Diary Blog, 20 April 2023

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[Adolf Hitler, 20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945]

A worthy appeal


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So the name Land Rover, one of the most recognized and recognizable brands in the world, is going to be dropped. Who on Earth makes stupid decisions like that? What sort of people run such companies?

Land Rover history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_Rover.

…aided and abetted by the Jewish lobby embedded within individual countries such as the UK.

He is right— I myself am often too polite to those who do not deserve it.

Perhaps, perhaps not. I wish that Michael O’Leary himself would die off, though. A thoroughly unpleasant-seeming individual: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_O%27Leary_(businessman)#Controversy.

More of the same lying propaganda that has been swirling through the UK and the rest of the Western world for many years, particularly in the past decade.

Looks like at least some of the old Soviet propaganda was not too wide of the mark…

They built cities of marble but, later, untermenschen invaded and crawled over the magnificent ruins…

Kiev“. Note the guard force. When some supposed VIP goes to Kiev to meet Zelensky or one of his cabal, and to create a photo-opportunity, the streets around are deserted, except for any sole “local person” allowed to approach the foreign visitor to thank him for his country’s “support” (arms, ammunition, money); as when “Boris” Johnson visits.

So, those deserted streets. Are they cleared as a security measure, or has a large part of the civilian population of Kiev fled?

As relevant to Britain in 2023 as a comic novel, or a film about “Ruritania”.


More of Stoltenberg in Kiev, in Mikhailovskaya Ploshchad (Square), which is in central Kiev, near the Foreign Ministry and the British Embassy, among other headquarters and diplomatic installations. Still no “real people” (locals), only bodyguards, Army, police, TV crew(s), and Press photographers. Of what are they so afraid? Can it be that the Zelensky regime (and/or NATO) is not as popular, even in Kiev, as it likes to have portrayed?

The ancients would have called an event like that a sign from the heavens…

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I have never expected much from Starmer. For one thing, he is a puppet and mouthpiece of the Jewish/Zionist lobby, even as compared to other System politicians. Also, he is as dull as ditchwater.

Beyond that, I have noticed (and have long blogged) that Starmer’s general attitude to the past 13 years of “Conservative” misgovernment has been to say, in effect, “we support workhouses, but they should be run more efficiently“.

Starmer is not only not a “socialist” in any meaningful way, but not even much of a social-democrat. A different label from the Conservative Party, but little else substantially different.

In fact, looking at how Starmer vacillates, fails to make up his mind (even as to what is “a woman”!), and tries to evade difficult moral choices, while mouthing “me too!” on various issues, I can see what a rotten Prime Minister he would make, just as I saw —years before most people— what a rotten PM “Boris”-idiot would make.

As time goes by, my view against Starmer becomes less and less favourable, not that it was actually ever favourable.

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Bakhmut today, Kiev the day after tomorrow?

Was that a purely Chinese decision, or did elements of the Russian state unfriendly to the Wagner PMC/Wagner Group advise the Chinese —covertly— not to sell the weapons?

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16 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 20 April 2023”

  1. Hello Ian! What an awful spectacle of that savage naked having fun in a fountain in Italy, is a perfect symbol of our decadence! Having said that, this will not carry on much longer…


  2. Can I ask you: What the hell is this new, stupid spelling of Kiev as “Kyv”? It must be Ukrainian instead of Russian, how idiotic! Ukraine never existed as an independent nation; as far as I can remember it has been always part of the Russian empire and then part of the USSR.


    1. Claudius:
      Kiev has been the Latin-script transliteration of the city’s name for about a thousand years. The Russian is now Киев, and before the Soviet period also had a similar name in Old Church Slavonic. The Ukrainian is Ки́їв, but in Latin script is now officially “Kyiv”.

      Wikipedia examines the question here:

      You can see from that complex exposition on Wikipedia that the matter is not simple (also, that if the mere question of a city name is so fraught, how much more fraught to have, eventually, a political settlement).

      I have not seen “Kyv” yet.

      More ethnic Ukrainians speak Russian (as first or second language) than speak Ukrainian. However, even that sparks argument, because the Tsarist policy of Russification was basically a linguistic one, including schools being taught only in Russian, which then led to an educated class or educated classes speaking Russian (and often French or even, in the western areas German), quite often, while Ukrainian was the first language mostly, though not entirely, of those without much education, or in more rural areas.

      All of that is now highly political.


      1. Thank you very much, the matter is slightly more complex than I thought but it is obvious that all the fanatics pro-war and pro-Zelensky use “Kyiv” instead of “Kiev”, that is enough for me to carry on using Kiev.


    1. The video is awful and I am sure it has not been staged. I have an Argentinian equivalent; in the video they asked 8 morons to which province belongs the city of Rosario (the 2nd largest city of Argentina). To give you an idea, it would be like asking a Brit which is the capital of Scotland. Well, NONE of the 8 idiots could answer the stupid question!

      PS: The idiots interviewed were in their twenties (like the Americans in the video) so this is definitely a worldwide phenomenon.


      1. Claudius – You can go to his youtube channel, he has many such videos. Not only are Americans notoriously bad at geography, (which we already knew), they can’t do very simple math.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. What puzzles me, is why those uneducated failures are so cheerful about their ignorance being exposed. I don’t sense they have any feelings of embarrassment or shame.
        To return to the Justin Awad videos, he asks people “which continent are we on now” and they don’t know. Or one young man when asked “what are the four points of the compass” very confidently replied “left, right, up, down” . . .


      3. You made a very good point; the idiots here in Argentina are the same. I think is because they don’t care; they are shameless. Talking about that guy who did not know the four points of the compass I have one even better (or worse).

        This is on tape and I saw it on YT. The president of Venezuela (Maduro) was having a meeting with his ministers and someone suggested that a certain pamphlet should be made and distributed across the country. Maduro said: “Very good idea! We will send them to the FIVE cardinal points!” There was an awkward pause and somebody said: “Mr. President, the cardinal points are four” and Maduro asked “Really?”


    1. I have configured the settings on my phone so that I don’t receive the alerts. It is beyond uncomfortable to have our government imposing this on us, it looks like more means of control, by creating panic and fear.


  3. Hello: I think you have posted already some paintings by this Spanish artist. When I look at them, I think: “How I wish to be 30 years old again!” 😂 😂 😂 😂 


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