Diary Blog, 11 May 2023

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These are the people that idiots such as Corbyn and other “antiracists” pretend to support.

The British people know better.

Tweets seen

Tweets seen

The whole of the early/mid-20thC world financial architecture is crumbling.

My guess is that the Kiev-regime is running out of soldiers, even newly-impressed “volunteers”.

When a political system offers a choice between that and Trump, there is something seriously wrong with the political system.

(((Yellen)), a large cog in the NWO war machine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janet_Yellen#Early_life_and_education.

The inherent peace and goodness of Nature.

Deal with the cause, not only the symptoms…

(((Caplan))) etc…

A good description of a fairly large part of contemporary urban Britain.

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“They” always love to play the “victim”, even when victimizing others. Not only in the Middle East; in the UK (etc) as well,

Leaving aside the migration-invasion, this is about the gradual censoring of scenes and names in film and TV, and in particular about one film.

In The Dambusters, made in 1955 but set in 1943, the companion dog of the raid commander, Guy Gibson, is called (as he was in real life), “Nigger” (he was a black Labrador), but in recent years the film has been altered so that Nigger is referred to as “Trigger“. In fact, I happened to see a few minutes of the film last week on some channel or other and, indeed (in the subtitles too) “Nigger” had become “Trigger”. See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dam_Busters_(film)#Censorship.

Now the poor dog’s grave is going to be disturbed so that a pack of unwanted non-European migrant-invaders will not be offended. What an absolutely pitiful country we have become.

I am scarcely a Trump partisan, but he is the best of the potential candidates in the USA right now, and of course far better than corrupt and demented Biden.

Abolished“? Yes, you could call it that…

The funniest thing was when, in 2012, little William Hague opined on TV news that Assad would be gone within days.

I have found, in past years, that many police personnel are actually completely ignorant of the law, and vastly overestimate their own powers. A very bad combination, especially when Jew-Zionist organizations easily bamboozle the police and even CPS as to both what the law is and what the police etc should do and can do.

People are turning away from much of the propaganda on the msm platforms. In fact, I understand that many younger people (meaning under-35s in this case) rarely watch TV now, and even fewer bother with the news and talking-head shows often earnestly tweeted about on Twitter.

If you took your ideas from the Twitterati, you would think that BBC Question Time, one of the most-watched current affairs shows (perhaps the most-watched), is of moment to the entire UK population whereas, in reality, the usual audience is estimated to be between 1-2 million. Out of maybe 70 million persons in the UK.

The biggest audience for QT was in 2009, when Nick Griffin was on (but then ambushed and “lynched”)— 8.3M viewers. Another sizeable audience, also in 2009, was about the MP expenses cheating scandal— 3.8M viewers. Those two facts show the direction of travel, surely?


All part of a long-term plan to reduce the UK to far lower standards of living, and packed with non-whites as well. I worked that out in the mid/late 1970s, when I was only about 20. People laughed at the idea. Now? Well, they are not laughing at the collapse of the NHS, shortage of housing, low pay etc, but most —still misled by the msm— do not connect the dots. Causation is misunderstood. The blame is placed on “Covid”, on “Putin”, on “Ukraine invasion”, on “climate change”, and so on.

More tweets

Ukraine (meaning the Kiev regime) is running out of road militarily. Above all, its morale, sky high last summer, seems depressed now, and many recruits have to be forcibly pressed into service.

Soon, it will be impossible to write or speak about anything that does not follow the System narrative in the UK. There have already been dozens of faked-up “terrorist” trials in relation to other, including domestic, groups. Juries now are so supine, they are almost no guarantee of liberty. They just rubberstamp the prosecution.

Oddly enough, the Kiev-regime online and msm propaganda continues to persist with the “Russian soldiers ran away” story even though Russian forces have now taken Bakhmut/Artyomovsk. So who “ran away”? Or “withdrew”, in the more polite term?

Old sins cast long shadows. The Israelis can never cleanse their hands of the blood shed by them in and after (in some cases even before) 1948: ethnic cleansing, mass executions of villagers, theft of houses, apartments and land, and now the attempt to “settle” Jew fanatics from the USA, UK, Australia etc in the remaining Arab areas, displacing the remaining Arab communities

The Israel/Palestine situation is a Gordian Knot…

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[Moscow State University]

10 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 11 May 2023”

  1. Yes, pretty much anyone would be better than Joe Biden.

    Biden is a warmonger like so many globalist Democrats are and is a pretty repulsive character in many respects.

    For us, he is your typical Irish American with a severe chip on his shoulder and he makes little attempt to hide his deep seated animosity towards this country.

    Donald Trump, on the other hand, did appear to have genuine warm feelings towards Britain.

    That is why it was such a disgrace when leftie idiots had those demonstrations when he came to visit us. A US President with sincere good intentions towards us is a relatively rare person so we should appreciate it when a President like that is in the White House.


  2. I have just read the awful news regarding the NHS and the new “doctors” who will be experimenting on the patients. I cannot believe that one day I would be blessing living in my country! I would not live in the UK even if you pay me. I am very sorry for all the decent and honest Britons who are victims of that horrendous and cruel regime.


  3. Today you published a tweet from “Spriter” where he is quoting a moron called Martin O’Donnell, who we are supposed to believe is some kind of “expert”, Just one look at his face will tell you everything. I would not be surprised if he turned out to be a member of the LGTBQ tribe. 😆 😆 😆 


  4. I see that the unelected Justin Welby has been whinging about the government’s very mild attempts to stop the constant invasion of boats from across the Channel.

    I don’t know why he is moaning as no doubt these latest measures will probably result in yet more predictable failure and the problem will go on and on.

    It is such a shame hanging was brought to an end in this country. Executions used to be given the moral stamp of approval by his Church in non woke times.

    A carried out sentence of [redacted] is in order for traitors like him. It is time woke churchmen were summarily [redacted] via the [redacted].


      1. Loony left globalist nation wrecker Justin Welby is a very good advert for Lords reform. Elect the House by a proportional representation (PR) voting system so we can get rid of the unelected traitors like him in there.

        Just because he is a man of the cloth that doesn’t mean his opinions should be given more credence just like those of Richard Branson should be more highly valued because of his vast wealth.


  5. I see that today Justin Welby has been confirmed to be a criminal so why does that despicable, anti-British traitor have a position over us in the House of Lords? He should be expelled from that chamber but then if that action was taken we would have to get rid of the present PM who is also a confirmed criminal.

    What a total farce this country is! A party with the self-proclaimed title of the ‘party of law and order’ has a criminal as party leader and PM. No wonder the law and order situation is appallingly bad and the CON Party is now, according to the very latest poll, 27 points behind the fraud that is the Labour Party.


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