Diary Blog, 12 May 2023

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She looks and sounds drunk.

The USA (and therefore the world) has a problem— a plainly demented President, and the Vice-President a drunken black/Tamil Indian woman.

There is a myth that as a country we cannot afford our state pensions. And that myth is central to Iain Duncan Smith’s proposals to raise the state pension age to 75.

But there is a problem with the premise of IDS’s bright idea. The reality is that according to the OBR, public spending on the state pension is expected to rise by less than 1 per cent of GDP between 2017-18 and 2022-23.

In the even more distant future, the OBR forecasts that by keeping the current system in place, by the 2060s when those people currently in their twenties are drawing down on a state pension, our country will only be spending around 2 per cent more as a share of our GDP.

No government wishing to be re-elected will ignore the largest voting bloc in the country, therefore there will need to be some form of income support for this group. The cost increase is clearly not beyond the realms of manageability under current forecasts.

The poorest pensioners are the ones who are most reliant on the state pension – moving the goalposts is a callous response to a rise in poverty among the elderly. Under IDS’s plans, the elderly will have to work longer in an unforgiving job market typified by low wages and zero-hours contracts. Do we really want to condemn a 70-year-old to in-work poverty? It’s utterly cruel

Serious government policy in the 21st century should focus on how we ensure everyone from cradle-to-grave shares in the wealth of our nation. A universal basic income, a shorter working week, and the maintenance of the triple lock system: these are the policies of tomorrow.

[The Independent]

If implemented, a plan such as that suggested by Iain Duncan Smith, under present circumstances, would mean that people 65-75, i.e. at the age where most people now are receiving State pensions, and who are often managing long-term health problems, would be made subject to the ridiculous and shambolic, yet extremely repressive DWP regime started under Labour after 2005 and then made far harsher by “Dunce” Duncan Smith (his real name is plain “Smith”) after 2010.

I do not understand how Smith has lasted this long politically, being terminally thick, having falsified his CV several times, and having cost the State huge amounts via his half-baked programmes. That is not even taking into account his own outright frauds in respect of his MP expenses. Hundreds of thousands of pounds. I also do not understand how he has survived generally. He must be well-guarded.

That last in fact is a major reason why things are as they are in the UK: instead of MPs and ministers being afraid of the people, the poor British people are afraid of the cruel, corrupt, and freeloading MPs and ministers.

Something has to be done about the state of the UK. That much is becoming obvious to almost everyone. That, however, just begs the question, in a political milieu where the main System parties are very similar in policy terms.

For once, I agree with Ash Sarkar.

She is, in a sense, correct here too, sadly. Except that she wants the UK to become non-white (like her), and I (of course) do not.

The non-European, non-white population is exploding. Their birth rate is far higher than that of (real) British people, and of course there is the continuing migration invasion, not only via small boats crossing the Channel but also via so-called “legal” immigration. All in all, over 700,000 in the past year alone.

All System parties either support or do nothing to stop the invasion of non-whites into the UK. Meanwhile, idiots or malicious grifters of the Ash Sarkar type applaud our upcoming racial and national demise.

The laws re. free speech or, rather, repressing free speech, are now so harsh that I cannot say here what should be done with System political frauds, malicious groups (both Zionist groups and those who can mainly be described as their “useful idiots”), and other enemies of the people. My readers will have to read between the lines.

Ha ha! It seems to work… More would have worked even better.

A “chimp-out”, as the Americans say…

It is more important to eliminate Zionism in the UK, France, and USA (etc) than to oppose it in the Middle East.

[FYI: I have no connection with any existing political party or movement].

Every day, hundreds, sometimes thousands.

For me, socialism effectively died in 1989 (I tend not to use the poorly-defined “Left/Right” descriptors). Look at a mild version of socialism, that of the Labour Party in the UK. It veered between socialism and social-democracy in the 1956-1989 period, then chucked out its socialist elements during the 1990s, under Blair.

Look at Labour now. It is very very obvious that Jewish-lobby puppet Starmer will do nothing radical to help the poorer part of the society, but will try, so to speak, “to run the workhouses better”, and no more.

Ironically, Labour might have recovered some old-style socialism under Corbyn, had he stayed on, but of course the Jewish lobby finished off Corbyn and anyone supportive of him in Labour. Most of them have been expelled or stamped on hard enough to shut them up.

Labour’s “offer” to the voting public amounts to a possibly more efficient (maybe not even that) version of what the Conservative Party has been doing for 13 years.

Labour is doing well in the opinion polls by default, purely because the “Conservative” misgovernment is so bloody awful.

Putin has more patience than I would have in the same circumstances.

1980s— catapults and rocks. 1990s— rockets akin to large fireworks. 2023— more sophisticated rockets. 2030? 2040? The Israelis must be wondering what might be coming down the track…

Ha ha! “You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time” [Abraham Lincoln].

I wonder what the percentage would be if Jews outside Israel were included in the question?

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[Chicago by night, Lake Shore Drive]

15 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 12 May 2023”

  1. Biden is senile, Kamala doesn’t make sense when she speaks. Then there is George Santos, an absolute charlatan.

    I can not comprehend how the American people can allow these people to remain as their political representatives, instead of [redacted] them from lamp posts.

    From Wikipedia – “Santos has made numerous false or dubious claims about his biography, work history, criminal record, financial status, ethnicity, religion, and other matters, both in public and in private. Six weeks after his election, numerous news outlets reported that large parts of his self-published biography appeared to be fabricated, including claims about his ancestry, education, employment, charity work, property ownership, and crimes of which he claimed to be a victim. Santos has admitted to lying about his education and employment.

    In 2010, Santos confessed to having committed *check fraud in Brazil in 2008, but failed to appear in court in 2011, leaving the case unresolved. *(I suppose they mean cheque fraud). Additionally, there have been several judgments against Santos in the United States concerning eviction and personal debt cases. In 2022, he was accused of failing to pay thousands of dollars in judgments from the 2010s, to which he admitted. Santos was charged in 2017 in the United States for theft by deception regarding bad checks to dog breeders, but the charges were dropped, and the record expunged in 2021 after the signatures on the checks did not match his”.

    Anyway, finally his deceptions might be catching up with him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AmEfyo-2EY


  2. Ah, Ian Dumbo Smith one of the most callous, evil, and terminally effing THICK &&&&% in the wholly misnamed Conservative Party.

    For all the suicides ect he has caused in the last thirteen years he should be [redacted] via a long-drop hanging, British-style or considering the massive levels of heartbreak he has caused to parents, brothers and sisters ext via a more painful and gruesome, US style [redacted] via the electric chair.

    Not only is he evil and callous to poor British people he is, as you would expect for your typical Tory traitor, soft on immigration. His latest inane idea is to let in all those Afghan interpreters that supposedly helped the British Army.

    Yes, YET MORE so-called ‘exceptions’. The problem is though under the fake Conservatives these ‘exceptions’ are the NORM and so the invasion continues as it has done since 1948.


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  3. Yes, a case can be made for the nationalisation of railways in particular. Each utility/public service should be looked at individually and a decision made as to whether that service/utility should be in the private or public sector.

    Japan has private railways and they work very well but that is due to the fact the vast bulk of the population live on a huge and very densly populated plain of land comprising Tokyo and other nearby major cities.

    For most countries, including us, railways work better in the public sector. Mrs Thatcher never privatised the railways or the Royal Mail. It if was sensible to do this rest assured the ‘blessed Margaret’ would have done it. Only a stupid idiot like John Major thought it appropriate to privatise the railways.


  4. Dumbo-Smith has lasted so long politically because there is large number of CON Party members, MPs ect who are as thick as excrement, callous and evil as he is.

    Why else was that bigoted moron ie his utterly disgraceful conference speech snidly implying every unemployed person had their curtains permanently closed, George Osbourne, installed as Chancellor of the Exchequer, thick cretin, Trussbanger Woolyhead last year in the same position or thick ×××× Sunak with his utterly moronic ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme to spread potentially deadly Coronavirus infections during a worldwide viral pandemic?

    Simply put, people like those rise to important cabinet positions in the CON Party because so many Party members etc are bloody thick and politically correct. That is what happens when a political party gets rid of its formerly quite sensible conservative philosophy and replaces it with gormless, often fundamentally immoral, globalist libertarianism imported from degenerate America.

    That philosophy has a strong tendency to attract the thick, evil, callous, degenerate elements of any society.

    Why else would daft Liz Truss move from being an ex Lib Dem to being a Tory? Even in Thatcher’s day, Liz would not have done that because the Conservative Party was more genuinely Tory so people like Liz would have been repelled by it let alone decades before that.

    A Tory Party that still contained people like nationalist minded real Tories like Enoch Powell would scare off the Liz Trusses of this world.


  5. New Labour idiots and this present government alike attacked and undermined the most important, sensible and necessary part of the postwar welfare state ie the benefits system.

    If they had brains, the part which should have been ‘attacked’ was the NHS. A case can be made to privatise it or make it like it is in other countries such as Germany where rich people pay for their health treatment whilst the poor are still able to access quality heath care at little to no cost.

    What is important is that everybody should be able to have quality healthcare whether that is obtained by private providers or by charity hospitals etc. How quality healthcare is provided for all that need it and regardless of the size of a person’s bank account can be varied and not just done by a state monopoly.


  6. In other news from the degenerate cesspit of globalist ‘British’ politics, very well-regarded, ex British PM, Liz Truss, is off to Taiwan next week to lecture emerging global superpower, China, about that island which the leadership in Beijing regard as an integral part of their country albeit as a rebellious province.

    I would suggest Liz Truss quits whilst she is ahead. After all, her only real claim to fame is to become a future pub quiz question for having comprehensively SMASHED the longstanding record held by George Canning as the British PM with the shortest term in office. She lasted just SIX weeks whereas George lasted a lot longer!

    Has the daft woman NO self-awareness at all?

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      1. What an excellent definition of that ugly and stupid woman! If there was a gold medal to reward ugliness, dishonesty and stupidity, she and Theresa May would be the favourites and the judges would have a terrible time choosing the winner! 😂 😂 😂 


    1. If I owned a magazine or, even better, a TV channel I would have you as a regular commentator or host. Having said that, we would last barely a week before being taken to court and Ian would have to come to our rescue! (LOL)


  7. Hello: The magnificent picture posted by “White Chivalry” on Twitter shows the famous gallery or hall of the palazzo Colonna in Rome. The Colonna family is one of the oldest surviving families of the Italian/Roman aristocracy. The great gallery was finished in 1705 and the ceiling represents the victory of the European fleet at Lepanto in 1571, the Prince Marcoantonio Colonna was one of its commanders. I had the pleasure to visit it in 2002. It made me proud of my Italian ancestors.


    1. I would like to visit Rome one day. It seems to be a pretty beautiful and nice city thanks to it not being bombed a great deal in WW2.

      Of course, if I visited it I would get to taste delicious Italian ice cream once again as I did when I went to Lake Garda a few years ago. That was definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Italy.


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