Football Lads’ Alliance March

A couple of days ago, a huge march took place through Central London. It was organized by an entity called the Football Lads’ Alliance [FLA], of which I had not previously heard. The march was supposedly “against extremism”. One presumes that, by “extremism” was meant “Islamist extremism” and I have no quarrel with a march against that (though the march will achieve nothing), but I wonder how many of those marching will understand that, for Israel doormats such as Amber Rudd, measures against Islamist terrorism are actually designed to catch (also) those who oppose Jewish-Zionist supremacism in the UK and elsewhere and who are fighting for Britain, for real Europe and for the survival and future of Western civilization?

We have been here before, with the English Defence League [EDL], another fake “patriotic” body which, strangely or perhaps not so strangely, saw no need to oppose Israel and Zionism, and in fact expressed support for both.

It will be recalled that, in 1905, the proletarian protesters of St. Petersburg were led by Father Gapon, who was also an agent of the Okhrana (Russian secret police).

So there it was, this 40,000-strong (some reports said 75,000) march, expressing opposition to ill-defined “extremism” and professing support for the System, indeed demanding stronger measures against “extremism”. What is really behind such a manifestation? Was the march (and the pop-up “FLA” itself) something which was set up by “the authorities” as a safety-valve to allow some discontented English people (and almost all seem to have been white men, not all young) a way of “protesting” without actually changing anything? Perhaps it started as something real and is just being controlled.

The Press reported that some FLA marchers were saying things such as “Muslims, gays, we don’t care– if they are with us. It’s all based around football.” When the level of political awareness is on such a primitive level of utter meaninglessness, it is unsurprising that these people are easily led. It was no surprise to see that Tommy Robinson, late of the EDL, was there and at times “mobbed” by fans.

The marchers may have been unhappy at the state of Britain, but were unwilling to do anything much active, still less violent, on the march, not even to the EDL-extent of throwing a few bottles. The police reported no arrests.

The chances are that the majority of the marchers would be, if under proper discipline and if led by those with an ideology –of any sort, almost, though social-nationalist would be best– an effective street army. As it is, all that the FLA seems to be is a loud claque, the object of which is to support the increasing repression of the existing order, the System, rather than to topple it.

The newspapers did not pay much attention to the FLA march and, as far as I know, it went unreported on television. There may be several reasons for that. It was peaceful, so there was no “if it bleeds, it leads” imperative. There again, with such an ill-defined purpose as “opposing extremism”, there is nothing ideological to invite analysis.

So there it is: no ideology, no real purpose, no political aim as an organization. This is a waste of time, but, more importantly, a wasted opportunity.

7 thoughts on “Football Lads’ Alliance March”

  1. I disagree with you when you suggest that moderate activities such as this are a “waste of time” and a “wasted opportunity”. You are, I believe, correct to intuit that there are invisible hands at work behind this – there is no question about that – but that does not mean we should not support these marches in principle. There is some merit in ‘playing the game’, not least because there are lots of players with lots of different and complex motivations. I think the Establishment are leading us on – but that’s a very dangerous game they are playing, and in their hubris and arrogance, they may have underestimated the potential for this sort of activity and where it could lead.

    As for what the government should and can realistically do at this point about terrorism given the political parameters they are currently working within, as I have told my MP, the government legally and lawfully can, and should, be summarily deporting non-native born Moslems suspected of involvement in terrorism. This is allowed under laws enacted by the Conservatives themselves, but of which some MPs seem entirely ignorant. The term ‘suspected’ can mean here that the authorities are satisfied that a prima facie criminal case could be made against the individual. My MP’s response? This would not be “the British way”. My counter-response? If the British way is to neglect the safety and security of Britons, then we have a culture that is not fit for purpose. This is a Tory MP, by the way.


    1. “Tory MP”, “Labour MP”, no difference. All or virtually all are enemies of the people, with the exception of the mediocrities who sit obscurely here and there and are rarely heard. All part of the System.

      I fail to see what the point of deporting a few unpleasant individuals would accomplish beyond the obvious slight advantage or benefit to the public. At most, it would amount to a few thousand.

      I am willing to agree that it is easier to start a dissenting movement than to stop it. The Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917 show that.


      1. One of the differences between us is that you are preoccupied with ‘truth’ and the vindication of nationalism, whereas I am preoccupied with power. I don’t care whether we’re vindicated or not, and what the public think from one day to the next is of no concern to me, as long as they vote for us.

        When you say there is no difference between Labour and Conservative MPs, this of course is true. It is, of course, also untrue at the same time. Next you’ll be telling me that voting doesn’t change anything – which is the sort of thing I said when I was 15 and is what some people on the far Right now tell us. At that point, the discussion starts to reflect the worldly understanding of the average Sixth Former.

        Deporting thousands of Moslems would be of political value. I speak of political dynamics. I know that the measure in and of itself won’t necessarily change anything.

        I am glad however you see my point about dissenting movements, but what we really need to do is get people to vote for us. Nothing will change until that happens.


      2. I do not say that “voting changes nothing” any more than I say that political violence such as “taking the streets” achieves nothing. In both cases it depends on the scale. Voting can, in some circumstances (in the right times and if the movement is huge) change everything, as with the NSDAP in 1932 and 1933 (which followed more than a decade of poor election results– 2.6% in 1928). Likewise, forceful “revolution” can be successful, as with the Bolsheviks in 1917. Again, the times have to be right and the force sufficient.

        I disagree on your point that (implied) I am not pragmatic. Au contraire. I am pragmatic enough to see that hobby politics of the (just one example) “English Democrats” or (on a far bigger scale) UKIP (as it now is) achieves nothing. By all means have a conventional political wing or even main body, so long as it is tight and effective. As with the NSDAP, that could lead in time to success.

        Having said the above, the idea that deportation of Muslim convicts is much of a vote-winner is doubtful. It is a worthwhile side-policy, but the main thrust of any political party aiming at votes must be the general life-aims of the people, from education and health through employment, transport, etc etc.

        No-one will vote for a party which is just “anti”. That is the Anne Marie Waters idea, one issue politics, and is doomed to failure.


      3. UKIP did achieve a Brexit referendum and that referendum was won. That is a demonstration that politics (the phrase “hobby politics” is your own, not mine) can achieve things. It may not achieve a white ethno-state, but it can help push things in the right direction.


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