They Go Like Sleepwalkers, whence Providence Dictates

Adolf Hitler once remarked that he went like a sleepwalker to wherever Providence or Fate dictated. A cynic might ask why, in that case, did Germany lose the Second World War. I have thought about this over the years, coming to the conclusion (decades ago now) that Germany’s bitter defeat saved not only Germany itself but all Central Europe and even all Europe from terminal disaster.

As is well-known, the atom bomb scientists working on the Manhattan Project (the British end being known as “Tube Alloys”), were almost all Jews who had fled from or anyway left Europe to live in the USA. Their motivation was to create a weapon which would obliterate National Socialist Germany. Japan was but an afterthought.

So focussed were the Jew atom bomb scientists on Germany’s destruction, that when it seemed possible in mathematical theory that detonation of the first bomb in the desert of the South Western USA would cause the world’s atmosphere to catch fire, destroying all life on Earth, those Jews decided to proceed. A sombre fact indeed.

Had Germany not been forced to surrender by complete military defeat, it would have seen its main cities destroyed by atom bombs. The air, water, soil of much of Central Europe would have been contaminated for decades, in fact for centuries. Seen like that, the bitter defeat and humiliating  surrender was a saving grace in the end.

Why do I bring up these facts? Because I want to make the point that agencies above the human level act on what might be seen as “purely” earthly concerns: war, politics etc.

Move now to the present UK political scene. Less than 2 years ago, Jeremy Corbyn, an eccentric and –his critics said– extremist radical, was persuaded to stand in the Labour Party leadership contest and agreed purely because he wanted to have his kind of politics at least represented. It was uncertain as to whether Corbyn would even be allowed to become a candidate, because to stand, a candidate required nomination by 15% (35) of Labour MPs. Corbyn did not have even that much support. In the end, he was nominated, not only by the few who supported him, but by a number of MPs who did not support him and who had no intention of voting for him. Reflect on that. A number of MPs who were anti-Corbyn still nominated him and without those nominations Corbyn would not even have been on the ballot. As it was, Corbyn only managed to scrape onto the list with 36 nominations (inc. his own), the last a few minutes before nominations closed.

Once on the ballot, Corbyn’s support mushroomed and he won easily, overwhelmingly. The same happened when there was a challenge to his leadership the following year. Events happened by which his opponents were wrongfooted. There seemed to be an aura of invincibility around Corbyn and his campaign. Indeed, in 2015, Conservatives were urged by Toby Young and others to join Labour under the £3 offer scheme and then vote for Corbyn, on the premise that a Corbyn leadership would sink Labour!

Mainstream media commentators seemed unable to fathom Corbyn’s appeal. Journalist Janan Ganesh, for example,  wrote that Corbyn’s election “spelled disaster” for Labour. I wonder if he wishes now that he had spiked that opinion!

Coming up to the 2017 General Election, the polls predicted Labour’s worst-ever disaster, with its MP bloc being reduced from 230 to as few as 150. Some predicted an even lower number. That general perception of Labour’s defeat persisted until about two weeks before Election Day, when the Prime Minister, Theresa May, suddenly destroyed both her own carefully-crafted public persona and her party’s chances. The bursting of the Conservative Party balloon was palpable. The polls immediately narrowed and by Election Day were showing the parties almost neck and neck. We should, again, reflect on this: Theresa May, for no reason, destroyed her own party’s campaign. For me, “the Hand of God” is shown here.

The eventual result of the General Election was a Labour MP bloc of 262, up from 230 and something few had seen coming. As for the Conservatives, though some loyalists said that “Labour lost”, that was and is not how it feels. The Conservatives lost 13 seats (317 won, down from 330) and their House of Commons majority. Corbyn’s stock rose and he is now said to be higher in public esteem than Theresa  May, while Labour is higher in the polls than the Conservatives.

Taking it as a fact, for the purposes of argument, that higher forces are protecting Corbyn, why would that be so? After all, he is some kind of agnostic, it seems, is not overtly religious or spiritual and does not on the surface seem to have anything to commend him to what Schwerin von Krosigk termed “the Angel of History”. All one can say to that is the admittedly-platitudinous comment that “God moves in mysterious ways”. There are a few ideas that come to mind: the Conservative Party may now be prevented from imposing a Jewish-Zionist repression on freedom of expression on the Internet, for one thing. It is also far less likely that the UK can get involved in Israel-instigated wars or attacks in other parts of the world.

It may be, also, that it is necessary that the UK has to have a weak System government, so as to gradually open the door to social nationalism and a completely different society down the line. I cannot say. All I can say is that it seems as if Corbyn does enjoy a degree of “divine protection” and it will be fascinating to see how that plays out in the coming months and years.

5 thoughts on “They Go Like Sleepwalkers, whence Providence Dictates”

  1. Very good article. I believe that Hitler lost due to choosing Kursk as the point to regain the initiative after the failures of Stalingrad. It was the obvious thing to do. The Soviets being past masters at well concealed defence in depth, took the advantage from a naive German High Command. The absolute defeat of the Wermacht together with Hitler’s suicide was the saving grace for Europe, as you point out.

    From a European perspective World War Two could not have unfolded better. The real villain of the piece was Churchill who turned down repeated peace initiatives from Hitler to satisfy his and his master’s blood lust. But even this was the ‘hand of God’ because if there had been peace in the west the whole of Europe, Scandinavia and the Mediterranean basin would have fallen in to the hands of Soviet Russia by 1946.

    Corbyn’s appeal to the masses is that his ideas are based upon what he perceives as ‘truth’. The media’s inability to understand Corbyn is because their entire agenda is founded upon lies and propaganda. Since the main stream media depends upon lies, liars and misconceptions to maintain its rhetoric, it is psychologically unfit and therefore unable to handle the truth (you might say again the hand of God in this too).

    We live in a fascist dictatorship in Britain today where the weak and vulnerable are mercilessly exploited for simple profit, and justice is only available to the rich. Eg. Grenfell Tower residents not able to take the local authority to court due to abolition of legal aid for such matters, plus the outrageous fees charged by legal entities which prohibits justice for the poor.

    ‘God’ of course, doesn’t exist per se. The God concept is a construct of man used to bribe and manipulate others through the political churches, mosques and synagogues of organised religion. In the ‘Spirit World’ which we all step in to when we die there is a ‘force’, a ‘natural balance’, which exerts its influence upon our physical world which people mistakenly call ‘God’.

    Corbyn stepped part way in to the political void created by May when she was Home Secretary in outlawing National Action. Nature hates a vacuum and much of Corbyn’s appeal was that he wanted to make life better for ordinary folk, just as National Action had wanted! The people responded to this concept, which is beyond the ability of the controlled main stream media to comprehend, let alone report on.

    Consequently it is fair to say that May inadvertently laid the groundwork for her GE2017 electoral failure by her actions when she was Home Secretary. The problem for the Establishment is that they are so absolutely certain that they deserve to be in power because their self serving policies seem so perfect, in their mind’s eye, that they are unable to understand that if you fail to allow a non violent Nationalist political organ to exist on the streets that appeals to the folk, then they create the ‘perfect storm’ which ultimately destroys them!

    Bring on the collapse of the Con-DUP alliance and an autumn reprise of GE2017(June). When the impending second 2017GE results are announced it may well be that the Conservatives will lose another 50 to 100 seats! What then? After a year of Corbyn being Prime Minister, Nationalism will be manifest all over the country. However you like to look at it, London in 2017 is exactly the same as Berlin in 1928! And we all know what happened in 1933! History does have a habit of repeating itself.


    1. Obviously, as you imply, “God” (as normally understood) is a construct, but at the same time is real. Different forms are taken. The God of ancient Israel was a rather violent, nasty entity because that is all those primitive semi-savages could understand. As humanity develops, its concept of God develops in parallel. Today, we still see backward unpleasant God-projections, as in the “Jehovah” of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Naturally, such a religion attracts simple-minded and unintelligent persons. More advanced people (advanced intellectually or emotionally) have a more sophisticated view of “God”.

      If you look at my Twitter timeline from today (26th), you will see a natal chart from an astrologer, who predicted Corbyn as PM well before the General Election.

      Not sure how important was the banning of National Action, given that that was a small group.

      I sense that people are fed up with having no hope. Corbyn offers that hope, however unrealistically. People are fed up with demonization of unemployed, sick, disabled. That hate campaign has mainly run its course, I imagine.

      I favour Brexit even on straight WTO terms, but it might mean short-term pain. That opens the door to social nationalism, as does continuing non-white immigration and the continuing attempt by Jew-Zionists to take over the State and society. As you say, there are at least echoes of Weimar around.


  2. When Hitler took power he set up the National Socialist offices in the old head quarters of the homosexual movement in Berlin. It was highly symbolic. The central office helping the ordinary folk occupying the fortress of all things corrupt and evil in society.

    You didn’t need astrology to predict that the people are sick to death of tyrants like May, Bojo and all the other Conservative scum. The problem is that they are also sick to death of all the perversions Labour supports too, in reality.

    The only problem for your astrologer is that Corbyn didn’t win, he got less seats than almost any other Labour leader since 1946. It was May that lost it. May is not a leader, but rather a follower. She is a follower of orders and not a very good one at that.

    Last night, about 9pm I got the tube from South Ken to Piccadilly, and the first thing I saw upon passing through the ticket barrier opposite the South Piccadilly entrance was a couple of machine gun toting policemen.

    Never in my whole life did I expect to see police officers in central London carrying fire arms. This is purely the result of multiculturalism, Marxism and Jewish influence in British politics. It is not so long ago you could walk up to no10, knock on the front door, and ask how the PM is!

    Now London is a cess pit every bit as bad as Lahore or Mombassa or Chicago. The Jews have got to be kicked out along with their apologists and supporters, together with all the immigrants, and the folk have to reassert themselves. Sans the traitorous royalty and the Establishment elites.


    1. Weimar (the System, not the town) was very corrupt, far more than most people today understand. Berlin was particularly bad. Even those who were anti-Hitler admitted that those involved in the vice trade, pornography and crime were the anti-NSDAP elements (and that many were Jews). See the memoirs of Christopher Isherwood and others.

      London, when I first lived there in 1976 (in Little Venice), was still the “collection of urban villages” in its nature. I think that that has all but gone.

      I last lived in London in 1998 and also over the years lived in other places, especially overseas. For example, in 1976, Little Venice was a fairly prosperous but very intellectual sort of place. The BBC had many people living there, partly because of the BBC studios Maida Vale, to the north, towards Queen’s Park. Many houses were owned by the Church Commissioners and let out on 10 or 15-year leases. The Jewish element, a feature since the late 1930s, was still prominent too. The local delicatessen/grocers was called Pribik & Sterman (later maybe sold and rebranded as “Supafoods”). Along the canal there were some famous names: Lulu, Edward Fox etc.

      During the 1980s and 1990s, that all changed. The famous names became more common, among them Michael Flatley, Madonna etc. The Church sold its freehold rights over its estate. I knew someone whose house was valued at £100,000 around 1980, with the Church offering existing residents a 1/3 discount, reducing that one to £66,000. The same house was sold in 2005 for £1.4M and exactly similar houses were on sale in 2015 (same road) for between £3M and £4M. Madness. Likewise, the greengrocer, the fishmonger, laundromat, other small shops etc all went in the end, replaced by expensive cafes, restaurants and the like.

      London is now more polarized in wealth/income terms than at any time since the 19th Century, certainly since the 1920s.

      As you say, the militarized police of today are a response to the imminent social collapse more obviously seen in the big cities than elsewhere.

      You say that not only the Jews but the immigrants (in effect, the “blacks and browns”) have to be removed from the UK. The total number involved would be anything up to 10 million. One has to ask whether that is possible. That is why I put forward my idea of a British social-national redoubt in somewhere such as Devon-Cornwall.


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