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Diary Blog, 9 September 2020

Tweets seen

Regular readers of my blog will have noticed my article of yesterday which included an investigation into one Tim Crosland, a co-founder of Extinction Rebellion: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2020/09/08/diary-blog-8-september-2020-including-further-assessment-of-extinction-rebellion-as-well-as-of-tim-crosland-and-plan-b-etc/ as well as my blog articles of last year about Extinction Rebellion [https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/08/16/the-extinction-rebellion-levellers/], Greta Nut [https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/09/29/greta-thunberg-system-approved-wunderkind/] and the whole farrago [https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/10/09/extinction-rebellion-greta-thunberg-cressida-dick-and-the-madness-of-protesting-crowds/].

I find it extraordinarily disturbing to discover that one of the former main people at [what is now] the National Crime Agency, and who —according to a commentator on my blog yesterday, which commentator claimed to know Tim Crosland— (it was implied) has been involved at a high level in British civil service security matters, and who was apparently given high-level security clearance, is now a major player in Extinction Rebellion and related activity.

In a way, “shocking but unsurprising”, though, given that the actual Prime Minister of the UK is now a part-Jew public entertainer, ruling over a Cabinet of complete clowns, most of them Jewish or Indian.

I noticed that there was some African being interviewed on Sky News this morning, a former investment banker (apparently), who is now yet another “ex-something” who is a spokesman for Extinction Rebellion. I did not see much of the interview, but he was being given a remarkably easy time by Kay Burley.


Telling. Extinction Rebellion people seem to think that yesterday’s “car crash” interview with Tim Crosland on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme showed Extinction Rebellion in a good light!

Here, below, is another one, a seemingly not entirely unintelligent woman (looking at her main work) but who, however, seems completely accepting of the Extinction Rebellion nonsense:

and note the censorious tone: the Today Programme presenter Justin Webb (admittedly not someone I favour) “needs to be severely disciplined for this…”.

As I have blogged previously, there is a definite sense of Pol Pot, Year Zero and even The Killing Fields about Extinction Rebellion. Roger Hallam, another co-leader of the cult (and see my initial blog post about Extinction Rebellion), recently said that those “collaborating with” the supposed causes of “climate change” should get a bullet in the head! That could include people as far down the food chain as anyone with a car, a fridge or a holiday home in Spain. Hallam is at present in prison, remanded in custody pending trial on some other matter.

One of the most disturbing aspects of UK society today (seen elsewhere too: Germany, Scandinavia etc) is the sight of persons, sometimes of reasonably good education (if often narrow in their outlook), persons often well-meaning, who are paving the way to socio-political hell with their virtue-signalling and other behaviour; supporting migration-invasion, supporting “Extinction Rebellion”, supporting the “Black Lives Matter” nonsense. And so on.

I have now seen material and/or msm interview footage on many of the main people involved in Extinction Rebellion. The connecting thread seems to be a mental unreality divorcing them from seeing either the climate or society as it is. They think that the public support them, when only about 5% do; they think that they might take power (though they take cover in fantasies about popular assemblies running things), when the only time that Hallam, for example, stood for election, only 4 voters out of every 10,000 voted for him.

A tweet from last year, showing Extinction Rebellion idiots escaping most of what might be regarded as a well-deserved kicking:


Below, a tweet which shows the essential pointlessness of Twitter. Some young black woman who apparently has nearly 30,000 “followers” on Twitter. Claims to be a “columnist” on some online “magazine”. Look at the tweet! Almost illiterate, as well as plainly unthinking.

How can Britain, how can Europe, ever develop a higher culture and civilization when the population is increasingly composed of “human material” of this sort? Yet the above tweeter has ten times the number of Twitter “followers” that I had when the Jew lobby had me expelled (in 2018)!

Other tweets seen

The Government of Clowns in the UK can keep juggling until 2022, which is the year when the NWO will want to seize the agenda for the following 33 years. The present social noise, from “the virus” to “Black Lives Matter”and “Extinction Rebellion” etc is all about that wish to take world society in a certain direction. After 2022, the System will, it hopes, be able to impose a complete dystopian tyranny.

More tweets seen

Below, a tweet of staggering political naivety:

From a Twitter account the profile piece of which says “#BringDownTheGovernment and replace it with citizen-led decision making on everything. We need #CitizensAssemblies to go #BeyondPolitics for people and planet.

I like the tweet’s deliberate typo (“arrest” instead of “a rest“)! Quite appropriate! More seriously, I thought that “citizens’ assemblies” died out at Kronstadt…


There are some phrases which, when said by some people, grate. Today it was Boris Johnson intoning, “...as your Prime Minister…” etc. Geben mir einen Luger!

Lifestyle restrictions

Are there really people willing to go to restaurants and pubs on the basis that they have to sign in, give all their contact details etc? I suppose that there are, maybe regular customers in a local area. Many however will avoid going out on that basis, though, especially if the staff are all masked. Not very pleasant. Pubs? The same, I think.

I notice that one of the two pubs near Waitrose that I sometimes pass in the car, in the local small town, has closed, it seems permanently, while another is open but has a “militiaman” stationed outside in the evening, presumably to enforce some of the stupid rules imposed by government.

More tweets seen

The tweeter below, some kind of Australian girl, seems to believe that China is “socialist” just because that is the name on the outside of the box! She also seems to think that buildings with trees growing through them or on them (and nothing wrong with that— I myself had that idea as a child of 12) will somehow “save us” from climate change! Or rather that “a centrally-planned socialist economy will”. Grow up…

As a matter of fact, I heard an interesting fact from the UN today: despite a huge fall in worldwide CO2 “emissions” in the 5 months of the Coronavirus panic, there has been no fall at all in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. How will the “climate change” lobby explain that? In fact, there has been a rise in atmospheric CO2!

I suppose that the climate change lobby will attempt to explain these awkward facts, probably, by some fantasy that the Earth is releasing carbon stored since 1800. That however does not explain very plausibly why there has been no reduction but a rise recently..


More tweets

I have heard the same recently from people who have been occasionally using trains. Empty carriages. This government of clowns has not only scared off most passengers, but is paying out large sums to run almost-empty trains up and down the UK. They hope that no-one will notice.

Late music

Diary Blog, 8 September 2020, including further assessment of Extinction Rebellion, as well as notes about Tim Crosland and “Plan B” etc

Extinction Rebellion

An Extinction Rebellion fanatic called Dim Crosland (not really: it was Tim Crosland) was on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme. A complete would-be dictator or neo-Stalinist zealot. I looked him up on Google, only to find that this robotic idiot was supposedly a barrister in practice at one time (if so, presumably not for long; he sounded completely inflexible), and was more recently a legal bod at the National Crime Agency, which shocked me. Is that really the kind of person that Agency employs?

I thought that this person warranted further investigation.

In fact, Crosland’s Linked In profile, while mentioning the “barrister” bit, does not note specifically that he actually has the qualification, or when he attained it—assuming that he did— but only that he has a degree in Latin and Greek literature and philosophy (“Greats”, in the traditional name) from Oxford, followed by a Master’s degree taken 8-9 years later at Utrecht University (Netherlands): https://uk.linkedin.com/in/tim-crosland-b2ab9594

[Tim Crosland]

In fact, that Linked In profile is lacking other basic details, such as where Crosland attended school at the secondary level.

Crosland acquired his main degree at Oxford, 1988-1992. His Master’s degree was granted by Utrecht University in 2001, after one year. 8 years are therefore missing.

Crosland is next heard of in 2012, where he was apparently the Chair of the “Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative” [“CCI”]. So there are another 11 years missing.

Crosland seems to have specialized in “cybercrime”, having spent 2 years and 2 months at CCI, which in fact looks like a very limited typical international quango paper-shuffling exercise: https://www.securityskeptic.com/CCI%20Quick%20Guide.pdf

Looks like nothing much of a concrete nature was done.

Crosland’s time at CCI overlapped with his time (18 months only) at the National Crime Agency, which ended in March 2015. The two jobs together add up to only 2 years and 9 months.

Crosland then spent 9-10 months at “COP-21”, part of the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_United_Nations_Climate_Change_Conference.

Since the end of 2015, Crosland has been Director of a registered charity called Plan B, which describes itself as “...a registered charity, supporting and advancing strategic legal action to contain dangerous climate change and ocean acidification.”

Also: “Plan B. Earth (“Plan B”) combines mobilisation with strategic litigation to hold governments and others to account for their responsibilities to prevent climate breakdown. In particular Plan B aims to promote compliance with the Paris Agreement temperature limit, beyond which, according to the best available science, the risks of catastrophe are intolerable.”

Plan B’s website: https://planb.earth/about/

Details of “Plan B” are held by the Charity Commission. It seems that Plan B, in the financial year 2018-2019, had an income of some £41,000, while expenditure was £58,000. The previous year, the figures were rather higher: income £101,000 and expenditure £72,000 (approx).

Purposes of the charity: General charitable purposes“. “Who the charity helps: The General Public/mankind.” Unenlightening.

Plan B is based in a townhouse in Walworth, London, equidistant from Vauxhall and Camberwell. The property is estimated to be valued at well over a million pounds: https://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/62-sutherland-square/london/se17-3el/21109546.

There is no indication anywhere, that I have seen, as to what Tim Crosland was doing in his 19 “lost years”, as mentioned here above. He seems too driven and zealous to have been lying on beaches or scuba-diving for such an amount of time. So what was he doing? Also, though talk of money may be vulgar, on what was he living?

I have been unable to find any trace of Tim Crosland’s work at the practising Bar. That does not mean that he was not practising at the Bar. Indeed, it may be that that is exactly what he was doing in those “lost” 19 years. All I am saying is that I have been so far unable to find any trace.

It may be that, as with some other Extinction Rebellion leaders (Crosland was apparently a co-founder), he has private means, a trust fund, or whatever, and so does not require a salary. Certainly a couple of years or so working as an employed lawyer is not going to have paid very much, and “Plan B” does not pay much, if anything (I should imagine that it pays nothing), as its Charity Commission details show.

I see references to Crosland here and there as “barrister” (but mostly in newspapers), also as “former government lawyer” etc, but no details of where or when he was in private practice (if he was), and no details of any reported cases (i.e. appeal cases). Certainly he is not now on the Barristers’ Register.

When I saw his photos, I suspected that Crosland is a Jew. He is. Jewish News reported thus in 2018: https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/why-im-flying-to-tell-the-un-were-waking-up-to-climate-change/.

I have blogged previously about Extinction Rebellion and its tendencies (once you get past the weird street theatre and the pretty girls dancing etc) to both tyranny and terrorism. It seems that at least a few MPs, newspapers etc are waking up to this now (I blogged about all this a year or so ago): https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/08/16/the-extinction-rebellion-levellers/; and https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/10/09/extinction-rebellion-greta-thunberg-cressida-dick-and-the-madness-of-protesting-crowds/.


The Radio 4 Today interview, as reported: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1332700/extinction-rebellion-protests-bbc-news-justin-webb-climate-change.

2018 interview with Crosland in the journal of Pembroke College, Oxford, Crosland’s old college: https://issuu.com/pembrokecollegeoxford/docs/pembrokian_2017_digital_high_res_pa

An appreciation of Extinction Rebellion from the Policy Exchange “think tank” in 2019 (note that Tim Crosland’s name is misspelled as “Crossland”): https://policyexchange.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Extremism-Rebellion.pdf


I feel that I am still missing something here, something revolving around those 19 (possibly) “lost” years.

Strange fact

While looking up a few things for this blog (for the above piece), I happened to see on Wikipedia that the 1960s/1970s Cabinet minister, Tony Crosland (no relation, as far as I know), a noted lothario of his day, had (earlier) actually had an affair with, of all people, Roy Jenkins! I had no idea! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Jenkins#Marriage_and_personal_life; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Crosland#Personal_life

Tweets seen today

Britain’s new toytown police state. How long before the “caring sharing” multikulti society opens camps for dissidents? If people don’t start fighting soon, they will become complete serfs and/or prisoners of a totalitarian state of evil.

The tweeter above, however, is quite mistaken to imagine that the Gestapo wasted their time like that (it was a rather small though efficient organization which mostly followed up reports from the public about potential spies and dissidents).

My own suggestion would be quite different and quite possibly “unlawful”…

Quite. On a related theme, most British people despise the Extinction Rebellion idiots, but at the same time I should guess that most feel not much sympathy for the newspapers temporarily shut down; nor for their scribblers, who are mostly System drones anyway.

More tweets seen

It is becoming obvious to many more people than heretofore that the absurd “rules” restricting people “because of” the virus (scare) are just that— absurd. I happened to visit a small Tesco Express (in a village/suburb) today for about 5 minutes. More people were not masked than were masked.

Boris-idiot and the clowns comprising the present Cabinet are incompetent, but I myself think that that is not by any means the whole story. The “virus” scare is a global phenomenon tied in with the NWO etc.

When you see news like that below, you know that this is a mind-control and social control exercise designed to test procedures that will be repeated in more serious ways at a later date. The powers of Evil are behind this, ultimately.

Answer: no.

This is Kafka-esque!

Late music

Colonnade with Singing Fountain

Update, 9 September 2020

Guido Fawkes comments: https://order-order.com/people/tim-crosland/

Readers may have noticed that a naive commentator in the Comments section of this blog has told me that I was “patently antisemitic” for calling Crosland a Jew (even though he is, in ethnic terms, even if he is —I am told— philosophically an atheist). My blog article cites a Jew writing in Jewish News, which Jew described Crosland as “a Jewish barrister“.

So if I call someone a Jew (who is a Jew), my words are “antisemitic”, but if a Jew (writing in Jewish News) calls that same person a Jew, then that is not “antisemitic”!

Goebbels said this on the general subject:

This is the full Today Programme interview:

I have to say, thinking of the rather “exercized” commentator in my Comments section, that his remarks seem rather lacking in logic in places. He seems to know this Crosland person, but did not give much more information of a concrete nature, beyond confirming some of my speculations.

If, as that commentator strongly implied, Crosland was doing work of a very sensitive nature in the USA or UK for many years, work so secret that not even a general idea can be put on Linked In, then why have a Linked In profile at all, if so much is, and obviously is, omitted?

Also, why is Crosland’s ordinary work as a barrister in the past not on Linked In?That cannot be “secret”, surely? Maybe he cannot be bothered to flesh out his profile. I have no idea.

I was amused by the commentator’s obvious (and so English) reverence of Oxford (University). That commentator is himself in the Oxford area.

I am actually more concerned that such a person as Crosland was involved (according to his friend/acquaintance) at a very high level with an organization such as [what is now called] the National Crime Agency! It would seem to show something rotten (again) at the heart of an important part of UK governmental administration.

According to that commentator, who holds himself out as knowing, Crosland was “cleared” for “Top Secret” information. If that clearance was justified, it raises other questions.

The idea, echoed by the commentator, that Crosland is some kind of saintly idealist, I find hard to accept. If the UK goes “carbon neutral” by 2025 or even 2035 or 2045, huge numbers of people in the UK will suffer and die as a direct result. Fact.

My impression of that interview? A person with simplistic ideas (like his comrades: see https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/08/16/the-extinction-rebellion-levellers/), and who argued his case entirely unconvincingly for someone who apparently has been in the past both a practising barrister and a government lawyer.

Extinction Rebellion has no real programme, as I noted in my blog last year about them. This is a weird and pointless cult, worshipping (as does little Greta Nut) “The Science” as a God-substitute.

Diary Blog, 7 September 2020

The Extinction Rebellion activities bring matters of free speech to the fore

What we are facing here are fanatics: members of an apocalyptic, end-times cult.  A cult dedicated to immiserating our society and intimidating anybody who stands in their way. It is high time that they were stopped. It is time that the police move in to arrest them and disrupt their activities. It is time for our politicians and public figures to unite in deprecating their actions. And it is time that we unify again around a core principle: that open debate is the best way to have any difficult question out, and that ceding control to radicals of any stripe is not just where debate stops. It is where a free society ends.” [Douglas Murray, Daily Telegraph]


Where, though, was Douglas Murray when a pack of Jews had me disbarred in 2016 for posting 5 tweets about UK society? See: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/.

I suppose that Douglas Murray was collecting his money from the Henry Jackson Society or other NWO/ZOG organizations when he might have been defending my free speech rights. On the other hand, Murray would not want his lucrative media career to finish. One word from “them” and it would be the end of Murray as go-to talking head…

I notice that Murray seems to be very favourable to Israel-based solicitor Mark Lewis, and Murray has defended on Twitter Lewis’s “free speech rights” (when Lewis was fined and censured by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority in 2018). Lewis was one of the main Jewish plotters against me from about 2012 until the present time. See: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/01/11/update-re-mark-lewis-lawyer-questions-are-raised/.

I also never saw or heard Douglas Murray defend the free speech rights of Jez Turner (of the now-destroyed London Forum), who was imprisoned for making a speech in Whitehall; or for that matter, those of Alison Chabloz, prosecuted for posting online her satirical songs.

Both Jez Turner and Alison Chabloz were targets of the malicious Jew-Zionist pressure group, “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [“CAA”], as also I was and remain.

The same is true of the Charlie Hebdo events. The System politicians from all over the EU defended the magazine when it attacked Islam and was then attacked by Islamists, but it rarely attacks the Jew-Zionists who more or less rule France now. As for those political drones, they are in the pocket of of the Jewish/Zionist/Israel lobby and try to censor any criticism of Jews or their behaviour.


They” —aka (((they)))— happened to Britain, basically, Monsieur Daubney. “They” are at the root of it all, and it is because would-be politicians from “controlled opposition” fake parties such as UKIP and Brexit Party would not and will not acknowledge the centrality of the European struggle against “them” that we are on the brink of socio-political meltdown.

Lunacy posing as protest

A strange cult posing as the answer to the problems of the world.

Still, fair’s fair— some of the girls are not bad!

Sad situation

Happened to see this: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/sep/07/terminal-cancer-live-cancer-life-death. Worth reading.

A few reminiscences, a few thoughts

I happened to see this, too: https://capx.co/to-russia-with-thatcher-and-le-carre/ and then http://www.russiaknowledge.com/2017/11/18/how-the-small-scottish-town-of-moffat-came-to-have-russian-conferences-the-first-six-years-so-far-2012-2017/; and https://www.moffatrussianconferences.com/

Tempus fugit, and similar truisms…I recall seeing, en passant, the now-deceased lady who wrote the first two of those pieces, when I was sitting in the library of the GB-USSR Association in the early 1980s; about 1983.

The GB-USSR Association was a cultural and para-diplomatic organization mainly funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Lubrication for diplomatic/cultural interchange in the Cold War, if you like. A parallel body existed in Moscow.


The Chairman of the GB-USSR Association at the time was the renowned Fitzroy Maclean [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sir_Fitzroy_Maclean,_1st_Baronet], and the previous two Chairmen had both been former Prime Ministers (Attlee and Macmillan).

The London HQ of the UK body had a rather nice set-up in Grosvenor Place, overlooking the gardens of Buckingham Palace. It had a Director (a rather unwelcoming fellow called John Roberts, I think about 50 or so, who had fluent Russian, learned in the 1950s during National Service and at Cambridge, where he was sent during part of his service), and two full-time librarians (paid Civil Service rates). I believe that I heard at some much later time that the younger of the two librarians eventually, in the 1990s, became the main librarian at the new, and now famous, Thames-side HQ of SIS/MI6. Perhaps.

The said Roberts was very well-connected and, in those days when your “occupation” had to be written in your passport (based on what the applicant wrote on the application form), had —I heard on good authority— “Diplomat” written in his passport, even though he was not one, at least in the accepted sense. In those days, I had a far less plausible occupation written in my own passport.

The GB-USSR had a good library which I often used, and it put on interesting occasional talks, though I missed the best of the lot (I was told), which was given by “John le Carre” (David Cornwell) one evening.

I remember a very attractive tall blonde woman who looked about 29 (if that) coming in with at least two and maybe three small dogs on leads, and going into the office of the Director. I later discovered that that was his new wife. I was unaware until yesterday that she was at the time already about 40.

I suspect, though only on the flimsiest of evidence, that she may have been the model, or one model, for the John le Carre character who is the wife of the SIS resident in Zurich in the TV series (I have not read the book) A Perfect Spy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Perfect_Spy_(TV_series); and see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Perfect_Spy

In the TV series, the main character, Magnus Pym, is brilliantly played (as adult) by Peter Egan; the wife of the SIS officer in Switzerland was, I think, one Felicity, played by actress Fiona Mollison.

Now that the GB-USSR lady is deceased (as is Roberts, her husband), I can say without seeming too rude that the intervening years were not kind to her (the same might be said of many of us!), looking at the photos. To be frank, I should not have recognized her from the photos I have just seen in the past day. There again, few would recognize me from the photograph of me aged 35…

[above: me, when aged 35]

I was struck some time ago by the changes seen a few years ago, in a BBC provincial news report and on a website, about people I met when volunteering on an organic farm in Wales about 40 years ago. The farmer was still recognizable, but his wife, whom I recall as a pretty sexy and shapely lady of about 35 (albeit very moody, to the point of being a real pain in the neck), was now almost spherical, in fact like a snowman without the snow: a small sphere sitting atop a large sphere.

These apparently random thoughts and reminiscences are in fact just my way of underlining how transitory is our time on this Earth in any one incarnation. We must do what we can to create a current of positive effect which will influence the course of history.


I have been justly critical of Mike Stuchbery: see https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/10/23/a-few-words-about-mike-stuchbery/, but occasionally his tweets are worth reading, as in the case of that shown below. Click on it to read the full thread.

Other tweets seen today

Above, a typical example of nice, polite, English protest…Write to “your” MP, ask for an explanation as to why…blah blah blah. I have a different view of what should be done, but if I blog about it here, I shall probably have the toytown police and the poundland KGB here tomorrow morning…

Drongoes“! I have not heard that term of opprobrium since I was 12 and a child in an Australian school!

Wake up…

Jew lawyer found guilty of inventing “antisemitic” attack


Guilty, but look at the derisory penalty! £500! It is clear that the Jew should have been struck off the solicitors’ roll.

[Daily Record]

Evil-looking bastard.

More tweets seen

In reality, a black or even mixed population will never be able to enslave even a far smaller-in-number European/”white” population; the whites will either triumph over the blacks and rule them, or leave to be rid of the blacks and their inability to maintain a civilized society (in the absence of white skills and thinking patterns…), as has largely happened in South Africa: even the craven whites who opposed apartheid and emigrated have no wish to return to be ruled by the increasingly anti-white blacks in a society where whites are increasingly seen as enemies and, indeed, prey.

The British armed forces are increasingly, like the UK police, a bad joke. Good. All the easier to suborn them or overcome them when the time comes.

Late music

Update, 8 September 2020

Re. the Jew lawyer mentioned in the blog, there was an earlier piece about him, from 2018, in the Jewish Chronicle: https://www.thejc.com/news/uk/matthew-berlow-fined-scottish-palestine-solidarity-campaign-1.471403.

Matthew Berlow

Below, a photograph of wha is said to be the same Jew (presumably recently), toting what looks superficially like a silenced submachinegun, but which is in fact (I think) an “airsoft gun” used in games: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airsoft_gun

What made me laugh about that Jewish Chronicle piece was that the other Jew mentioned, a business operator, was driven out of the UK, it seems; at any rate, he left…