Diary Blog, 18 June 2022

Afternoon music

[painting by Volegov]

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On this day 5 years ago

Still worth reading, five years on, I think.

Saturday quiz

Well, this week I again beat political journalist John Rentoul: 7/10 as against his 5/10. I did not know the answers to questions 4, 9, and 10, and my correct answers to questions 3 and 5 were more or less educated guesses.

Britain 2022


Over nearly 50 years, Leslie Sinclair has given a formidable 125 pints of blood.

But on his last trip he was turned away after refusing to answer a question on whether or not he was pregnant.

Mr Sinclair, 66, was told to fill in a form which asked whether he was expecting a child or had been pregnant in the past six months.

When he complained that as a man in his 60s this question did not apply and he should not have to answer it, Mr Sinclair said staff at the clinic told him they could not accept his blood.

[Daily Mail]

[note— Lord Sumption was a Lord of Appeal, not the Lord Chief Justice]

Socio-political madness is now embedded in our sick society, from incidents like the above, through all the other LGBTQXYZ and “trans” nonsense, the “Black Lives Matter”, “Extinction Rebellion” and “Insulate Britain” craziness, to the 2020-2022 “panicdemic”/”scamdemic” of “Covid”, and everything associated with the conspiracy around that.

The latest, and potentially most dangerous madness is, of course, the pro-“Ukraine” (really, pro- the Jew-Zionist regime in Kiev) propaganda. Anti-Russia propaganda (and UK government actions).

“Most dangerous” because the end of it all might actually be a nuclear exchange between Russia and NATO, including (inevitably) a massive attack on the UK, which would destroy almost everything, irradiate almost everything, and quite possibly wipe the UK and its people off the map forever.

Tweets seen

Quelle surprise.

Just looked up the “Conservative” Party candidate for the Tiverton and Honiton by-election: one Helen Hurford. Sounds as thick as two short planks.


Rubbish “government”, rubbish “Opposition”, pointless LibDems; “and they call it democracy“. No real choice. Fixed.

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Talking point

Late tweets

So the Chief Medical Officer of Wales is now interfering in climatalogical matters? Farcical. Is Wales suddenly going to become superheated? I doubt it.

The (supposed) “experts” are very often wrong, in any area.

It is terrible that a fine and historic British institution such as the RNLI has been infiltrated by the enemies of the people. Only total mugs donate to it now.

Late music

7 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 18 June 2022”

  1. According to a report in The Independent, quite a few people booed the Tory candidate in Tiverton and Honiton after she said she supported Priti Anti-British Evil’s farcical,, pathetic, so-called attempt to deter the constant invasion of our beaches by patently fraudulent asylum seekers and illegal immigrants.

    Apparently, they shouted ‘shame’ so they must want their very picturesque part of Britain to be utterly ruined and become yet another crime ridden Third World/Eastern European and god knows what excrement hole like London.

    Some people really don’t appreciate what a nice part of the country they live in!

    I don’t know what these crazed and mentally ill supporters of open borders are worried about anyway. Priti’s scheme is YET ANOTHER TORY CON and will not do anything to stem the constant flow of these people from across the Channel.

    Priti is on YOUR SIDE of the argument, you dumb fucks!


    Priti is a leftwing, perpetually lying, globalist, anti-British bitch!


  2. HER ACTUAL, REAL LIFE RECORD of controlling immigration is an utter national disgrace and is so weak, pathetic and poor that the number of ACTUAL deportations of illegal immigrants etc HAS GONE DOWN since The Clown TM gave her job because she is a nice brown colour.


  3. If the Tories hold Tiverton then the locals must all be pissed on scrumpy or something equally as potent or they are just as thick as the dung that emanates from the real ends of the many cows in the constituency.

    Or they just like being perpetually lied to by Coco The Clown and his even more dim cabinet.

    They should feel priveleged though as the Tory candidate is British. Nowdays, the Tories normally force ethnics on constituencies like Tiverton and Honiton which have been loyal to them for so long.


    1. John:
      Sadly, and as can be verified by looking at the more interesting TV quiz shows etc, being a State-sector schoolteacher in the UK is almost a guarantee of knowing almost nothing.


  4. That is a nice new aircraft carrier. It could be useful when China invades Taiwan sometime in the future.

    Vote Tory under The Clown TM and we will be at war with China if they do that. Ever dim Maggie 2 or so she thinks ie Liz Truss wants Britain with its severely depleted armed forces to help Taiwan resist such an invasion even though that would mean we would be at war with the new rising economic and military superpower of China!


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