Their Last Throw of the Dice

The Jewish lobby (aka Israel lobby, Zionist lobby etc) have been pulling out all the stops to trash Corbyn, to make him resign or to surround him by Labour MPs, officials, NEC members, “advisers” etc who can restrain him, control him and maybe depose him.

The lobby has been gunning for Corbyn since he was first elected as Labour leader. I have previously blogged about that in some detail. “They” failed to prevent Corbyn’s election, then failed again (to prevent his re-election). In between, the lobby has applied maximum pressure on Corbyn himself, in order to try to force a resignation. They have also tried to remove key Corbyn supporters. The latest attempt to topple him even had the head of Labour group Momentum [], Jon Lansman [], a Jew, reduce support for Corbyn in the key area of supposed “anti-Semitism”. Momentum itself is actually controlled by a private company ultimately controlled by Lansman:

In addition, John McDonnell MP, ambiguous if not favourable to Jews, and an ambitious man who (for the first time) is within sight of a ministerial and possibly prime ministerial role, has been prevailed upon to pressure Corbyn in person. He is, arguably, Corbyn’s closest ally in the House of Commons.

The most recent manufactured storm around Corbyn and Labour has been set in motion after Labour refused to adopt the so-called “international definition of anti-Semitism” promoted by a Zionist body called the “IHRA” (which tries to ban all critical examination of the “holocaust” narrative and fakery thereof). In fact, though 30-40 (ZOG-occupied) states have adopted the definition, 155-165 have not (there is dispute about the numbers).

The storm now raging as I write has been a revelation even to me, as I realized anew how deeply the Zionists have burrowed into the structure of the UK, especially in the fields of politics, law and the mass media. Not every journalist-scribbler, editor, msm CEO, lawyer, TV/radio talking head etc is a Jew; it just seems very like it…

At time of writing, it seems that Corbyn is going to tough it out, seem to give in in part, while actually withdrawing from the fray so that the Jew-Zionists have nothing against which to press. Corbyn must have studied Sun-Tzu!

This is surely the last throw of the dice for the Jewish Zionist lobby trying to unseat Corbyn. The assault this time has been frenzied. The reason is clear: Labour recently was ahead of the Conservatives in the polls, though it is at time of writing in second place again by reason of the contrived msm storm. Labour has every chance of at least forming a minority government after the next general election. If that happens, Corbyn will be Prime Minister and the Zionists (for the first time since at least 1989) will not control or very strongly influence the British Government politically. This is their last throw.

Notes etc

Update, 13 October 2021

Looking back at this post after three years, I see that my basic analysis was correct, even though I was wrong in predicting that a 2018 or 2019 general election would result in a minority Labour government. That would have happened had a few connected events not intervened.

Brexit Party was formed, gained huge support initially, could have stormed to power had a destined leader been its leader, but failed because it did not become social-national and simply stayed as quasi-Conservative. Its leader, snake-oil salesman Farage, then stabbed Brexit Party in the back in 2019 by standing down most candidates, thus almost guaranteeing a Conservative Party win. The rest is history.

As for Labour, of course Corbyn was deposed by what amounts to a Jewish lobby operation, probably assisted by Israeli organs of intelligence and security. The new-ish Keir Starmer Labour Party is suffused with pro-Israel MPs; Starmer himself is married to a Jewish woman, and their children are being brought up as if fully-Jewish.

30 thoughts on “Their Last Throw of the Dice”

  1. Organised Jewry is trying to control or divert two sides of potential opposition – not just Corbyn, but also nascent ethno- and racial nationalism too, through the management of that infamous Hollywood actor who shares my initials, Tommy Robinson. This of course presents us with dilemmas. Vote for Corbyn’s Labour and make things worse in the hope it makes things better? Aid and assist Tommy Robinson in the hope that something properly nationalist will emerge from it? Personally, I think nationalism should come up with their own local activities – a mixture of electoral politics/local government and low-intensity civil resistance.

    Anyway, I was amused to note that Corbyn was supposed to speak to organised Jewry today in London – possibly at the Jewish Museum – but the plans for this ‘collapsed’. Reading between the lines, it’s obvious that Corbyn was press-ganged into it and has resisted.

    I assume you’ve seen this:

    That article is hilarious. They are really overplaying their hand, but what’s interesting is the way that Corbyn has got these Jews squabbling among themselves. What I suspect is that Arkush represents (and has been influenced in his formative years by) the ‘old guard’ of Diaspora Jews who are still in touch with ‘Holocaust memory’ and as a result believe it is necessary to lash out vituperatively and exaggerate.

    I’ve got to take my hat off to Arkush, though: he has the cheek of the Devil. If de-legitimising the State of Israel is anti-Semitic, then what does Mr Arkush call de-legitimising the folk right of the white British? I’d be fascinated to hear an answer from Arkush or really anybody in the Jewish Diaspora, but I know there will be no answer. There can’t be, because it would involve a tacit admission of Jewish complicity in the undermining of the British nation.

    I think this time round, the Solution really needs to be Final. I used to have contingent sympathy for the Jewish National cause on the basis of consistency. Not any more. Let’s leave Corbyn and the others to take down Israel while we build up Britain. Fair play to Jews, though. At least they stand up for their own.

    The gulf between the preoccupations of the London-centic metropolitan media and reality must be obvious now to even the most purblind Labour Party activist, and most ordinary Labour Party members in the rest of the country must be baffled and bewildered by what is going on and wondering quite what all the fuss is about.

    I will add the caveat that I am not as convinced as you are that Corbyn has the necessary political strength and support out in the country to win the seats to form a government. He may do it, but I would remind you that the 2017 general election was not successful for Labour and the Left’s gloating at Corbyn’s ‘better-than-expected’ showing was tainted by the dawning realisation that there had been widespread cheating going on – for example: university students voting twice.

    Maybe you’re right, though. We’ll see…


    1. I doubt that Corbyn-Labour will win a majority in the House of Commons (assuming an election this year, at least) but, on present boundaries (which of course change to Labour’s detriment in 2022), Labour might well be largest party. SNP is flagging and may lose more seats, though mostly not to Labour. On the other hand, a collapse next year (or 2020, but I doubt Theresa May/Cons can hang on that long) in economy, house prices etc will propel Labour and Corbyn’s “radical” policies (not so radical….Edward Heath would recognize most of them!) to the forefront. I see the next government as weak Labour, which may be the best for social nationalism but only if there emerges a real S/N party.


      1. Do you think the government will last long enough to get Brexit through or do you believe it will collapse before then? I did read a report in one newspaper in which financial journalists think we will be having another general election this year.


      2. I started to think that there might be a UK general election this year some time ago. The government of Theresa May is in place but scarcely governing. On the other hand, the Con Party needs a strong lead in the opinion polls first, to take the gamble. Maybe this contrived “Labour antisemitism” “storm” will depress Labour’s support just enough to make the gamble seem a good one. I still think, though, that a weak minority Labour government is the most likely outcome.


    2. I could almost feel sorry for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party if they hadn’t in the past and still today used the power of extremist Jewish Zionists to crush any effective nationalist opposition to Tory and Labour betrayal of our country and its native people. Perhaps, these reccurent accusations of ‘anti-semitism’ from the usual suspects have awoken a few Labour Party people to the TRUE VICIOUS nature of people like Margaret Hodge or the fact that these figures WILL TURN ON LABOUR AND TORY OR ANY GENTILE BRITON if their precious Israel comes under attack or they suspect you are not fully in accordance with their perceived Jewish self-interests?

      After all, if you lie down with fleas don’t expect to come out of it without some damage to yourself.


      1. It is such a shame your average thick Sun ‘reader’ can’t ‘read between the lines’ and realise that whilst there is some genuine anti-semitism in this country the vast majority of it ISN’T that at all just opposition to ZIONIST hypocrisy and the behaviour of SOME Jews. Hopefully, some good will come out of these persistent ‘anti-semitism’ allegations Zionist journalists and others are throwing at Labour and Corbyn and both moronic Sun readers and some of the more bright Labour Party supporters will realise that Zionist Jews use ‘anti-semitism’ to provide some cover for their activities.


      2. I doubt that most people are interested in this contrived “row” either way. The msm has been going mad and that, I think, feel, hope, is awakening many to “their” influence.


      3. Zionist fanatics like Margaret (Oppenheimer) Hodge thought New Labour meant Jew Labour! She and other Zionists in the party and their fellow travellers despise Jeremy Corbyn because he is taking the party back to its socialist roots.


      4. She and others of her type were not far wrong about Blair-Labour. After all, Blair was the most fervent member of Labour Friends of Israel. That is why the Press were generally very supportive of him for a decade.


    3. They even have a word for it in Hebrew ie Chutzpah! Yes, Zionist Jewry does a mightily fine line in hypocrisy in that they won’t tolerate any criticism of Israeli nationalism yet if any of us lowly British gentiles say anything remotely in support of our nation’s people, develop any form of self-awareness as a ethnic nation we will atract the smear of ‘nazi, fascist, racist’ etc from them.


    4. If Zionist Jews like him did make ‘aliyah’ to Israel that would be bad for Palestinians but for us it would be a boon. He, like the good Zionist Jew that he is, clearly has a problem with people uttering bad words about the Zionist state (even if they are justified sometimes) but woe betide gentile Britons getting ideas about ‘A British State for the British people’! lol!


    5. That is the thing with these Zionist Jews they DON’T do consistency on this matter. If Jews in Britain condemm parties like the BNP etc for being ‘racists’ etc then at least be consistent and also condemm the Israeli government which along with the Japanese, Chinese and South Korean governments is one of the few explicitly ethnic nationalist governments in the world.

      The fact they avoid being consistent is one of the reasons why some people become ‘anti-semitic’ or, more accurately ‘anti-Zionist’.


    6. I also used to have a fair amount of sympathy for the Zionist project and yes that was also on the basis of consistency as being a nationalist myself I could see a kindred sprit in Zionist Jews but these people don’t reciprocate towards gentiles and our nationalism and are all too willing to remain fundamentally unintegated into British society and as Sir Oswald Mosley (who was no real ‘anti-semite’ since he had Jews in some prominient positions in the BUF including one who became a Tory MP post-WW2 ie Harold Soref) said act like, ” a nation within a nation”.

      I’ve tried my best as I am sure others have to be patient with them but they exhaust all reasonable levels of patience so taking that into account perhaps we should help fund their ‘aliyah’ to what they regard as their ethnic homeland of Israel – a move that will be bad for Palestinians (sadly) but very good for us!


      1. Ha. The last thing Zionist Jews need to assist with any “aliyah” to the “Promised Land” is more funding! A feldwebel’s boot in the rear, maybe!

        You mention Harold Soref. I met him in 1975 at the offices of the Monday Club (I was not a member though, btw) in, if I remember aright, Victoria Street, London. Introduced by an acquaintance (a Lancashire landowner and former SOE officer), we three had a talk in the evening after the premises were shut up. We disagreed on WW2 and the war against Germany: Soref was more censorious of me than was the one-time SOE officer –who had been decorated for parachuting into occupied France–; Soref had served in WW2 despite his 1930s BUF membership, but as something not so dashing, in the Intelligence Corps. Of course, many pre-war BUF members served and in fact fought in the British forces in WW2, often in the North African theatre. Only a few took one of the lines I (from 75 years later perspective, of course) prefer. I also met Soref another time, at the original and now long-defunct St. James’ Club in Piccadilly, re. my youthful and probably silly idea that Equatorial Guinea (at the time, most people had never heard of it) could be invaded by a mercenary force and so become a kind of European ethnostate. There was no oil there then, as far as anyone knew. He thought nothing of my plan and considered that, militarily, it had no chance because Africanist governments such as that of Sekou Toure (of mainland Guinea, fmr. French Guinea) would send paratroops and crush us. He may have been right, looking at the far more recent attempt to take over the now-rich country (involving Simon Mann, Mark Thatcher etc).

        Suddenly, the Zionist influence in the UK has come out into the open, prosecuting or trying to prosecute anyone daring even to mention “them”, trying to regain control of the Labour Party, acting as the overall eminence grise of UK politics.


  2. Zionist Jews in Britain and elsewhere say Israeli nationalism is fine in the Zionist state and Jewish self-awareness as a distinct people and their cohesion as an ethnic group is good even if it goes to the extent of acting as ‘nation within a nation’ and against the interests of the gentiles amongst whom they live BUT if we gentiles display similar aspirations in our countries that is totally reprehensible ‘racism, Nazism and fascism’.

    Isn’t it true that the early Zionist leaders in what became Israel actually modelled Israeli Zionism on German National Socialism?


    1. I think that it is clear that early Zionism (19thC, early 20thC) and to some extent Zionism up to the 1930s did mimic Germanic “blood and soil” ideas and policies. Netanyahu’s recent “Israel is a Jewish ethnic state” laws make clear that in Israeli law, as in obvious fact, that Zionism is, in a sense, “Jewish national socialism”. I see parallels everywhere. The Jews always sought “Lebensraum” in the Middle East, but now are subtle or nuanced about it.


      1. Indeed. Zionism is clearly a form of Jewish ethnic nationalism – something that is fine, in their view, for Jews in Israel and in the diaspora but NOT good enough for British, French, German etc goys. This contrived row about ‘anti-semitism’ in the Labour Party should be a wake-up call for the more intelligent Labour Party members and supporters to realise that NOT all forms of ethnic nationalism are to be condemmed but they were stupid enough (perhaps still are in some cases) to think that Zionist Jews were against ALL instances of ‘blood and soil’ nationalism! Hopefully, they will have learnt something though I have a feeling many will still be in denial of this fact about Zionist Jews!


      2. Most people are followers, not leaders (either actually or in terms of independent thought). Many Corbyn-Labour rank and file people labour under cognitive dissonances. Were they to think clearly, they would be, in effect, social nationalists.


      3. Livingstone mentioned that which must never be mentioned ie the historical fact that Zionist Jews in Germany in the 1930’s came to an mutually amicable arrangement with the National Socialist government to encourage and faciltate the emigration of Jews from Germany and make ‘aliyah’ to what was then the British mandate of Palestine thus immeasurably stenghening Jewish claims to the ‘holy land’ and helping to create the state of Israel.


      4. Yes. In fact, most Jews, even in Israel, are not descended from ancient Israelites. DNA has established that. They therefore rule Israel/Palestine not de jure but de facto, by right of invasion and conquest, at root. Hitler and the international Zionist command had mutual interests: Hitler wanted rid of Jews from Germany and ideally from Europe as a whole; the Zionists wanted as many Jews as possible to go to the British Mandate of Palestine. Das ist’s!


  3. Ian, I think this influence of Zionist Jewry got a grip on the Conservative Party during Mrs Thatcher’s time in office. Harold Macmillan once quipped, “There are more old Estonians than old Etonians in her cabinet!”


    1. I agree with you. Also, 1989 marked the end of an era and the start of a new one, just as 2022 will. Mrs Thatcher was very pro-Jew in that she represented a heavily-Jewish constituency, North Finchley; and she respected money and persons in possession of money. She did stand up to Israelis though, in some cases. She was not a doormat for Israel and the Jewish lobby, as almost all MPs now are. As for Macmillan, he was either very old-fashioned or naive, in equating “Estonians” with Estonian Jews. In the same way, Leon Brittan was referred to in Private Eye as “Latvian Leon”. Latvian Jew, of course.


      1. I am not sure about the spirit Harold made his remark in. It could have been been pointing-out that Old Etonians were, on the whole, gentile Britons and not Jews as many ‘Old Estonians’ were but on the other hand he could have just meant it a light-hearted joke and not for anything else to be read into it. Of course, at the time he made it he was very old and perhaps was suffering from dementia. I know that the ‘usual suspects’ were not critical of it if I can recall correcly and didn’t create a storm of controvery like they would nowdays.


      2. “They” were not so upfront about ruling the British nest then (the nest the cuckoos invaded). Look at the anti-Corbyn storm and those supporting it on, say, Twitter. Zionist Jews now pervade, indeed fully penetrate, the mainstream media, politics, law. They now say “do as we say and don’t even dare to talk about us (or the “holocaust”) or it’s ruin and prison for you.” They say it openly on Twitter etc.


  4. Ian, I also think there wil be a weak minority Labour government elected next time not least for the fact that the Tory vote seems to be increasing mostly in their already safe seats like the one I am living in eg it was already a ludicrous 21,000 as of 2015 and now it is even higher. The CON party vote is thus going higher in seats which don’t need an increase in the majority and it isn’t being spread around more in marginal seats. The Tories are having the same problem with their vote as Labour did in the 1950’s in their mining bastions ie piling-up ever more stupid majorities in rock-solid constituencies. Tories live in seats which are still mainly white and thus already in Tory hands whilst too many ethnics inclined to vote Labour reside in marginals and this will cause many of these seats to switch from Tory to Labour.


    1. Yes. I am no psephologist but I do take a close interest in such matters. Look at John Woodcock’s constituency (Barrow and Furness), which was once pretty solid Labour, though Cons did win twice in its last 70 years. He inherited a majority of over 6,000, which reduced from (first election he fought) about 5,000 to about 800 and last time (2017) 295. It is now very marginal.

      As you say, many Labour seats are only Labour now because of the ethnic, esp. ethnic Pakistani, vote. Especially in the North of England. Even something as p***-poor as UKIP was doing fairly well “up there” (as we Southerners put it). The whole electoral map is more volatile than as first appears.

      If Labour does not break through and do well 2018-2022, it will still collapse, probably, despite its new few hundred thousand members. Boundary changes come in in 2022 and may deprive Labour of 30+ seats. Cons are set to lose a handful and LibDems maybe 10. 600 MPs instead of 650. I see a chance for a credible social national party to surge in. At least 25% of the population would support it. Enough to do away with the present system.


  5. Indeed ‘they’ do, Ian. Hopefully, some more British people will realise what this unwelcome group of ‘cuckoos in the nest’ are all about and wake-up to their machinations. ‘They’ always overplay their hand eventually.


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