Diary Blog, 18 April 2023

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[Park Zdrojowy, Polanica-Zdroj, Silesia]

From the newspapers


Labour ministers in Wales have announced plans that could see young asylum seekers in the country receive £1,600 a month and taxpayers’ cash for legal aid to fight deportation.

Three Welsh Labour ministers – Jane Hutt, Julie Morgan and Mick Antoniw – are signatories of the letter, which demands that all migrants aged 18 and over should get universal basic income without being deprived of legal aid. 

The UK Government spends around £6 million a day accommodating migrants across the country in hotels, former military bases and barges. 

Under the Welsh plan, the Government would provide migrants with both a wage and their lawyers’ fees to stop them being deported.”

[Daily Mail]

In the current conditions of repression of free speech in the UK, we are effectively “not allowed” to print what we think should happen to any persons who encourage or facilitate the non-white migration-invasion of this country…

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Russian forces will by that time have taken over all Ukraine east of the river Dnieper, quite possibly.

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Cross of Iron

[Come with me, and I will show you where the Iron Crosses grow“]

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There are about 8 billion humans on the Earth. There should be about 1 billion, most of them Northern Europeans.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/26/the-tide-is-coming-in-reflections-on-the-possible-end-of-our-present-civilization-and-what-might-follow/.

Where I part with what Griffin is saying (on the video clip, not perhaps overall) is that I see the conflict (which has already started) as being not a “race war” but a “race/culture/ideology war”. A complex and slow-burn conflict, in other words.

I saw that in 2009, having not long before returned from living in France. Griffin was set up, but should have seen that coming.

As the National Socialists of the 1930s put it, “National Socialism— the expression of our biological knowledge“.

#SS #Ahnenerbe.

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[River Neva, St. Petersburg]

9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 18 April 2023”

  1. Hello Ian! The maniac from Argentina reporting! (LOL) I have been up since 7.00 AM. I read the news about the Welsh traitors’ proposal and thought some terrible things which, as you said, cannot be written.

    BTW, I am sick and tired of this Bakhmut affair, I mean, the Russians (and pro-Russian tweeters) have been saying for weeks “90% of Bakhmut is in Russian hands, victory inevitable” and the battle keeps going on. This means:

    A) The Russians are nowhere near to victory as they say and proved to be awfully incompetent.

    B) The Ukrainians have NOT run out of ammunitions or men and they are putting up a heroic resistance, more likely out of patriotism or fear than out of love for Zelensky.

    I said this already: Why the Hell are the Russians doing the same stupid mistake as the Germans did in Stalingrad? I mean, losing lots of men in a meaningless, bloody battle for a few blocks of buildings, so they may say “We have conquered the city!” Why not surround the city and carry-on pushing westwards? The Ukrainians, deprived of food and ammunition would soon surrender. It is common sense.

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    1. Claudius:
      Stalingrad was a strategic target, but became more so after both contending sides decided to make it a “make or break” battle. The German General Staff wanted to withdraw at an early stage, but Hitler said no, mainly because Goering claimed that the Luftwaffe could resupply the 6th Army under Paulus. That proved to be another of Goering’s false boasts.

      As you know, the more important strategic battle was that at Kursk, but Stalingrad was the more important psychologically. Even today, the mass of people in the West have not even heard of Kursk, but everyone has heard of Stalingrad— there is even a Paris Metro station, and a square, named after it.

      Bakhmut has been *made* psychologically vital. Morale is very important in the Ukrainian war, even more than in most wars, because at first the Kiev-regime side had high morale, and the Russian side low morale.

      *Both* sides are bleeding soldiers and equipment, as well as literally.

      It is an open question how long the Ukrainian/Kiev-regime soldiers could last if just surrounded. Months, probably, by which time the Kiev regime could probably mount a counter-offensive (including a siege-breaking attack).

      As Shoigu opined recently, if Bakhmut falls (completely), the way may be open to deep inroads by the Russian forces into Ukraine east of the Dnieper.

      The Kiev regime has now been saying that, without more Western heavy arms, more ammunition etc, the Russians will be unstoppable. Russian air power is about to overwhelm both Kiev-regime air defences and the Ukrainian air force. Once that happens, Kiev and other cities will be almost defenceless.

      Also, the Kiev regime has even worse manpower shortages than does Russia, and with fewer options open.

      The Russian advance continues to be slow, partly because it seems that Wagner Group is being rested while regular (less motivated?) Russian forces take up the battle. However, no-one is now talking about a Russian collapse. Au contraire.

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      1. Thank you, Ian. Yes, your arguments are very good. Incidentally in his biography of Goering, David Irving makes it clear that Goering, out of arrogance/stupidity, promised the Luftwaffe would supply the VI army WITHOUT consulting with his staff. When his Chief-of-Staff, Hans Jeschonneck, showed him that it was impossible the coward said “I cannot tell this to the Führer!” and the rest is history.

        Regarding Bakhmut, you are right, unexpectedly it has turned into a miniature Stalingrad or Verdun; that means that from a logical point of view the losses are inadmissible and not worth the capture of the city. Having said that, if someone can afford to lose more men is Russia while the Ukrainians would be playing the role of the French as envisaged by von Falkenhayn (the “genius” who planned the battle of Verdun) in 1916. His idea was to force the French army to counterattack again and again and in doing so they would bleed to death. In a way, it worked but also the German army lost an awful lot of men, with nothing to show for it. Very sad.


      2. Claudius:
        Thank you.

        In terms of medium-term strategy, Russia is in the better position vis a vis the Kiev regime. As mentioned, Russia has arms and ammunition, both its own and via some strategic allies (China, Iran etc). Manpower is a problem but could be solved with political will. The Russian economy is still functioning, and (oil/gas) exporting.

        Against that, the Kiev regime is almost entirely dependent on NATO and EU goodwill for arms and ammunition, its economy is almost flattened, and it is having to press-gang recruits now.


  2. How typical of Labour to do that! That party is pure anti-British scum. They always were to an extent but since Bliar came onto the scene that should be very obvious.

    The death penalty should be applied for treason and encouraging genocide. 99% of Labour Party figures [redacted].

    This long lost British artform needs to be revived. Where is a latter day [redacted] when you need one?

    [redacted] Labour Party scumbags high!

    It really is about time the Welsh ended their strange allegiance to Labour. That party as this should make plain doesn’t support you.

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    1. John:
      Regret that *once again*, some rather inflammatory words have had to be redacted by removal from your comment. I hear what you say, but there are some things which, in the words of Sir Thomas More in “A Man for All Seasons”, I cannot hear (or at least republish on the blog)…

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  3. The worst thing about this news from Wales is that the electoral system for the Welsh Assembly virtually guarantees that the scummy Labour Party wins all the time as they instituted a botched and only semi proportional version of PR for the Assembly in 1999. The next election is supposed to use a reformed system but the proportionality has not been improved as it should have been. If the Tories had commonsense they would block this botched reform whilst they have the power to do so. After all, it looks likely they will be out of office at Westminster soon.

    Labour has been in power in Wales since 1999. There should be a change in government there not least because education standards have fallen and it simply isn’t healthy for a government to be in power that long even if if were competent and the administration in Cardiff Bay isn’t in many respects.


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