and the same 460 utter mugs are still sending “Jack Monroe” a total of several thousand pounds monthly, via Patreon (between £3.60 and £44 monthly from each mug).

I have repeatedly proposed, on the blog, redoubts for a core of English people; in particular, in the peninsula that includes Cornwall and Devon, as well as Dorset and Somerset.

The “pyramid builders” comment refers to the ludicrous notion (espoused by pathetic Afro-American pseudo-academics at places such as Berkeley) that black Africans built the pyramids and other ancient Egyptian structures.

I think that the true figure may be as low as 2%. See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/26/the-tide-is-coming-in-reflections-on-the-possible-end-of-our-present-civilization-and-what-might-follow/.

Our present culture and civilization, for all its flaws, has many potential paths ahead of it. It is the advanced pinnacle of thousands of years of historical evolution (overall). Were it to be flattened by e.g. a nuclear war, we might have to start from scratch, which might take hundreds, maybe thousands or tens of thousands of years (until a similar level of development is reached). How long would depend on whether “only” Europe, North America, and Eurasia were destroyed, or whether the other parts of the world are also flattened. I refer to South America, Africa, Australasia etc.

Jesus H. Christ!

Not forgetting…

A Roma Gypsy woman, stealing…

If France does not stop the flow, there is only one solution:

Still, looking on the bright side of life, that young girl may later develop into a staunch social nationalist…

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2018/11/15/when-reality-becomes-subjective/.

Late thought

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…and I note that the Twitter account of Laura Towler, @thisislaurat, is still “suspended”.

I myself have decided not to bother having my own Twitter account reinstated, with blue tick or not. Regular readers will be aware that a pack of malicious Jews had me expelled, in a co-ordinated operation, in 2018. I see no real mileage in demanding reinstatement.

Russia needs a “gamechanger”. If Bakhmut/Artyomovsk falls completely, and Russian forces move north from there, there may be the possibility of an eventual approach to Kiev from both south and north (via Belarus), but if that is to happen, the blow will have to be massive, overwhelming.

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11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 19 April 2023”

  1. Environmental protesters have some valid points to make. The only reason they adopt these kind of tactics here is because Britain is NOT a genuinely democratic country. In a country which IS ie Germany all they would have to do is vote Green or for the smaller right wing conservative green party they have there and the electoral system would accurately translate that support into seats.

    Whereas Britain has the same undemocratic electoral system as Belarus (Putin’s only real friend in the world and the only European country that still conducts executions) for God’s Sake.

    In 1989, the UK Greens got over 2 MILLION votes or 14% of the national vote in the Euro elections of that year which was more than they have ever had before or since but got NO seats at all. Proof as if it is needed Britain is emphatically NOT a genuine modern democracy.

    If gormless and utterly ignorant Tory rags like the vile Daily Mail don’t like these protestors they can campaign for the government to change our profoundly undemocratic electoral system to one of PR like Germany then people who have these concerns about climate change ect can have representation in proportion to their voting strength in parliament as in Germany.

    Otherwise the Daily Tory Moron should just shut the fuck up and stop their utterly tedious rants about these protestors.

    They only do it for click bait reasons and incite their thick readership anyway. That is the usual tactic from that abhorrent rag.


    1. John:
      I disagree insofar as these eco-protestors or sub-terrorists are achieving precisely nothing by their actions, while inconveniencing large sections of the public.

      ps: the Green Party, in its earlier format, did do well in one set of elections 34 years ago, but now sits between 1% and 5% in all elections held. A sideshow.


      1. In Germany, that 5% of the national vote would just surmount the threshold and earn them about 30 odd MPs. The German Greens were first elected to the Bundestag in 1983 with that 5% initial vote share and have been there ever since and are now a major party and helping to govern Germany with the Social Democrats and the Liberal Free Democrats in a coalition.

        The point is NO voter in a country should be deterred from voting with their hearts for a party they believe in because of an ARCHAIC electoral system which has long since became out of date such as our pure , stand alone version of First Past The Post.

        If democracy is about anything it is about people choosing the representatives of THEIR choosing but our system actively frustrates that being genuinely achieved.

        No wonder so many people in this country don’t vote when FPTP prevents real democracy.

        In 2015, UKIP got as much as 14% of the national vote but the system resulted in them having just ONE MP. Regardless as to whether or not people agree with that party or not that was a obscenity in democratic terms and proved, ONCE AGAIN, Britain is NOT a genuine, modern democracy.


  2. Contrary to the utter ignorance of the likes of the Daily Tory Moron and other blowhard fakes like the laughable GB News a concern for the environment is NOT necessarily the province of the Left in politics.

    It can belong on the Right too. Green conservatism is a perfectly valid political philosophy as the as yet small green conservative party called the ODP in Germany demonstrates. There are other green conservatives in other countries like Canada and even in the USA.


  3. Climate change IS happening contrary to the ridiculous lies put about by the libertarian Reform Party nutters and their fake mates at GB News, the Daily Tory Moron ect.

    The world and this country will have to deal with it somehow. Last year we had ridiculous and uncomfortable temperatures here in Britain which we might get again this year or we will get a washout of a Summer with below average temperatures.

    This is just one example amongst many of climate change from around the globe. .Another, in France, is the normal annual temperatures in the Champagne region are currently the best kind of temperatures for producing very high quality sparkling wines in the world but if the temperature rises in the region as is predicted that small rise will have an effect and quality sparkling wine production there will be adversely impacted.


    1. John:
      The points of relevance are a. Is climate change happening? b. What is the causation? c. Can human action affect what is happening if it is happening?

      Even if all those points are answered, it is clear that whatever the UK does is de minimis, almost nothing. 1% of the blamed “emissions” in the world.


      1. I agree that Britain can’t solve the problem on its own but we should encourage others to do so and take action with them as if we and others don’t then the world will face severe climate change which will pose massive and very severe problems for future generations all around the globe including us. This is very much a global issue and needs action to be taken on that Pollution ect doesn’t respect national borders.


  4. Even by the normal standards of pro war nutters on the Tory backbenches in parliament, Tobias Ellwood is a fruit loop. In his enthusiasm for conflict with Russia he seems blissfully unaware that his constituents in Bournemouth East (?) would be turned into irradiated dust in the nuclear armageddon.


  5. Yes, a concern for the environment of succeeding generations marries naturally with nationalist instincts.

    As I said, Green Conservatism is a perfectly valid political philosophy as is environmentalism combined with nationalism.

    We hold our country in trust and should seek to pass it on in a fit state to those which follow us and that includes the natural environment.



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